2P START! Live!: Our First Farewell Edition


RayIn this episode, you’ll hear: a very heartfelt goodbye to a former reader, what Ray and Tim love about their newest comic the most, what Tim’s favorite game of all time is, differing opinions on the new PS3 design, and Ray’s suggestion for Burger King as well as quips about the internet.


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  1. roadjcat says:

    Not much to say about this either, but your podcasts are always enjoyable. I do have a few points, but nothing major:

    1. The ordering at drive-thrus was pretty funny.
    2. Weirdness, I actually don’t like Everybody Loves Raymond much at all. haha I’m more of a Still Standing person, if anyone knows what that is. 😀
    3. Response to singing portion of the farewell: 0_o
    4. Umm…I think you failed to catch a false graveriser. Either I’m totally losing it or, Obilink has been her for quite some time.
    5. I have a BDA! Why have Silver and Metal Sonic been confirmed for the new Mario and Sonic, but not Rouge!?

    Wow only one of those points was related to video games, you guys do cool off topic a lot. XD

    • Ray says:

      #2: Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Still Standing’
      #3: Same here.

    • BadnikHunter says:

      #4: Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s been here for a while.
      #5: I don’t think it qualifies as a BDA if nobody agrees with you. Or atleast I doubt that people will agree with not having Rouge in Winter Olympics.

  2. blaster says:

    Still, downloading for listening at school
    Musical Misfit suggestion first.

    Sonic battle Central Library.

  3. Supersonic24 says:

    Loved the song guys! lol!

  4. Doopliss says:

    That grave riser was right. What happened to t-t-t-t-topic of the week? That was a positive part in the gaming world that you reviewed. Bring that back! It gave me lots of news in the gaming world today! BRING IT BACK!

    • roadjcat says:

      They haven’t abandoned it, there just aren’t any worthy topics as of late. I’m sure Scribblenauts will gets some attention when it comes out and other games probably will as well.

  5. roadjcat says:

    Oh and Musical Misfits suggestion:

    Boo Waltz – Super Mario Galaxy:

  6. Snifit says:

    Good podcast guys and I too hate when that happens at the drive-thru.
    I got that the comic was a parody but the humor just fell flat, which I guess was the point, so I guess it truly was the greatest 2ptart comic, but only because it was terrible. Gah I need an aspirin!
    I truly do enjoy the off-topicness of 2pStart. It’s part of the charm. I like there is structure and silliness. It’s a very nice blend.

    Since its our choice to do Musical Misfits I’d like to suggest one of two songs, both from Disney’s Adventures in the Magic Kingdom
    Space Mountain:

  7. Doopliss says:

    Musical misfits: Doopliss Battle theme.


  8. steve-ohs says:

    Enjoyable podcast once again 2pstart!. Interesting song Ray. Maybe people wouldn’t leave as much if you sang songs for ongoing fans instead of giving special treatment for those who don’t like the comic. also there was lots of off-topicness at the end. I was like “ok it done, now I can do my homework. wait there’s more….now its done, no, Ray’s just brought up another topic…and its another topic. how much longer is this? wait i hear quiet. is it over? no, Tim’s being depressing. quiet again…and it’s over.”

  9. CKcheeseboy says:

    With the “garbled drive-thru” talk, I feel obligated to post this:

  10. randomperson says:

    awesome Pod cast

  11. BadnikHunter says:

    Great podcast guys! I think that guy was the first (And probably only) one to Rise from their Grave and leave the site at the same time.

    Musical Misfit Suggestion:
    Super Mario Land Ending Theme
    Possibly one of my favorite ending themes to a game. It was a great way to end an awesome game. I’ll probably come back with a Remix suggestion later…

  12. doc a doc says:

    For my musical misfits suggestion I’d like the special stage theme from Sonic 2 or the Pokemon Diamond/ Pearl/ Platinum theme song. Great job guys keep it up.

  13. Mikallein says:

    Another great podcast guys! i did not think that the comic was your best but i don’t think it was worth grave rizeing just to never come to the site again….odd…anyway….

    Heres my musical misfits suggestion:Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga,The Final Battle

  14. D3vin says:

    I liked the podcast, Especially the song. Too bad Tim ruined it by talking. I wonder what editing you’d do to my voice, since I supposedly compromise my monotone voice with a perkier attitude. (Like a Tim and Ray peanut butter cup). I wonder what will happen If I left now, will I get a song? Or will everyone be ‘good riddence to bad rubbish’?
    I agree with Ray’s black doom, since My brother has been watching that game as a Ninja Turtles fan and hates the idea of Non-TMNT characters in it… They might as well add Ryman into the game…

  15. Kvb says:

    Typical that Tim’s favorite game ever is so boring and monotonous. (Oh snap!)

    Here is my Musical Misfit suggestion:
    It’s from Monty on the Run, a Commodore 64 game, so it might sound a bit… uhm… primitive to some people. But I still say this is one of the best 8-bit tracks ever made! (It sure is one of the longest 8-bit themes…)

  16. TomX says:

    Did anybody else have trouble with the iTunes version of the podcast? I was listening to it last night and it just stopped paying at about 22 minutes like it was over.

    Also, how dare you attack That 70’s Show like that. 😛 It’s one of the few sit-coms on TV these days that’s actually funny. I’ll admit the last couple seasons were if-fy, but the rest was great. Raymond was ok but just never got into it, oh well. I’ll agree to disagree.

