Merry Christmas 2007


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December 26th, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007

TimWell, no funnies this week, we’ve just been way too busy, sorry. Interestingly, this is the closest I’ve been to missing a deadline for posting a ‘comic’ since we started and Ray had this image ready days ago! My excuse though is that today is my 26th birthday and the festivities were an all-day event. Most people assume it sucks having your birthday the day after Christmas (and in some ways it does), but it does allow for big combined gifts like the Xbox 360 my wife gave me! Yay! Honestly I got way too much from everybody and have both Wii and Xbox 360 games that I won’t even unwrap for months! Hope you all had a nice Christmas as well. Anyone want to share what there favorite gift was?


  1. Dash says:

    Hey Tim, happy birthday. Man, you’re lucky, there’s nothing like a wife that suports your love for games.

    By the way, now that you have a X360, enjoy it, but don’t forget your Wii. Don’t let those HD graphics let you forget the good times you had with Galaxy and all other great games.

    This was a great year for the comic. I know next will be even better.

    Happy New Year everybody. See you on 2008.

  2. David Rogers says:

    I love coming to this site!!

    This year it was not about the gifts I received, but the ones I gave.

    My brother in law is not able to work, so my sister works. He stays home and takes care of two amazing nephews, and because he is sick, it is a lot harder on him then it would be most people. He does not get a lot of time to himself, but when he does he does not like to play games. He had to sell his old systems to help with medical bills last year.

    So this year I bought him an Xbox 360. He does not have a huge set up, but this will bring him time to relax for himself when he gets the chance.

    This year made me realize it was about seeing people smile and be happy rather then focus on what I got.

  3. Guilherme says:

    Hmm my favorite gift probably was a dvd burner that doesn’t work (but it will! I’ll make it happen!), so I can finally back up all my stuff.. 80GB is just not working out for me anymore…

  4. Echo says:

    new PC, and Super Mario galaxy.

  5. Tristan says:

    am i the only one who noticed that this year is tim’s 26th birthday, on december 26?

  6. hyper says:

    what your gamer tag?

  7. dj75728 says:

    Favorite gift: Although it’s not here yet, Okami and Megaman Zero Artbooks; I can’t wait for them to get here >_< .

    And Tim, my gamertag is dj75728 if you lost it.

  8. Tim says:

    my gamertag is: wilef

    But you might not see me on for a few days as I probably won’t be on until I upgrade my DSL next week. Anyone that leaves there gamertag here, I’ll add once I’m up and running.

  9. hyper says:

    COD 4
    halo 3 (if you played the first 2)
    gear of war

    they have great story and the best muti-player

  10. hyper says:

    oh and i forgot my gamer tag is

    super hyper kid

    no BS

  11. Tom says:

    got a wii zapper and COD4 🙂
    my gamertag is FierceDeityTom by the way

  12. Maxx says:

    XBOX 360!!=D

  13. Maxx says:

    oh, my Gamertag is MaxxHead


  14. Noodle93 says:

    Er.. I got a guitar pedal. And some DVD’s.

  15. plus eight says:

    Definately my new computer monitor, 20 in Viewsonic LCD, the best buy giftcards I used to buy an HDTV, and the Red Rings of Death on my 360 I got 2 days after Christmas.

  16. Nathan says:

    I got a PS3 with Rockband!

    Merry Christmas/Happy New Year all!

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