2P START! Live!: Smash Bros. Bawl Edition


TimWas your calendar marked for December 3rd? Ray’s was! Today was the day Smash Bros. Brawl was SUPPOSED to come out and Ray has a few things to say about that. Plus, trivia, Black Doom Award, and the return of Ray’s girlfriend! Check it out!


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  1. Metal_Link says:

    Chime is from a Mario game… sounds a lot like Super Mario World on the SNES. I have never beaten the game before (I got it on the VC though :P) but that sounds like something that would happen after beating the final boss, Bowser.

    Nice top banner btw. =D

    I need Brawl too… :'(

  2. dj75728 says:

    I was sad this morning too Ray, my phone rang with an alarm telling me to go and get Brawl to top it all off T_T . I was so close to the trivia question too >.< , i said it was megaman 4! And yes, Internet is spelled with a capital “I”, as in I want to play with Metaknight T_T.

  3. Zhinker says:

    Time to go beat up on that whiner kid. Now where’d I leave my brass knuckles…

  4. Noodle_93 says:

    Zhinker, Sonic was already playable at E For All. It’s probably for the better off anyway.

  5. VFDroid says:

    T’was a great episode. I sympathize with you, Tim, but I figure that it is Smash Bros, and a little more waiting is fine as long as I get to play it eventually.

    As for the jingle, it sounds kinda like the “Level End” jingle from Super Mario World, but longer and more drawn out… I’ll say it’s the jingle that plays when you beat a boss?

  6. Pie says:

    make a comic with a talking pie or something

  7. lwelyk says:

    The chime is from Super Mario World. When you beat Bowser. I think.

  8. Narnian says:

    I feel very pleased to be in the podcast 🙂 I feel your pain about Brawl though. If Brawl isn’t good, we will just have to sick Mafia Mario on Nintendo for putting us through the agonizing wait! (and baiting us with the monday-friday daily updates too!) Imagine it now: “That’s a very nice wii you’ve got there, Nintendo. Wouldn’t want anything unfortunate to happen to it would we?”

  9. Kip says:

    I thought it was from A Link To The Past.. when you meet Zelda or something..

  10. chriskatching says:

    Hahaha Ray stop picking on Tim!!! LOL

  11. Retl says:

    Wow. That last bit with Tim was probably the most epic thing I remember ever hearing from him. It was awesome. I jumped from episode 44 to episode 1 to get back to episode 8. So yeah, a bit around 35ish until I’ve heard them all and become a 2P Start Live Master. Or something. I really ought to get a larger MP3 player soon, though.

  12. jonester3000 says:

    i love your show keep up the good work by the way you should start doing comics again you guys were the best

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