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August 19th, 2009

If 2P START! Were Daily

TimIt literally took 5 minutes to come up with these comics, which makes me believe we really COULD be in the newspaper! As you can see though, the quality would be about on par with what you get in your daily paper, so it’s not likely to happen. On another note, I’d like to draw some attention to this great followup to last week’s comic, by SuperPaperBoy!

RayWhen I first looked at the script Tim sent me for this comic, it was so painful I couldn’t even finish reading it. Mission accomplished. Oh, and I couldn’t resist doing one more horrible, horrible joke… been thinking about it all week now. Also, Wyrm made this fan strip for us, as well as this one by Cengizhan.


  1. Anon says:

    I actually kinda like the Tuesday one.

    Also, 5 comics this week; score!

  2. Tacos says:

    Wow. I think this is one of the first times where I can truly say “This comic used to be good.” You know, way back on Monday. But Friday really was a let-down.

  3. Anon says:

    Also, I just got Thursday!

    Like the Layton Comic!

  4. Kvb says:

    Not really funny, but I guess that’s kind of the point. …So is that a good thing or a bad thing? How confusing…

    Friday is my favorite, because it seems to be poking fun at real newspaper comics the most.

  5. vtnwesley says:

    Wow. That is awesome. The sad part is that is better than a lot of daily newspaper comics. Next try superhero graphic novel, or maybe spoof advertisement. A “what-if-we-sold-out” kind of deal.

  6. Warll says:

    *cough sound* There are seven days in the week, so since there are only five comics in this comic it is not “daily”. Anyway I don’t think it was that bad, I liked Wednesday the most.

  7. BvrBoy says:

    Ah, love the comic(s) this week guys. Didn’t Ray used to do comics for his local or school paper? I remembered him mentioning something like it in a past podcast. I’m probably mistaken, though.

    Oh, and glad to see a Tim & Ray comic for the first time in a few months. Looking at the archives they’re very infrequent, which I guess is a good thing. The site is more about game humor, not Tim & Ray humor.

    One thing that I’ve just noticed… why does Tim always have a Dr. Pepper can? Subtle advertising? That must be how he fills his pool of money.

    • marcod says:

      That means they should have put a picture of Tim with a can of Dr. Pepper in the end of last week’s comic.

  8. Rokai says:

    Hahaha this is much better than last weeks comic. You have to make 2PSTART a daily webcomic. I wonder what happens to Lace next.

  9. blaster says:

    Why five? Dumb question.
    But if it does go daily, they’ll be out of ideas… seven times faster.

  10. Supersonic24 says:

    NCG, I chuckled at Monday and Tuesday, just read Wednesday (lame), lol’d at the reference on Thursday (which is weird, because while I was introducing my cousin to 2PStart!, we read through the archive yesterday!). I just sighed on Friday (I got the DBZ feeling, which is why I only watch DBK).

  11. Supersonic24 says:

    Btw, what happened to the comment preview Tim?

  12. Mikallein says:

    W….O….W im glad you guy’s don’t do that for real…………..rite?…………guy’s?…………….hello?……………..

  13. randomperson says:

    Tims deepest darkest secret is ……
    HE … IS… A…LEGO!

    well awesome web comic i cant wait for the pod cast.

  14. DGR says:

    Cool comic guys my favorite part was the nod to the professor Layton one.

  15. moonjuice7 says:

    I enjoyed it, but you’re right, it probably should not be a daily comic.

  16. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Oh, brother… Nice comic guys! It was intentionally bad, but ends up being pretty funny, like the Silver Surfer comic. I liked the small detail of Ray not having fingers, which I’m guessing is a reference to when he made comics for his school newspaper.

  17. Acgamer says:

    Hey, I’m Acgamer, and I am officially rising from my grave. Tim said on one of the podcasts that he wanted someone to grave-rise for a stupid comic to tell you how much it sucks. So that is what I’m here to do, though that was kind of your point with this comic, so good job. ๐Ÿ˜› I’ve read every comic (starting with Fixing an Election) and listened to the podcast since around 75. Thanks for making a great Webcomic, thanks Tim for helping me fix my account problems (Comcast doesn’t like you guys) and keep up the awesome stuff.

  18. Nebula427 says:

    The world is monochrome, there are only five days in the week and the word โ€˜Myโ€™ is always capitalized. This is the parallel universe where 2P START! is a daily comic. Scary.

