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TimWe had some potential taglines to add to the end of the comic, but decided to let the comic speak for itself. Something along the lines of “With great power comes great responsibility.” or, “You always have a choice.” We couldn’t come up with anything clever enough to be better than letting you decide the meaning of the comic, but I’ll tell you what…Leave a comment with your best idea for a tagline and whoever comes up with the best line (as judged by Ray and myself) will get a little recognition next week. Not a bad deal, right?

RayIn Spider-man 3, something helps aid Peter in tearing off the black suit. So I had to wonder: what would aid the Wii when it tears it off?

My vote goes for Sonic the Hedgehog for PS3.

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  1. Andrew says:

    With great power comes giant consoles?

  2. AB to the C says:

    Black isn’t always slimming

  3. Notappearingonthiswebpage says:

    Ah, so does this mean that ps3 or wii will team up with xbox 360 in the end of the console war?

  4. Roknine says:

    I think it means that a Wii + a lot more power (in this case, venom) = PS3. As spider man said, “The power, feels good…”.

  5. Ibrin says:

    “With great power comes great big power bricks.”

  6. relmatos says:

    paint your wii black and people will think it’s a ps3

  7. Gerasimo says:

    haha thats beast cuz becoming a ps3 would give it more power, but i could see how it could make it a lil evil too. great comic (im a ps3 owner)

    “wii’th great pow3r comes great r3sponsibility”

  8. Sporge says:

    I got it!

    “With great power comes great price”

  9. lickwid says:

    with great power comes terrible gameplay? zzzzing. I liked sporge’s idea, with great power comes a great price tag or something along those lines.

  10. Guy Who Reads Yuor Comics says:

    I’ve gotta say, this comic really brightened my day. So funny. Very nice. I am huge Wii Fanboy and i was almost rolling on the ground laughing at this one.
    “it’s like a poison. It can take you over and turn us into something ugly. ” this is a quote from SP3. It would be a good tagline.

  11. Guy Who Reads Yuor Comics says:

    typo in my last post. SM3 not SP3. sorry

  12. Andrew C says:

    With great power comes a great big price tag.

  13. Snaileb says:

    Editor’s Note: Symbiote side effects may include : Thin wallet, lose of (controller) weight, drowsyness, and may turn you or your console emo.

  14. Snaileb says:

    *lose = loss

  15. SWAT Doc says:

    But as the Story of Spiderman 3 explains it’ PS..Wii? became cocky (and lamer) in its own right and ended up going back to the Wii, then killed PS3

    Everybody wins…I think

  16. Noodle_93 says:


  17. Iceman says:

    With great expectations comes great disappointments?

  18. Trace says:

    Hah. By that count, the Wii and XBox 360 Elite (black armour+green glow? get it?) Tag-team the PS3 and PC-Gaming, and the XBox 360 Elite sacrifices himself at the end to save the day, and the Wii gets the key to the city.


  19. noober says:

    Do you know where YOUR Wii is tonight?

  20. Xela says:


  21. Chris Wilkerson says:

    With great power comes great responsibilitwii!

  22. Someone says:

    No tagline, but I love your comics. Keep it up guys.

  23. King Georgeus says:

    In order to help your Wii dispose of the symbiote which caused it to morph into a PS3, eject the game disk, which should rip through its dark flesh, or swing your nunchuck controller at it. As for a slogan, this only works if you look at the comic frames backwards and see it as a PS3 is being washed with a hose of some sort – “A friend with PS3 is a friend indeed, but a friend with Wii is better.” =)

  24. Deacon says:

    To Ibrin: the PS3 doesn’t even have an external power brick, unlike the Wii, which does have one.

  25. Dostovel says:

    Got here cuz a Wiifriend told me to watch the comic you guys made and Jajajaja i loved it. 🙂
    Greatly drawn as well.
    Been reading all your comments and for me, the Wii being morphed into the PS3 its a bad thing, just as it was to Peter Parker. Ya the power felt good, but it brought bad consequences. The Wii is well balanced, so what’s unnecessary its unwanted. Its a matter of: “Wich would you prefer to be, the Rats head, or the Lions ass?”
    Well, for a slogan I liked the Placebo one of King Georgeus and the price one of Sporge. 😀

  26. notawiifanboy says:

    wii is to weak for for the ps3

  27. yourmom says:

    wii and ps3 die then

  28. Dostovel says:

    I’ve been reading all your Comics. Sweet man!!, they’re very cool. All of’em.
    I’m a fan now.

