2P START! Live!: Mud-Slinging Edition


RayIn this episode, Tim and Ray trade political punches with ads to influence the vote! Also, Ray talks about one of ‘de’ best 3rd party Wii games out there! Plus… who the heck is that creature? Oh no…

We are thrilled to have so many dedicated listeners to this show, but I know there are still many of you who avoid listening because of your past experiences with ‘podcasts.’ Let me guess: they were probably long, boring, and unedited. Well, we’ve got the cure for the common podcast. We call it 2P START! Live!

I know some of you have been avoiding even trying to listen to these – but I beg you to just give us a chance! We strive to make our shows funny, and this one is no exception. There’s some great stuff going on here and all I ask is that you give us just one shot….

Hope you enjoy.


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  1. Tacos says:

    Not gonna lie, I didn’t recognize the start button either. I see it now, but just from seeing it at a glance, I never noticed. Looks more like a plate from a bird’s-eye view.

    Chip is the new Charmy. Anything that starts with “Ch” is Sega trying to annoy us. The scariest part of your Chip prediction Tim is that I would believe it. And since when do chipmunks have wings?

    Well good podcast overall.

  2. sheppy says:

    Wall ‘O Text Warning: Scroll past if this offends you.

    Gah, again with the Werehog dissing. Look, I’m not the biggest fan of the idea either but…

    The problem with Sonic fans nowadays is they think the games are all about speed. That’s a lie, it’s vapor. Speed was the treat, the little carrot dangled in front of your face after you’ve navigated that moving platform puzzle as the water rises in Chemical Zone. Sonic had VERY strong platforming roots and occassional speed. Evidence of this is simple enough to find, Super Sonic. Playing the game was MUCH harder to accomplish as Super Sonic. But this way the new school idiot Sonic fans who want nothing but speed and homing shots gets their carrot because I’m seeing the fast section and seeing little exploration and more emphasis on ring runs.

    But what I’ve seen on the Werehog portions strikes two chords with me. The first is the slowed down platforming. Running along walls, grabbing poles, and jump timing… not homing shot (here’s an idea, a jumping mechanic that removes any skill to make gaps….) timing. The second is the brawler aspect. As a God of War and Dynasty Warriors fan, NOTHING I am seeing here is broken. Standard combos and pushing combos both seem present and taken from what I’ve seen, nothing looks abysmal. Like this doesn’t look terrible like Full Metal Alchemist, it looks more like Drag-On Dragoon in the gameplay department. It doesn’t LOOK broken.

    But most will complain because the CONCEPT is stupid. Okay, fair enough. What about a blob that rolls around in paint and brings color back to a world stripped of color? What about a guy who buys a lightsaber in a mail order catalog and decides to get chicks by becoming a bounty hunter and goes to the bathroom to save. What about a plumber (previously a carpenter) who goes to a mushroom kingdom to save a princess from a lizard/turtle hybrid?

    Let’s face facts. If you’re dissing the Werehog aspect solely because it sounds stupid, I have bad news for most of your game collection. The werehog, to me, mixes up the gameplay. Because if Sonic Unleashed was ONLY the running portions, I’d wear out the “right” direction on my gamepad playing it.

  3. Tim says:

    I agree with you about the ‘all speed all the time’ mentality. I was never into the 3D Sonic games because they seemed too ‘on-rails’, and just going fast all the time isn’t that fun to me. I prefer the Genesis titles because while there are fast portions of levels, there’s also platforming, and no stupid homing attacks. You’re right that the Werehog parts might be fun (though I’d prefer traditional Sonic platforming, not brawling), but I think 3D Sonic fans feel this just detracts from what THEY like, which is SPEED!

  4. sheppy says:

    sheppy,I agree with you about the ‘all speed all the time’ mentality. I was never into the 3D Sonic games because they seemed too ‘on-rails’, and just going fast all the time isn’t that fun to me. I prefer the Genesis titles because while there are fast portions of levels, there’s also platforming, and no stupid homing attacks. You’re right that the Werehog parts might be fun (though I’d prefer traditional Sonic platforming, not brawling), but I think 3D Sonic fans feel this just detracts from what THEY like, which is SPEED!

    I think we can both agree 3D Sonic fans are the PROBLEM, not the solution. From Adventure on Dreamcast on (If we’ll ignore the abortions known as Sonic Drift and Sonic 3D Blast), 3D Sonics have been horrible. MAINLY because they were trying to adapt Sonic gameplay to 3D worlds. Can’t do that, it’s a fundamental game design flaw. So the Werehog sections look to be learning from more 3D games, which is good. Seriously, 3D Sonics blow. THAT was the decline point. This was where the godawful sugar pop music came in, the sudden rush of “friends,” the attempts at story which were an embarassment for everyone reading the text.

    BUT, I bashed only on the negative aspect of the podcast and that’s unfair of me so, have to say this is one of the better ones. The attack campaigns were nice as well. So keep up the good work.

