My Cup Runneth Over


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June 13th, 2007

My Cup Runneth Over

TimWe’re not trying to say that Crackdown was only purchased for the Halo 3 beta, we’re just saying that people were holding onto it even after they beat it solely for the Halo 3 beta. And who can blame them? I haven’t personally seen the phenomenon portrayed in this comic, but let’s just say I doubt EB or GameStop are going to be out of copies of Crackdown any time soon. I think they did right to include the Halo 3 beta in Crackdown. They could have included it in a really crappy game that no one wanted just to boost sales, but instead it was included in a game that appealed to the same crowd as Halo 3 and was a great game in its own right. While sales of Crackdown were certainly boosted by the promise of the chance to play Halo 3 early, I’m sure gamers were happy to find out they weren’t just paying $60 for that chance. This brings me to a few fun poll questions:

RayYou know Tim, you’re only supposed to vote once…


  1. Lava says:

    Chuckle. Ah, a good time. That would be rather… intimidating to be faced with a wall like that. Chilling.

  2. Noodle_93 says:

    That’s classic. Five Stars!

  3. Muffers says:

    Poor Crackdown T_T.

    Great Comic Though!

  4. MSW0 says:

    Haha, my vote tied up the Crackdown Sequel poll.

    Nice comics, adding it to my infinite list of gaming webcomics to check everyday.

  5. Dostovel says:

    Jajaja, liked how he passes the binoculars.
    I dont know what Crackdown is…but sounds as if a junkie paid the ultimate price.

  6. It’s true. I went to trade mine in and they only offered me $10. Better than Perfect Dark Zero, I suppose, which goes for around $3. I kept both of them.

  7. Sucky says:

    How come just about everyone looks like they have tumors on their elbows?!

  8. Ray says:

    For some reason, I’ve always included round nubs on everyone’s elbows as a style choice. If you were to ask me, “why?” I really couldn’t tell you. I’ve just never stopped doing it…

  9. The Voice says:

    Hahaha… the kid looks like the character from Fable.
    For people who have played the game and seen the cut-scenes the outlines and shading is uncanny.
    You guys do great work, now added to my favorites list.

  10. duduman56 says:

    Does the panel with the crackdown boxes through binnoculars have a separate layer under it that goes through the entire page?

  11. elah says:

    I once went in to Gamestop to to a trade-in on a mother lode of Gamecube titles (this was before the Wii). For about fourteen titles they payed me eight dollars. This comic strikes a chord.

  12. SiegfreidZ says:

    This reminds of when Square shipped out the FF8 demo with Brave Fencer Musashi. Sure, people only bought it for the demo, and then were mildly surprised to get a decent action-RPG title in the package.

  13. thekickawesome says:

    Found him in this one.
    One down, one hundred and seventy to go.

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