Stop the Presses!


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August 8th, 2007

Stop the Presses!

TimWhat can we say? The Wii System Updates aren’t that exciting. In fact, I’m inclined to call them ‘wii system updates’ as I don’t believe they are even worth capitalization. Ray mentioned to me that seeing the update gave him hope because it shows that the Wii menu can change over time. I agreed with him, but after thinking on it a bit I came to the realization that microscopic updates like this could only bring hope to a very sick individual…a Nintendo fanboy. While Nintendo will always have the best games, it will also always have the worst technology. Mario Strikers shouldn’t be the exception (having online play), it should be the rule. Adding a clock to your menu shouldn’t even be worth mentioning in a system update. The ten seconds they spent putting that clock in place would have been better spent getting us our Wii Demo Channel, or some nice Wii-DS connectivity, or Wii Ware. Oh well, I can’t be too upset because I am having a blast with Strikers. It finally feels like the Wii is worth it.

RayYou know, I would think trying to squeeze all 90 characters into a Smash Bros. select screen would be hard work. So I’ll forgive the design of the clock for now. Somebody did say 90, right? Or was it 300?


  1. Kip says:

    I’d really like them to give us the ability to download DS demos, then let you turn on your DS and play the demo with download play. I’d buy more DS games if I could do that…

  2. Kvb says:

    Sh*t. I was hoping you guys were kidding. I checked for updates just in case, and my Wii is updating as I type this.
    I don’t -want- and ugly big clock on my Wii Menu!

    Damn you, 2P START!

  3. lwelyk says:

    While the clock is a hideous beast. It added a bunch of sweet features to the shop channel. Check it out. Also now the wii message board has USB keyboard compatability. So it has a bunch of cool secret things for this update.

  4. Yeah, I hope for the Wii Demo Station. Also look forward for the Wii to be able to use the USB Keyboard for the Internet.

  5. Noodle_93 says:

    USB Keyboard support is pretty cool though.

  6. MoneyMoose says:

    The clock is just that crusty, bad tasting icing on the top of the Wii Update cake.

  7. Marsgreekgod says:

    A clock came out for dsi download….

    so yeah…

  8. Cody says:

    Nintendo will NOT always have the best games, and they don’t. Xbox pwns wii

  9. Cody says:

    thats right….i said pnws…

  10. Myuu says:

    In retrospect, that whole belief about SSBB having 90 characters was ridiculous.

  11. Mirby says:

    This comic wins because of one thing: Reggie.

  12. Some guy says:

    I started reading these comics about a year ago, just decided to come back and post. The clock could have been a whole lot better. I thought it was a waste of Nintendo’s time, but it would’ve been a ton more useful if you could see it while playing games, or at least on the HOME menu. On the Wii Menu, it’s just ridiculous.

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