2P START! Live!: Debatable Edition


TimIn this episode, Tim and Ray duke it out with their first (and only) Presidential Debate. They’re not pulling any punches as they try to win your votes!


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  1. steve-ohs says:

    Great Podcast! I loved how I had 3 questions picked to be read.
    I need to relisten, but from what I remember I think Tim did a bit better, Ray seemed to do more insulting to his opponent than Tim did. But I need to putmore consideration before picking my canidate.

  2. Tacos says:

    Didn’t take notes this time. Anyway, Tim is still doing well for me (hums ‘Super Sonic Racing’).
    Anyway, good podcast. Got a few laughs and all that good stuff. Keep up the good work.

  3. DrOswald says:

    Good podcast. Great comment of the week. D3vin, you are the super fan. How can mere mortals like me compete for comment of the week?

    It is my opinion that Blizzard is trying to turn Starcraft into WoW, or at least as close as they can. People have paid many times the cost of the game to be able to play WoW over several years. I think they are trying to get us to pay for Starcraft two or three times. How much is this going to cost me in the end? $120? $180? Are they going to add an expansion, so we buy it 4 times? That is just what it looks like to me, but I may be wrong. I hope I am.

    An odd side note on the recalled LBP, I heard that some best buy stores broke street date of LBP, which means that a few of the old, apparently offensive, LBP discs got out before they were recalled. Can anyone confirm this? I can’t remember where I read that.

  4. roadjcat says:

    Okay, here we go.

    1. For once I haven’t seen the Internet Loot, though I would never think of using them. Plus I’ve pretty much stopped playing Brawl. Harvest Moon has taken up my time.

    2. Although I would like to see what happens when you zoom out of Smashville…any spiffy buildings. And you can kinda tell that the background is 2D anyway…

    3. 9 stickers left? Holy crud! I used that factory cheat to get CDs (which also get stickers obviously) and I still have way more to get.

    4. The snapshots and replays don’t really make that much of a difference to me either. I’m really the only one who plays Brawl.

    5. And am I going insane or did you use Olympic music for the debate intro?

    6. I still don’t really know who Q*Bert is…and to be quite honest, I’m not sure I care. XD

    7. I still haven’t finished Zack and Wiki, in fact, it’s one of the few if not the only game I haven’t finished.

    8. I hope both of you haven’t finished Metroid Prime 3…because if you haven’t…you just lost some major points for me. XD

    9. And Ray only having a Wii is a plus for me. It means he can focus more on Wii owners like myself.

    10. And I agree a lot of casual games are fun, heck I should be getting Wii Music for Christmas, so yeah…

    11. Tim said we should educate casual gamers…Ray…I got lost…what were you saying?

    12. I enjoy the console wars myself and that was a good Brawl analogy Ray.

    13. Careful, you guys a getting a bit realistic here when mentioning the “Console Wars” (heavy emphasis on the quotes).

    14. I’m against the Fairness Doctrine, the appearances made by each of you should be determined on how it would benefit the comic at hand. Placing either one of you in a comic for no reason other than the Fairness Doctrine would kill some of the humor.

    15. And Tim, there’s a reason why Ray has so many reviews up…he’s the one that writes them all. When you write a review, it goes up…you just haven’t written that many, so of course Ray has more reviews than you.

    16. And Ray…do me a favor and try to refrain from say “absolutely untrue” so many times. XD

    17. Getting realistic here again with the mention of POW…

    18. Oh…wait a minute…who are the vice presidents? And is D3vin actually going to be Stephen Colbert?

    19. D3vin, your ads were propaganda! You took completely unrelated images and added captions or explanations for them that you couldn’t possibly know to be true! XD

    20. Okay and Starcraft…a trilogy? Awesome. Only human campaign? What the heck…humans are boring. XD

    21. I was expecting that LBP be the Black Doom Award this week, I heard about it as well.

    22. And I don’t think they game was recalled because it might be offensive to Muslims, but because it might be offensive to other people that aren’t Muslims.

    And in case you couldn’t tell, I haven’t totally made up my mind about the candidates, though I’m leaning towards Ray.

  5. D3vin says:

    Yay! I won the comment, Beware Tim and/Or Ray. You making attack ads just gave me some competition for the next week or so!

  6. D3vin says:

    And Roadjcat, Yes I am going to be Stephen Colbert. He even has his own Ben and Jerry’s brand Ice cream flavor! I mean, How many people can say they have their own Ice Cream flavor? Not many.