  29. Wallace says:

    There is only one who could stop us – or imagine if he should join us…

  30. Chris says:

    With great power comes real-time weapon change.

  31. steve says:

    noooooooo! at least it didn’t turn into a 360


  32. I-Gasm says:

    Hey great comic, i hope you guys manage to push threw to a good fan basis. The movie sucked your comic did not haha. Lets just hope i can get mine running.

  33. Herzlos says:

    I agree with I-Gasm, Movie sucked comic enjoyable, comic Black Suit Spiderman is badass, movie Black Suit Spiderman = fail on epic levels. Im gunna take the comic route, therefore good riddens to the wii

  34. Paulmichael says:

    Black: It looks good on the other guys too!

  35. Cousken says:

    Hmm when you think about it the 360 is surprisingly like the new goblin…

  36. Tom says:

    “Once you go black, you better go back”

  37. Uni says:

    “Because suddenly becoming black, doubles your size”

    Brilliant comics here. I have high expectations for the future.

  38. Impossible says:

    “With great power… comes massive damage.”

  39. Patrick M. says:

    “The dark side of life.”

  40. Kintoun says:

    Wii beyond…

  41. Dostovel says:

    “THX + Home theater = solution ”
    “Lets play by the Church on Sunday”

  42. Dante says:

    “Evil comes with a purpose, Change is inevitable”

  43. Twist says:

    “With great prices come great responsability”

  44. Al says:

    Nice comic, it would be better with a xBox 360 turning elite though.

  45. BadMunky says:

    hmm i see the connection, the PS3 is for emo kids!!!

  46. “My Wii senses are tingling… if you know what I mean.”

  47. Polander says:

    I have to agree with Sporge. That was just too good. Great comic guys, keep it up!


  48. Doug H. says:


  49. Sothal says:

    “Great Power… the way to the dark side is!”

  50. Dostovel says:

    “Mighty Morphing Power Price”

  51. leo says:

    “Beware of power”

  52. Dostovel says:

    “Perfect for Third World Countries”

  53. +Leetbunny+ says:

    “With great power comes GIANT ENEMY CRABS!”

  54. +Leetbunny+ says:

    Actually now that I think about it, maybe attacking it’s weak point for massive damage would bring the Wii back.

  55. jus_civile says:

    With great power comes MASSIVE DAMAGE.

  56. Defenestrator2.0 says:

    I gots a couple.

    With great power comes great real time weapons change.

    With great power comes GREAT ODIN’S RAVEN!

    (With) great power comes over 9000!!

    With great power comes great blasphemy and/or madness. Shortly followed by Sparta.

  57. Defenestrator2.0 says:

    BLARG! Chris beat me to the punch on the real time weapons change one.+

  58. Dostovel says:

    “Sony’s Merchandising Strategy”
    Because they’re not gonna sell those Million Dollar Babies, might as well morph’em.

  59. Loki says:

    With great power comes great power consumption

    (btw – good comic – i own a PS3 and a Wii)

  60. bob_the_nameless_one says:

    my wii is bigger cause it’s black (I know it’s bad but it’s kinda funny)

  61. KennyArrrr says:

    “With great power comes a great lack of exclusive titles”
    Nuff said

  62. Random Guy #5 says:

    Loved Dostovel’s idea.

    Great comic guys, keep it up.

  63. Manarr says:

    -Once you go black you won’t come back?
    or um… (Off the top of my head)
    -Black: the new bulk.
    -(lame as hell) WiiS3
    Man, IDK =P

  64. PS3 FAN says:

    Does anyone else recognize, that the wii is a pile of crap. And getting your hands on a PS3 and HDTV is like Playing in the Baseball with an Allstar Lineup?

    Dont worry kiddies, i’m sure it will oneday drop in price so the “less fortunate” hahaha, can afford it. 😉 till then i’ll be Having a blast.

  65. Wii Fan says:

    If the Wii is a pile of crap, how come they’re SO FRICKING HARD TO FIND!
    I swear stores have started putting the PS3 in their storage room to make them look like they’re selling out.

    Have fun with your PS3, that no one wants.

  66. A Innocent Bystander says:

    It would be even funnier if it turned into the new Xbox 360 elite.

  67. Tennesse Taylor says:

    In the words of a very wise Chinaman: “PS3 is a console for underservedly-wealthy, overly-pampered girlymen and fat chicks who only want to play one game.”

