2P START! Live!: Swing and a Miss Edition


TimIn this edition, Tim and Ray talk about the debacle known as Mario Super Sluggers…what a mess! Smash Bros. Brawl reappears with some cool developments, plus more of the usual segments. Season one of 2P START! Live! is almost over, so enjoy!


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  1. Tacos says:

    The Internet loot section was awesome. Those pictures are awesome. DLC Nintendo?? Just an idea. My favorite was either Jimmy Neutron or Dry Bowser. Oh, and Meat Grinder ROB was awesome.

    And now I know not to buy Mario Super Sluggers (not that I planned on it regardless). Wii Baseball will have to do. I’ll just create Mario characters as Miis and be ready.

    And about the comic, the concept was really smart and funny (almost genius, and that takes a lot for me (unless its a Pokemon joke)). The delivery just felt off. I honestly couldn’t do it any better, but it just didn’t work with me. And I am a baseball fan (Go Brewers!!) so I understand the whole controversey about steroids.

    Haha, the fast pitching is amusing. It’s actually the opposite of the reason why I can’t watch baseball on TV (besides the fact that I don’t get it). It goes way too slow. If this happened in real life, that would make baseball watchable.

    And Hahaha Brett Ratner. My friend and I saw this and the only way it would work is if it was a comedy and so overboard ridiculous and the kid had groupies and a band and everything (in video game form of course).

  2. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Great podcast guys! I had no idea that you guys were going by season for these!

    I feel like I’ve heard that remix before, although I’ve never gotten too far in Sonic 3. Has it shown up in any other games?

    Those Brawl pics were really cool! I agree that we could have used more alternate costumes. I mean, the only real alternate costume was Wario in overalls. I’d love to see some other Samus suits, Dr. Mario, Shadow, Old Snake, Naked Snake, Pokemon Rival, etc.

    I’ve never played either Mario Sluggers game, so I can’t offer my opinion on it. :mrgreen: Although, I don’t think I’m going to get the Wii version, since it sounds so horrible. Is it a remake, or a sequel?

    I don’t get why people didn’t like the comic. Maybe I just like simple things. Although, the more complex idea with the reporter might have been better.

  3. Anon says:

    Wasn’t that guitar hero movie idea used on South Park?

  4. tustin says:

    Maybe you should look for a new podcast plugin, Tim. 🙂

    (*goes to listen to it*)

  5. roadjcat says:

    Okay so like I always do I took notes:

    1. Yeah, I just saw those smash texture things yesterday. Court-records.net posted the Phoenix Wright one.

    2. Samus’ colors were okay in Melee, I mean she had the Gravity Suit at least. But I completely agree with Tim, the Phazon suit is missing, and that’s a huge problem.

    3. I found the controls for Super Mario Sluggers to be fine, took some getting used to , but not a huge problem. And the pitching in Wii Baseball was crud, that was way more prone to picking up minute shifts and thinking that you threw the ball. Plus it didn’t even matter what you did with the Wii remote, if it moved, the ball was thrown.

    4. And Tim, it took me FOREVER to stop pressing A to try to throw the ball to a base. I don’t know how many outs I missed because of that.

    5. I don’t have a problem with the running system. Shaking the Wii remote is fine with me.

    6. It took FOREVER as well to finish that freaking jump practice because I kept diving, and in fact if you caught it diving, then it gave you credit, so I actually completed the practice, by diving for the ball three times. That’s why I use Yoshi and his tongue grab, he just automatically aims his tongue towards the ball and you don’t have to worry about it. Seriously, just make a team full of Yoshi.

    7. I don’t actually steal, so can’t really comment on that.

    8. Okay this is sorta random, but during one part of single player, you have to save Peach from Bowser Jr. by beating him in a one inning game, and for some reason, this is EXTREMELY hard. He shifts all over the place with the pitching and his fielding is really good, however, when you finally decided to challenge Bowser Jr. at his own stadium, it becomes freakishly easy…

    9. I didn’t really find that the game decided who would win beforehand…but I’ve stopped playing it for now because I’m more interested in Island of Happiness.

