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RayI’m pretty happy with how this comic turned out, and want to thank Willi Hyde for the idea that helped us get started. In a way, this comic is a response to the song at the end of Gears of War, in which I believe Penny Arcade called “a hip-hop fart to the face.” Anyone remember the episode of The Simpsons where they watch the Zoro movie ending with a rap song? Yeah, it’s the same kind of ridiculous music. “Z to the O to the Double R O!”

Here’s some trivia for you- what game is the gold chain’s symbol originally from?

TimJust for the record, there is no indication that Halo 3 will have its theme song turned into a rap song. However, when comparing the original Halo theme to the Halo 2 theme, where else could they go with it? And let’s not forget EA, they’ve inserted a new rap theme song in every single sports game they produce. It worked for them, right? But seriously, Halo 3 could have some crappy rap theme and it wouldn’t really matter, everyone would still buy it. It is THE system seller, more so than Super Mario Galaxy or Metroid Prime 3 in my opinion. More of a system seller than Super Smash Bros. Brawl will be? I don’t know about that, what do you guys think?

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  1. Roknine says:

    FIRST. Glad to see the idea worked out. Great job.

  2. Roknine says:

    Oh the answer is (Censored by Ray) WILLI WINS!

  3. Ken says:

    Bah! I swear I recognize that necklace! Any hints?! 🙁

  4. SGWyoshi says:

    hmmm looks metroidy
    great comic btw

  5. Ken says:

    You’re right, it has to be Metroid Prime

  6. Dig says:

    Is that the symbol from the Soul Reaver series? Shifting between the spectral and material planes and such.

  7. L_Sauchelli says:

    Actually, it looks like the football from Strikers.

  8. Eddie says:

    You can spell it out using the lyrics:
    Z to the O to the Double R O = ZORRO

  9. It’s from Marathon, but obviously someone already posted it.

    Love the comic.

    Halo 3 is the system seller due to the online gaming aspect, I think. People like playing with others, and as much as I love Smash Bros, I’d pick Halo over it because it’s easier for me to get three other people to play online than it is to get them all in my living room. Actually, I’d pick Halo anyway, but I’ve probably wasted as much of my life on SSB as I have on Halo.

  10. Dig says:

    I personally think Metal Gear Solid 4 is the system seller. Think about it. The Wii is already selling many consoles to casual gamers who are unaware of which games will come out in the future. The 360 sells systems because it is the more “adult” console within the more publicly acceptable price range. It has also been out a full year in advance and has sold systems with Dead Rising and other such games. However, with the PS3 the sold numbers are much lower than the other systems. People are holding off until a price cut or until PS3-exclusive games, Metal Gear Solid 4, hit the system. Such a hot property will be the system seller for the hardcore fans of the series.

  11. Mike says:

    I reconize it as teh Symbol for Tau from Gameworkshop’s Warhammer 40,000 …

    Its not 100% the same, prolly 90-95% the same thought.

    @ Serotoninzero: Well, I’m sure brawl will have online features, I’m preatty sure it hasn’t realeased yet as far as to how it works, but you can bet it’ll be there. Games like the Battle Revolutions and Mario Strikers will be testing teh water soon, and I’m sure Brawl will learn from them!


  12. Wprusik says:

    I think Metal Gear Solid 4 will have to be pretty damned amazing to get people to shell out the cash for a PS3 just so they can play it. I doubt any one game has been solely responsible for the sales of a system.

  13. Dave says:

    Dig hit the nail right on the head.

    There is no future “system seller” for the Wii. It’s still moving off of the shelves as fast as it can be put on them. I don’t think there’s going to be an extra mad rush of people trying to buy a Wii when SSBB comes out. Most of them will already have a Wii or will -still- be trying to get one.

    Similar deal with the 360. I think we’re largely past the point where most people are waiting for certain games to come out to buy the system. It’s had a few hits, and I think Gears captured most of the Halo crowd. There will be a few who finally fold once Halo is released, true. But they’re not the majority.