    Unagi=Power, the good kind
    application of the trasitive property
    Wii=Power, the goo kind

    xBox 360 and 360-1337, what can I say, ok console with a great online network behind it, which pulls it up to high status in the areas where the Wii fails, which are existent but not excessive. Buy both and some good games and you are set till the next console war starts up, maybe the PS3-“last time was a joke, we mean it this time” edition will stand a chance of being wanted by that time…but I doubt it.

    Good posting all,
    Tennessee Taylor

  68. Noodle_93 says:

    “With great power comes blasphemous executives.”

  69. Luke says:

    here, let this settle the score


    keep in mind, the 360 has been out a year before PS3 and Wii

  70. Jarrett says:

    “Letting power consume you will only lead to your downfall.”

  71. Piumb says:

    “Will you pay the price of power?”

    “Is this power worth its price?”

  72. Scott says:

    With great power comes great Wiisponsibility.
    Eh? Eh? Man I hate puns…

  73. Iliad says:

    Original spiderman = won the day in the end.

    Had a girlfriend.

    Kicked ass.

    Symbiote spiderman = Stronger.

    Was an emo retard.


  74. john says:

    freaking badass, me and my bro reacted the same say. ohhhh!!

  75. Luq says:

    Nice! Hah!

    I got a great idea for Symbiote Console thing. 😛

    The Symbiote first bonds with the Xbox360 becoming the 360 Elite. After much fighting it realises that the Symbiote is ruining it, so the 360 takes it off .. the symbiote than goes to the Wii and Bonds it, creating a Deadlier enemy for the 360 – the PlayStation 3!

  76. iToast says:

    My PS3 did this to my Wii last night and since then I have been enjoying Wii Sports @ 1080p. Sadly enough it continually coats my games in a black goo making them extraordinarily difficult to play again. So I just enjoy watching my Mii @home on the Cross Media Channel it also ate my child, but this can be a good thing if looked at under the correct light.

  77. what? says:

    I don’t know what comes with great power but I like wearing black

  78. anjiru says:

    Wii would like to pay b3yond

  79. Hunkster says:

    PS3 more powerful but its movie sucks?

  80. JBag says:

    Love that all the PS3 fanboys think that it’s meaning is that Wii + Upgrade = PS3.

    Poor, poor fanboys. You’ll never learn.

  81. Chris says:

    With great power comes big price tag!

  82. harald says:

    it means: wii is better than ps 😉 !!

  83. asdfghjkl says:

    Xbox 360 + PS3 = Venom.
    Wii (Spidah-man) pwns them all.

  84. Samyueru says:

    Nintendo’s nightmare, Sony’s dream.

  85. Sucky says:

    Okay, that was pretty clever.

  86. ray says:

    All your consoles are belong to us!!!!!!

  87. Shigsyrules! says:

    Oh, come on! There’s NO WAY the PS3 is small enough to fit into storage!

  88. Ryuji says:

    ( Old, grizzled, Grimm Brother’s story teller by a fire place )

    …… And with that evening light, the abomination that is the home of the PSMii was berthed into our world.

    And that chilldren, is why Sony labs now has locks on their R+D doors.

  89. OmegaLord says:

    I like that the PS3 turns off Wii System Update before enveloping it.

  90. Renzo says:

    If the price of power is to become eviil, wiill you pay iit?

  91. Dexter says:

    your comics are soooooooooo godamned funny. seriously laughing at every single one.

  92. nathan says:

    brilliant! so many ways to please so many fans.

    “power has it’s price” would work, but it’s too overdone. It would be good for both sides of the argument though. I’d be happy as a wii fan or a ps3 fan with that one.

    “choice” could be the tagline for the next one, when the wii tears off the ps3.

    To tear it off, the wii would use the xbox 360 halo-edition (green) to shock it with the power brick’s electricity. the ps3 would then reform , and then start glowing blue in the disk tray (blu ray).

    Everyone would be happy in the fans perspective. Wii wins against the ps3. Xbox 360 wins against the ps3. ps3 comes into it’s own and become more powerful than both. xbox could then turn white if you wanted to, as it becomes more like the wii, but *shrugs* you only fit in what makes sense.

  93. Anonymous says:

    lol nintendo stole dis for their wii black advertising campaign lol lol

  94. Twinkie says:

    Well, now there’s actual black Wii’s. SONY IS TAKING OVER EVERYTHING!!!

  95. Crocobot says:

    ……am I the only person who thinks this looks like some sort of new SCP?

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