2P START! Live!: Loco Motion Edition


RayIn this episode, you’ll hear: discussion about the rumored motion-sensing perphiral for the 360, what Tim can’t let his daughter grow up with, a Black Doom Award that’s wrong on time, bitterness about the DSi, and even HD Teabagging. Plus, a little bonus about the new Star Trek film.


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  1. D3vin says:

    I win! Having a comment that is in its own classification is much better than having the plain vanilla comment of the week, even though you took it out of context because later on I did defend myself by saying that “Tim having a hot wife is a running gag of sorts” and that Pregnant women look ‘off’ because of the belly… it looks like they ate a basketball.

    I should start making creepy comments on purpose, just so I can have my own section of my own.

    I love you all with my creepy comment too… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I still want a DSi, just because they will eventually make games for it only, like the jump between GameBoy to GameBoy Color…

  2. sheppy says:

    Perhaps I can explain clearance. When something FIRST hits clearance, it’s typically 10% off. Then as time passes, it drops further. So first clearance prices do, in fact, suck. But it’s cool, unless you actually worked retail, this makes NO sense. But AFTER working retail, you learn how to exploit clearance prices….

    Good podcast, guys.

  3. Wyrm says:

    Nice podcast, especially since I was mentioned twice ^^ woot.

    I always thought that if you were mentioned in Rise from your grave, you couldn’t be mentioned in Suggestion Box. I guess not, -rolls eyes-. I never even understood the DS Lite… I have an old style DS and I love it. Ahh well, Enjoyable Black Doom Award, hopefully I’ll stay away from my grave now.

  4. roadjcat says:

    My notes have gotten longer again…yay. XD

    1. That 360 sensor just sounds so stupid to me, no one’s going to go to it even if they do introduce it.

    2. I find it very amusing how long it took for the word “Sphere” to come up instead of “Balls”.

    3. Tim, everything in the room is 30 years old remember? Even the sound system.

    4. I think Excite Truck is actually pretty fun. I especially like their version of Rainbow Road (in case you aren’t aware, it’s more of a “crystal road” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUs_vnKd4p0 )

    5. I can think of 3 DS games come out post-E3 that I am very interested in: Pokemon Soul Silver, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, and Ace Attorney: Investigations. Mainly the last one. I’m really excited for it.

    6. I thought Wii Sports specifically had 7 other sports…not 7 other version of the sports, 7 more sports. ๐Ÿ˜›

    7. Oh fine, Worm’s attention to detail is praised, mine is labeled as “nitpicky”. Yes, sorry, I know, I have to be careful or that nitpicky thing will turn into the next Rouge.

    8. Good job making that comment sound creepy Ray. 0_o

    9. Either you use a lot of Paper Mario music or I’m losing it because that Creepy Comment background music also sounded like something from Paper Mario. I know I’ve heard it before, I just don’t know 100% if it’s from Paper Mario.

    10. I really was wondering how long it would take before my talking about Rouge all the time was mentioned. I just do it as a total joke obviously. The first few times I did it, it fit, but you guys just talked about Sonic so much that talking about Rouge was always relevant. Then I realized how much I had been mentioning Rouge and pretty much decided to make it a recurring joke. I can limit it back to podcast comments again if you would like though. ๐Ÿ˜› Though you kinda asked for it with all the Sonic comics. XD

    11. When you first talked about the Animal Crossing clock, I was like, “Oh, awesome!”. But then you talked more about it and I decided it wasn’t so awesome anymore. XD

    12. Okay, it’s not a WarioWare game without a time limit. What the heck?

    13. Hey, I though Touched and Smooth Moves were awesome! Though…on reflection, those were the only two I played. ๐Ÿ˜€

    14. Hey! Paper Mario music! Spiffy. I personally like the music I suggested better, but I’m not picky. ๐Ÿ™‚

    15. I don’t have any interest in seeing Star Trek actually. Like none, whatsoever. I don’t like futuristic motifs…in fact, I pretty much hate them. I’m seriously amazed that I like Metroid so much.

    16. I know it’s your pick next week Ray, but I want to suggest a Musical Misfit for next week, you can add it to the list. It might be too recent, but whatever, if it is, don’t pick it. XD


    Well that’s it for this week.

  5. roadjcat says:

    Okay, I just went back through the comics and realized I mentioned Rouge for 4 straight weeks. XD Sorry, didn’t realize it was that bad/annoying. Of course, by talking about all this I’m now talking about Rouge even more. This is certainly a lose-lose situation isn’t.

