2P START! Live!: Economy Edition


TimTim and Ray discuss what the economic turmoil means for gaming, announce who won the gaming presidency, and manage to sneak in a third black doom award. And did somebody say “new segment?”


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  1. roadjcat says:

    Okay, time for my comments:

    1. Glad there wasn’t too much on the economy. Bleh. I’m tired of hearing about it. XD

    2. Okay, I’m seriously tired of Guitar Hero, it feels like they release a new one each month, and if they don’t then there’s like a new Rock Band or something. I’ve had enough for a while thank you. XD

    3. Yeah, I seriously doubt a Wii price drop is coming anytime soon, the Wii is still selling like crazy.

    4. Hey! The election was just like in real life! I had a preference for president, but wouldn’t have minded if the other person won. And that’s exactly what happened here.

    5. If you ever do anything like this again, drop the write-ins. XD

    6. Are we bashing E3 again? Seems like it. If I had a dollar for every time you guys bashed E3…well…I’d probably have like 10 dollars, but that’s still a decent amount!

    7. I’ve yet to really play a DK game. I’m wondering if that’s a good choice. I really hate monkeys, but I also said I didn’t like Animal Crossing and Metroid at first…hmm…

    8. EBA didn’t have the greatest song selection, but I think they worked okay. You just have to find a way to make it work. Easier said then done, but hey.

    9. I don’t know how this came up, but I took notes to remember to say that Phendrana Drifts is one of the spiffiest songs ever. I think maybe I was thinking that it should’ve been in Wii Music. Heck, any Metroid song should’ve been in Wii Music.

    10. When they call it “Doom’s Eye” that’s figurative, because he “watches over” things.

    11. As weird as the coverart for those pet games are…they’re fitting.

    12. And those two Baja games do look extremely similar.

    13. The iPhone shell thingy reminds me of the Wii Wheel, but at least the Wii Wheel doesn’t cost an outrageous 50 bucks.

    14. Hey cool! Unknown song segment! Something we can rip-off in a fan podcast!

    15. Speaking of unknown songs that are spiffy, I think I have one here:


    16. I like the Zelda theme (I think the series itself is a little meh to be honest, but the songs are nice. XD), but of course I think the Metroid songs are better. Seriously, why weren’t there any in Wii Music?

    17. I download Ristar on the VC, though I didn’t get very far. It’s kinda hard. I’m horrible at old games. XD

    18. I didn’t really care for the Ristar Credits music…dunno why. Sorry. XD

    19. Oh and…Rouge. Okay there’s my mention.

  2. Dominator_101 says:

    How would we go about suggesting a song for Musical Misfits? Would we post somewhere, or email you, or what?

  3. DrOswald says:

    16. I like the Zelda theme (I think the series itself is a little meh to be honest, but the songs are nice. XD)

    I think the Zelda series used to be a fantastic series, but the recent entries have done nothing new and are way to easy. Zelda TP is almost identical in terms of game mechanics to OoT. I would like to see them update the series in terms of game play, or do something crazy like make another 2D side scrolling game like Links Awakening. They also need to ramp up the difficulty some how, completing the 3 heart challenge is way too easy now.

    Any way, Great podcast. I really like the new segment. I am always looking for good gaming music, I find it has a feel to it that you don’t find in other genres. kind of like how a movie soundtrack feels different from a normal orchestral composition. I’ll have to send a few of my favorites in.

  4. roadjcat says:

    Nah, I don’t want the Zelda games to be tougher, I just don’t care for them a whole lot. They’re fun, but I don’t rave over them. Odd that I like Metroid though, considering they can be kinda similar.

  5. Ray says:

    How would we go about suggesting a song for Musical Misfits? Would we post somewhere, or email you, or what?

    Your choice. Either one of those will do.

  6. hyper says:

    i lost my Job today T.T

    at least i’ll Have more Time to visit this site more Offend

  7. Clearly not enough support for the Hyneman/Savage vote.

  8. Swimming_Bird says:

    Here’s my Musical Misfits suggestion/request….following your lead with the segment music itself.

    The song is Oh, Buta-Mask from Mother 3 aka Earthbound 2.

    Hope you enjoy!

  9. Tacos says:

    Nice podcast.

    Here’s my musical misfit. Not sure if its obscure enough, but its here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAaUfo9xpDs

  10. lwelyk says:

    Wow. A podcast focusing on Naked Fox Girls, a first for you guys.

  11. Loooca says:

    That was a nice listen, you guys. The Black Doom Awards keeps on getting better and better, and I LOVE the new segment. More (video games) music always equals more fun.

    I actually like that about the Wii. I don’t know why, but I always brag about the fact that it price didn’t get a cut after all this time, especially when I’m cornered by other consoles’ fans. “Well, what is THERE to drop about an already cheap price?!” I get their point, but Miyamoto’s theory is right.

    As for the new segment, for me, it has to be Banished – Secret of Mana. That tune reminds me of such pleasant childhood memories; it’s amazing how I got all teary when I recently re-played that part of the game, when that theme started to play. I love all the music in SoM, but that piece is just special to me.

    (The amazing CalebElijah did >a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkRkcOJMwZY”>a great cover for it on the guitar. It’s, just, some more amazing when played by him.)

    re Zelda theme: Yeah, it is a master piece to us Zelda theme — it’s our national anthem ;D ! But, for instance, I used to think it was the scariest tune there is to be, all thanks to LttP. Of course, I changed my mind since then, but I understand when people directly pick it as their favourite — OR THE BEST THERE IS TO BE — it all goes back to their attachment to the tune itself.

  12. roadjcat says:

    Yeah, I think I have another song for the new segment and has been conveniently placed as the Trivia For You in our latest Fan Podcast. Yes, that was a shameless plug. I’ll give you the full file if you want it.

  13. NSBAceAttorney says:

    Musical Misfits:

    Max Payne 2 – Late Goodbye


  14. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Dang! I’m really behind on this! Anyway, great podcast guys! And congratulatons Tim!

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