2P START! Live!: Merry Christmas Edition


TimIt may not be P.C., but we’ll say it anyway. Merry Christmas everyone! In this episode Ray and Tim discuss the Games of Christmas Past, the Consoles of Christmas Present, and the Games of Christmas Yet to Come. Plus all the usual stuff, so check it out!


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  1. hyper says:

    no podcast next week!!!!
    well back to trying to kill myself 🙁

  2. Wiarmc says:

    I would know that sound anywhere!

    Crash Bandicoot! =D

    One of the best games ever!

    And it’s from the part where…
    Okay, so I don’t know that one.
    But it’s definitely from Crash Bandicoot. And I think they re-used it in Crash Bandicoot: Warped, and CTR: Crash Team Racing.

    Anyways, Merry Christmas, peoples!

  3. Noodle_93 says:

    I <3 2d Games just for the record.

  4. lwelyk says:

    I <3 2d Games just for the record.

    Seconded. Better looking than a lot of 3D games. Just wait though. Soon they’ll go as far as they can with 3D, then they’ll have to do graphics in their own style. Then they will realize it’s easier to do that in 2D. I think they’ll come back.

  5. Dj75728 says:

    COOL!!! I GOT COMMENT OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!! I’m honored. The second trivia is from Legend of Zelda of course, but which one I don’t know; maybe Majora’s Mask(took a stab at it)? The song this week is definantely from Crash Bandicoot, i would guess that it’s from wrath of cortex? i don’t know >_< . And I recommend that anyone should play Gunstar Heroes if you haven’t already, it’s on VC too. And I’m gonna sue Nintendo for delaying Brawl T_T , thanks for the idea guys 😀 .

    @Tim: The no Wi-fi on the 360 is outrageous(especially with subscription fees on top of it), glad I picked up my wireless adapter for $10 😀 , but you CAN rig a custom one cheaply, look it up if you need Wi-fi.

  6. Saturn2888 says:

    I keep forgetting to post this, but WRONG! Lol. There are a lot of things you guys tend to not get right but I forget to tell you. Here’s one, 2D on GameCube, Zelda: Four Swords.

    And then something you guys said about X360 gaming being affordable? UT3 on PC was $50, and it came w/ all of the Unreal games that have come out on PC before and an extra character. On X360, it was $60 for only UT3 and nothing else.

    *Angered by in good spirits* Also, where do you get off saying PC gaming costs money to play online? 1/2 of the MMO scene on PC is free. On the big production front, only Guild Wars doesn’t have a fee, but there are many others. Out of the MMO scene, I never had to play to play online in a first person shooter or any other game. If Warcraft 1 cost money to play online, I’m sure people wouldn’t have played it online. What about Diablo II? Free. You can’t say PC gaming is where you reserve the right to charge for online play, actually, I would say it’s the opposite. XB Live has a charge for its service, Phantasy Start Online (which is now on PC also) costs money as well as Final Fantasy XI. So it’s not consoles or PCs unless you talk about Microsoft consoles. The online scene is free apart from MMOs and nothing else.

    Just givin’ you guys the heads up. I’ll try to write down all of my comments like that after I listen to a netcast so I don’t forget them.

  7. sugaristan says:

    yes! comment of the week! internet fame is mine!! whahaha
    by the way you pronounce my name like it’s a country. like pakistan except without the paki-

  8. chriskatching says:

    You had ideas I had for a LONG time …. 😀

    MASS CHARACTER BATTLE!! Whhaaaooohhh!! Lol

  9. Apkinesis says:

    Update since my recent Grave Rising: I’ve now finished listening to all the Podcasts. After 95 whole shows though, one thing in particular shocked me: did Tim just curse in this Podcast (#10) around 2:43 into it? *gasp* And in the Merry Christmas Edition no less 😛 Otherwise, the Podcasts are all perfectly clean from language, and regardless of the one possible slip, I’ve enjoyed every single one of them 😀

  10. ­ says:

    Link. to. the. Past.!.

    No full length console 2D Zelda since then and so its still my favourite game of all time!

    I was glad Waluigi wasn’t playable, but he was unfortunately still in the game…

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