2P START! Live!: Multiples Of 2P Edition


RayIn this episode you’ll hear: a mystical Musical Misfit, what Nintendo’s been wasting everybody’s time with, an MMO pulling the plug with a bang, and how our comic apparently hides a very secret joke about Muncher.


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  1. Kvb says:

    -I listened to all the podcasts, too. They’re funny enough justify listening to them all. Seriously. I sometimes go back to listen to the old ones again. (That racism ad never gets old.)

    -Nintendo!! The Classic controller HAS a clip-on slot! Why are you-…!? ..Now this is just upsetting!

    -Yeah, that Musical Misfit was my favorite of this week too.
    I guess it’s Ray’s turn to pick a Musical Misfit now. Hope I can remember mine for another week, then…

  2. Supersonic24 says:

    Well, Nintendo’s falling, Sony’s rising, and Microsoft is staying the same. I truly wonder where this Console war is going, but it doesn’t affect me anyway, I’ll always root for my champion, SONY.

  3. D3vin says:

    -I listened to all the podcasts, too. They’re funny enough justify listening to them all. Seriously. I sometimes go back to listen to the old ones again. (That racism ad never gets old.)

    I do that too, I like listening for my name in the various podcasts, mostly the one before the racism ad podcast. I did have photographic proof, and I feel that Tim still won because of me, not because of everyone voting for somebody else (like Chip).

  4. StinkyCheese says:

    Why do I laugh every time I see that frog guy. He is just so damn adorable/creepy

  5. sheppy says:

    Hehe, time for the list.

    1. Personally, I’m not the biggest Nintendo fanboy (something about NP calling Quest 64 the RPG Final Fantasy fans were waiting for) but the Classic Controller Pro does something incredible for me, I hope. Makes the ******* **** holdable without physical pain during prolonged sessions. I have VC games I always wanted to beat but had to quit because the classic controller was not only awkward (Sin & Punishment seems designed to destroy your hopes in this way), but physically painful for me to use. Keep in mind I have the exact same problem with the GH dongle on DS. So if they can make this thing comfortable like a Saturn or Dual Shock pad, I may be buying one.

    2. You’re telling me you AREN’T excited about ExciteBots: Smack it up, flip it, rub it down for Wii? At least Punch-out has a date and I know in addition to franchises like Petz, Imagine, Personal Trainer, and Dream, I can avoid the upcoming DS franchise Crazy Chicken’s three forgetable games.

    3. You guys seem to becoming dangerously close to respecting a Sony product. Might want to curb that in a bit… ;p

    4. Rock Band Unplugged is more akin to Frequency and Amplitude on PS2 than actually Rock Band. Which, if you haven’t played these, buy them right now. Still considered by many as among the greatest rhythm games of all time and yes, four player Amplitude is intensely satisfying of a multiplayer game. Harmonix has promised no peripherals and best of all, an in game store to buy more music.

    5. The ONLY problem with the original Street Fighter movie is in how they actually advertised it. The movie basically openly mocked the game cliches and added it’s own touche of campiness. If you take a look at it as a serious action flick, it’s horrible. If you realize M. Bison paints sad clown faces to relax, DJ is a high level hacker, and Zangief works for free, it’s very very enjoyable. Basically it ripped action movies and fighting games at the same time. Further evidence of this is how the VERY LAST group shot, everyone has gotten into their game costumes, including Dahlsim and T Hawk. And for the record, Mortal Kombat is still the best Video Game movie….

  6. Not really sure what to think about the *new* classic controller. I have one of those nifty PS2-GCN controller converters which amounts to the same thing, for $5. Granted you then need a PS2 controller, which I suppose not everyone would…

    As for the lack of Wii titles, this is the first time I’ve actually agreed that there is a Nintendo “drought” as it were. Needless to say, Rock Band is no longer my only reason for owning a 360 these days.

    Makes sense though; release pointless peripherals and sparse software in order to focus attention on the new kid – the DSi. The grand scheme is all coming together and suddenly becoming very clear…

  7. nintendogamer101 says:

    I have gotten Comment of the Week. My life is complete.

  8. nintendogamer101 says:

    By the way, when are you going to announce the winners of the contest?

  9. CKcheeseboy says:

    By the way, when are you going to announce the winners of the contest?

    It says in the post it’s not over until March 10th, so I would guess that following Monday.

  10. roadjcat says:

    I jotted down some things again, but I dunno, lately I just haven’t felt like posting every single one because more of them are just random thoughts that just go through my mind. The whole list thing was to help organize my gigantic page of notes, but when I don’t have too many relevant things to say it seems kinda pointless, but anyway:

    I liked the title of the episode. Nice touch.
    Also, when I listen to the podcast on the site, the audio cuts out..often.
    Even I wouldn’t listen to all the podcasts, for the reasons you stated.

    I happen to think the release list is pretty good. Stafy, Metroid Prime, Punch-out, The Conduit. Not to mention Fire Emblem and Pokemon Platinum.

