Rejected Wii Channels


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March 21st, 2007

Rejected Wii Channels

TimWell, Ray and I are pretty jazzed about last week’s comic. We were finally included on Joystiq’s Weekly Webcomic Wrapup (thanks Ross!) and would you believe it? We’re going to win! We would have been fine with just making the ballot, but to beat out Penny Arcade and the other established webcomics will be very encouraging (as of this writing we haven’t been declared the winners yet). Having a bigger audience and getting recognition that our comics are good is rewarding enough for us. We were just having fun doing it, so this is a bonus! Anyway, this week’s comic stems from a discussion Ray and I had last week while sorting out the ‘300’ comic. He mentioned something about Nintendo’s delays and proverbial drought and said they should make an Everybody Waits Channel. Boom! An idea was born. Unfortunately, we went through dozens of ‘failed channel’ ideas before landing with these 4. We probably put more thought into this one than all the others combined. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but let us know what you think.

The Rejected Rejected

RayWe had a number of other ideas for rejected channels that we didn’t include for various reasons.
“Static Channel”
“Sonic Doesn’t Suck Channel”
“Wii Availability Channel”
“Good News Channel” (there would be none)
“Sweat Shop Channel”
“Wii Hygiene Channel”

The list goes on… including one where it gave you a random person’s Wii Friend Code and it was up to you to find out who it was by tracking them down through the internet. Oh, and let’s not forget a rumor channel. NiGHTS, anyone?


  1. Kazegami says:

    I would like a TV Channel… my TV doesn’t have any channels so i just play games or watch dvds…

    get the comments working on wii play for wii!!!

  2. JQ says:

    Sonic Doesn’t Suck Channel, Nice. I really thought the Gorecast Channel was the best though. Your comics are starting to get near Penny Arcade level. Keep it up!

  3. Johnny says:

    You’re only losing votes to a sex reference. One step below pron is the best anyone can get! keep up the work.

  4. Sobah says:

    “one where it gave you a random person’s Wii Friend Code and it was up to you to find out who it was by tracking them down through the internet”

    Funny in so many ways.

  5. Old Style says:

    Very nice! Keep on going.

  6. Josh says:

    This is the best comic yet imho. The “Sonic that doesn’t suck channel” is possibly the funniest Sonic related shenanigan I’ve ever read. Keep up the great work!

    I recently started up a game related comic as well. Please check it out if you have the time:

  7. I wish they have smell-o-vision. You know, smell the food being cooked through the remote. Now that would really be cool.

  8. undeadmonkey says:

    every wii channel is the everybody waits channel

  9. Tustin says:

    What the Wii seriously needs though is a DVD channel. If the PS* and the Xboxs can do it, why can Wii? It can fit big disks now! And the Wiimote is the perfect thing! Com’on!

  10. trevor says:

    Whats funny is, Japan ACTUALLY has a Tv Channel.

  11. jd56970 says:

    YES!!! Alaska was Gorecasted(?) on the Goreccast Channel! but now that i think about, is that a good thing…Gorecast….hmm…

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