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February 21st, 2007


TimAnd for our second comic…yeah, we made fun of PS3 again. I’m well aware that Virtua Fighter 5 is an amazing game (I guess Sega got something right) and it’s temporarily exclusive on the PS3, so there is SOME legitimate reason to play the PS3, but I’m not sure there’s a legitimate reason to own one. Let’s be honest though, after that interview Jack Tretton did with EGM, Sony deserves a couple negative comics, right? I mean, I wanted to vomit every time he answered a question. He might as well have started each answer by saying, “You know, I’m obligated to lie to you due to the nature of my position, so here’s a complete fabrication for your readers to laugh at!” Each of the big three has their spokesman who’s going to bend the truth, spin the facts, manipulate the numbers…whatever it takes to get a good press release, give a good answer to a tough question. Reggie skirted around the ‘Metroid Prime 3 is delayed big time’ revelation by saying, “Don’t our fans want a perfect game? That’s what we’ll give them…eventually.” Peter Moore has to pretend that the Wii isn’t competition or that gamers should pick up a Wii and a 360 instead of a PS3. But in my book, Sony’s guys are the most entertaining. They’re getting so hammered that it’s getting more and more impossible for them to make a plausible argument in favor of the PS3. Their statements are now 90% lies (the other 10% is typically sales figures on the PS1 or PS2, reminding gamers that they like the PlayStation brand). Anyway, enjoy the comic. Ray, you want to add anything?

Ray I thought that other 10% was pre-rendered trailers?

Seriously though, right now I’m too busy being upset at Sonic Team for their nearly worthless Sonic the Hedgehog ’06 to be messing around with Sony. Can’t wait to write a review for the game, if I can bear beating it.


  1. Guy who reads your comics says:

    These are great comics, and they are very interesting but i think you should try to update them a bit faster because it took a long time to publish the second comic after the first one. I think i speak for most people when i say: I DONT LIKE TO WAIT

  2. Tim says:

    Thanks for the comment, Guy. While it would be ideal for us to update a few times a week, we are just starting out and have limits to what we can do for now. If we get lots of support from people like you who like the comic and want to see more of it, we’ll certainly consider bumping it up a notch. Thanks again!

  3. The Moose Wrangler says:

    Nice work on the strip, i shall continue to veiw it me thinks… Thats pretty much all… Oh Never let air get in the way of a good time

  4. The Moose Wrangler says:

    i will also learn how to spell

  5. Lava says:

    Good stuff mates. I shall continue to view/read your comics/comments.

  6. Sucky says:

    Now thats funny!

  7. lwelyk says:

    This comic used to be funny, but not anymore. I mean the first one was brilliant, but with this dud I’m never reading this again. You suck.


  8. dj75728 says:


  9. dj75728 says:

    Test gone wrong

  10. shadowkid92 says:

    uhhh guys… is it just me or is it that the sensor bar is IN the tv

  11. Gadoink says:

    Lol at the Raybob ad on Ray’s shirt. Plus, in the third panel, his eyes look REALLY WEIRD! Man, you guys have come so far since then.

    uhhh guys… is it just me or is it that the sensor bar is IN the tv

    It’s a magical TV.

    You know, I don’t think we’ve seen that TV for a while, you need to bring it back. Of course, since you don’t actually have a PS3, you’d have a Wii and and 360 hooked up instead, but whatever…

  12. LiancoZ says:

    I finally get it XD

  13. jd56970 says:

    Did anyone notice how big the ps3 is compared to the wii AND the tv? I dont usually spend too much time comparing the sizes of my consoles…

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