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Strikers is Just Plain Broken


TimThis screenshot isn’t meant to brag because I wasn’t even really trying when I got this score. Anyone can dominate like this in Mario Strikers Charged when you’re playing the CPU. As great a game as this is for multiplayer gameplay, it sucks as a single player experience. I was going through the Fire Cup and was destroying the competition within 30 seconds of the match. Then I’d just hold the ball to run out the clock and move on to the next match. In the last qualifying round against Wario I decided not to run out the clock, but to keep doing Mega Strikes. I’m sorry, but at no level should the computer suck so bad that you can win a soccer match 54-0. How come when a defender is right up ‘on my grill’ and I start the 30 second process of charging for a Mega Strike, he just sits there and lets me do it? And then he just backs away, giving me a comfortable buffer zone so I can make sure I get the most out of my shot. In my opinion, that’s just broken. I’m sure it gets a little more difficult as I progress, but that’s not really the point. I’ve had fun with the single player experience in past Mario sports titles, but the simplicity of this experience makes it a chore.

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  1. paq says:

    It’s going to be a hell of a lot harder as you progress…
    I stopped playing Strikers when I got to the Yoshi vs. Wario challenge in the scenarios mode. It was just too hard to beat, getting at least 6 goals in less than one and a half minute at that level. And then I’m from Europe and I’ve had the game since launch so don’t say I haven’t tried, cause I sure have. I can’t even imagine how more difficult the scenarios after that will be…

  2. Tim says:

    It’s good to hear that the challenge mode provides a decent challenge because the cup mode (so far) doesn’t. At least I have something to look forward to!

  3. Mark says:

    Believe me, the cup mode will become much more challenging by the time you hit the 3rd one. There’s the extreme difficultly level as well, although I haven’t tried that out yet.

  4. Tim says:

    Thanks for confirming this Mark. While I still say that any soccer match that lets you win 54-0 is broken, it’s good to know that the difficulty is significantly greater as you progress.

  5. Zoinac says:

    I agree, the fire cup is weak, but it does get progressively more and more difficult. It may seem too easy at the start, but it’s sort of necessary in order to give the play a chance to learn the ropes.

  6. Tim says:

    Yeah, I’m starting to get to some of the challenging parts. The last few Challenges are pretty darn tough, so I’m glad to see there is a point to the single player modes.

  7. Balius says:

    People don’t like losing. Most games give you an easy, training level to get you into the flow of the game, so you don’t lose right off the bat. In Strikers Charged, that’s the Fire Cup. Short of just mismatching the teams and putting less players on the opponent’s side, the aggression level is all they have to play with. Couple that with the implied familiarity of a video-game junky to the more advanced concepts in the game, and you wind up with someone decimating a computer opponent that wasn’t really designed to play against him.

    I DO agree that Strikers Fire Cup is broken…not because it’s too easy, but because it doesn’t prepare you for things getting harder. It fails to provide a good learning curve.

  8. Rokai says:

    Play Extreme difficulty Strikers cup if you want real challange.
    The game is NOT broken and Xbox is a piece of…

  9. Tim says:

    Yes, Rokai, I retract my previous statement. It’s REALLY challenging later on.

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