The Tragedy in Numbers: Part 1

TimOur first attempt at an ongoing storyline! This is our evil plot to keep our readers coming back for more. We’ve created a hook that is so enticing, no one can resist! Go ahead, bookmark the site. You know you want to! All joking aside, the main point of this comic is to show the absurdity of the Wii’s Wii Numbers, the only way at the moment of hooking up with other Wii owners online. Of course Ray would never seriously memorize his Wii Number because it’s impossible! It’s a shame that it has to be so complicated because there must be a lot of missed opportunities to connect with people you meet. “Oh, you have a Wii? We should play some time…okay, I’ll write down your number and when I get home I’ll call you and give you my number…oh yeah, and I’ll need your phone number too…” I realize that Nintendo wants to keep kids safe and all, but honestly, can’t they just cover their butts with the parental control? There could just be an option in the Wii menu to not allow online play unless Wii Numbers were traded or it was an anonymous match. Problem solved. Instead we all have to suffer. I may be getting ahead of myself since there aren’t actually any online games yet for the Wii, but Pokemon Battle Revolution in Japan uses Wii Numbers, and Nintendo hasn’t said otherwise, so why should I assume they’re going to change anything? Anyway, it looks like I have some purchasing power I need to take advantage of…(mwuah ha ha!)

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  1. cbhl says:

    This seems like genius…

    But one thing bothers me:

    Why not just create a 3rd-party “game” that allows you to trade Wii numbers? So long as you have a hard-coded number inside the game to rendezvous with a central “server” (another Wii, or something pretending to be one), it shouldn’t be a problem… unless Nintendo says otherwise.

  2. I’m pretty much a die-hard Nintendo fanboy, and even I have to say, “Down with friend codes.” Another thing that Nintendo has done to mess up? Not bringing us Mother 3.

  3. Tim says:

    cbhl, yeah, it would be nice if someone could come up with a workaround that let users bypass the friendcode system, but I doubt Nintendo would allow that to happen.

    Defenestrator2.0, I agree that Mother 3 really needs to make it over here. Did you see that the fan translation is coming along? Nintendo better get a move on or the fans will have released it before they do!

  4. BadMunky says:

    yeah i dont have any wii friends b/c of that stupid system

  5. Ali says:

    I come from the future. Friend codes SUCK ):

  6. shadowkid92 says:

    aww poor tim why does he have to be the bad guy.

  7. jd56970 says:

    So, is it weird that ray at least tried to remember his friend code…or is his friend code the same as his credit card number…wait, I’m not making sense *sigh* i should probably go to bed…

  8. Ultimate Silver Fan says:

    Hmm…I wonder what these numbers are…

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