SimCity Without the Work [Update 2]


TimI found this cool little site called MyMiniCity that lets you create a town and watch it grow. It grows based on the number of visits to your city’s webspace and can go from an empty field to a thriving metropolis. It’s not a game really, just a virtual fish tank of sorts, but fun nonetheless. So if you want to check out the city of 2P START! as well as help it grow, just give a clickity-click! It’s in a pretty sad state as of this writing, but let’s see what it looks like in a week!

[Update]: Looks like we can now also build up the industry for the city by clicking here. Each person can grow the population and the industry once per day, so don’t bother trying to click more than once. Thanks guys, we’re growing!

[Update 2]: Transportation needs work now too. But don’t forget to keep growing the population and the industry!

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  1. Oliver Strano says:

    My wonderful town is
    Awesome Town was taken. Darn

  2. Noodle93 says:

    Yeah, I’ve known about this for awhile off another forum.

  3. Oliver Strano says:

    Wow Tim… It would seem you are a real person after all. I’ve added yours and my own town to my homepage tabs to raise population + industry.

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