  6. sheppy says:

    re: 13:

    Dude… seriously. Touched and Smooth Moves were essentially among the worst. Here is my Warioware theory. Every other one is good. Like take for an example…

    Warioware Inc, GBA- Good
    Warioware Megagames, GCN- Bad
    Warioware Twisted, GBA- Good
    Warioware Touched, NDS- Bad
    Warioware Smooth Moves, Wii- Bad
    Warioware Snapped, DSi- Bad

    Upon first glance, my theory is shot to heck. But I, like any good internet arguer, can spin this back in my favor by considering Rhythm Tengoku, which counts because it’s by the same people and has been described as a rhythm based Wario…

    Warioware Inc, GBA- Good
    Warioware Megagames, GCN- Bad
    Warioware Twisted, GBA- Good
    Warioware Touched, NDS- Bad
    Rhythm Tengoku, NDS- Good
    Warioware Smooth Moves, Wii- Bad
    Rhythm Heaven, NDS- Good
    Warioware Snapped, DSi- Bad

    Wooohaaaaa! Nerdcore, baybeeeeeee!

  7. BadnikHunter says:

    I just cant seem to put comments on podcasts. Just thought I’d put that out there

  8. CKcheeseboy says:

    @roadjcat: Just finished replaying that game, and I second the nomination. I liked Klavier and I hope they make another Apollo Justice/Investigations game with him in it.

    @sheppy: For the GCN one, wasn’t it nearly identical to the original? Or is that why you called it “bad”? I’d actually consider that a port rather than an entry in the series. Also, I’d call the Wii one “decent” instead of just bad. At least “moderate”. But I wouldn’t say it was “bad”. Like, to me, a “bad” game is one not worth existing, like Shadow the Hedgehog for example (disclaimer: I have never personally played it but it seems to be the majority opinion). I wouldn’t say that about the Wii WarioWare, but I wouldn’t say it’s a must have, either.

    I don’t think I have any comments on the actual podcast, though…

  9. roadjcat says:

    Oh and by the way, I am personally offended that the thought of IP banning me ever crossed your minds. XD I am a premium member you know. And who’s going to make the freakishly specific podcast comments without me? ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Snifit says:

    Wow, when you say it like that I guess I have been lurking for a while.
    And I have to agree with the DSi. I got one as a girt and have only downloaded Dr. Mario and Pyoro (or Birds and Beans for some utterly arbitrary reason). Honestly I prefer the GBA slot to everything else but hey it was a gift. Its not like I spent money on it.

  11. Snifit says:

    …I got one as a girt and …

    gift, as a gift

  12. Wrenchmonkey says:

    Mp3 download doesn’t work.

  13. sheppy says:

    @CKCheesecake: Actually, the GCN one being identical is a very common minconception. Yes, a vast majority of the minigames came directly from the GBA version… BUT before you could unlock the individual sections of the city, you had to marathon the GBA game practically in the same format as the “challenge tower” or “boss tower.” Which is nowhere near as interesting or fun as the individual characters sections. Not only that but the GCN version felt a heck of a lot looser whereas the original was VERY tight with controls. In other words, it was a lazy and horrible port.

    In regards to Touched and Smooth Moves, let’s put it this way. Warioware is GOOD when it’s entire existance isn’t simply to validate some control gimmick. Touched had to prove DS touch screen wasn’t a gimmick and that’s where they faltered. Instead of making a good game, they made a “hardware showcase.” Smooth Moves had the same problem and had the most abysmal multiplayer this entire generation. Oh yes, I went there. Having to change a single wiimote between up to twelve people with4 seconds and having to have the wiimote ALSO in the right hand position? Terrible, terrible, terrible. That’s also why Snapped is awful. It’s like it was developed just to prove DSi can do games with the camera. That’s why I have high hopes for Made in Wario. It doesn’t have to validate any hardwares existance so HOPEFULLY we get back to the basics that keeps Warioware Twisted the best in the series (with Rhythm Heaven a very close second).

  14. Snifit says:

    I actually enjoyed Touched a lot. But I can see where it was more of a demo. It was still enjoyable but the unlockable minigames were pretty bad. As much fun as it is to play with flan, it did get boring.

  15. D3vin says:

    I actually enjoyed Touched a lot. But I can see where it was more of a demo.

    So did 98% of the Ds’s launch games, the only one that wasn’t based on fifty million touch screen gimmicks was Super Mario 64x4 Ds, and that was a port Fixing the lack of Luigi

  16. Kvb says:

    This Black Doom Award really reflects my feelings on Nintendo at the moment. It’s a shame…

    I really hope that Nintendo will get their act back together this E3, but ever since Nintendo said “Spirit Tracks will appeal to a wider age group of people” I’ve been doubting we’re getting the old Nintendo back any time soon.
    I’ve got a feeling Nintendo will keep this up until the beginning of the next generation, when they realise the casuals don’t feel like moving on to the next console.

  17. Snifit says:

    I actually enjoyed Touched a lot. But I can see where it was more of a demo.

