2P START! Live!: Bad Case of the Rabbids Edition


RayIn this episode you’ll hear Ray and Tim’s disagreement over the final comic, bad cops striking their way out of a job, Sony’s latest debacle of a peripheral, how Ubisoft has a bad case of the Rabbids, and a caller trying to replace Tim.


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  1. Keja says:

    I’ve been waiting for this all day.

  2. D3vin says:

    I want to audition next,
    “And he is Ray”
    “Monochrome voice”
    “I have to check on my baby”
    “I have a hot wife”
    Call me if I get the part!
    The controlls in Scribblenauts is heck when they should have done something with the d-pad

  3. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    I feel like my podcast comments have been a little bare bones lately. I’ll say a little more this week than just “Nice Podcast Guys”.

    Scribblenauts is definitely a mixed bag with me. I don’t regret my purchase, but it’s just missing something to draw me in. I have fun from time to time when I play it, but so far I’ve only finished the first three worlds. Maybe the next Scribblenauts would be better suited for the PC?

    Really enjoyed the BDAs this week! I only watched a little bit of TMNT when it was on television, so I only recognize a few of the characters, but it definitely would have been better if they had included more classic characters than Rabbids.

  4. randomperson says:


  5. A) I have to say, I appreciated your dedication to not use a Starite joke because the game doesn’t allow that to work. If 2PSTART fans are anything, it’s being vocal about authenticity =]

    B) So far, I haven’t had any control issues with Scribblenauts. But then, maybe that’s due to all of the complaints and negative reviews on that aspect of it that made me be prepared for brokenness.

    C) After having actually gotten TMNT Smash-Up, the lack of characters really isn’t my main problem; it’s the lack of stuff to do in the game. I mean, it’s a decent enough game on its own, but, it was made in a similar vein to Smash Bros but just… less. The small character roster just makes it more obvious that that is the case.

  6. Mikallein says:

    Yet another great podcast guys.

  7. SuperSonicGoku says:

    http://xbox360.gamespy.com/xbox-360/super-street-fighter-iv/1028926p1.html this is going to be the next black doom award. IT’S ANOTHER STREET FIGHTER RE-RELEASE. WHAT A SUPRISE! I’m waiting for the ad that says “Coming later this year… SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV TURBO HD REMIX! WITH EVERYTHING THE SAME EXCEPT THE CONTROLS!”

  8. Kilburn says:

    Scribblenauts… Oy where to start with that one… I dont HATE the game, but the novelty wore off quickly with me. Sure, it’s got some internet jokes and things like that, but this is by no means game of the year material. The controls have a case of LittleBigPlanet where the d-pad is mapped to some off the wall or (in the case) broken function that could make the game much better if movement was on D-Pad and analog. Not saying LBP was bad, it’s a great game and I’d say it was my PS3 GOTY last year, but that irked me for the longest time.

    Not to mention scirrblenauts has some severe logic issues. I tried to attach a rope to a pulley and put it on a eight so I can drop it on a roadrunner. (My suppressed, inner child broke free) But for some reason, I couldnt get the rope to go THROUGH the thing. I had no problem gluing them together, but that destroyed all functionality. Then there’s the problem of how some of the actions can be. For the stage “Give them what they use in their hand” I tried to give the chef some dough. (correct if I was wrong on that one) But instead of giving me the starite, he ATE THE DOUGH. Needless to say, this frustrated me to no end. I have many more issues, but I’m not here to review the game.

    Also, I’ve not commented in a while due to the new job, planning a trip to miami and a few new projects for me. Speaking of which, I’m due at work in 10min so I’ll continue my comment later.

    • roadjcat says:

      Thank you, it’s about time I started hearing some negative comments about Scribblenauts. It is fun, but it DEFINITELY didn’t live up to the hype. And I’m already bored with it. But did I mention I’m on my sixth playthrough of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2? haha I know, I’m the weird one in this situation.

    • CKcheeseboy says:

      Yeah, the rope is pretty annoying to work with. For the “give them two things” level, though, it shouldn’t matter that he ate it. I gave him cheese (I forget what the second item was) and he ate it and I won fine. Did you try giving a second item?

      Also, roadjcat, I don’t know if you just haven’t paid attention to Scribblenauts talk or anything, but well over half of the reviews and discussions I’ve seen complain about the controls. I would agree that it didn’t live up to the hype, but it is still a great, fun game. Not GotY, and possibly not even Game of the Day with M&L3 (haven’t played it yet but I’ve heard good things and the previous titles were great), but still a worthy addition to most people’s DS libraries.