    10. Again random…I hate Donkey Kong so I don’t use him…how does he bunt?

    11. I actually quite liked the single player, but Dixie Kong bugged me. I had no idea what she wanted me to do and so I finished the single player without finishing DK’s or Wario’s (you need DK to finish Wario’s) stadiums.

    12. I assume the Wii remote alone is for the casual gamers.

    13. I don’t really remember the gamecube single player, but I remember that it bugged me…a lot. I never got Hammer Bro. because I just could not beat Bowser, and then my file got erased, so it’s not happening any time soon.

    14. I prefer that the characters can only move left or right, in fact, I don’t even remember moving up and down before.

    15. You guys made me feel really bad for saying that lewlyk’s comment was funnier than the comic, so good job there…I really like reoccurring themes, and the whole “praise comment” thing is one of them, so that’s why I thought it was funny. I apologize for that.

    16. I knew Mario Baseball was coming, I just didn’t really get the joke…simple as that. I get it now, but it’s just not funny the second time (*thinks about Yahtzee’s comparison in the Braid review*).

    17. Sorry Tim, but the original idea sounds funnier and I think I would’ve gotten it. That idea being the one where he says no comment and then throws the fireball…I dunno, it could just sound better in theory though.

    18. Again, sorry, but it was pretty funny how you left the first ‘great’ out of the “For every great comics comes great comments” line.

    19. Look, I don’t really care about the praise comments…to a certain extent. Go ahead, pick those ones, I just have a slight problem when you pick the SAME praise comments. Last week you did in fact make pick a praise comment, though it wasn’t one of those “I’m new, I’ve read all the comments, and yesterday I spent 12 hours (more than that actually) listening to all the podcasts” so I was fine with it. Those are okay, just mix it up a bit. 🙂

    20. And why is it that I never recognize the names of these commenters? XD

    21. I thought they were veins if that makes any difference…I didn’t even think of sweat.

    22. Pitching quickly. That wasn’t a problem I recognized. You can charge before a quick pitch is thrown, maybe not much, but you can.

    23. Half the time I don’t charge anyway, if they are throwing quick pitches, then don’t charge. You’ll hit the ball easily. You may only gain one base, but it’s better than striking out.

    24. And what was wrong with X-Men III? I didn’t really have that much of a problem with it, but I didn’t really like the X-Men movies that much in general, though I will be seeing Wolverine…just because Deadpool’s in it.

    25. Yeah, F@nboy$ had a comic about that Guitar Hero movie.

    26. What was described as a possible plot, sounds a lot like the movie “King of Kong”…

    Okay, I’m done!

  6. steve-ohs says:

    Awesome Podcast! Homerun! I’ve never played Mario baseball GC, and don’t plan to buy wii, but thanks for informing about the horribleness of the game!
    and i know some people (including me), will say stuff and people will find it hillarious, and try to say something funny, and nobody thinks it is.
    but this comic wasn’t bad, it was a good basis, just was missing something..I personally blame society, not you guys.
    and this week’s comic will be awesome, I can feel it.

  7. roadjcat says:

    I honestly don’t think Super Sluggers was as bad as they said it was…it’s not great, but it’s good. Much better than Strikers Charged IMO.

  8. tustin says:

    Sheesh, roadjcat, put that notebook away… maybe we should get you a position on the podcast if your going to start commenting on every little thing… 🙂

    here’s my two cents worth: great podcast. I now know not to buy Super Slugger (not like I was going to anyway – I’ve never bought a Mario Sports title ever).

    The brawl skins were great! I stopped the podcast and spent half an hour looking them over! Brilliant!! Now if only you didn’t have to mod your wii to get them…

    K, that’s all. My comment doesn’t require you to re-listen to the podcast in order to get every point. 😀

  9. Ray says:

    and this week’s comic will be awesome, I can feel it.