    And what exactly was the need to make fun of the DSi? It’s a perfectly legitimate upgrade…unlike that classic controller.


  11. D3vin says:

    And what exactly was the need to make fun of the DSi? It’s a perfectly legitimate upgrade…unlike that classic controller.

    I hate how that The DSI could have been done as an add-on that plugs into slot 2. There is already a separate web browser.I won’t buy games from an online service, Since I don’t like having to spend money on imaginary credits. Two cameras are not necessary, since the one on the inside would have been used for games. I do not care for taking pictures with something that is not a (wait for it) CAMERA.
    I play Pokemon, The removial of the second slot makes it harder to complete the Pokedex, (you all know how I hate trading online.) My Ds Lite is still fine.

  12. roadjcat says:

    Yes, but for people like me who still have the original, that is a reasonable upgrade. Especially if your freaking screen goes blank every two seconds if not held in the right position. XD

  13. BadnikHunter says:

    Nice Podcast Guys!
    May i just say that it IS in fact possible to listen to all the podcasts in one week. There are about 30 minutes in each podcast,and besides this one there are 68 podcasts, so that makes about 2,040 minutes of listening to podcasts. Now considering i had the podcasts on my iPod, i was able to listen to the podcasts for about 7 hours straight a day(while i was doing otherthings i might add so you dont think i’m just some freak), thats 49 hours in 1 week, which is 2,940 minutes, enough to listen to the whole podcast.
    Thanks for allowing me to bore you with my long explanation to how i was able to listen to all the podcasts in a week, talk about being a devoted listener (if you didnt notice i’m kinda aiming for suggestion box)

  14. igorpwnweed says:

    I had $200 burning a hole in my pocket, so I bought a PSP. I know, I know. It’s just because I NEED LBP PSP! Well, just want it really badly. I’m loving the games I have (all two of them), and I’m looking forward to those other PSP game announcments Sony promised that are totally going to be announced. Right? Right?!?!? On a final note, my relationship with my DS and PSP is similar to Tim’s infamous “Wii relationship”, where he plays a lot of 360 for a month or two for deep games, and then flocks back to the Wii for short, less involving games. I love to play Ratchet and Clank and Daxter (somewhat deep games), but still need my Professor Layton and Wario Ware fixes (just a few of the many great DS titles).

  15. Oliver Strano says:

    I finally found a use for the piece of melted cheese that is my $20 PSP original, apart from patapon, and that is podcasts in bed sans laptop. Yes, thats right, I now fall asleep to the soothing melody of Tim’s deep monotone voice… And am then jolted awake by Ray’s reply. (Kidding Ray, you’re great). I figured I’d listen to a few more podcasts since I have read the comics since the second one was released and I found it on stumbleupon. Now I am done, and am listening to other podcasts, I realise how well put together this one is. It is just the right length, the right topic of interest and it isn’t the type to focus on one thing throughout the whole podcast which gives variety. You guys both sound great, and bring your own special things to this podcast. Thats why I have to say, congrats, I absolutely love this cast, and the originality and freshness of both the cast and comic every week. Great work.

  16. Ray says:

    You commenters are awesome – you guys can really make me laugh sometimes.

  17. zijjh says:

    Hey just wanted to say another good podcast guys.

    – I have to say, I have always been a nintendo fan, and probably a bit to the extreme. However, since the release of the Wii I have gotten more and more disappointed. It seems like nintendo is just releasing products to make money. (Gasp a company making money!) Seriously though, I am a little ticked. I went to game shopping the other day and like half of the display were games based on movies, which as we all know usually are a bit lacking. (I’m looking at you Bee Movie the Game)

    – It’s funny, I was thinking of how best to describe how to say my name and I was trying out different letter combinations and I struggled with coming up with one, but the best I can do is zish and streching out the “shh” sound. I think the internet naming monster has consumed me oh well.

    – I think that most video game movies lack, but I will say both Resident Evil and the Mortal Combat ones were well done. I thought they were less corny then usual plus Resident Evil 2 was shot in my city (Toronto, Canada) and they managed to blow up our city hall!! Yay for the destruction of civil and municial government buildings!!

    – I am personally waiting for the next big videogame movie: Stafy: Star of Destiny

    – In terms of Nintendo and the Wii I was also looking at the peripherals and I think that like every game for the Wii has its own unique peripherals.

    – I was looking something up for my next comment and I had to make a point of it. The Nintendo website for Canada, has little review blurbs. The only one they show was still for Twilight Princess. Apparently there have not been any worthy blurbs about nintendo for a few years now. LoL

    – In closing I would like to extend my condolences to Ray for the loss of his relationship with Nintendo. It was the best of times it was the worst of times. 1975 – 2009

  18. First, a little disclaimer regarding my earlier PSN-GCN controller converter comment; since it uses the GCN port on the Wii it still has the same switched-button issue that the GCN controllers have which makes SNES platformers annoying to play. Now you know.

