2P START! Live!: Wii Where? Edition


TimListen as we discuss Nintendo’s new Wii Ware and its missed opportunities, the warm reception for our Lego Indiana Jones comic, and the game that finally got Tim’s wife asking to play video games! All this plus our regular segments jam-packed into a half hour podcast!


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  1. dj75728 says:

    First!!!! :mrgreen:

    I’m a little competitive in case no one has noticed. Now I must listen to the podcast…….BRB……

    Hey Tim/Ray, are you gonna let me and D3vin put up our guest comic? We are getting closer and closer to finishing it :mrgreen: .

  2. dj75728 says:

    I’m back. Wow, episode 30 O_O!!!

    I had to eat fast when I went to go see 300, I got to the restaurant like half an hour before it started(already had my tickets).

    The trivia really sounds like it’s from a SEGA game. Is it Nights?

    I don’t really care for Wiiware much at the moment, nothing interesting enough to buy yet. Except for maybe that new Super Soldier, but it’s a tournament version, which turned me off.

    Zinker’s such a poser……… :stare:

    Wiifit came out on my friend’s birthday(today), he’s pretty overweight. We all think Nintendo’s sending him a message :mrgreen: .

    Heh, Microsoft. Very funny…….

  3. OmegaLord says:

    dj^n, don’t you mean N1T3S?!?

  4. tustin says:

    I downloaded both Lost Winds and the Crystal Chronicles game, My Life as a King. They’re both really good games, but Lost Winds is rather short. I have a feeling that that game is going to have WiiWare squeals, especially if the first one sells.

    My Life as a King is a lot like Harvest Moon, except without the cow-milking (though your adventurers do face “Mu”‘s, which my sister pictures as large cows with huge nose rings ready to head butt you. My sister is hooked on the game.) 🙂

    They’re both pretty cool, I just wish Lost Winds could have been longer. (Although, they need a better help system. It took me 15 minutes to figure out how to hurt the boss, and then 3 minutes to beat it (not counting the 1 minute “cutscene” after).)

  5. Brawler08 says:

    Sonic R for the trivia for you?

  6. cuephat says:

    Here’s the skinny on the Wiiware space. Lost Winds is 258 blocks, and Defend Your Castle is 121. Pretty high, but not more than the N64 VC games… I can only imagine that the Final Fantasy game is way way up there though. That space’ll get sucked up pretty quick as the games come out, though… Also, I felt the same way about Defend Your Castle (that I could just play it online) but it has some fun multiplayer. When someone else joins in on your game, the difficulty seems to increase, and whoever gets the most points in that round gets to decide how to spend the points at the end. It’ll probably be pretty crazy with four people… Anyway, fun podcast as always!

  7. Rioluke says:

    Haha its hot in oregon…
    because of all the rain?

    NPG by the way.

    These podcasts are always nice to have. I have all 30 on my iPod and so far, on 6 different occasions you have had the same comment and on ALL 6 EXCEPT THE FIRST TIME one have you has asked the other.
    ” I don’t think we’ve ever had the same comment before, have we?”
    Now its sort of becoming a tradition. That and doing the gag black doom intro.
    I mean there an albatross character in riders, so no you should never run out of those. Because once you finally get through all the characters in all the sonic games. They will release Unleashed and give you 10+ more characters to rip on.

  8. The “Trivia for you” is from Metropolis Street Racer.

    Great podcast again you guys! You really help me out on my ways to and from work.

  9. That sounds like it’s from Katamari Damacy, but I’ve downloaded the soundtrack, so I know it’s not. Black n white is probably right.

  10. mkava says:

    Hey Ray: Having issues with the SD card transfer speed limit? Yeah, that’s the issue with the technology used with the SD card and its physical connectors. Sure, its pushing 10-20 megabtyes per second for transfer rate (a rough estimate obviously) but its still limited. Yay for everchanging technology.
    [Side note: I believe the Wii uses four-bit transfer mode to transfer data for the SD card. I’m not certain if its the card or the interface hardware that is the important item for the transfer speed. :P]
    It would be nice if the data was moved instead of copied.. its annoying to go about doing that over and over (I’m used to doing cumulative backups of all my work weekly [and sometimes daily on those good days] so I feel your pain about waiting for copying).. That’s more of a software issue instead of hardware. At the very least, a queue should be used so that files can be set to copy over and you can walk away while it does the heavy lifting. Revisions would be nice in that department.

    On the note of Wii Storage, Wii HDD finally?!?! That’s my number one prediction for E3 2008.. and I hope I’m right. 😀

    Nice show guys. Honestly, this time around the transitions between each piece felt… rushed. Conversation was just closing up… and BAM! Next part of the show. You two have some great back and forth banter… don’t suppress it, you two move on when needed. A hard thing to do effectively. You two do a great job of doing that. 😀

  11. J man says:

    Wii HDD E3 2008 ftw even though most companies are bailing
    And talk about other consoles yes please you know something more ‘hardcore’
    and discuss things that can handle 150 mb like Castle Crashers, Street Fighter HD remix and Penny Arcade Adventures P.S i love the wii it is just a bit you know lacking

  12. VFDroid says:

    I’m about 87% sure the “Trivia For You” is from Sonic R. You can’t forget those vocals without therapy. But I can’t quite place what part of the game it’s from…

  13. dr.game says:

    the PC is number one in the wold in keybord platforms

  14. Rioluke says:

    2P start is the no. 1 web comic if you don’t achewood.

  15. J man says:

    PC can play games???

  16. Brawler08 says:

    If i guess the name of the band do I get partial credit? I’m pretty sure its Crush 40…

  17. This episode was only 2/3 as good as it could’ve been. It was missing something…

  18. Rioluke says:

    This episode was only 2/3 as good as it could’ve been. It was missing something…


  19. Andrew says:

    Hey guys, Decent Podcast!

    (I know I am late on this. I was moving ok. Give me a break)

    Defend Your Castle is extremely fun with four players. I can play with my 7 year old brother and my family has a great time.

    New formula for a game comic. Don’t make it obvious that it is about video games.

    Wow Ray, so BMI is as legitimate as Judge Judy? “With a black robe and crossed arms, Judge Judy decides which party the show will pay.”

    Also, by waiting a week to listen to the podcast, you guys sound completely uninformed about Wii Fit.

    Since we moved, my wife is (temporarily) unemployed, and she just sits around beating my times/scores in whatever game she can find.

  20. chriskatching says:

    Its funny how Tim call’s her ‘Sara’ in the first podcasts. Then, during the last few he says ‘The Wife’….

    I liked hearing Sara’s insight 🙂

    Tim, “Ray only has half a brain, he needs me to come up with the ideas…”

    Sara, “Pleeeeaassseee….”


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