  17. blaster says:

    Talking about off topic… fuve minutes of end-of-podcast random?
    I’d take that irony.
    But the ideas there are good.
    Positive side of gaming industry… does it exist?

  18. Acgamer says:

    Nice podcast. Oh, and yes, I STARTED reading with Fixing an Election, and then read the archive. Didn’t really think that’d be confusing, sorry. :\

  19. BadnikHunter says:

    Okay, I got a remix suggestion:

    Super Mario 64 ‘Fleeting Ecstasy’ (Invisible BGM, Powerful Mario)

    Its pretty darn awesome in my opinion

  20. DrOswald says:

    I really liked the farewell song purely for its humor value. I also liked Tim’s comments during the song. If there ever is a 2p Start fan game, this would be great game over music.

    I have been arguing with obilink on the forums for like 3 months. Did you just forget to do it until now, or is this his first real comment on the main site?

    I think that the podcasts are much better than the comics at this point. The comics tend to be hit and miss, while the podcasts are consistently great.

    I like it when you guys go off topic. That is when the funniest things happen.

    Musical Misfit suggestions:

    Sol Sanctum – Golden Sun

    Boss of the Sparrow Union – Okami

    Do Your Best Girl – Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

    Flower of Happiness – Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

  21. cramill says:

    I enjoyed the podcast guys! I’d like to thank Ray for the editing he does. 2P Start Live is the first podcast I’ve ever followed mostly because all the other ones I’ve tried were too long and you can tell that they did no editing to make it interesting.

    I would also like to say that Bad News Baseball is among one of my all time favorite games as well. I’ve had so many good times playing it with my brothers! It would be cool to be able to get my hads on that night mode Tim…

  22. cramill says:

    Oh, and a musical misfits suggestion: Toejam and Earl Theme music. You can find it here: http://www.tjande.com/fanclub.html

  23. TheNinjaMouse says:

    Thanks for the nice comments, guys! It’s kinda thrilling to hear my own input on the podcast. Considering that T-T-T-Topic of the Week does indeed generally focus on something new and exciting in gaming, I echo the previous commenter’s request to do that segment more often. I know you’re kinda limited as to when something newsworthy happens in gaming, but you could do it more often than just E3 or whenever Nintendo has a big release. 😉

  24. Kilburn says:

    Gotta admit, when i saw “our” and “farewell” in the same sentence on twitter, I got a tad worried.

    On laugh tracks: Big Bang Theory is AWFUL in that department. There’s a laugh track for when they both walk out of their doors for crying out loud!

    As for the farewell, meh. I do however like the song segment. Hardest I’ve laughed all day.

    Yes, that album art is terrible. But the song sounds really good.

    As for the cameo in TMNT… I sometimes think that some secret characters need to be shown, or at least told how to get. Take Gouken an Akuma in Street Fighter IV. I would have NEVER found out how to get them, had Capcom not told us. But I do agree on how it works well with Brawl, but not with Smash Up.

    • Kilburn says:

      And I have used my phone to order a pizza if I KNEW i was going into that area or if i couldnt access a PC. I find ordering electronically more accurate.

      By the way, Ray, did you like District 9? I loved it!

      • Ray says:

        Yes, I enjoyed it quite a bit. I have some inherent issues with the switching back and forth between ‘movie’ and ‘documentary’ but overall it was a pretty solid film.

  25. roadjcat says:

    Okay, a new musical misfit suggestion. And it’s awesome. Based on what I can tell it just takes a bunch of awesome songs from the Metroid Prime Trilogy and makes an awesome main menu theme for the compilation:


  26. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    I was really busy this week, so I didn’t get to listen to the podcast until today. Very Nice Podcast Guys! The farewell song cracked me up (especially when Ray’s voice started switching speaker like in Silver Eclipse), and there was a lot of funny discussion.

    • MetaRidleyR27 says:

      Oh, and could I get a link to that Bad News Baseball site? It sounds pretty cool, and I’d like to check it out.

  27. Ray’s worst nightmare:


    And no, it’s not Black Doom.


  28. moonjuice7 says:

    You’re title scared me, but other than that it was an excellent podcast.

  29. TheNinjaMouse says:

    This is not really related to the podcast in any way, but I gotta ask Ray: Is there any chance we might see some more installments of Romance Everlasting in the future?

    • Ray says:

      ha, well we discuss the possibility from time to time just for kicks, but it always looks less and less likely for a variety of reasons. One of which being how Ickabod is sporting a full set of dreadlocks now…..

  30. ­ says:

    That Farewell part was super ultra funny. I can’t wait for the Rise from your grave section to have the LttP Sanctuary song. It is epic! My favourite games are. LttP, One you have never heard of (Great Chase V), Brawl
    Wow you need to get rid of the Animated Favicon Tim. I mean that is very distracting.
    It does need more gloss. That looks cheap. You are right Tim. WHAT? 25$??? And it does look outdated.
    My friend had his NES on top of his XBox 360.
    You order meals at Burger King? Why would you do that? LOL, drinks grow enormously, and our enormous. Fortunately I need to drink a ton so it seams to be designed for me 😀
    I suck at Capha’s aswel. My job required you to do them but they just had easy ones, and the zeros had a cross in it.
    Okay that Lourim Ispim made me laugh, because of said job! That was epic!
    Yea that is annoying. Don’t start saying what do you think, leave me a comment until people are already commenting a lot.
    Most probably don’t get big. If that is any consolation.
    Tim’s voice doesn’t sound like that…
    Tim, both you and Ray are hilarious!

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