Domestic Bliss


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October 31st, 2007

Domestic Bliss

TimSorry for the comic coming out so late today, but let’s give the new guy a break, alright? As you can probably tell by the different style this week, we have our first guest strip ever (as long as you don’t count Comic #9), drawn by Ray’s friend, Richard Aguirre! As we discussed in the podcast, this is an idea that I’ve had for awhile, but Ray wasn’t really feelin’ it so I was happy when Richard agreed to do it. I think he did a wonderful job and I hope he’s willing to step in again in the future when Ray needs a break! So here’s a question for you Samus fans out there: besides being a babe, and besides the ideas mentioned in the comic, how else could Samus the homemaker make your life easier? Let me know what other creative ideas you’ve got for Samus’ abilities!Ray

I’d like to thank Richard once again for doing the guest strip this week. It looks great, and I know Tim and I would love to have you back sometime. I’ll be back next week for another strip, as well as the podcast. I hope everyone is enjoying both.


  1. Noodle_93 says:

    Nice comic :D.

    She sure would be handy in robbing a bank!

  2. Arlen says:

    How about using her grappling beam to grab a cold one from the fridge?
    How about inviting one Diss Dark Samus over for a little kinky M/M/F action (and by M/M/F, I mean male/metroid/female)?
    How about when she starts to get really angry about her backward, domestic life and her man wakes up one morning to find her fully Phazon charged and standing over him looking menacing?

  3. Victor says:

    damn that was funny, haha 😀
    great comic guys, keep it up (:

  4. Dash says:

    Good guest strip. Keep this drawing guests up and you won’t need Ray anymore. Just kidding, we all need Ray to remind us that there are still people as crazy for Sonic as us (and he has good arts, I guess).

    Thing Samus can do:

    Guy:”Crap! I feel my life lost all meaning now that Brawl is delayed.”

    Zero Suit Samus: “I got it honey. FINAL SMASH!”

    Guy: “WTF!” Gets a horrifc death by Samus bolt, but still is happy for geting at least a little taste from the best game EVER.

  5. Tim says:

    Dash, while that’s not a very practical use of Samus’ abilities for domestic life…it’s pretty hilarious! Thanks for the laugh 🙂

  6. paq says:

    “Crap! This package of milk is old, can I drink it?”
    – Samus uses Scan Visor.

    “Crap! It looks like I’m going to get parking tickets now…!”
    – Samus uses Command Visor.

    “Crap! I’m stuck at this videogame called Metroid Prime 3!”
    – …

  7. Sputnik says:

    the fact that samus aran CAN roll herself into a ball just makes her all the more sexy… 😛

  8. J44xm says:

    A nice premise for a strip. I wish it’d been a bit longer, to squeeze out a couple of more of those jokes, though (especially since the last one was rather overwrought). Nice.

  9. 2P Start liker says:

    Great comics guys. Keep them coming!
    (I think your due for a new one, but hey take your time. I wan’t them to be good!)

  10. Stripey says:

    “Crap, the power’s out!”
    “I got it honey.”
    -Samus uses the wave beam

    “Crap, that last snowfall really did a number on the walkway!”
    “I got it honey.”
    -Samus uses the plasma beam

  11. Dash says:

    hey guys, congratulations to both of you and Richard on yet another “Webcomic of the week” from Joystiq. Keep up the good work

  12. Narnian says:

    This is a good comic except for the last part. Please try to keep these comics clean, they are too good to be ruined by stuff like that. Also, not to complain, but is there any way you guys could prevent nasty advertisements like the one on your home page from showing up? Thanks. Keep it up with the great (and clean!) comics!

  13. Skott Applecore says:

    Yeah guys, keep it clean. Implied sex and usage of the word “screw” is just too “PG”.

  14. R says:

    Geez louise. I fail to see anything unclean about the comic.

    My only complaint is about the implication of the wife being expected to do it all. But obviously it is a joke so, no harm done.

  15. Gadoink says:

    Ah, this was the first 2pstart comic I ever saw, amusingly enough.
    I just HAD to show up at the guest comic, eh? =P

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