2P START! Live!: 2P News Edition


TimThis week we discuss all the happenings and goings-on at 2P START! Everything from the new merchandise, to the new Name That Game contest, to the new podcast music, to Ray’s new Smash Bros. review. Everything is new, which is why they call it news!


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  1. Andrew says:

    Decent Podcast!

    I could only listen to the first part cause I have a class to teach! Full comment later on!


  2. Rioluke says:

    Do I win something if I guessed that the Black Doom Award music was from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in Mystic Cave Zone?

    [spoiler]LUCARIO I spell it louder.[/spoiler]

  3. Metal_Link says:

    Was it just me or did Ray have a slight echo on his voice on some parts?

    Also: Can you show us some of them screenshots? I bet a gallery would be possible with all the screens you claim you do. Here, a handy dandy converter can be found.

  4. tustin says:

    Just so you feel better Ray, I check the site at least once a day every day. It’s in my list of daily sites I check, which include Brawl’s Dojo and some other Web Comics. This site is the last one I check because it’s usually the one I spend the most time on. 🙂

    And Great end theme – although it was kind of interesting not having a chorus section like you guys normally do.

  5. Dragonblader1 says:

    I got mentioned again… awesome. I have this place saved on my RSS Feed and I’m usually on the internet so I usually know when something new is up.

  6. Rokai says:

    Nice podcast (as always) but I have a question. Where can I register?

  7. Andrew says:

    Ok, I lost you at “I used to work for this company…”
    Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius for windows?

    Ray, that was more like an “Eggman award” – Based on a good character, but a little bit messed up.

  8. Hyper says:

    hey tim you sound a bit sick are you OK

  9. Tim says:

    Hyper, I’ve had a cold for the last couple weeks. My voice is kind of gone, but I feel alright. Thanks for asking!

  10. dj75728 says:

    Is the old contest from Ristar? Kinda sounds like it a little. Is the new contest from Sonic the Hedgehog on 360 :mrgreen: ? I don’t know, I just heard the girls say Super Sonic a couple times :mrgreen: .

    I was the shirt guy(both times!!!!), and the last double-comment person!!! How do ya’ll keep forgetting the stuff I did? I feel unappreciated T_T……

    But anyway the podcast is great and still makes me laugh a lot, even after all this time ^_^. And I’m on the site multiple times every day. I’ve checked up on the site at least 3-5 times today. After all 2pStart is my favorite web-comic ^_^ !!!

    Wow Ray, 2D Smash Bros thing is a mind opener for real. Yay 2D games!!!

    Halo is a decent game, but I dislike how much people over-hype it. It’s a half decent game with pretty good multiplayer and nothing else really going for it. Horrible/boring single-player(yes on legendary). Halo 1 was best. And I knew Bonk immediately.

    BTW, I haven’t bought my share of the shirts yet. Money’s a little tied up with some $150 shoes, GTA IV, and Mario Kart Wii. Next week when I get paid I’ll be ordering them, two of them :mrgreen: .

    I luvs new moosic :mrgreen:

  11. Gordon says:

    I think the trivia from last week is from Vectorman. I wish I knew what part but I have a feeling its from that game and the one for this week comes from Red Steel for the wii. That music comes up whenever enemies show up in the japan city levels.

  12. Rioluke says:

    Do I win something if I guessed that the Black Doom Award music was from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in Mystic Cave Zone?
    Show ?
    LUCARIO I spell it louder.

    I’m still curious because of the whole guess the outro music thing.

  13. chriskatching says:

    Neat, this is when you started the shirts… 😛

    I’ve designed shirts at work several times… quite fun 🙂

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