  19. Gadoink says:

    This is REALLY funny, not because the strips are good (they’re not supposed to be), it’s just the humor of how cheesy they are that makes them so amazingly funny, I was laughing my head off reading through these.

    Also, you forgot Saturday and Sunday… :/

  20. JD Fedule says:

    Ah, the old “trying to be funny by looking like you’re trying to look like you’re not funny even though you’re trying to be funny” routine. Busted. I see right through your little games.

    (but seriously, nice comics guys)

    Incidentally, I probably should have done this some weeks ago, but it didn’t occur to me – I hereby apologize for, having Rise(n) From My Graveโ„ข some months ago, essentially falling straight back into my aforementioned grave and continuing to lurk in the shadows, reading your comics but not leaving a single comment (how dare I). Fear not though, for I came to my senses and am commenting freely again. Funnily enough, the first non-Grave-Rising comment I posted was about the idea of having a supplement of 2P Start Lite-ish minicomics running alongside the regular fixture… are you guys trying to make a point here?

  21. A.L. says:

    Wow,this comic use to be so good awhile back.At least the Friday comics haven’t gone down hill.

  22. RedVinnie says:

    oh man, i absolutely lost it at the throw back to professor layton. and the wash me was pretty funny too.

  23. chief1185 says:

    Favorite one was the thursday comic

  24. GX Echidna says:

    HEH-HEH-HEH…heh heh heh… Oh, boy!

    “Oh, brother.” Priceless. My racially homogeneous, middle class suburban life can so relate to that.

  25. freeplay says:

    OK, i think we ALL know why rays 360 is untouched *cough* sonic unleashed *cough*

  26. Brawler08 says:

    My favorite panels were Thursday and Friday. Imagine how disappointing this comic would become if it were truly daily. Waiting every day to see a mediocre joke poorly executed and maybe getting one that you actually liked once a week, if that. Without the glorious art and subtle humor that made this comic, it might actually die. As a unique comic idea I’d say this one worked, but never go over to the dark side of newspaper comics. Also, I really like the texture you used in the background throughout the comic. What is it paper bag?

  27. elah says:

    Adventures of Lace issue 2: “Anti-Alias! What have you done??!!”

    Anyone else notice that Tim-sama’s soda can says “DK” on it?

  28. BadnikHunter says:

    As good as 5 days of 2P awesomeness sounds, I wonder if this would actually work. Maybe 2 or 3 smaller comics a week wouldn’t be so bad! Anyways, NCG. My favorite was probably Wednesday’s comic, though all were pretty clever. And seeing this I wonder when the next Lace comic is gonna be. I’ve really been waiting for another one!

  29. JohnnyBlazE says:

    Oh crap, I’ve got through the archives and I’m at today’s comic… le poop ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    What to do now?! I’m gonna be waiting for the new comic every week like the rest of you :'(

    • tustin2121 says:

      Don’t worry, JohnnyBlazE, once you get used to it, it doesn’t hurt as much any more. ๐Ÿ˜›

      NCG, btw. I, like many before me, thought the thursday comic was the best. You do realize though that many comics in the paper have four panels and some have 6-8 panels in two lines, which expands the amount of time you have for comedic buildup.

      Also, is this a follow up to that “Anatomy of a Comic” podcast, talking about how your comics would be terrible if it was in a horizontal format? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • roadjcat says:

        But they funny thing is, the comic still isn’t in horizontal format because you have to scroll down vertically to see the next “day’s” comic.

      • roadjcat says:

        Darn it! We really need that edit feature back. I always notice a typo two seconds after I hit the “submit comment” button.

    • TomX says:

      Welcome to the gang. Subscribe to the podcast, it’ll at least give you one more day of fresh 2P Start content

  30. Dominator_101 says:

    Nice comic(s) guys! Now, does this mean that Tim is actually related to Professor Layton? So then is Ray the Luke of 2P START!?

    And it was amazing! I was reading over Monday’s comics yesterday, and Marmaduke actually had an attempt at a joke! It still wasn’t very funny, but it was an attempt nonetheless.

  31. roadjcat says:

    Did you know it’s REALLY hard to work Rouge into a Tim and Ray comic? I bet you didn’t. But it is!

  32. tustin2121 says:

    ๐Ÿ™ no more preview of any sort…

    Hey, I have an Idea: AJAX!! Tim, see if there’s a plug-in somewhere for a preview “window”. Basically, you click the Preview button, and an AJAX script sends the comment text to a preview page/module/plugin. That thing will format the comment like it was being submitted and send it back to the AJAX script, which then displays the preview comment box under the comment input field. This way, the page doesn’t reload when you preview it, keeping things from getting lost in the reload.