    PS3 is still waiting for a system selling game. I say this because I’m a freakin’ Sony fanboy, and it’s still the only one of the three systems I don’t own yet. There’s just no games out yet that really make me want to go out and drop $600+ right this moment. MGS4 will change that sentiment for me and for many, many others.

    Will MGS4 -outsell- Halo 3 or SSBB? Probably not. But it will definitely move a higher number of consoles off the shelves than either of the other two.

  14. Dostovel says:

    Great Comic again 🙂
    Still a fan here.

    I voted for MGS4 but not because i think it will out sell, but just because i’m a FAN! 😀
    I think Dave wrote excactly the way things are. Still, i’ve only owened Nintendo stuff, so i hope things will keep getting better for Nintendo and its games. Go! SSBB

  15. Dostovel says:

    OH!!, and that symbol defenetly comes out of Metroid or Legacy of Kain (fan of both here). Its either Samus’s Ship or the light or shadow blade symbols.

  16. I see what you’re saying about MGS4 being a system seller. That or XIII will end up being what makes me buy the system, but I suppose I wanted a 360 over a PS3 in the first place because of Halo. For the longest time, Halo 2 was my most played game on my 360 anyway. I hope Brawl has some online features, but it’ll still be based on whatever friends you have due to the horrible ‘friend code’ system. Hope they fix that.

    Anyway, yet again, the symbol is from Bungie’s Marathon.

  17. Michizane says:

    btw anyone else notice how the guitar isn’t a real guitar but from GH?
    Nice little detail put in there ^^

    I f%@#ing loved Marathon. I’m pretty sure other people do too.
    I’m trying to get you guys on Destructoid’s Art Attack Friday tomorrow, your s#!t is hilarious.

  19. Dostovel says:

    Oh, i was pretty sure it was from one of those two games. 🙁
    But WOW!!!, what tha heck is that Marathon game. Looks preatty cool.
    Defenetly FF13 will be a strong reason for me to have a PS3, but jajajaja keep dreaming Dostovel 🙁

  20. Sputnik says:

    the symbol is from marathon, because bungie, the creators of halo, first created the game marathon, almost the same thing, with a different story and aliens, but same like suit, and ships… i think

    halo 3 will probably be a big seller, it and SSSB will be pretty well tied, mgs4, while its going to be good, i can see it falling behind, due to the fact that the PS3 is still pretty expensive, and noone really wants it, the one game that made me ALMOST want it was saboteur, but i figure that that’s not coming out for a while, and when it does, it probably wont be exclusive

    i dont have a PS3, dont plan to get one or MGS4, i’m getting brawl, and if i got an xbox360, i’d get halo 3, simply put, because its halo.

    rap sucks too.

  21. Zaku says:

    no game has been responsible for a system selling? you kiddin’ me? Halo anyone?

  22. GUS says:

    The symbol is from Quake

  23. The chain is obviously the Marathon logo! What kind of decent Halo fan would forget that?

  24. John says:

    Hey guys, first time commenter. Love your comics.

    Your poll was missing a vital option! GTA IV – PS3. I know it’s not a PS3 exclusive but Rockstar has said that they’re concentrating on each console. Anyways, I went with Brawl. The moment it comes out I’m buying a Wii, not anytime sooner 🙂

  25. matt says:

    Its Marathon! I don’t even play it and I knew that. Quake?! Metroid?! Baah!

  26. Dostovel says:

    Ah!! now i want that Marathon stuff.

  27. Eddy-071 says:

    Well, go get it then. It’s free these days:

  28. Gripen40k says:

    Hmmm, looks like this emblem that came with a Super Nintendo game… I admit, it looks like the marathon emblem, but there was this one SNES game that came with this pendant thing, it was gold and looked just like that. I can’t remember what the game was though…

  29. Andrew C says:

    lol, guitar hero axe; nice!
    As to the system seller, I’m probably thinking that Halo3 will take the cake as PS3s are still very expensive, and Wii probably doesn’t have the market penetration where it counts.
    Fun fact: 1 in 4 gamecube consoles have a copy of super smash bros melee nearby.