      • roadjcat says:

        Yes, everyone has been saying the controls are bad, but that’s all I have heard.

      • Kilburn says:

        I had given the police officer a walkie beforehand so, it would’ve been my second item. So if you got it, then maybe the walkie didnt register, which is still kind of odd. Another thing that made me “lol wut” was how wonky the notepad can be. Take when I wanted a lightsaber-ish weapon. “Beam sword” spawns a literal sword, but “lazer sword” gives me the desired item.

  9. DrOswald says:

    Comment of the week! Yes!

    Good black dooms, Ray is right about last weeks comic and bonus comics and Tim is wrong.

    The end

    Overly long comment coming later, maybe.

  10. blaster says:

    -skype calls.
    A new Tim? never heard of the event
    -comic talk
    I still don’t get the frick comic….
    the cops are definitely ridiculous
    The frisbee dog comparation is good.

    And what’s the beest about the podcast is I don’t get any idea what next comic might be, or I simply missed it.

  11. pcargill says:

    hey tim, i need the link to start editing the site 😉

  12. roadjcat says:

    I’m still not getting images on the M4A version. I don’t know what’s wrong with my computer…a well. Back to iTunes again!

    • roadjcat says:

      Okay note time:

      1. Okay I swear, am I like the only person who likes the podcasts that didn’t go through ALL of them? Geez.

      2. For some reason when you were talking about hardest games the first game that came to my mind was X-Men Legends. I don’t know why I think that game is so ridiculously hard…well actually maybe it’s because I had it for five years and just beat it a couple months ago after restarting like 3 times! Funny, because X-Men Legends II and both Marvel Ultimate Alliances are supremely easy.

      3. My first word in Scribblenauts was phoenix. The word phoenix in Scribblenauts actually ticks me off as it does absolutely nothing! Why can you not tell it to burn something down or something? Huge problem in Scribblenauts is that you can’t tell things you summon what to do. It makes most of the monsters and humanoid characters utterly worthless.

      4. Haha. Bunny. I tried to give the martians bunnies in exchange for their rocks…it didn’t work. XD

      5. Wow, I think that Starite comic idea is stupid too, but the game might as well be broken like that now with that handcuff/container trick.

      6. I kept thinking “42” when you were talking about the meaning of life. XD And I’ve never see or read Hitchhikers.

      7. Again with Scribblenauts, not just the controls, but many of the items just don’t work the way you would think/want them to.

      8. Lose-Lose is pretty funny, but it is stupid.

      9. Your background music for the cop scene, was it from a Sonic Adventure 2 scene? And did that scene have Rouge in it? XD I think it did.

      10. Wow Ray, you’re lucky Tim doesn’t edit the podcast or you’d hear that whole “Yay for the drug dealers” coming back to haunt you. XD

      11. I have no idea who those TMNT characters are…

    • roadjcat says:

      Man, I despise typos I notice two seconds after I hit submit.

  13. BadnikHunter says:

    All I gotta say is awesome possum. XD

  14. Apkinesis says:

    Wow, having three “guest” characters in a TMNT game was a bit of a stretch, especially from the size of the total roster, but having all three be practically the same character — I don’t even know what to say about that. Do the three Rabbids at least have different movesets from each other? Anyhow, another nice Podcast guys.

    Musical Misfits suggestions! I’m surprised no one has suggested music from Touhou Project yet — great PC game series (all programmed, composed, designed, written, etc by one person) with awesome music and a huge underground fanbase. Anyhow, here are some of my top favorite tracks from Touhou:

    Remilia’s theme “Septette for the Dead Princess” from Touhou 6
    Flandre’s theme “UN Owen Was Her?” from Touhou 6 (overrated song, but still)
    Yuyuko’s theme “Border of Life” from Touhou 7
    Reisen’s theme “Lunatic Eyes, Invisible Full Moon” from Touhou 8
    The themes of Alice, Prismriver, Yukari, and Suwako are also quite good, but at this rate I’d link to all Touhou boss themes, so I’ll limit suggestions to just my top four 🙂 Take a pick if you’d like!

    (By the way, on the Archives page, the link to Podcast 95 actually leads to Podcast 94 — just letting you guys know.)

  15. Snifit says:

    Another great podcast. Thought I would’ve had Comment of the Week but alas, ha ha ha.
    I had not heard of the PSP Go peripheral but yeah that is ridiculous. And I actually kind of miss the boomerang controller…what bothered me most about the PS3 was the SPider-Man font on the front.

