2P START! Live!: Portfolio Edition


TimRay fans out there will be glad to know that the collected works of Ray Hargreaves (outside of 2P START!) is now neatly packaged on the revamped Raybob Industries website as his official portfolio has been completed! We’ll discuss this and other site updates alongside the usual segments. Check this one out as Ray declares it’s his favorite podcast yet!


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  1. Brawler08 says:

    But Ray, where did the rest of your reviews and stuff from your old website go?

  2. Ray says:

    They no longer exist on the web, but Tim and I are making sure the reviews listed on this site are still available.

  3. Andrew says:

    Oh YEAH!!! Early podcast makes me very happy!

    The chime is from
    [spoiler]Lifeforce on the NES.[/spoiler]
    [spoiler]Ok, actually I have no clue[/spoiler]

    No extras section for me yet. πŸ™

    I like the archived logo pages. Also, the archived comic logo autochanging is a really good idea.

    Brawl page sounds good. Will we finally see Tim’s adult rated Brawl screenshots?

    I like the overlapping images in Ray’s Portfolio, but if your connection is a little slow and you just click on all the buttons hoping something will show up, suddenly there is a giant flood of images.

    “Version 4.0: The Portfolio”

    Tell the truth Ray, you had to water down your site cause your parents read it.
    [spoiler]Ray, if you are an orphan, I am soooo sorry for the comment about your dead parents.[/spoiler]
    [spoiler]I’m sorry if the above apology was also insensitive.[/spoiler]

    People might recognize your distinctive hair, Ray.

    Tim, sorry, no chance.

    Most Misunderstood Comic EVER!! (I’m looking at you, DJ)

    Editing comments is the best addition to this site since “You guys used to be good.”

    —This spot left for Tim to edit—–

    —End Tim’s edit, hopefully———

    Oh wait, apparently I’m a lie to make the site seem more popular than it really is.

    Ok, it took me a while to find Omega’s comment. That was way back there, post-wise. Good to know you people actually read those things.

    I’m with you in the not finishing games department, Tim. Maybe it is just us married folk. And no, Mario Kart isn’t going to be helping anything.

    I actually usually get five-ten hours a week on the Wii when other couples visit. If you think that 12 player wario ware isn’t fun, I will immediately discount your opinion.

    Overall, decent podcast!

  4. lwelyk says:

    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but on raybobindustries, I saw that video of you and your senior project. Dork.

  5. Daniel says:


    Add me to the list of people with unfinished Wii games. Out of the 14 Wii games I own, I have started but not finished Galaxy, Twilight Princess, Bully, No More Heroes, Mortal Kombat Armageddon (its silly 1p storyline thing), Brawl’s SSE, Rayman Raving Rabbids 1 (does that count?). Probably more that I can’t recall offhand. In fact, the only wii game I have that has a single player story/campaign/etc. that I finished is Super Paper Mario (back in the days when I was only opening one game at a time).

  6. dj75728 says:

    Is the trivia Perfect Dark? I don’t know ^_^; .

    YAY!!! Logos!!! Actually I was gonna mention that I wanted a logo section a while back, but I forgot. And I love the way the new Extra page is coming together, especially the Brawl section :mrgreen: .

    So what happened to your Raybob Industries merchandise Ray?

    Thank you Tim/Ray for such a nicely entertaining comic and podcast :mrgreen: .

    We might recognize you guys, there was a picture of you two in one of the podcasts, and there’s a picture of Tim(or his brother) in his post about his arcade machine. And then there’s Ray’s hair :mrgreen: .

    Niceness Omegalord, nice old school reference.

    “Tim look out!” Hilarious, cause I do that to everyone I know :mrgreen:

    Mortal Kombat vs DC comics is sooooo stupid!!!! They’re even taking out the fatalities cause DC doesn’t want to see their characters mutilated, and that’s the only thing I would’ve wanted to do(screw Superman). I don’t like Mortal Kombat anyway though, so they can have DC, and Street Fighter will chill with Marvel :mrgreen: . I’m starting to think that everyone is starting to add in random as heck cameos that don’t fit in at all. And Marvel trumps DC any day!!!!

    [spoiler]RAY IS SUBCONCIOUSLY RACIST O_o !!!![/spoiler]

    That stupid IGN watermark is on my copy of Okami too >_> , I hate it. I really want a new insert for my game >__< .

    And πŸ˜› to you and your slow connection Andrew :mrgreen: .

  7. Metal_Link says:

    Oh, so your logo isn’t supposed to be a Homestar Runner rip-off?

    That stuff about Ray playing Brawl by himself sounds like it would make a funny comic topic.

    And he ain’t kidding about the Okami thing. IGN’s logo is even in the cover of the copy I rented from Hollywood Video.

    I’m not done with Brawl yet ether. But I’m totally ready to advance to Mario Kart’s level of online play.

    Whoa, nice ending music.

  8. Ray says:

    Oh, so your logo isn’t supposed to be a Homestar Runner rip-off?

    Well, it is. But I’m referring to people coming to the site for the first time and seeing it on every page, and thinking that’s our official logo. When in reality it’s a modified version of our regular one for only this week.

  9. Dragonblader1 says:

    Wait… did Ray say w… never mind. Anyways, I almost never finished my games until 2 years ago. Before that I would get so far before quitting, the exceptions were Bogeemanz and Super Mario Bros. Now I finish almost every game. I’m still working on Galaxy though. When I heard Capcom I thought it would be something stupid about Okami Wii’s motion controls and I was getting mad. It was good to see you had a VALID reason to give Okami Wii the Black Doom award though.

  10. tustin says:


    So, apparently dj75728 and Andrew make comments as they’re listening to the podcast, because half of the stuff they said is so out-of-context that it’s unnerving.

    Anyhow, I looked up the Logo and I can barely see it (of course, I was looking for the letters IGN, but I guess that’s not their logo).

    And about your Portfolio, I wasn’t quite sure about the whole images piling on top of each other thing (especially since I’m basically on Dial-up at this college…). I was trying to find a “clear images” button, but couldn’t find one…

    (oh yes, and I KNEW that the editing thing was a plugin for WordPress. Tim did that thing waaaaaaay too quickly for him to have coded it himself.)

    Oh, and on coding… Tim, maybe what you can do with the archives and the header image is try and find/use the variable that WordPress uses for making the particular page for the comic and using that to get the header. This is probably obvious, but I’m not sure how WordPress works (PHP? It doesn’t have an extension in the URL!).

  11. Andrew says:

    Tustin: Of course we comment while listening to the podcast. It is like a running commentary. And, if you just listened to the podcast, it makes perfect sense.

    On the other hand, it doesn’t make too much sense if you just read it as though it was, say, a letter to Santa.

  12. dj75728 says:

    @Tustin: Yes we do, that’s cause were true fans!!! Real American 2pstart…-ers…….But yeah, if you listen to the podcast our comments should more or less make sense, like Andrew said.

  13. chriskatching says:

    LOL Yeah … Ray SURE is a bad influence… Lol

  14. Kelster165 says:

    Once again, I know this podcast is about two years old, but I can’t resist commenting to say that Tim- I know how you feel about Zelda. I started playing Ocarina of time, and I’ve been playing it forever. My brother got me Twilight Princess, and so I’m forbidding myself from playing it until I finish Ocarina. It’s a long process, but I’m on the last temple!

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