2P START! Live!: Anatomy of a Comic Edition


RayIn this episode, you’ll hear a thorough discussion about the mixed reactions of this week’s comic, the constant struggle in trying to balance jokes each week, a Black Doom Award based off of a good idea (?), and what advice Ray has for clothing stores…..


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  1. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    The Black Doom image randomly shows up about half way through the Rise From Your Grave segment. The Musical Misfits image was also mixed up with the Anatomy of a Comic image. Not that big of a deal, just interesting. Nice podcast as usual, guys.

  2. roadjcat says:

    I don’t really have anything I really want to comment on, but I enjoyed the podcast, and the Skype calls were awesome again. And I really hate mentioning Rouge without any good transition, but oh well.

  3. D3vin says:

    GUEST COMIC!??? I have a few ideas we can run by you Tim, if that is possible . As long as I get a spot on the podcast after it.

    I wouldn’t mind to go to a 2P STARTCON…

    I get your reason for the Back doom Ray, even though I don’t have the web for my Wii.

  4. Tacos says:

    Hey, I’m commenting on a podcast!! Its been a while.

    Uhh, I should probably get around to calling in as well, but the time zone thing makes it tough. Anyway, good questions this week.

    About the comment, it seems that whenever someone doesn’t like one of your comics, they always assume its the death of 2P Start! It never makes sense. Ok, weird. I just finished typing the sentence when Ray said the exact same thing. Creepy.

    Pretty cool remix. I’m digging the video game sounds towards the end of that demo.

    Duh Ray! It’s safety! Millions of children could fall prey to pedophiles if only one friend code was necessary! It’s be a market suicide and drive away the younger market.

    Yay! Pokemon music during Tim’s BDA. And of course, functionality is really stupid and unnecessary as long as you’re having fun! This one time, my brake pedal wasn’t working, but I had fun so it didn’t matter.

    Ok, just by looking at the cover for this game (Gitaroo Man) I really want it. Luckily, my roommate next year has a PS2, so maybe its not impossible. And the song is really good too. Has a FLCL feel to it and I love the guitar tone.

    I like that clothing idea. Would definitely help me, since I only know white goes well with anything.

    Also, I just saw the T-shirt ad on the side and realized you’ve been promising new T-shirts for quite some time now. Just saying.

  5. Kilburn says:

    Good episode! Also, I’m “Wising fwom my gwave”. Been reading for quite a few months now. I took the time out one day to read every single comic and can honestly say that VERY few were somewhat weak. I love how much you guys connect with your audience and the insights you gives us into both how you make the comics and your personal lives. I downloaded PixelVision and was blown away with the quality of the music and how much it screamed old-school megaman. It’s things like that which set this apart form other webcomics. Keep up the good work!

  6. Mkava says:

    I guess I’m rising from my grave. Haven’t commented since some of the first podcasts (near the end of the Trivia For You), even though I’ve been here even since the first comic. And have essentially listened to every podcast and read every comic, and read the game reviews to boot. Also, when are those coming back?!

    Anywho…. great podcast guys. I find it interesting how I have been peeking into both of your lives since 2P Start started waaay back when. Really been a treat seeing both 2P Start grow up as well as how both of you keep moving forward in your own lives. As one caller mentioned, you two are great role models for being normal individuals (I don’t know if anybody could call Ray normal… Still can’t get the image of the Sonic and Tails wedding out of my head… *shudder*) who can still enjoy video games beyond their ‘younger’ years. Looking forward to many _years_ of 2P Start to come! =D

    [spoiler]…engagement ring?![/spoiler]

  7. Kvb says:

    Excellent Music Nisfit! Makes me feel a little stupid, because I’ve heard it before, but I never even thought of suggesting it.

    My Musical Misfit suggestion is not as good as this week’s, but it’s still cool.
    It’s another theme from the Earthworm Jim franchise, but this time it’s from the original game. Earthworm Jim. PC version.
    In the OST I got with my game, the theme is called “Falling”, but it’s better known by the name “Use Your Head”, after the level it’s from.

  8. Kyzin says:

    I’d like the “Bachelor” set of clothing.
    Excellent choice. Comes with a bundle of soiled shirts, dirty jeans and ketchup for staining.

    I could see that working out.

  9. Waitaminute, waitaminute…. how can you give a Black Doom Award to Wii Friend Codes?

    Without Wii Friend Codes we’d never HAVE 2PSTART!!

    Everything happens for a reason.

    • BadnikHunter says:

      Actually, if there werent friend codes and instead just regular online like XBL then it would have been easier for Ray and Tim to meet probably.

