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2P START! Live!: Farewell to Ray Edition


TimRay says goodbye to 2P START!…but just for a week. Fear not, because we planned ahead (for once) and are ready for a world without Ray…for a week. In this episode, hear more of our thoughts on Mario Kart Wii, a Black Doom Award rescinded, and all the usual segments you’ve grown to love!

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  1. D3vin says:

    First Post! (that deserves an award in itself)
    The music is from Mario Kart Ds while battling bosses in Mission mode…
    So, with Ray gone, Does that mean you need an artist? πŸ™‚ I may be able to make a ‘guest’ comic in his absence…On a similar note, On the next episode of the podcast will it just be Tim will be talking or will the ‘cast be postponed? Or maybe you need a extra person to talk to? πŸ˜‰ My Black Doom award goes to… Ray for leaving us in our time of need. A new hero must rise…. (Tim gets his own comic spinoff, perhaps?)

  2. Andrew says:

    What in the world is this doing here? It’s so early! I can listen to it before I have to give my class a final exam.

  3. dj75728 says:

    Darn! If I would’ve posted a random comment when I first saw the podcast up I would’ve been first >_< . Darn you D3vin, I’ve been thwarted by your shenanigans.

    So will Ray also be cut out of this weeks logo? That’d be interesting.

    The contest is from New Super Mario Bros.?

    One of my friends, who’s a bit of a pessimist, doesn’t usually like web comics, but he actually really liked the Mario Kart one. Made us both laugh :mrgreen: .

    Ray and Tim, you guys should set a date for everyone to get online and play Mario Kart Wii. Wouldn’t that be fun, right Andrew? :mrgreen:

    I hate that they removed the original credits from Okami. I can’t believe they did that to all the people who worked so hard on such a great and fantastic game, Capcom has lost some points with me cause of that.

  4. Andrew says:

    I haven’t ever used the automatic mode in mario kart. Now I have to try it. Also, it drives me crazy when my wife beats my time trial records driving automatic, and now I may know why.

    For a second there, I thought I wouldn’t get any comment mentioned, but Tim remembered me.
    I had the “shiny mario” comment also, so I guess I get double fake comment of the week.

    For the Okami credits, they should have got a youtuber to edit the movie with a floating black rectangle over the clover logo, kind like this one right here.

    and DJ, you won’t be able to salt my wounds too much longer. I’m moving in two weeks.

  5. dj75728 says:

    and DJ, you won’t be able to salt my wounds too much longer. I’m moving in two weeks.

    That’s great man! I can’t wait to see you on the tracks/brawlgrounds :mrgreen: . Now go get a 360 ^_^ !

    And I’m gonna have to try automatic now too.

  6. mkava says:

    For the contest, I want to say Super Mario 64 (I do know it is not the final battle) but I could certainly be wrong.
    I know its not Mario Kart DS Mission Mode (completely different music, sound D3vin. πŸ™ ) and it doesn’t sound full enough for NewSMB… but I’m just being a jerk by picking on those two. πŸ˜€

  7. Player 3 says:

    You’re right, mkava. It’s in both Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS when you face the big bomb-omb (first level)

  8. mkava says:

    @Player 3: Heh, that’s correct? Shot in the dark. πŸ˜› Thanks mate.

    As for the discussion over Manual Versus Automatic in MKWii, I’d have to say that I do agree. BUT.. I found Automatic to be less fun than Manual was (decided to play 50cc manual and then 50cc automatic… Manual was much funner because I had the more control and overall felt just like the old Mario Kart games). I spent last Friday playing MKWii with friends and I noticed that the more experienced players used Manual (myself included) while the folks who were not as used to the game used Auto and Manual (found out that Manual was more liked, this coming from people who played the older MK games). Interesting why its there… I’ll still play on Manual though. Just much more fun. πŸ˜€

    Have fun, Ray! Hope the visit goes great. And finally… a week off without having to do a comic!

    Also, thanks Tim. Not only was it nice to play with you… but I got another comment of the week. XD Hope to play you again sometime.. *goes about adding the Friend Codes for both Tim and Ray* MKWii Day anytime soon? πŸ˜€

  9. Player 3 says:

    Whoops! I made a bit of a mistake on my answer to the “trivia for you.” Not only is that song from the fight with the Big-bomb-omb, it’s from all the mini-boss fights (except for the big/king boo and the ice guy that appears in both versions of Super Mario 64) [spoiler]that includes: the big bomb-omb, the giant womp, the “giant” squiggler, or whatever it’s called, the king goomba, and that ice guy you have to fight to free wario[/spoiler]

  10. Player 3 says:

    Sorry again! (this’ll be the last time) In my last comment, I said that the music was not in the king boo battles. In fact, it is in one (the DS version fight to free Luigi)

    …oh, and an enjoyable podcast as always.

  11. cuephat says:

    Here’s something I find a bit funny about Okami. They took out the Clover logo and all that, but the game is still littered with those Clover Studio clovers. Also you hear the little Clover Studio jingle when you bloom them too! Pretty ridiculous to me…

  12. dj75728 says:

    @MKava: I agree with you point on Auto vs Manual. I tried auto, and It’s not as enjoyable as manual, manual makes it feel more old school. Don’t even know why they put auto in there. Darn casual players/Ray >_< .

  13. Saturn2888 says:

    HOLY CRUD! I saw the name of the podcast in my feed and went WTF? *goes and checks the website … … see’s the image on the blog, reads the first sentence*. “OMG! It’s true! Uh? No it’s not. Well good! Scared the crap outta me.”

  14. !!! The trivia for you is from Zelda, Ocarina of Time, Boss Music.

    x.x and i’m totally wrong x3 but i at least guessed this go round

  15. Oliver Strano says:

    The chime is from the battle against the whomp in mario 64. It could be in other battes too like bib bomb omb. I remember big stomping. Eh Urh… Stomp stomp stomp

  16. Ali says:

    same when i saw the title of the podcast i’m like no is 2p start closing down but but i never got comment of the week and what’ll happen to the comics, Noooooo. I also read the first sentence and, my heart beating to nervous to read the next sentence, quickly tried to turn away. But as curiosity killed the cat it saved the mouse so i breathed a huge sigh of relief. oh and by the way marios arms do look to human-like.

  17. dr. game says:

    I got scard when I saw the title I though ray was leveing 2pstart and tim wold have to draw the comics OH THE HORROR

  18. chriskatching says:

    Its great when Eddie guests the Podcast, adds another angle of humor πŸ™‚

  19. chriskatching says:

    Its great when Eddie guests the Podcast, adds another angle of humor

    Shoot wrong one… I have too many tabs open LOL

  20. Β­ says:

    Happy Time Award.

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