Foiled Again


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May 16th, 2007

Foiled Again

TimMaybe I’m strange, but I wonder about some of these guys Mario has to fight, especially Bowser with his bridge. Real smart Bowser. You go through all that trouble to capture the princess and protect yourself with goombas and koopas, and then you put an axe or key right next to the bridge?!? I was always a little confused as to what that thing was, a key or an axe, but apparently it’s an axe that mario steps on to make it snap the bridge supports. Actually I’d like to find out what you guys think that thing is. So here’s a poll:

What is it!?!
a key
an axe
no clue
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I’m also not sure why Wart has a pipe organ/machine that shoots out vegetables when he’s allergic to them. But all villains need their weak point so the hero can inflict substantial…nay, MASSIVE damage. Anyhow, hope you enjoy the comic. Last week’s comic was the third in a row to win Joystiq’s Weekly Webcomic Wrapup, so I just wanted to say that we still really appreciate the support we’ve gotten. It’s a lot of work to do a webcomic (especially for Ray), even once a week. So it’s great when we get all this positive feedback because it makes us excited to be doing this. I’ve got a full-time job, an MBA program I’m in, and a wife to take care of. Ray has PLENTY on his plate too as he’s graduating from college this Saturday (yay Ray!). The point is, we don’t do this out of boredom because there’s plenty of other things to do with our time. We’ve really been enjoying this and hope we can keep it up for a long time. Thanks again!

Oh, and my favorite tagline from last week’s comic was a comment from Loki: “With great power comes great power consumption.” You can tell I love parallel phrasing from this week’s comic. There were a lot of taglines that made us laugh, so thanks for all the comments!

RayYeah, I’d also like to say thanks for all the kind words. Also, my favorite comment from the ‘Enhanced Abilities’ comic was from Chris, “With great power comes real-time weapon change.”


  1. Notappearingonthiswebpage says:

    good job. good mario references

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks, Ray!

    Totally an axe, by the way.

  3. Tim says:

    Yeah, I think you’re right. The votes are definitely going that way, but I swear I always thought it was a key. I never doubted it until a couple of hours ago. The comic actually had ‘key’ in it, but then I got to thinking, “Is that really a key?” So we put axe/key in there because even my Google search was a bit inconclusive. That’s 8-bit graphics for you!

  4. Jonic says:

    I always thought it was an axe, and he used it to cut what I thought was a rope (depicted as a chain in this comic)…

    Thinking back, it wouldn’t really have made any sense that that one tiny little rope could support that whole bridge thing…

    I always wondered why Bowser didn’t just stand on solid ground for these encounters…

    BTW: Instead of using Pollhost and making us suffer pop up ads, you should take a look at the Democracy plugin. It’s all Ajaxified and you can puts polls in your sidebar or right in the posts or wherever. It’s a great plugin 🙂

  5. Dostovel says:

    Jajajaja!! 😀
    That was great. Never questioned all that till now.
    So, you guys do comics every week?

  6. Andrew C says:

    =Twilight Princess Spoiler Post!=
    Ganondorf at the end of Twilight Princess: Where’d I put that Triforce?

    Yeah, I’m so considerate I labelled my post as spoiler-ridden, lol

  7. Chmurek says:

    Well, I read quite a lot of webcomics, and I must say that you’re doing a great job. This comic definitely has a lot of potential, the jokes are top-notch and the art is very detailed. You guys deserve all those awards :). I don’t have any problem with the comic published only once a week, as long as you are on time with every issue. It’s understandable, that such quality pictures must take some time to draw, and I’ll take quality over quantity anytime.
    Keep up the good work!

  8. Noodle_93 says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see a cameo game for Bowser?

    Mario: Now where did I put that mega-mushroom?

    As much as we love you Mario, we all want to know what would happen if you got squished.

  9. Ken says:

    Good stuff! I always wondered that myself, why would you stand on that shoddy bridge over lava if you’re fighting your mortal enemy? Does he think he can push him in?

    Just in case, lets put an axe on the other side of the bridge, so that this guy (who can jump pretty darn high) can jump over me and cut the wires on this bridge.

    I love you Bowswer, but c’mon man!

  10. Coolermatt says:

    I found you guys from Stumble Upon, and I have to say I’m happy to have 🙂
    You guys are really funny, can’t wait for more comics 😀

  11. Holy Knight says:

    I have been a passive observer of your webcomic since seeing the first comic that you guys made. Judging from the comments that you guys are recieving and the awards that your comic is garnering, the progress of your webcomic is at an exhilirating rate! As many have already said, this webcomic deserves the recognition because of its original quirks and easy-on-the-eye visuals.

    Keep up the good work, guys. Even if it takes some time to upload a comic, don’t sacrifice the beauty and splendor for a mere placeholder. Most of us understand the longevity of updating, so there is no problem of worrying if we (your fans) are appeased.

    Godspeed, guys. You have deeply impressed me.

  12. It’s an axe. And with the axe, Mario cuts the chains of the bridge Bowser is staying on. Didn’t you see that when Mario gets the Axe, the bridge dissapears ?

    Just my 2 cents..

  13. Wayne says:

    I’m liking the comic so far guys. Keep up the good work.

  14. Ajvizz says:

    I always thought it was a Level or Switch

  15. Ajvizz says:

    BTW I love your comics, They are good and they are helping people love my site even more.


  16. I always thought it was a wooden spike that you pulled, releasing the chain and collapsing the bridge. The idea of an axe OR a key never entered my mind. *shrugs*

  17. Sam says:

    Awesome comic! And congratulations on your graduation! It’s good to know that your schooling will be put to good use through this comic, Ray.


  18. Fedde says:

    Dude it’s a freaking lever!

  19. Dostovel says:

    Dont worry, the thing is that Bowser falls, Mario wins and the princess is not there. 🙂

  20. Ajvizz says:

    I looked on some FAQs and they called it an AXE LEVER….

    I thought it was a switch or level!

  21. Lava says:

    I used to have a little comic… *pauses and looks wistfully into space* Maybe I should scan it, and show you guys… they didn’t make any sense, but you could sometimes find the humor.

  22. Dostovel says:

    Ya men!! lets see it!
    I dont know how its done or if you gotta ask Tim and Ray for permission, but it would be cool.

  23. Adam Y says:

    Great comic.

    Remember: If you’re a bad guy, or an end of level boss, perhaps it isn’t the best thing in the world to keep the only weapon that can kill you in the same room as yourself.

    Destroy it, that might be an idea.

  24. Sucky says:

    You just traced over the fricking sprites!

  25. Tristan says:

    its a button.

    go play New Super Mario Bros.
    instead of an unknown sprite, its a black push-button (much like the ! and ? buttons) with a skull on it. then the bridge falls apart. no, scratch that, it vanishes. piece by piece. REALLY fast. so…

    Bowser: “Where’d I put that anti-bridge button for the bridge I’m standing on?”

    How DID he screw that up a second time? oh btw, in new super mario bros, bowser jr. kidnapps peach, not bowser, but you still fight him

  26. skorpien says:

    A better question to ask would be why doesn’t Bowser just cut the rope for the bridge as soon as Mario steps on it? But then again, if he were smarter, he wouldn’t be the Bowser we’ve all come to know and love… or something along those lines…

    Anyway, great comic! Keep up the great work.

  27. dude567.m says:

    its a axe because you grab the axe and cut the chains and that makes the bridge fall apart because theres nothing holding the bridge

  28. Emumpence says:

    Howdy – This is a great place

    Just registered and wanted to say hello.

  29. Mirby says:

    It’s an axe. Why would he have an axe-shaped key?

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