  10. blaster says:

    Downloading it to listen at school
    Real comment around 18:00 GMT+8

  11. BadnikHunter says:

    Awesome podcast guys. I really need to call in some time…

  12. Airknight says:

    OK Black Doom Award for next week.

  13. vtnwesley says:

    Friend codes are definitely epic fail. The Guitar Hero 5 folks said recently they could have done this from the beginning because it’s “all in the SDK”… really? From the beginning and even Nintendo is too lazy to use it?! Nintendo needs to form an online-focused team to impose proper use of online functionality. MS imposes their graphics standards, text-readability standards, and how online works. I don’t know why Nintendo can’t too. If the rules get laid out clearly and a product can’t go gold without those measures being met, then we’ll finally have functional coherent online.

    Speaking of friend codes, ever consider doing a 2P Start game night for online gaming with your readers/fans/enemies?

  14. BvrBoy says:

    Oh, wow. I’m really sorry about that first comment thing, Ray. Looking back, I was a little rude, and I would like to apologize for that. With the idea you had, you did the best you possibly could. You didn’t waste six hours on the comic. But thanks for the great comics and podcasts so far, guys! Looking forward to the next comic. And no, the death of 2P Start is no where near, I was just tired and over-dramatizing things at the time of writing the comment.

    And the Wii Friend Code thing? Why did it take almost two years to do? That makes absolutely no sense. I mean, people were mixing up Friend Codes and credit card numbers all over the place…

    Oh, also, I was having some problems with the podcast in iTunes. It didn’t have any audio past the Skype part. I ended up downloading it from here, though, so it’s fine now.

    • CKcheeseboy says:

      My iTunes version worked fine; maybe your download was interrupted or something?

      • BvrBoy says:

        I actually downloaded it twice, and the same thing happened. It could have been a problem with my iPod, I don’t think I tried it in iTunes.

  15. blaster says:

    Nice Podcast.
    Where’s the segment: Tim take care of his baby? (Duh)

    Anyway. I only listened once so far… So I didn’t get all the jokes.
    And you got a point there… I hate it when someone tells a joke that uses a punchline nearly nobody knows, and laugh loudly himself.
    Friend codes… I don’t know… the only Wifi game I play is Band brothers DX and Digimon World Dawn for DS… And I don’t need them. Sounds like a hard-to -use thingy to me in the podcast.

    And I have a question here.
    Does anyone know a famous video game character that have NO alliance or friends? I want to use him as the head character in my sprite comic.

    • CKcheeseboy says:

      I guess Sonic is disqualified then…

      Olimar is close if you don’t count the Pikmin, but then he’s pretty useless. Maybe Samus? I haven’t played any Metroid games, but with my limited knowledge on the series I don’t know of anybody besides her.

      …Of course, you could always use Pac-Man 😛

      • blaster says:

        I suppose Pac-man got Pac-woman (I wonder if that’s the correct name?)
        I’m thinking of Tingle now… I wonder?
        And My sprite comics comes random, no story lines. So it will only be one comic per topic.
        (or maybe some ideas inspired by those already done.)

      • Tacos says:

        Samus has the Galactic Federation which pays her and whatnot. Technically shes a bounty hunter, but its definitely an alliance.

      • CKcheeseboy says:

        But they don’t follow her around or anything, right? Otherwise, it would be nearly impossible to find a character that has zero connections to other people. Even Tingle doesn’t work then because he has Ankle, Knuckle, and David Jr. You would have to settle for somebody like Frogger if you really want NO allies/friends. Unless you went with villains (does Ridley have any connections or is he pretty much just a random dragon Samus fought?)…

        And the correct name is “Ms. Pac-Man”, although do the two ever appear together, or is the only connection their name?

      • roadjcat says:

        No, Samus for all but two games really has no help on her missions, but she is contracted for them. And Ridley is affiliated with the Space Pirates.

        Samus really is as close as you are probably going to get to a video game character that isn’t associated with anyone.

      • CKcheeseboy says:

        Wait, how bout Mr. Game and Watch? He doesn’t have a Mrs. Game and Watch like Pac-Man (as far as I know), and there really is nobody but him in those games. R.O.B. might fit as well, but he didn’t originate as a character, so I think Mr. Game and Watch fits better.

        But yeah, as far as more current characters, Samus is probably the closest you will get.

      • blaster says:

        Hmmm…. Samus… could be a good one. Can make some extreme punchline.
        I’m also considering Tingle from LoZ now, wht do you think about him?

  16. elah says:

    Yay! Now I am risen!
    Please excuse me for a moment while I wash off the deadness smell.

