2P START! Live!: Still Too Noticeable Edition


RayIn this episode, you’ll hear: how the details for the comics are getting out of control, why Ray doesn’t understand cursing, Tim’s distaste for a scene from Star Wars Episode II, why Ray thinks you should change your usernames, and even three Black Doom Awards!


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Here’s the video Tim mentions


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  1. blaster says:

    about to start listening. Got nough time before school today.
    Still, Music Misfit suggestion first.

    Gyakuten meets Orchestra: Concerened Chronology

  2. Kilburn says:

    Downloading now. Gonna listen to it on my drive to the city.

    • Kilburn says:

      Glad to see I’m not the only one who hates the fact that they didnt change the inability to cancel on the MVC2 character select screen

      On usernames, mine is actually my middle name, not Kill+burn combined as a few of my friends have joked.

      • Kilburn says:

        I do swear a bit. But, I’ve toned it down here lately except for on my Twitter, which is where I just vent anger, post my rambling thoughts, etc or if Im in extreme pain (take my recent encounter with fire ants for example) Plus, I was always brought up to consider P**s a swear word, but I think it was said in a recent podcast.

        Otherwise, excellent podcast. In all honesty, 2P start is the first podcast i’ve ever downloaded more than a handful of episodes. Guess it’s because it has a structure, as opposed to 54 min of 6 guys shouting over eachother. Keeps me entertained on my 30 min+ drives to & from the city. But you should see the looks i get at stoplights sometimes because I’m laughing at two disembodied voices…

        For some reason, that video Tim mentioned reminds me of the dismal ending for Sonic The Hedgehog on Ps3/360.

  3. DrOswald says:

    1. I liked the song from last week. Can you give us a download for it?

    2. I looked forever for the dog’s shadow but I couldn’t find it on my work monitor. I can see it at my home monitor, but not at work.

    3. I typically wait for other people to find the details in the comics and go check them out later.

    4. I didn’t see what I did there. I didn’t actually mean to make that hit and miss pun. Yes! Comment of the week again!

    5. I like to hear about old games (like Bad News Baseball) that people (like Tim) are obsessed with. You get a unique perspective on the game from people that love it so much.

    6. Remix is a bit weak this podcast.

    7. Question: What exactly makes a good internet name? You talked a lot about what is a bad name, but not so much about what is good.

    8. Musical Misfits was awesome this week.

  4. blaster says:

    finished once, still downloading for school though.
    -Comic Talk.
    Seriously, I didn’t see anything special in the ducky screen until now.
    -Star wars
    I’m going to watch it someday for sure.
    I think my username has no need to change.
    It sounds like the point of no return to me.

    Ugh. I forgot about the rest. And that’s why I shall listen to it again at school

  5. Snifit says:

    Another good podcast. I agree you guys seem to have hit a nice stride.
    – I do think hiding things has become a bit of a 2pStart tradition but I don’t think it has to be in EVERY comic, sort of like the multi-panel comics (Patapon, Product placement, etc.) I wouldn’t mind not finding anything hidden for a few comics. Also hidden things can be like a podcast segment. We don’t hear “Internet Loot” or “Tim Checks on the Baby” in every episode but its nice to hear them. Hidden jokes should appear every so often.
    – Personally I like my username. Its my username on several sites but I also have a “professional” email for business purposes.
    – Good remix too. That may top the VGL version of that song in my opinion.
    – I tend to curse when I’m upset but you guys do have a good point, its sort of a learned thing. When people are upset, they curse. I suppose I should try to break that habit…
    – Agree on all BDA. Seriously Microsoft, seriously? But about MvC2, since its the Dreamcast port can you still select three of the same characters? If they changed that then there’s really no reason to not have a cancel button.
    – Wow, awesome Musical Misfit!
    – I think for episode 100 you should just do a regular show and maybe add one segment of your favorite clips from the past or have EVERY SEGMENT in one podcast. It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering but a little something special might be nice.
    All in all, another great show

  6. CKcheeseboy says:

    I don’t really have a comment on most of the podcast, but I enjoyed the planned conversation about cursing. I pretty much agree with Ray, except for the one thing he said about its use in comedy. I don’t recall the exact quote, but Jerry Seinfeld said something along the lines of “if you take the curse word out of a joke and it’s not funny any more, it’s not great comedy.” I think that’s pretty accurate, and it’s why I like people like you/BitF/Awkward Zombie better than people like Penny Arcade/VG Cats, because you don’t just resort to “throw the f-bomb in there and that’s the joke”.

  7. D3vin says:

    Npg, I laughed at the ‘weird internet names’ I guess my friend Cheeky.Pteranodon falls in that category while I almost fall into the ‘use your real name’ category but then again, I also go by Sawhog or D3vinSawhog for other websites…

    I agree with Tim’s Black doom, it is a $X cable, it can’t be that expensive to add that with your console.
    I hate how consoles are also becoming watered down pc’s with controllers and not keyboards.