  16. Kvb says:

    First caller, you were awesome. I laughed!

    And great Black Doom Awards, guys. I love it when there’s more than 2!

    Misfit suggestion: Cursed Leorina, from Klonoa 2.

    • Talduras says:

      Ah man, why wasn’t I around to second that Misfit suggestion?! Looks like I’ll have to mention it later. Love that piece.

  17. Keja says:

    I don’t really know how to phone in for a future podcast with skype. Do I add Tim and Ray as contacts or what?

    • Ray says:

      Just use Skype to message ‘raybobindustries’ at any time, and I’ll fill you in on the details of how it all works.

  18. mocliamtoh says:

    Musical Misfit: Docaty Mountain Railroad from Super Mario RPG

    I’m surprised at how I sound on the podcast. Either my computer mic is better than a phone (which usually brings my voice down an octave), or Ray really does do magic with editing the podcast. Second caller BTW

  19. roadjcat says:

    Speaking of negativity towards Scribblenauts: http://ds.ign.com/articles/102/1029671p1.html

  20. racefreak265 says:

    Man, its been a long time since I’ve commented.

    – I liked the comic very this week, but I really want to play scribblenauts tosee what all the hype/ dislike is about.

    – The lose-lose game could actually be a good concept for deleting your hard drive. Why not get rid of old files on the computer that have been copied elsewhere with a game?

    -Although those cops were off there job, that video was hilarious!

    Oh…. and Nintendo stole a segment off your podcast when listing new dowloads on the shop channels- see the bottom game on this list

  21. Nebula427 says:

    Huh, you can leave comments on the podcast too……… why didn’t I realize that before?

  22. Highwater Trousers says:

    Man, after seeing the PSP converter cable, I realized how far out I am when it comes to the handhelds. Seriously, the last one I owned was a Gameboy Color, and I still had an old, black-and-white one.

  23. SuperSonicGoku says:

    hey tim and ray, great podcast like always. God, rabbids in a freaking TMNT game. How far will the game industry sink? I mean next thing you know dc vs. mortal komba- oh wait. Anyways, Here’s a great remix of the ducktales moon level from the nes game by the advantage. http://www.imeem.com/jedidrunkenllama/music/TGIn4EWB/the-advantage-ducktales-moon/

  24. roadjcat says:

    Okay, I have a BDA. Rouge isn’t in Mario and Sonic at the WINTER Olympic games either! What the heck!? They added Metal Sonic and Silver to Team Sonic though. She’s not even one of the background characters. I seriously don’t get it. Rouge may not be the most popular character but surely she’s more popular than Metal Sonic and Silver!

    • Tim says:

      I think Sega killed off Rouge. No big loss. 😉

      • roadjcat says:

        We can just add that to the list of stupid things they’ve done.

      • CKcheeseboy says:

        What, creating Rouge? 😛

      • roadjcat says:

        There’s no reason to needlessly insult Rouge. 😛 We’ve established, that she is my favorite Sonic character, but the whole mentioning her constantly, is a joke.

      • DrOswald says:

        I doubt they killed off rouge. she was in that sonic chronicles RPG, which actually wasn’t that bad. possibly the best sonic game in recent memory, which really isn’t saying much.

        Anyway, people like metal sonic because he looks cool and is a robot. Silver just sucks. It least, I assume he does. I know nothing about him except he is a silver hedgehog and was made by sonic team, so he is currently at -2 coolness on my list (-1 for sonic team, -1 for being named his color.)

      • roadjcat says:

        I didn’t honestly think they killed off Rouge. And why DO people like Silver? Didn’t he only appear in ’06?

  25. TheNinjaMouse says:

    Ack, I’ve been so busy lately I never got around to thanking you for the Comment of the Week! Personally, I still find the lose/lose game to be a waste of time, but I’m glad you guys found it interesting. And even if it is a pointless experiment in my book, at least game programmers are trying out new ideas. That kind of innovation is important or else the quality of gaming grows stale.

    Anyway, now that I’ve Risen from My Grave and been selected for Comment of the Week, the next step is to be featured as a Skype call-in! Then all of my aspirations as a loyal 2pStart fan will be complete and I will be able to die a happy man. Someday…!

  26. \'|- says:

    Ray!! Those are all M7(Major Seventh) chords!!! I surprisingly have written a song just like that a while ago.

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