  5. Anon says:

    I see a Chip vs. Navi vs. Slippy Comic…

  6. D3vin says:

    From what I see, Chip reminds me of those animals that you used to break out of the badniks. Maybe it is an animal that is just an animal (not Anthropomorphic like Sonic, Knuckles, etc.), I’m thinking it is some kind of dog or something. Maybe a Pomeranian and Chihuahua cross or something. He likes Ice cream and chocolate as seen in screenshots where he is talking to a Mario-looking guy. I like how they are making the humans look cartoony instead of Realistic like they have been trying to for the past few games.
    Ray you may just have my vote, I mean “if ur blak ur ded?” what kind of wash have you brainwashed me with Tim?;)

    Vote for Chip 2k8! With his help, We can save the world from being into seven pieces each with one continent on it!

  7. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Nice podcast guys! These seem shorter now, which is a good thing. The commercials were really clever! I particularlly liked Ray’s because of how good the editting was. And Chip lowers my expectations for Sonic Unleashed, which is also a good thing. I can think the game will be crap, and then be pleasently surprised if it’s actually good. And Tim’s Black Doom Award was hilarious! Oh, and shorter podcasts = shorter comments from me and (hopefully) roadjcat.

  8. roadjcat says:

    Okay, time for me notes. 🙂

    1. E for All discussion. Not that I’m ever going to change your mind Ray, but any event with Metroid as the main focus will be better than an event with Smash Bros. as the focus.

    2. And seriously…E for All is through already? That was quick.

    3. I was going to guess that E3 was going to be public again, but I was obviously wrong…darn.

    4. IMO, this year’s E3 was better than last years. Last year we got Mario Kart and Wii Fit. Okay…yippee, both games were good, but all games besides Metroid and Paper Mario pale in comparison to Animal Crossing…that’s all there is to it. Plus we got Wii Motion Plus.

    5. I was actually semi-following de Blob for a while and never got it, but only because I ran out of money and like I said above, Animal Crossing takes precedent. I will be getting it for Christmas however.

    6. And yeah, I saw some of the opening cinematics for de Blob and they were pretty funny.

    7. My response to your commercial Ray: 0_o
    And then “Quoting out of context FTW!” XD

    8. I’ll also be honest. I had NO idea that it was a start button. Start buttons change with each controller…so yeah. That definitely can go under another episode of “Obvious things that I miss”

    9. One reason I didn’t recognize the start button is that I never really go to the arcades much…

    10. I also read somewhere that Mario is more recognizable among kids than Mickey Mouse. Not sure if that’s true though.

    11. Tim…I found your ad to be more a hit on the Raypublican party than on Ray himself.

    12. Also chip? He looks like a cross between a faerie (yes, I meant to spell it that way, no I’m not English. XD), a fox….and a Noki. XD

    13. Anytime Sonic Team gets the idea of putting in a new character…just add Rouge instead…she’s cooler. Can you tell I like Rouge? XD

    14. And seriously…I’d buy a Rouge game if it wasn’t totally awful and wasn’t really stealth-like.

    15. Sonic games seem to have the same problems that the Lost in Blue series has…the developers don’t really seem to get the hint. They make a game…criticism is levied against them…and then they put the exact same things back into the sequel. One of the most major “Who thought that was a good idea?!?!” moment.

    16. Oh, and as for inanimate object helpers in Sonic…what about Excalibur…or whatever his name was? XD

    And that’s it. Not much for me to comment on this time. I’m still a Raypublican though. 🙂

  9. NSBAceAttorney says:

    Nice podcast! I like the logo, but if you change it, it’s up to you… But if you couldn’t tell it was a arcade style start logo… Little Black Boy CKcheeseboy… lol. Chip porn… wow, and it’s Tails, but Super Chip at the same time… my head hurts…

  10. roadjcat says:

    Hey Tim…Kinda random, but are you planning to do another “What’s going on in the Forums?” anytime soon?

  11. CKcheeseboy says:

    I feel ashamed to show my face here now…my generic, un-gravatared face…in my defense, though, I don’t really go to arcades, so I’m not familiar with their buttons. I don’t think the art’s the problem, I think it’s the subject matter. I could tell it was 3-D, just not what it was supposed to be.

    And thanks for talking about de Blob. I’ve been seeing a lot about it too, but I just wasn’t sure if it was really that good or if I should get other games instead (there are way too many games this year). I definitely think that I will look into picking it up when I can.

    And I have to say…Ray’s commercial was hilarious! It might even be my favorite segment from any of your podcasts. Ray ’08!

  12. lwelyk says:

    Tim coming up with the idea of putting HITLER in the comic shows that he hates Jews. Tim’s totally racist.

  13. sheppy says:

    Tim coming up with the idea of putting HITLER in the comic shows that he hates Jews. Tim’s totally racist.

    That, or he was totally against the Warsaw Pact.

  14. lwelyk says:

    Darkness is a renewable resource!
    *shudders at thought of new Sonic character porno from Ray* That must make Ray a pedophile.
    What is up with that thing’s smile too?! Ugh… >_<
    Hooray for fixed podcast plug-in!

    There will always be sonic porn. Always.

  15. D3vin says:

    There will always be sonic porn. Always.