    “boldly going forward because we can’t find reverse”-sums up the MvC2 thing pretty well

    A Musical misfit that is also an orphan that is blind and/or deaf who is a brilliant genius/composer? That might describe this week’s.

    Hopefully I can get Cheeky to listen for his name on this episode… Maybe If I could get him hook’d to the comic I can 1up myself and get him hooked to the podcast also
    D3vin Away!

  8. Kvb says:

    – I was only joking, Tim. I love ya. πŸ˜‰

    – I played it safe (and unoriginal) when I first set foot on the internet. I just used my initials. Doubt I’ll ever regret that choice.

    – I curse.
    Your “frig” is exactly the same as my f-word, Ray. You’ve learned to use a word that people don’t frown upon, but it carries the EXACT same meaning. It’s just a way to express anger, or make your sentence come across as a little more powerful. (“That movie was friggin’ awesome!”)
    What I don’t understand is why people make a big deal about swear words. What’s so bad about the f-word, really? It means “penetrate”, and it’s slang for intercourse. But when it’s used as a swear it has another meaning. (You can’t say “What the penetrate”.)
    But if that last meaning is so bad that it’s taboo, shouldn’t that make “frig” offensive too? It’s meant to convey the same message, after all.

    – Hey, that’s my Misfit. Cool! I was worried it would’ve been a little too retro for your tastes.

  9. roadjcat says:

    Okay so random notes:
    1. Yay for AC music during Comic Talk.
    2. I saw the Avatar trailer…I wasn’t impressed. Didn’t look interesting to me at all.
    3. I reuse “roadjcat” a lot. It was created when I had to select a username from a list for something Cartoon Network related. XD So the Road, J, and Cat are all related to some cartoon character. I just stuck with it since it was never taken. I have some other usernames for gamefaqs and AIM, but I usually use “roadjcat”.
    4. Yeah, I actually swear in my head quite a lot, but I’ve never said anything aloud. It’s hard not think like that when you’re surrounded by people nowadays. I just have enough control not to actually say anything.
    5. Oh and Marvel vs Capcom 2…yeah. Street Fighter II did that as well. That’s actually haow you select your costumes. X is the normal costume.

    • yeah568 says:

      4. Yeah, when I’m alone and in a private location, I might swear (really) quietly, but never to anyone about anything. That would just be awkward.

      Speaking of awkward, typing this out really makes me feel awkward. Weird.

  10. TheNinjaMouse says:

    I totally agree with you, Ray, on the whole swearing thing. If you have to say something to vent your frustration, why not use meaningless jargon rather than words with dirty connotations? Saying the latter isn’t likely to make me feel any better, but a sudden outburst of something ridiculous like “awww, fooey-faddle!” might make me smile and lighten up a bit.

  11. BadnikHunter says:

    Awesome podcast, glad thing there was something to cheer me up before school starts tomorrow. Nice music choices, they were pretty awesome. I think my username may be fine, though if I change it I’m pretty sure I won’t have much of a problem telling people. Thanks for the awesome podcast guys!

  12. Bobipine says:

    might write some stuff about this week’s 2PStart LIVE!…. I have no idea what a commodore64 is, but that music is pretty good. Bowser’s final battle for the black doom award fitted well, even if it was for microsoft, but that tune fits everywhere… I think….

    I think I’m getting the ”keeping the username since I always used that one” problem, but I don’t think it’s that bad.. is it?

    for the 100th podcast…. start it with some celebration sounds.. then go trough it as fast as you can without anything else special about it (just a random suggestion, not to be taken too seriously)

    Oh, I just remembered my personnal ”Worst character created by Sonic team (I think he was created by them) ‘Big the cat’… all he does is chase a frog… move slowly, and…that’s it”

    • roadjcat says:

      One day…someone will say that their most hated Sonic character is Rouge, and I’ll either burst into laughter or tears. XD

      • BadnikHunter says:

        No one has said that before? Oh well, here goes. I really hate Rouge, probably my most hated Sonic character. Take THAT!

      • roadjcat says:

        That was forced, so it doesn’t count. XD

      • BadnikHunter says:

        It totally counts, I seriously don’t know anyone else who likes Rouge besides you. πŸ˜›

      • Snifit says:

        For the record, I don’t hate Rouge. Actually I like her. She’s one of my favorite Sonic characters.
        For whatever that’s worth coming from the guy named after a Mario enemy ha ha.

  13. Kyzin says:

    So is my name acceptable? It’s random, but not in an “eletrical firehydrant llama strangle” sort of way. And, there’s no numbers, which are a plus.

    • roadjcat says:

      Speaking of numbers, the original username was Road J. Cat998. As you can see, I mushed it all together and dropped the “998”. Do I get points for that? XD

  14. Kyzin says:

    Oh, and on the subject of swearing…I recall hearing about a study that said those who curse while in pain feel less. Not sure how that’s measureable, but whatever. Really though, swearing is a bizarre concept. Some words are unacceptable because society deemed them so at some point, which is just confusing to me.