    [fyi: AJAX is what Facebook uses to load pages without reloading everything and what GMail uses to load mail messages and stuff. I made a page with AJAX recently (link, click the links to see the text change without reloading the whole page). It’s awesome stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚ ]

  33. DrOswald says:

    I can’t honestly say I find this funny. I get the meta joke, but I don’t think that is strong enough to carry the weak humor and art that is the actually comic. Sorry. Here’s looking to next week though, right?

  34. TomX says:

    I gotta say, when I heard the podcast the other day, I thought you guys were going to blow it and be really stupid on purpose. Not to the point where the comic wouldn’t be funny, but that it would be a groaner.

    What we got however, actually seems really creatively and carefully crafted. (Alliteration for the win!) The writing that went into making each mini-comic semm like an aged relic from the paper was spot on. The art style is awesome and totally adds to the integrity of this specific comic, and the whole thing even has a punch line in the Friday Lace strip.

    So quite honestly, I belive this to be a great comic and one that totaly fits the 2P Start style. NGC!

  35. Supersonic24 says:

    This just occurred to me. Because of the Thursday comic, we now know MonoTim (see what I did there? Monotone, Tim? *whew*, tough crowd) is so emotionless and depressing all the time! He’s really a giant, walking, talking hunk of plastic! It’s fascinating discoveries like these that make the world go round…

  36. Loooca says:

    Didn’t know what to except after listening to the podcast, but I have to say I’m quite pleased with this. Yes, it was supposed to be bad, but still amusing.

    (Though you should have mentioned what this was about, Ray. I see some random people actually think this is a serious comic? Listen to the latest podcast, you guys.)

  37. Kyzin says:

    Admittedly I liked Wednesday. And Friday is so far my favourite Lace comic.
    Though, this raises the question; Will “Oh brother.” Be Ray’s new catchphrase?

  38. Dark_Devin says:

    I don’t know about everyone else but I loved most of these, the friday one reminded me of the way Tim and Ray were joking about dragon ball z. By the way Ray and Tim, why is it that no matter what you do in your comics you always have a cool style even if its a sucky joke? oh…right..cause Tim does the jokes and Ray does the art…. ๐Ÿ˜€

  39. yeah568 says:

    Well, this is why 2P START! is weekly.

    Although Friday is awesome. So is Wednesday.

  40. Narnian says:

    Oh, brother…

  41. This has got to be my favorite comic. I’m a regular reader of Garfield and used to frequent the Sunday funnies as a kid as well as some other days and without your podcast, I doubt I would’ve gotten the jokes. This is literally /the/ funniest comic on here; I even laughed more than once. I guess it’s funniest because I just finished hearing you guys talk about that future comic on the show and then went to the site really quick to check it: P.

  42. Wyrm says:

    You know what’s troubling me about this comic? The fact that the paper is crinkled… and yet it still follows the outline to create a perfect rectangle. Other than that, I thought this was pretty hilarious, considering you guys came up with it on the podcast. You should really link the podcast in your comment, so perhaps we could get more comic readers over there to experience what’s up.

    … But seriously, you guys are complaining about random special effects ruining a movie and yet you’re trying to stimulate the effect of crumpled paper without wrinkling the outside? Rolemodel–

  43. Wyrm says:

    That should say rolemodel- – but it seems that it combines my minus signs into a longer dash… >__>.

  44. D3vin says:

    NCG, even though you forgot Saturday and Sunday… Unless that is when you take a day off and plan Next weeks’ abomination ๐Ÿ˜‰

  45. ultimateDK says:

    whee im finally back! and what an awesome comic to come back to! I’m curious, was this an easy or a hard comic to make/write? im guessing the drawing was easy but i dont want to assume. also, it looks like rays high-school style art ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Kire says:

    wow Wyrm I didn’t notice that paper crinkle until you pointed it out. Well nice comic guys. Yeah I had the effort to type it out in words.

    That sounded a bit generic didn’t it?

  47. Betta splenden says:

    I like Thursday’s, even though we’ve already seen Tim’s hair.

  48. BulimicKoala says:

    I know this is supposed to be unfunny but this is funnier than 20% of 2pstart comics.

