Undisputed Champion


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June 27th, 2007

Undisputed Champion

Ray“It’sa me, your worst-a nightmare.” That’s SO FUNNY!! It’s funny because that’s how Mario talks, and he doesn’t normally say that line! Oh and then SONIC SHOWS UP! And get this: HE’S SMOKING A BLUNT! That’s solid comedy gold right there, because he’s doing drugs – and doing drugs is FUNNY! “Higher than Hilltop Zone” means he’s “higher” than the level “Hilltop Zone” in Sonic 2 because it’s so high up in the sky! Get it? That means he’s TOTALLY baked! That’s why it’s SO FUNNY!!!!

Seriously, for the love of all that is good in this world, do not vote for our comic.

TimIf you think we’ve lost it completely, please read last week’s comic for reference before telling us we suck at drawing (well, you can tell me that I suck at drawing here). But seriously, I think making comics is too much fun. It’s too much work, but it’s also too much fun. After last week’s comic, Ray quickly realized that we HAD to make the imaginary comic with Mario, Sonic, and Silver Surfer into a real comic. Just the thought of actually making a bad comic on purpose was funny to me, but it was a creative challenge to make the comic funny to all of you. On a side note, this was the first time Ray gave me the coveted PSD file instead of the static JPG so I could add some of my own touches to the comic. Ray hand drew the comic, scanned it in, and added color. Then I added the lines in the background to look like lined paper and the notes on the top. Hope you enjoy it!


  1. StarZander says:

    You’ll probably win anyways, just because you’re trying NOT to win. I’m staying neutral though, and not voting. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  2. Noodle_93 says:

    Vote for leetness!

  3. Dostovel says:

    Jaja, a new world to consume, thats cool.
    Nice touch in letting it as a sketch.

  4. heh – I literally LOL’d at the “higher than hilltop zone” line…

    good comic

  5. TheBrain says:

    Chronic the Hemphog

  6. Saint Seiya says:

    LOL!! the sketch art style made it even funnier.

    Mario stomping silver surfer was just so damn funny. I kept listening the actual sound of the game in my head for when Mario stomps on foes.

    great comic guys. You may have a vote from me there. Gonna have to see the others though

  7. Roknine says:

    Close Ray. If that was Sonic MAN that would be perfect.

  8. Carlos Morales says:

    well, you will win, not because you don’t want to win but because ppl are voting 😛

  9. Moco says:

    I voted for you because of your last strip AND this one make it great, and i’m not a regular reader of your site (first time) but it was good stuff.

  10. Darkzero says:


  11. Niero says:

    Classic!!! Great stuff guys

  12. Sucky says:

    The only good comic you guys have done.

  13. bulgeotron says:

    ell oh ell.

  14. Tyler (aka huge Sonic fan) says:

    Haha! Higher than Hilltop Zone! That`s gold guys. Keep up the good work!

  15. chriskatching says:

    bwahahaha! 😀

  16. SpaceKing says:

    The art in this thing is awesome!

  17. That’s a looooooooong piece of paper

  18. Retl says:

    This comment is a psuedo-reply to TheLupineOne, but I actually like this comic a lot. It’s so ridiculously goofy, and particularlly the panel where they both turn into pixelated characters is what really gets me to laugh at this one.

  19. Mirby says:

    I was gonna say… I’ve never seen lined paper that long…

    This is pretty funny though, ‘specially Sonic’s line at the end. Does he go on to say, “You’re too sober!”

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