When Your Consoles Are Off…


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March 28th, 2007

When Your Consoles Are Off…

TimMan, this comic was a nightmare…and not just for TiMii out there in the cold. For whatever reason, we seem to be spending more time on each successive comic. I remember the first couple we put up I just sent Ray an email with a script and he sent me back a completed comic 2 days later. That was it. Then we did a multi-part comic which complicated things a little (how many parts should it have, how should it be resolved, etc.), but with a little IM’ing we were good to go. Then came the ‘300’ comic which Ray agonized over the artwork to get it just right while I ‘borrowed’ the motion picture to make sure Ray had the scene from the movie captured correctly in the comic. The hard work paid off because we won Joystiq’s Weekly Webcomic Wrapup in our first appearance. Well, that raised expectations for future comics, so what started as a simple idea last week took quite a lot of thought and a lengthy Skype conversation to complete. I think we finished with a good comic as we finished second in Joystiq’s weekly poll. This week was another challenge for us as Ray had FINISHED the comic a few hours ago when we both realized that it wasn’t funny. Big problem. So the last 4 hours have been spent redoing the entire thing. We’ve called each other a half-dozen times tonight trying to get things right. Ray will share the original with you below, but I think you’ll agree that the final version is better than the original (funny vs. depressing). Do you see the progression though? We went from email, to IM, to Skype, to phone calls. Next week I’m going to have to make a trip out to Oregon in order to get the next comic done. That’s like a 15 hour drive in case you were wondering. Ray, we’re going to have to start doing things a little differently…

RayI did not expect this comic to become such a problem, but I think anyone can agree that after looking at the original version, something needed to be done to – oh I don’t know – make it funny.

Speaking of a society where the rich get richer… While I slave away at creating the comics based on Tim’s ridiculous ideas, he sits on top of a huge sum of cash that’s flowing in from traffic to the site. I demand all thirty-six cents that you’ve made because of these banners, Tim! How dare you!

I think this comic also makes it clear that I have not been to many parties before.


  1. Jonic says:

    That’s awesome…

    I love the idea that the Mii Plaza gets all dark and cold when the Wii’s off… No wonder they’re so pleased to see you when you switch the system on!

    I wonder if the same is true on Nintendogs? That little room stays completely silent, and very dark for months because you got bored of having the little bastard piss every twenty god damn steps whenever you took it for a walk…

  2. Scipo says:

    I enjoyed the original comic too. I like the idea that the Miis that don’t get used are sad. You guys are doing great so far. I’m hoping to start my own web comic soon. Wish me luck 🙂

  3. Alex says:

    I actually preferred the original, personally… I found it both easier to tell what was going on, and far more moving. Not *every* comic needs to be funny, as long as it does something.

    Well done with the comic in general, by the way.

  4. Tustin says:

    I find the original more telling than the revised. The revised leaves a lot up to speculation. The original is more telling of the plight of the Miis. Because after all, the Miis ARE just created and left for the memory garbage collector…

  5. Gadoink says:

    Hey, isn’t that Mii on the left a Mii version of Ray?

  6. Jumbif says:

    Because I’m a cynical, corrupted bad man, I thought the original was funnier. But most people have hearts, so I can see why you preferred the revision.

  7. Myuu says:

    I think the original was funnier. The joke was more clear.

  8. jd56970 says:

    *cough* Even though they are starving and homeless *cough*…ok i had a joke but then i realized that it didnt make sense, i should really go to bed now…

  9. Isaac Bishoff says:

    I feel this way a school… The only Wii fan…

  10. GuyWithThePie says:

    7 years later, Tomodachi Life comes out and Miis can now do all sorts of crazy things that Playstation Avatars could only dream about. Funny how things work out, huh?

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