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2P START! Podcast is Live!

2P START! Live!

TimWell, after lots of work this weekend, we finally have our first episode of our weekly podcast (mp3 format too) up for your listening pleasure. We hope everyone will give it a chance as we are going to try and make it fun for everyone. We know there are a lot of podcasts out there that are just two guys talking about the same old stuff for an hour or more, so ours will be short (15-20 minutes usually), with quick segments to keep things flowing nicely. Anyway, we’d love your feedback. Let us know what you want to hear, what segments you like, what you don’t like, even tell us how much you hate our voices! We hope to keep improving it as we go along as we’ve (hopefully) done with the comic itself.

Ray I plan on putting a lot of hard work into this weekly podcast so that you guys really enjoy it. Like Tim said, we’re trying very hard to not make common podcasting mistakes, and all I ask is that you subscribe and enjoy! Serious!

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  1. Noodle_93 says:

    Hehehe. I love it. I like the music :P. You were talking about a comic in there that hasn’t been put up here yet or am I missing it? Anyhoo, keep up your always original (even if done by Tim in MSPaint)!

  2. Tim says:

    Thanks Noodle,
    The comics mentioned were #9 (the one I did in MSPaint), last week’s (8 ball), this week’s comic (Sonic in Brawl related), and a comic by Slackerz which will probably win Joystiq’s webcomic wrapup this week.

    You are probably referring to the Slackerz one I mentioned (we should have been more clear) which I found hilarious:

  3. Noodle_93 says:

    Bahahahahah. Thanks for posting that link, it’s HILARIOUS. Now just to send around the link to my friends like I do your other comics.

  4. Kip says:

    Hey guys.. any chance you could release future podcasts in mp3 format? WinAmp can’t play mp4/m4a files and apparently a licensing issue is making it hard to find a plugin.

  5. Tim says:

    I knew that would be coming. Sure thing Kip, I’ll try to get an mp3 version up in the next couple of days.

  6. Tim says:

    The mp3 format is now available. You should see a player above in the post (video player for m4a format and audio player for mp3). Enjoy!

  7. Kip says:

    Sorry guys, I hate to nag… is there an mp3 format feed?

  8. moonjuice7 says:

    This podcast used to be good.

  9. Sebby19 says:

    um, for some reason this isn’t working. All I see a a question mark in front of the Quicktime logo.

  10. rainbowmath says:

    Man, I’ll miss the old ones. NOW FOR POSTMORTEM!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

  11. Myuu says:

    My dialup is too slow to download 100+ audio files at 20+ MB each. 🙁

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