    I can only hope it turns out that way. Tim’s trying to keep his hands clean from this one, so it’s all up to me….

    I honestly don’t think Super Sluggers was as bad as they said it was…it’s not great, but it’s good. Much better than Strikers Charged IMO.

    I agree. Tim really slams the game in this podcast, while I am cautiously optimistic. I’ve played many more hours of this game since we recorded the show, and can easily say I enjoy it a lot. It’s a very fun game that has some slight control frustrations.

  10. Ray says:

    …and by “recorded” I meant “made a live broadcasting of.”

  11. roadjcat says:

    …and by “recorded” I meant “made a live broadcasting of.”

    You already failed to cover the recording part when you told us you were editing the podcast on Saturday. You posted that on the Scrabble Review.

    Sheesh, roadjcat, put that notebook away… maybe we should get you a position on the podcast if your going to start commenting on every little thing… 🙂

    Fine with me! XD

  12. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Heck, even I’d like to be in the podcast sometime. Unfortunately, I lack a microphone. 🙁

  13. roadjcat says:

    Heck, even I’d like to be in the podcast sometime. Unfortunately, I lack a microphone.

    We should make a visitor podcast! With all us regulars! XD Yeah, right. Like I know how to do that…I have a mic, and I can record sound and video…that’s all I can do.

  14. Tacos says:

    That’d be fun (visitors podcast). Maybe use Skype with a recording or something? I have no idea, that’s not really my thing.

  15. roadjcat says:

    That’d be fun (visitors podcast). Maybe use Skype with a recording or something? I have no idea, that’s not really my thing.

    Yeah…I’m not the one to ask about this either…I agree that would be pretty fun, but figuring out how to do it technically, an actually finding a time when we’re all on is not the easiest thing in the world.

  16. D3vin says:

    What a great Podcast, Just in time for my birthday! Happy 20th for me! 😉

    I liked the content, I can’t believe they are hacking Brawl already, it just came out recently and usually it takes years for the game to be cracked and edited… the next step logically is the “Hawt Coffee” mod for it, giving it an “Adults only” rating 🙂

    I don’t play baseball, but I still found it interesting how a Mario version sucked against a game released last gaming console that did so well.

    I agree on the comic, The longer one with the reporter would have been funnier. I guess that you win some, you lose some, eh?

    As for the Comment of the weak Week, too bad I didn’t get it, but, oh well here’s hoping for Wednesday

    Black doom award: Omochao is really the worst Sonic charactor, but makes a good weapon in Shadow (the only good weapon in that game) it is so satisfying to shoot that little B@$74|2) at stuff.

    I’d like to be the Big-mouthed singing guy from Guitar Hero If it was made a movie 🙂

    As for my birthday present, I don’t require much, I just need a Growlithe for my Pokemon Pearl’s Pokedex 😉 Message me on the forums for details.

  17. lwelyk says:

    My comment was actually in response to the “who loves us the most” contest joke. = P

  18. roadjcat says:

    My comment was actually in response to the “who loves us the most” contest joke. = P

    Oh, well it works either way.

  19. roadjcat says:

    Although that Awkward Zombie comic is very funny (seriously, Katie is your main competition guys. At least for me, of course not that I’ll ever stop visiting here), I don’t think it fits. What she was saying is that when people are mean, they get criticized. Tim and Ray weren’t mean…but they still got criticized…XD

  20. Rokai says:

    @ Joey: Are you kidding me?

    I didn’t mean the comment was funny (if you were refering to me).
    If you don’t read “steriods” then the whole comic idea would be to kill the pitcher with a fireball to win.

    @ Joey again: Are you kidding me?

    OH. MY. GOD.
    Guitar Hero MOVIE?
    Are you kidding me?