  15. yeah568 says:

    A 2P START! Live! Live! would be awesome. You could use ustream.tv or something for the live part, and maybe even have video! That would be EPIC. Like, epic-er than EPIC. Like, epic-er than how Firefox thinks epic-er is a word.

    Anyways, too tired to post anything of quality tonight. Actual comment to come in the morning.

  16. freeplay says:

    I’m not rising frofm my grave to say SNEScg(super nice extremely super comic guys). Kinda disappointed i didn’t get to hear tim’s monotonous voice interrupt the musical misfit though.

    flaming severed cat

    All the star wars episodes deserve equal love, even the prequels.

    yes this took me an hour to think of.

    yes my soul perpous for living is to be mentioned in the podcast.

  17. blaster says:

    I don’t swear in English often. (For I am not an American of course.)
    But I sometimes do use shoes as s-word and “fork” as f-word.
    -2p start live live
    …….. Consider Ray’s Internet… Forget it.

    and sorry for typing mistake.
    It should be BDA not DDA

  18. Mikallein says:

    yet another good pod cast guys

  19. Skai Cyan says:

    Hey, are the monty mole baddies in Mario games named after this guy/game?

  20. zijjh says:

    ok, maybe it’s just my weird computer, but the exclamation point at the end of Ray’s intro contains a link to the Raybob Website.

    oh ya, cool episode. I have to agree the poscasts are slightly better then the comics lately, but I think thats just caue they last longer.

  21. Jonny Niko says:

    Hey 2pstart fans here is your chance to get a hold of a one of a kind drawing by Ray Hargreaves himself. This is legit as Ray will testify. Just go to the link to view and bid on this fantastic art.


    Don’t let this pass by!

  22. SuperSonicGoku says:

    Hey guys, I think it’s time I rise from my grave. I really liked this weeks podcast. Tim’s right about the twitter and facebook thing. I always connect to the internet on my xbox via my laptop, so why would I want to tweet from my xbox while i’m next to my laptop? It’s really stupid. Also, if you didn’t know, verizon fios has added twitter and facebook to the widgets area. I find that very stupid. The last thing you’d want to do would be using a remote to type!

  23. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    I was super busy at school and work this week, so I only just now listened to the podcast. Nice job as usual guys! Tim’s BDA is even closer to home since I recently bought an Xbox 360 Elite. While it’s not that big of an issue currently since I’m just using it on my SD TV, it’d be a nice option to have. The Musical Misfit was also surprisingly catchy, especially for such an old game.

    • crazyspecialk says:

      Yeah, I’m in the same boat as you. Just finished listening to it now.

      School sucks sometimes.

      As for swearing, I swear a lot because, like some others said, it makes me feel better in those situations that call for it. I believe the reason I do it is because that’s the environment that I was raised in, where people who don’t swear where maybe raised in that kind of environment. Honestly, when people say things like why don’t you just say “frak” instead of “f**k”, well that may work for some other people but not for me. If I’m in pain, saying the word frak would not make me feel anywhere near as better or help me deal with it more then if I say the word “f**k”.

      I think it’s the same for a lot of situations, such as road rage. Growing up, my Dad had awful road rage, and I remember thinking that when I grow up and start driving, I would never act like that, and yet now (while I’m not as bad as my Dad) I tend to complain or swear when people on the road do stupid things.

      Like when people go 40 or 45 in a 50 mph zone. Drives me crazy! πŸ˜›

  24. Β­ says:

    Obviously I have a strange name. I am not using a standardized name though. On other sites I use different names. I do have a favourite, but like this one it isn’t accepted in most places.

  25. Sebby19 says:

    It the theme from The Guy’s Castle in I Wanna Be The Guy!

    This is the best Musical Misfit yet.

  26. Β­ says:

    That song was amazing last week, funniest parts. I can see all four shades of the shadow, on my HP laptop monitor. Ah that’s like saying Oceania of Time has better 3D graphics the Link to the Past even though Link to the Past is a better game*
    Wow you are off topic a lot this episode.
    Oh no you didn’t. Now I am supporting Ray from now on!
    No your not terrible at it, Tim is terrible at it. It is the same way with Brawl. New things happen all the time like something that is to remain to only me (I have had the game since release day)
    Tim would not be in Awesome the Movie, but Ray would be. (I have to get used to liking Ray more)
    Really Tim, Pizza… Not Steak, not Prime Rib…
    I keep my internet life seperate from my business life. So my business life will have something like first inital-middle initial-last name, that is my email address for like school.
    I curse sometimes, but I try not to. I try and replace it with Uranium now, or GUS (another inside joke)
    Why did you find that cursing so funny?
    Getting rid of the HDMI cable… . . .
    Wat? Giving both give more flexibility! That’s why we should all just play LttP.
    Really?, wow…
    Wow… what?
    I should just focus on things like LttP instead of black Doom. That stuned me a bit to much
    I hate when there is no back button… That is the worst. Did you try pressing the joysticks?
    It would have been terrible probably. If it was they would have.
    Yup, Ray is way better then Tim.
    It isn’t to late for me. I have multiple
    *This is arguable. But either can win I am stating an opinion.

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