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September 5th, 2007

Marketing 101

TimI gotta say, it was fun going through the reviews of Lair, finding the worst insults, and coming up with a positive spin of the comments. I’m getting my MBA right now, but I’m on the Management track…after doing this comic, I’m thinking I should change it to Marketing! Just kidding, but that does remind me…I’ve got tons of homework to do and I’ve got a class that lasts all weekend coming up (“Modular Accelerated Format” they call it). ugh. Oh well, leave lots of nice comments to make my weekend go better, okay?

RayNow that I look at this comic again, I can’t tell if this is Sony’s marketing team or an episode of The Apprentice. Honestly though, I was shocked to see Lair receiving scores so low that even Sonic would feel right at home. I was prepared to make silly fanboy arguments against Lair, but not to have pity for Sony.


  1. Josh says:

    Amazing as always guys. Great, great stuff!

    I listened to a 1up podcast from Friday where the Lair CEO tries to explain that the “hardcore” gaming crowd can’t appreciate the subtlety within Lair. He even suggests that EGM will regret their review.

    Possibly my favorite excuse for why a game is bad – it measures your commitment. If you don’t care then the game is stunning, but if you care the game is a disaster. 🙂

  2. JAT says:

    Well, if PS3-owners would care about the actual gameplay, they probably wouldn’t have bought the console in the first place…

  3. Someone says:


    Hot as Hell!

    Lmao. One of the bests I’ve seen on the site.

  4. vizunary says:

    @JAT, you’re an a$$-troll.

    great comic guys

  5. Chmurek says:

    Yeah, you definitely deseve lots of nice for this one!
    So simplistc, yet so ingenious! ^^

  6. Dested says:

    Hilarious guys, always quality. “Evokes strong emotions” ROFL

  7. Stripey says:

    This one was absolute gold. It’s going down as one of my favorite comic strips……. Of all time.

  8. Vin says:

    Haha, this is great. When I got my issue of game informer and saw the 7 rating I started laughing. This game got a fairly large amount of hype (at least I think it did) and it turned out to be a mediocre game, with too much bloom and sh!&%y controls.

  9. aka_Pyro says:

    Um… Just what kind of game is this Lair, anyways? Is it a crappy rpg the likes of which PlayStation has not had in years?

  10. aka_Pyro says:

    Ok, I checked Wikipedia. It got an average 57/100 from Metacritic. You think the developer that made Rogue Squadron could do better. People should start focusing more on gameplay than on graphics. Who cares if your game looks like a movie? If it looks like a movie that sucks total ass, who’s going to like it?

  11. Mrockwell says:

    Lair is very much an amazing game. The gameplay is fluid, and fun.

    The soundtrack and the graphical presentation are beautiful.

    Ignore the reviews for a minute, and try talkign to people that own the game.

    Lair is the next Godhand, reviewers giving it bad reviews, and gamers loving it.

  12. David T says:

    Mrockwell, a quick check of gamefly shows a user rating average of 6.2 ( of 10). Warhawk is at 8.9 (#1 on the list, actually). Now stop astroturfing, we know who you are.

  13. Atsuu says:

    Well, if PS3-owners would care about the actual gameplay, they probably wouldn’t have bought the console in the first place…

    I own all the systems, and PS3 has by far my favorite line-up. It has all my favorite games coming to it, and the ones I already have for it are extremely enjoyable. Lair was a failure, but don’t group all of the games in with it.

  14. business says:

    Hahaa, true. I’m in marketing, and it’s so true. Hahahaa

  15. mark says:

    Just “digging” around and found your site, love the cartoons, keep it up!

  16. darkwonders says:

    Well I for one enjoyed the game. It is nowhere near the low scores that it received…

    If anyone cares, take a look at this little thing I whipped up…

    The reins of a dragon

    Comic was still funny tho. I’ve always wondered how people spin things positive, especially in movie commercials where they have like 1 or two word answers to how critics feel. Even for terrible movies there’s always something “good” in the commercial that the critics say. Now I know why!

  17. xDrezdenx says:

    Half of you who badmouth lair have never even played it, so your opinions are worth nothing to begin with. If you’ve actually played it, it’s not nearly as frustrating as all these overpaid game reviewers who aren’t actually gamers make it out to be. The sixaxis flight control is perfectly fluid. If you have trouble with it, you must be mentally retarded. And I am no sony fan boy by any length, I own a 360 also, and it’s still my favorite system, and has my favorite games, but the badmouthing you people do to Lair having never actually played it disgusts me.

  18. DirtyFinger says:

    hehehe, best one of your comics yet.

    an the good part is, this joke is pretty much universal and can be adapted for all kinds of marketing lies.

  19. chriskatching says:

    HaHa! Yeah could be apprentice but this guy’s hair is normal… O_O

  20. Nestor says:

    Dude on the left deserves a raise, for sure

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