  21. Thank Ray and Tim! I love listening to your podcasts on the way to work and school. Though it seems I was a bit late due to the holiday, I kept thinking today was Monday rather than a Tuesday. Moving on. On the topic of your comic, I thought it was hilarious, and I felt bad for not posting a comment on it; it made a lot of sense and the way Tim talked about the “Sluggers” today, perhaps the game needs to go on some of that stuff.

    Great breakdown of the game, unfortunately I have never played the game on either platform, as Baseball is not my thing.

    I still have 5 more minutes to go of the podcast but I won’t be able to listen to it for another 3 1/2 hours, but so far it was great! Thanks and don’t worry about the negative nancy comments, your comics are always good in every way.

  22. Loooca says:

    That was a good podcast! Too bad about the comic, though — I mainly think that everyone was so honest about their opinion is that they were, somewhat, let down after the last great comic. Nobody can be amazing 24/7, though, guys :p Yes, even Tim and Ray. And again, I loved the remix this time. Please to keep the good ones coming, Ray.

    I honestly don’t think Super Sluggers was as bad as they said it was…it’s not great, but it’s good. Much better than Strikers Charged IMO.

    Are you kidding? Mario Strikers Charged Football did so much better than anyone would have thought, and I find it much more entertaining than Sluggers — for one, the controllers are actually easy enough for a 5 years old to master. Yes, I sadly tried Slugger for a while and nearly cracked the thing open. I seriously thought I was doing something wrong until I was told that no, the controllers are mad like that.

    There’s no way of comparison. Not with the excitement that Mario Strikers Charged Football brings.

  23. roadjcat says:

    Strikers Charged was horrible. The controls in Sluggers are fine, they just take some getting used to. A learning curve is much better than a gigantic difficulty spike. In both Strikers games, the first cup is insanely easy, but the second cup is insanely hard. Okay, so maybe it’s just one of those games I suck at, but online is of no merit to me and like I said the single player was not good and although I’ve yet to watch the review GT gave the game a pretty low score, we’ll have to see what they give Sluggers.

  24. roadjcat says:

    Okay I just watched the GT review, they just said it’s too random, which I suppose is why it’s hard. But anyway, Strikers Charged is probably the only Wii game I own, out of 24, that I’m not completely satisfied with.

  25. Loooca says:

    GT as in Game Trailers, or…? If so, then they gave the game a 8.4 score. IGN gave it a 8.3; with a 8.6 for the British edition. Anyway, those scores don’t count because both sites screw up sometimes — point is, you either hate or like a sports-related Mario game. I don’t like baseball, never understood it or liked to watch it. On the other hand, I’ve been watching/playing football all my life, so it’s only normal to like the game.

    Hard? I played it with 5 years old kids, and they were awesome. Honestly, it’s not hard or challenging once you know your way through it. You just got to like the game at first to accept it, then get good at it.

  26. dj75728 says:

    Awesome podcast guys. Loved it. I think the reporter/extended comic would’ve been better, but it was still by no means bad.

    Could a Guitar Hero movie be any worse than the upcoming Dragonball Z movie? I just saw screens. I’ve never said this before, but they’ve managed to ruin my childhood.

  27. Lava says:

    Hey what’s going on with the podcasts guys? None of them are working, I’m just getting a “page not found” message.” Last night it was giving me a pageload of code that would freeze up my browser if I let it try to load it all. I’m trying to finish the latest podcast. Peace! (None of the other podcasts seem to be there either.)

  28. Retl says:

    Yep. I’ve done it. I’ve listened to ALL the 2PStart Live Podcasts! And it only took about a month. Had so many laughs with the set. <3 I had a blast.

    And now to get on with round two~ But maybe I should take about a week's break from listening to any more first. Starting after next Monday.

  29. ­ says:

    The last few times we have started playing Brawl it hhas been seaming to do that, such as spawning stars in one of us 5 times in one match and never in the other match, or any random items that would backfire on one of us would be on the one not getting stars, or something would explode off-screen saving me from a Falcon Punch.

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