    • elah says:

      Acually, I have gotten through the campaign episodes (I’m on, like, #75 right now). I just forgot to mention them. I must say that I happen to be a hardened Raypublican. Not because I’ve jumped on the bandwagon with the flood of people who didn’t want to support a racist, but because I give full support to Ray’s CBS (Campaign for a Better Sonic).

  17. elah says:

    Don’t be too hyped about your website’s value. Evidently my blog and webcomic (both “wordpress.com” sites) are collectively worth upwards of $5000 according to that site you linked us to.

  18. steve-ohs says:

    Really good podcast again guys! I enjoyed the remix and misfit a lot. Good choices Ray!

  19. Legend of Mii says:

    Just had to comment about the Tim’s Black Doom award. Once again, Microsoft spokesmen come out and comment that “Gamers don’t want products that are functional…”

    Is this a foreshadow for Project Natal? And for those who can’t follow that reference, please see 2P Start comic Endless Possibilities.

  20. roadjcat says:

    I’d appreciate it if someone would “moderate” my Musical Misfit suggestions. Thanks. 😀

  21. steve-ohs says:

    What do you mean moderate your musical misfits roadjcat??
    and I find it interesting your second post’s time is 3 minutes before your first post.

    • roadjcat says:

      I suggested Musical Misfits, but it says that the post is awaiting moderation. And sorry about the two posts, it said the first didn’t go through.

  22. Lurkero says:

    I’ve been visiting 2p Start for a long time now, so I don’t know why I never registered, but Ray’s pick for musical misfits this week made me register to show my appreciation.

    Gitaroo-man is one of my favorite cult classic games, and I even bought (imported) the original soundtrack for it. It’s that close to my heart.

    So there you go Ray, you have risen the dead by use of videogame music.
    I noticed a lack of Megaman in the Misfit archive so I also want to suggest a song from another cult favorite of mine: Megaman Legends 2
    “Flutter vs The Gesellschaft” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v07PY14Zyw

    • roadjcat says:

      Oh don’t worry, you’re not the only one who has imported soundtracks. I have 5, so I think I’m worse in that regard. 😀

      • Kilburn says:

        Wouldn’t happen to have The World Ends With You would you?

      • roadjcat says:

        Nope. I have:
        1. Metroid Prime/Fusion
        2. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
        3. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
        4. Super Mario Galaxy
        5. Gyakuten Meets Orchestra 2008 (well that’s not really a soundtrack…)

      • roadjcat says:

        But you can buy the TWEWY soundtrack off iTunes. I have a couple songs.

      • Kilburn says:

        Shweet. Been digging for it in the local stores but no one had it. Also looking for Killer7 and No More Heroes. I think the only videogame soundtrack I have that came from the US is “Smashing LIVE!” which is the Melee soundtrack. Thanks for the referral.

      • DrOswald says:

        I actually have a lot of imported soundtracks to video games. For a while (2 years) I was in a situation where I could not play video games or see movies at all. I could use the internet for about an hour a week however, and I had a CD player so I was able to order a bunch of my favorite video game sound tracks. I’ll have to see what all I got and list them in the forum.

  23. Snifit says:

    I would absolutely buy that clothing pack. Night vision goggles, Sonic hat, AND a This is How I Roll shirt? I’d be in the business of hot chicks surrounding me, and business would be great!
    Good podcast and from now on anytime there’s a bad 2p Start comic I’m still gonna bring up the Mario steroids comic in stead of this past Pac Man comic.

  24. Kilburn says:

    A quick suggestion for Musical Misfits.

    Killer7 – Rave On —– http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmNwawd5aG4

  25. Dark_Devin says:

    is tim ever going to check on the baby again? poor lilly is sitting in her crib made out of ps3 consoles nailed together (cause that’s all their good for, furniture and coasters) and watching him swim in the money pool…ahh poor little girl…but yeah anyways you guys have a gift but your right it really is up and down sometimes but you always end up going above and beyond on either your podcast or your comic so it always equals out, the podcasts really were a godsend for your fans. Gives us a chance to get to know the creators better! NPG (nice podcast guys)

  26. Cheeseball701 says:

    My obscure suggestion for Musical Misfits is from Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (GBA). It’s the name entry music!

  27. ­ says:

    My parents had a cleco-vision which we played when we were very young. My favourite video game came out well before I was old enough to play it. My dad was better then us for the first several years at Donkey Kong country, it was my mom I think (might have been dad) that figured out how to beat the first level of Bomberman 64.
    More recently my grandparents just beat me at Wii bowling.
    I will admit it, I skipped the musical misfit. only reason I was listening to them is to catch the end of show stuff.

  28. jOnah says:

    ironically,this comic was the first comic i have seen from 2P start! so i thought your comics were gone already :/

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