  30. Not Sid says:

    Marathon Bling, Hells Yea! Frog Blast The Ventcore!!!

  31. Ray says:

    “Frog Blast the Vent Core!” I nearly forgot about that! Thanks for the laugh, ‘Not Sid.’

  32. Iliad says:

    Anyone who didn’t vote h3 for biggest seller is just ignorant, cmon guys, its not about what you like more its about what will sell the most.

    And we all know halo 3 is going to sell far more than anything else.

  33. Epsilon says:

    Personally, I don’t think any will really be “system sellers” but more so strong points. Seriously, who would spend $400+ JUST for Halo 3?

  34. Lava says:

    Isn’t that symbol from Poke’mon? Like, a poke’ball? Heh.

  35. Lava says:

    Sorry about the double comment, but yeah, I voted Halo for system seller just because people buy Xboxes much more specifically for Halo then people buy Wiis for Smash. I don’t have an Xbox, nor am I into Halo just for the record.

    I’d vote Smash because I know I pretty much bought the Wii anticipating Smash the most, but then I figure, who am I kidding? I’d buy the thing anyway for Mario Galaxy, weird new control, and whatever other sweet games come along. If Halo were officially canceled though, I think you’d see a large chunk of would-be Xbox 360 owners fail to fufil that particular destiny. (They wouldn’t be as likely to buy it.) Wii on the other hand, even barring the fact that it has an “expanded audience” that doesn’t know about Smash, would do at least a little better among the hardcore gamers without Smash. Mario Galaxy alone, would sell the thing, and then you’ve got your other stuff like Metroid and Strikers. (Not huge on the latter two.) Plus, eventually, you know another (better) Wii exclusive Zelda will show up. (Poke’mon anyone? I’ve never bought Poke’mon game, but millions of others do, so… yeah, Nintendo’s got the selling power without Smash, but at the same time, any real gamer bought the Wii for Smash. (With Galaxy at a somewhat close second on the list.)

    By the way, the Smash Dojo updates seem to be in line perfectly with E3. Sakurai is getting a bunch of obvious/old news out of the way now, so come July he put the new info/trailer/whatever on the Dojo. (They BETTER freakin’ have a huge shovel full of new Smash stuff at E3! It’ll have been what, 18-ish months in development? It better be playable! (Of course, I might shield myself from over exposure, so I can enjoy a big fat jolt of newness when I play for the first time.)

    Sorry if you didn’t like my mother of a comment. =)

  36. Tim says:

    Don’t worry about it Lava, thanks for the comment!

  37. willy says:

    well all I have to say is when socom: confrontation comes out, an all online game I might add, ps3 will finally have its system game…

  38. Scott says:

    No, that symbol is from marathon……….I played that game ages ago (its made by bungie, the makers of halo).

  39. lickwid says:

    I love how the guitar is just the peripheral from guitar hero. And ik its already been said, but I’m just confirming that the symbol is from marathon. Game informer had a special on it this month.

  40. Weero says:

    Actually, regarding the Playstation, Gran Turismo is gonna be the system seller since those games have always been the ones to test how far the console can go.

  41. Oil Future says:

    Hi there…Man i just love your blog, keep the cool posts comin..holy Thursday

  42. Ninjajoe says:

    its from the marathon series bungie made awile back

  43. duduman56 says:

    any1 notice the guitar is a guitar hero guitar?

  44. Rey Alejandro says:

    I’m surprised at the amount of people who got Marathon compared to those who didn’t It’s really sad, I would have expected more.

  45. TheLupineOne says:

    Wow… it’s as if… with the Halo 2 Guitar Hero… you actually managed to predict Bungie’s partnership with Activision! Scary…

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