    Yes, just pretend it doesn’t exist. just walk away very,very,very,very,very, slowly. I am one of the few whose brains have forever been scarred by that kind of stuff. It ain’t pretty

  16. tustin says:

    I seem to be going for the wall of text approach this time:

    I’ve never heard of a pacman game for the gamecube…

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the reason E3 and E for All are dying is because of the media attention on bad video games. I recently read this book in the library about video games as an addiction, and it just blew my mind – I thought it was THE funniest piece of crap ever written on paper. This woman had the gall to go around and find a bunch of those fringe cases where kids playing way too much on gaming systems have completely ruined the lives of their families. You have to read it! She even had one of those little magazine quizzes about if YOU are addicted to drugs video games (sorry, fruedean slip). One of the point givers was “Are you able to predict how long you will spend on a video game?”. I’d like to know one person who DOES!!! ([link])

    Sorry, tangent. I think it’s these idiots that are ruining the game industry. When’s your next debate guys? Here’s your question: How will you deal with a**holes like these?!

    Wow, Ray. That commercial was so terrible that I laughed out loud, especially at your repeat of his (spliced) words. 😀

    Oh, so the start button is being edited? I see now… I thought it was a cursor or some sort of random balloon thingy…

    Tim, in your commercial, you forgot the “more of the same” line. I’ve heard that line more times… And why haven’t you given the floor to third party candidate D3vin yet? See, last night there was a debate between the College Dems and College Reps and the College… uh… Naders showed up protesting the debate because they didn’t get a chance to speak. The police showed up too… oh that was great. 🙂

    Chip is a creation in Spore. I guarantee it. 😀

    And you guys should most definitely do a Chip comic – ballads story comics are great! Remember Goomba and Koopa? 😀

    Oh yes, and thanks for answering my question last week. I didn’t get a chance to listen to the podcast until today.

  17. tustin says:

    Also (sorry for double post), I knew the button was an arcade button, and I knew it was for two player play, but I never thought of it as a “start” button. But those are technicalities. Your design is perfectly fine Ray, the shadows just seem off.

    Hey, comic about the 2P START! logo! Going through new overhauls of the logo for the site. Make sure to include the current button from another angle! 😀 (Logo design = blueprint version).

  18. sheppy says:



    Also, gaming addiction is real except it’s more along the lines of escapism into media or hobbies. Most of the bad addiction papers and books on this issue tends to focus on the fact that it’s games. However in Grand Theft Childhood, one of the authors points out ANYTIME a child becomes obsessed with any sort of activity, it’s a huge warning sign for parents that something is wrong. This could be reading, writing, internet, tv, games, etc. As you can guess, this pertains very much to the Canadian Call of Duty runaway.

    Basically, it works like this. If a child is troubled, physically or mentally abused by parents, authorities, or peers, they tend to retreat into places where they feel good. If you’re dealing with a crappy life, what isn’t unappealing about becoming a clan leader and raising the rank of your team in online matches? If you’re beaten or yelled at by your parents all the time, why NOT be that superhero character? That’s the root of most non-chemical addictions (smoking, the physical addiction is over in three days. Mental addiction is a lifetime) including video game addictions like World of Warcraft.

    So the condition exists, however it’s the route of escape for a preexisting condition.

  19. steve-ohs says:

    Great podcast. I have to say tho I enjoyed Tim’s commercial better. Ray’s campaign seems to be focused on bad mouthing the competetion while Tim seems to have real answers for gamers.
    And seriosuly Sega…Chip…its just like they close their eyes and put hands over their ears when people suggest ideas for them. and sonic wiki claims its a dog (wha???)…who loves chocolate. Lots of young video gamers dogs are going to get sick when this comes out.

  20. D3vin says:

    Tim, in your commercial, you forgot the “more of the same” line. I’ve heard that line more times… And why haven’t you given the floor to third party candidate D3vin yet?

    If I did win, We’d have to either call the site 3p Start! (2p Start+1?) Or get rid of Ray. If We did get rid of Ray then He would be the guest comic writer and I would have the job… too bad my elbows aren’t knubby enough to be the star of the comic.

    Besides, I didn’t know I was running for that specific office. I thought I was either Stephen Colbert and only Parodied the election or Tim’s Vice Presidential Candidate. Harding/Curry in 08! W00t!

  21. Finally saw chip….

    Woooo Movie for Night of the Werehog in November! Not even in time for Halloween. Boo Sega, boo.

  22. Retl says:

    Oh geez, this (Podcast 51 @10:16 . Mainly noting this for Tim’s emails.) is the source of my single most favorite bit in all of 2P START! Live! History! <3
    About time I found the one where the YOU'RE DEAD. DODO-dodo-DoDo edit was first released. That edited clip commercial was the one that really got me into the podcasts.

    Ray said that Wii game about the Blob is a good one? Gotta go get it ASAP. If I find it for sell and have the money before SMG2 comes around.

    • Retl says:

      On another note. Chip porn?
      Or at least until the next new Sonic character to show up after they say a game with just Sonic.

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