    Second, I suddenly realized that the 360 is what I’m using for pick-up-and-play titles (Rock Band, Tiger Woods, Castle Crashers, Uno, etc) and it’s the Wii and DS that I have multiple involved games that require my attention (Twilight Princess, Super Paper Mario, Okami, and Dragon Quest IV). Interesting.

  19. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Since this was a pretty short podcast, I don’t have much to say this week. First of all, I just may join that MMO to see this amazing ending. Second, Nintendo has been really dissapointing me lately. I rarely play my Wii, just for the occasional Brawl when friends are over. Hopefully Nintendo will release something big within this year. Although, this lack of Wii games has allowed me to check out some of the golden Gamecube games, and play more of my 360 games.

    Also, I do not intend to buy a DSi anytime soon. The removal of the GBA slot was a horrible idea, not to mention that games such as Guitar Hero DS are now screwed over. The only thing that actually sounds good about the DSi is that you can download games online. MP3 player, SD card slot, cameras, I don’t care about any of those. I would much rather Nintendo worked on the next handheld other than this “upgrade”. Anyway, Nice Podcast Guys!

  20. ultimateDK says:

    NPG. Especially Tim; you made water come outta my nose when you were talking about the “new” console controller. Eerily, when I saw the pic for it, I automatically thought about that dental company that bought all the old Jaguar systems and used the casings as part of their dental equipment. It really looks like Nintendo just took something bad, and made it a heck of alot worse.

    Honestly, if it had a camera on it, I’d be a little excited…

    I will say, though, I miss it when you guys double up on the same comment/black doom award. In days of yore, you’d have a backup for just this kind of situation, but alas, there was no such thing this time. The only reason I complain is because I get so much joy listening to your awards and such, that if you don’t have a backup, I lose half my joy for the week.

    Anyway that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

  21. roadjcat says:

    You know what I just remembered? Gyakuten Kenji is coming out in Japan in May and Capcom is pretty good at localizing quickly (they released two AA games in one year) so I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out by the end of the year. If that’s the case, it will trump any other game Nintendo has coming out this year. GOTY apparently. XD

  22. Tacos says:

    Wow, that picture is really creepy. Its like a horror film, and all of a sudden, an ax-wielding creeper appears behind you. That, or a giant number muncher, except now, he’s hungry for people.

    And it also surprises me when I see that people listened to all the podcasts. I read all the comics, but I don’t have the patience/ability to listen to outdated news. No offense, but its just not something I can do. But since I’ve been here, I’ve listened to every podcast since I’ve been here.

    The only other movie I’ve seen with a 0% on RT is “Disaster Movie” which looked flat-out awful. I don’t mind a stupid comedy (see Anchorman or Harold and Kumar) but this looked tear-inducing. Actually, on Joystiq’s review wrap-up, SF got a -5/5 on one of the sites.

    And I think I’m one of the few that doesn’t mind the DSi. Everyone I know that still owns a Phat plans on picking one up shortly after release. Granted, I have a Lite so I won’t get it, but it doesn’t really bother me. But I am upset with Nintendo. All I want is …. to want something. That’s all.

    Cassamasina (sp?) is awful. Thunder is a great attack… for n00bs.

  23. roadjcat says:

    I think I know what’s getting a BDA next week! The new Prince of Persia DLC (which btw is downloading as I type this XD) does in fact include new achievements.

  24. roadjcat says:

    Okay, after playing the epilogue, I can safely say that it deserves a BDA. There’s a really infuriating green panel run, the whole stage is really dark, and it ends on ANOTHER cliffhanger. A worse one I might add.

  25. roadjcat says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention: Y’know the shapeshifter? Yeah, here’s how the battles go down:
    [spoiler] Starts as Warrior. You attempt to knock him off a cliff. Instead of falling off the cliff he turns into the Hunter and you can now damage him. He has a CRUD-LOAD of health. The best way to beat him is to push him off a cliff, but he moves around a lot so it’s not easy. Also, reaction time for quick time events (the ones that if you fail at Elika has to rescue you) is severely cut down. And if you fail the QTE, then he turns back into the Warrior and you have to knock him off the cliff again. That’s it. He doesn’t even shift into the Concubine or the Alchemist. Not only that but you have to fight him about 4 or 5 times. Same goes with Elika’s father. Oh and there’s a couple of achievements for landing on these glowing “Ormazd Frescos”. They serve no purpose other than to get the achievements. Also, the final battle is EXTREMELY similar to the final battle before the epilogue. [/spoiler]

  26. Nivomi says:

    Hey – that Ray annoys Tim section’s music was from Sonic Shuffle, right?

    That game was awesome.

  27. ­ says:

    Your going to be shocked again now that I am listening to them again.
    The Classic Controller Pro, completely messes my roommate (who also read 2P start, and told me about the postmortem) up when playing Brawl, he needs to use the Classic Classic Controller (because of the differently placed z buttons), which I also like more because its more like the SNES controller for when playing LttP which I am obsessed with.

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