    So did 98% of the Dsโ€™s launch games, the only one that wasnโ€™t based on fifty million touch screen gimmicks was Super Mario 64x4 Ds, and that was a port Fixing the lack of Luigi

    I don;t think Warioware was a DS launch title. I know Feel the Magic was and that one seemed like a better game IMO. It was shorter but had a story and a cooler art style, again my opinion.

  18. DrOswald says:

    Okay, I just went back through the comics and realized I mentioned Rouge for 4 straight weeks. XD Sorry, didnโ€™t realize it was that bad/annoying. Of course, by talking about all this Iโ€™m now talking about Rouge even more. This is certainly a lose-lose situation isnโ€™t.

    I always knew it was a joke and I thought it was pretty funny.

    I have never played a Wario Ware game.

    The nerd complaint that I had about Star Trek is that the very first thing that happens in the very first scene is the captain is looking at a display and it is projecting an image onto his face. This should not be happening, a display does not project an image like that.

    I think the DSi has a lot of potential for good games based on the fact that it is a dedicated gaming machine, but in their efforts to appeal to a wider crowd the DSi and what is available for the platform has been watered down. I think this is the first step towards Nintendo losing the casual market, or a least a large portion. The fact is that for the casual gamer, there is no real reason to buy a DSi over an iphone. Apple did it better, and eventually people will start to realize that.

    The way I see it, there is only two ways to be the best at something. Do it the best, or do it first. Nintendo was the first to appeal to the wider crowd of gaming, and they are therefore the current best. I do not believe they have the ability to hold that market indefinitely. Other people want a piece of the casual gamer pie, and when they move in the only thing Nintendo will have going for them is brand recognition. It is not going to look good for Nintendo when that happens. We might see Nintendo going the way of Sega.

    By the way, I am talking in the long term. Tim will probably have two kids by the time this all rolls around.

  19. DrOswald says:

    Augh! bad grammer and I can’t edit it!

  20. Tacos says:

    a topic of the week? Gasp!

    Very nice teabagging comment. I’m still laughing at it. Genius.

    Ah, and Ray uses his detective skills and his experience, since he’s seen a few shops in his day. Also, the pixels don’t match up. Ooh, what was the edit?

    I’m not quite as upset at the clearance thing after reading Sheppy’s comment. I guess that makes sense and if you’re not part of the industry, it wouldn’t make sense.

    My hopes for Nintendo’s E3 presentation is one of these following things: 2D Metroid (NOT A REMAKE), a console F-Zero with badass online, or a console Zelda with good use of WiiMotionPlus (NOT A REMAKE). A new Mario game is out of the question and none of the other franchises really have enough star power. Ooh, I guess a badass “back to roots” Star Fox.

    And congratulations again! And Ray, stop being creepy : )

    I had the original creepy comment!! Haha, that’s even more rare than a comment of the week.

    Very nice “How dare they” on that one Tim. And another. Man, you’re on a roll.

    Calculator I could see slightly useful in very specific situations that I do not come across on a regular basis. Clock is stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. Stoooooooopid.

    Has Paper Mario really been lost in the shuffle over time?

  21. Ray says:

    Thanks for all the comments so far, you guys.

    I definitely agree with you guys about WarioWare (as I already talked about during the show obviously) and especially agree with Sheppy. But I will say that WarioWare: Mega Party Games for the Gamecube was one that I definitely enjoyed. For what single reason? The multiplayer. We really enjoyed a few of the multiplayer modes (specifically the Dance-off, the spaceship one, and the turtle-balancing thing). Everything else about the game was exactly like you guys said – a lame port.

  22. Someone on ThinkGeek said it best:

    “My favorite characters were Dr. Cameron, Sylar, Lydia, and Lens Flare”

    Personally, I didn’t really notice. I’m sure I will now, though…


  23. D3vin says:

    Tim cusses just like Q*bert!
    Oh no, A RED BALL hit Tim!

  24. I have to agree with you about the lame DSi ware games that Nintendo is releasing, there have been a few that I enjoy (Aquia and Birds & Beans and I got those using the 1000 dsi points they gave me) but everything else isn’t worth it. Either way, the only reason I got a DSi is because the DS I was using was my brother’s and I felt it was high time I got my own, I don’t play many of the GBA titles so the missing slot doesn’t really bother me.

    Also, this podcast was very sentimental it seemed, especially when Ray was reflecting back to how him and Tim met then how well they worked together, yet the sentimental-ness moved on towards just being creepy. You might have to defend yourself a bit more Ray, just to be on the safe side.

    On another note, I can finally say I am a college grad. Yay me.