  49. Lurkero says:

    This is a good way to scare off fans that demand more 2P Start. I like the once a week format. Not every comic can handle multiple strips a week, and even the ones that do are seldom funny. Most of the time it’s a random pop culture reference to what’s happening in the news.

  50. dj75728 says:

    This just really reminded me of Dueling Analog’s brother (or is it sister?) comic The Outer Circle.

  51. Mattalorian says:

    Hey, this is the perfect comic to introduce my friend to 2PSTART! I have a feeling he’ll really get a kick out of Tuesday’s comic.
    On a serious note, this is easily my favorite 2PSTART comic in weeks. The art is appropriately poor, and I don’t think it’s possible to live in modern society without having come across a dull newspaper comic. It’s really a fantastic comic that can be appreciated by anyone.

  52. crazyspecialk says:

    ha ha. ncg.

    Definitely rolled my eyes at the corniness of just about all of them. I think Tuesday’s was my favorite. I like Tim’s expression while facing the camera.

  53. Snifit says:

    Wednesday was pretty funny and the triumphant return of Lace was nice. Otherwise kind of a “meh” week. At least it was a FULL week though

  54. Bobipine says:

    repetitive art with a few exceptions, jokes feels like from a newspaper… you got this one right I beleive

    (Come back for a whole new comment next week! and a shocking revelation from Lace)

  55. D3vin says:

    Since this is a Knock on repetitive comics like Garfield, I decided to go do the next step… Take out the main character, just like Garfield minus Garfield. Presenting… 2P START – P

    Now Tim is talking to himself about stuff ๐Ÿ˜€
    Am I good or what?

  56. Zantok says:

    Hello there 2P Start. Excellent comic you guys. I especially liked the joke in Friday’s comic referencing what you said in Monday’s Podcast about Dragon Ball Z. Heh heh heh.

    Anyways, I’m listening to the podcast as I type and have decided that after my looooong time of reading your comics I might asa well register and comment as I don’t want to be buried alive.

    Well guys, keep up the good work. I’ve sure enjoyed it thus far and I don’t think you’ll be disappointing me any time soon.

  57. rosseky says:

    The monotony of the everyday comic, alas, here on the internet! And what do we see? We see punch lines half, maybe even quarter assed. We see animation that leaves the eye screaming for more. We see Tim and Ray stand triumphantly, if not precariously over the rotting carcas of daily print. Careful where you tread, boys, you know not the ends of your means.

    Great comic.

  58. OneWayToHell says:

    Long time Reading and Listining to you guys. AND NOW I CAN SAY…….


    Love you guys,amazing comic,amazing dudes

    I think this comic is one of the funniest, loved the whole washed me. lol i never use my 360

  59. Friday’s was the only good one.

    • D3vin says:

      Yeah, I wonder what will happen next week!
      She moves slightly to attack an enemy?

  60. vincecult says:

    i used to have a webcomic with those “5 comic a week” quality jokes. sadly my comic was only like once every two weeks. i didnt write them though

    • D3vin says:

      A comedian is only as good as the material he says…
      A cartoonist is like a Comedian, only Illustrated instead of Vocal.

      I know, since I do all of my own stunts Write my own material…

  61. Doopliss says:

    Does Ray have a Lego Sonic hat?

  62. I'm done says:

    It was the pattapon comic that got me into this site, and theres only been a few that have been of the same quality since then. So I must bid this comic farewell, you’ve gone down the same path as Awkward Zombie with strings of comics that deviate from what was just naturally funny to a real stretch.

  63. Cheeseball701 says:

    I like how you parodied Newspaper comic’s tendency to reuse gags by reusing the Prof. Layton punchline. Nice touch.

  64. Qazzz says:

    First time I read this and i’m already hooked.
    Have not been eating, playing or anything….
    It’s like drugs, once you try it you can never stop!!!

    • Gadoink says:

      Side effects of 2P START may include:
      Laughter, NCGs, and listening to all 91 podcasts in the archive in a week.

  65. Qazzz says:

    Amazing comics guys, I started reading 4 days ago and all I can say is wow, what great drawings and well thought jokes.
    Oh yeah, I have just raised from my grave haven’t I???
    Keep up the good work!!!

    • Gadoink says:

      Eh… I don’t know if commenting after only four days counts as rising from your grave…. Maybe a month or two would qualify, but 4 days? Nah.

  66. TheLupineOne says:

    Oh, brother…

  67. shyguy22 says:

    You know, after reading this, I still think 2P START should be daily!

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