Congratulations are in Order

TimThis Sonic in Brawl comic comes at the request of our fans. Hope you enjoy it. Every once in awhile, Ray will ask me to contribute to the creation of the comic. This cruel joke is usually a request to do something simple like add a drop shadow to the comic (something that would take Ray 1 minute). I end up taking an hour to do such a simple task. So when Ray asked me to come up with my own version of the ‘Certificate’, you can imagine my horror. That is the primary reason for the delay in posting the comic today, but we were also a bit distracted by Ray’s plans to come visit me and attend E for All in Los Angeles. When we heard that Brawl and Mario Galaxy were going to be playable, we knew it would be hard to pass up. Then when Brawl got delayed, Ray realized that this was his only chance to play the game in 2007. The ticket was booked immediately. We’re going to be there on Friday (maybe Saturday too), so we’ll let you know how it all goes.

Ray Okay, Brawl is not the only reason I’m going to California this weekend. It’s about 98% of it (just kidding). I’m very excited to get together with Tim and enjoy a really chaotic day of video games, and you can bet I’m dying to see Tim prove he unlocked all the star characters in Mario Superstar Baseball……

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  1. Dj75728 says:

    Funny. Wish I could go to LA

  2. Dj75728 says:

    FIRST! Woo-hoo!!!

  3. Noodle_93 says:

    Sonic is already playable. It’s not necessarily Sonic that’s delayed the game. I mean, they announced a brand new character an hour ago!

  4. Kip says:

    I’d like to think the delay is so that they can get Mega Man into the game.

  5. Kikaru says:

    Sonic is the latest new character they announced. They have tons of assist trophies, though. I hope they can throw in Pikmin. Sadly, Megaman is rather unlikely. 🙁

  6. Noodle_93 says:

    I’m finding heaps of bugs on here at the moment.

    First off, your feed is dead (I don’t know who would kill it? :P)
    And I got some PHP Fatal Error when I clicked ‘Comments’ on the front page :S. Anyhoo.

    Kikaru, they announced Little Mac (Was there a big mac in that game by any chance?) the other day. So, that’s the newest character. And, as I said before, Sonic is already playable.

  7. Tim says:

    Thanks for the heads up Noodle, there was a conflict with a couple WordPress plugins I was trying out for the Podcast and something else, so it should be fixed now. Let me know if you have other issues.

  8. yavs says:

    Little Mac is a trophy Assist.

  9. Anon-C says:

    Hay-Aye-Larious!! I’m sure that Sonics not the reason for the delay, but this is a great punch in the gut to his being added! Nice job, I laughed hardily! XD

  10. SuperStingray says:

    I like your comic series, but this one in particular fails because no one ever said Sonic was the REASON Brawl was delayed. Ever heard of third variables?

    Plus, I like Crush 40…

  11. Eric says:

    That certificate would make an awesome wall paper.

  12. M. says:

    Hey. I know I’m very late to reply here, but y’all shouldn’t be dissin’ Crush 40. Crush 40’s awesome. That music be ballin’, yo.

    (Not that I’m holdin’ grudges, mind ya.)

  13. chriskatching says:

    Love how the delayed one isn’t signed by Ray 😛

  14. Hannz says:

    i liked the blue outline of sonic in the background…wonder if anyone else actually noticed it

  15. Gargomon251 says:

    The delays were TOTALLY WORTH IT

  16. Mirby says:

    You can turn off the Crush 40 music…

    Another good comic!

  17. bobby clark says:

    Thanks i did enjoy the post very much

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