  7. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Nice podcast guys! The debate was pretty cool! I’m not sure who to vote for. Super Sonic Racing: Tim Edition brought me back to neutral. I’m a little dissapointed that my question wasn’t featured, but of course, you couldn’t pick all of them. Other than that, not much to say.

  8. Ray says:

    I’m glad you guys like it. Even after editing the entire thing I was a little worried it still came off a little flat. Even more reason for why Tim’s call for an “unedited podcast” through his fairness doctrine is a horrible idea…

    Also, I want to apologize for the questions coming from only 2 or 3 people… We actually answered 8-10 questions, but not really having scripts led to some pretty dull and/or unfunny answers. I think Tim was better prepared than I was…

    Oh, and to continue my statement – Tim never finished Mario Galaxy or Metroid Prime 3, while I have beaten both 100%.

  9. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Oh, and I’m curious about this whole vice-president thing as well. Heck, even I want to be one. Could I perhaps?

    And Tim! You need to get on the ball about those games! I know you beat Portal and Bioshock rather quickly, so why not these games? Mostly everyone on this site is a fan of Nintendo, so show some Nintendo support! :mrgreen:

  10. roadjcat says:

    I couldn’t care less about Mario Galaxy, but I haven’t even gotten all of the items in Prime 3, though I did get 75 percent, I meant to get 100 on my third playthrough, but I suck at hypermode. XD I’m not much of a completionist.

    But things are looking good for you Ray, at least from my point of view. 😀

    Ooo! I have another completion question: Who’s finished all the Paper Mario’s at least twice? Anyone? This is actually open to anyone that wants to answer.

    And Ray, perhaps you could post a version of the podcast that is unedited…just this once. I understand editing out a lot of parts on the podcasts, but when it comes to choosing a president, we need to know all the facts! XD

  11. Loooca says:

    Tim not finishing Twilight Princess? Well, I can understand, I myself hit a hiatus. But flinging himself off those edges in SSBB? Worst thing anyone can do! I really pity Ray if he has to go through Tim’s suicidal acts 🙁

    I wish the lyrics were talking about loving God or the Qur’an, Tim. It’s talking about Judgement Day and all humans dying (which is natural and all). And, yeah — I was getting the game for my little brother and frankly, I don’t want him to hear such words in a game, let alone mix music with the Qur’an. Updating/patches are out of the question, ’cause he’s impatient like that. Everyone seems to think that it doesn’t matter because they won’t understand it anyway, but there are some millions who are going to play the game who do understand the language, mostly young kids.

    When a couple of guys contacted Sony about it, Sony answered them within hours and said they’re looking into it right away — that impressed me, really, as I didn’t think they’ll get much out of Sony, that Sony is going to label them as extremist and go on with their original plans. And fine, they have a large market in the Middle East and were probably worried about that, but they still responded.

    What’s currently annoying me is the singer, he’s claiming that it’s normal to use words from the Qur’an in a song — er, yeah, wherever he came with that from. The guys responsible for the audio/music are to blame, too — don’t pick a song just because it sounds cool, that’s stupid. This is a video game, not a radio talk show that only 50 know about.

  12. sheppy says:

    Yeah, gotta say I side with Sony on this one. After all, EVERYTHING they do tends to bite them in the butt. It’s like groups are WAITING for a Sony misstep. As an example, take a look at the racists PSP ads fiasco. Despite the white dominating the black one being the least violent and also being less that 20% of that ad run, no one paid attention to the even fighting one or the one where the black chick is on top of the white one bringing a punch down. Or the graffiti fiasco where Sony paid business owners to “tag” building sides for a period of three weeks and that one blew up on them too.

    The Qur’an quotes in question aren’t some lovely dovey stuff. These two phrases which made the song cut is as follows.

    Every soul shall have the taste of death…
    All that is on earth will perish…

    While it sucks that it was delayed, seriously… six days. Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it. If those quotes stayed in an E rated game, you can bet your butt everyone from Fox to Dr. Phil will be jumping on the game censor bandwagon. Just as Nintendo had to pull a couple songs from Ocarina of Time to avoid controversy (and remove the word “Hell” from Captain Falcon’s jacket), Sony has to do the same here. And sadly, it was a Muslim group that alerted them even though it was a Muslim song.

    Games don’t have the privelage of being under the radar anymore. The moral majority who expect Cartoon Network and Playstation to raise their children unfortunately still run this country.

  13. D3vin says:

    Good podcast. Great comment of the week. D3vin, you are the super fan. How can mere mortals like me compete for comment of the week?

    Well actually I was going for the “internet loot” section of the podcast but C.o.t.W will have to do. 😀

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