  25. BadnikHunter says:

    Hey, got something atleast half-decent to contribute! Every complains about sonic always using gimmicks, but what about nintendo! Everything they do is gimmicks now a days (Kinda, in terms of Wii and DS)

  26. sheppy says:

    I could see how Mega Party Games could be good then. At the time of Warioware on Gamecube, we were all knee deep in Timesplitters 2 so anything else on the cube wasn’t playing in multiplayer. I still can’t believe all three versions of Timesplitters have well over 300 hours of playtime on my gamesaves…

  27. CKcheeseboy says:

    @sheppy: I guess I just didn’t notice that about the GCN one. I didn’t play it that much because when I saw that it had the same games I had already flowered in the GBA one I didn’t feel like playing it much. All I remembered was that the games were the same. (and I remember the turtle balancing thing now that Ray reminded me…that one was pretty fun)

    And I can see where you’re coming from for why you call it “bad”. I would agree that the motion was pretty much a gimmick, but I hesitated to call it “bad” because I still enjoyed playing it, so that should count for something. But yeah, the multiplayer thing is dumb, although there are modes (like the alligator pit thing) where each person plays a few games on their own where handing off the Wiimote isn’t an issue.

    @kvb: I think they said that about PH too, which I personally enjoyed, and the reason most people didn’t was because of the TotOK, not that it had a broader appeal, so don’t lose hope just yet.

    @DrOswald: that’s TV/movie computers for you. My personal favorite is on CSI: type shows where they’re scanning a fingerprint and you see it flipping through hundreds of images. In reality, that’s just wasted resources that would slow down the computer and waste time.

    Also, @the Excite Truck thing, with what sheppy said it does make sense why it’s not marked down much, but why has it only just been put on clearance then? Was it really that much in demand from launch until now? I could see Zelda or something, but I would’ve figured Excite Truck would’ve been on clearance long ago.

  28. GMaster7 says:

    Hey guys – I have to comment to say that this was probably the best podcast that I’ve ever heard. I was in stitches the entire time, laughing along with you guys, and as I wrote in my very first (and only?) comment, I find that I enjoy the podcast so much more when you both so clearly have fun recording it. The commentary was great, the humor (both direct and subtle) was right on… Really enjoyable from start to finish. Keep up the good work, and keep having fun with the podcast. It really shows when you guys connect like that and put on a hilarious show.

    And as far as E3 predictions… I’m with you guys. Nintendo needs to have one hell of a show. I agree that they’re in scary territory with their fanbase, though I’ve defended them for the past two years, mostly because of the rare classic Nintendo experience that comes along (Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, Brawl, etc.). I was just playing some Mario Galaxy today, and I have to say that if they can deliver some more experiences like that to Wii owners this and next year, I’ll continue to be a supporter. If they don’t show up at E3… Well, I mean, they’ll still be rolling in money, but the vocal fans (including you guys) will surely have something to say about it.

  29. sheppy says:


    Main reason why you’re not seeing anuhge clearance on Excitetruck is two reasons. The first is that Nintendo still has it at a $49.99 MSRP. Which means stores STILL pay $42 per copy to buy it from Nintendo… IF Nintendo even had copies to sell considering it’s been Out of Print since 2008. This is a trick Nintendo does to keep their games from hitting clearance. Print as demand dictates. And yes, all Wii launch titles are still at a $49.99 MSRP. The only time you see discounts from first party is if they made too many copies or demand was near zero.

    And once again as for clearance, it’s a crappy thing but the concept is to get as much as possible for the item while you can. You’d be suprised how many stupid people bite at the first discount. Take, for example, Circuit City and how they essentially RAISED prices before discounting and still managed to sell a ton of their stock with miniscule discount. Clearance deals can SOMETIMES be good, just keep an eye on it.

  30. mocliamtoh says:

    I love Mona Pizza!

  31. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    I’m a little late on listening to this one, so I’ll just say Great Podcast Guys! This one was solid and had a great amount of humor.

  32. Comatose811 says:

    I really liked the podcast, but I got to disagree with you on the lens flare. I thought it was good for the film. I also am a huge Firefly/Serenity fan, which is another sci-fi series who makes good use of the lans flare, and I’ve always seen it this way: Space is always pitch-black but for the star, an immensely bright object. Thus, to invoke this feeling, the lens flare is used when this horrifically bright object is on the side of the screen, which I would expect we would see if we took a real video in space like that. It’s like the absence of sound in space in film, just a device used to express the true nature of the void.

  33. CKcheeseboy says:

    ^I think that might have been an earlier picture from when they first announced it. Since then, though, I’ve seen on GoNintendo that it will be stuck in the jacket. I forget the source, but I think it was some developers or something. I don’t think we’ll know 100% until it’s actually released, though.

  34. ยญ says:

    I am going to listen to them all as I continue studying for university. I was trying to listen to all the pod-casts to rise from my grave but I your comic that was to short stopped me.

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