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September 30th, 2009

Eyeing the Prize

TimThis week certainly went smoother than last week! Once Ray reminded me of the Okami idea I had a few weeks back I was confident we’d at least have a comic for the week. Once he showed me the Okamiden artwork, I knew it would be gold. Our hearts would collectively melt at the sight of it! If any of you haven’t seen details on the Okami sequel, impressions here and here, screenshots
RayMy initial sketches of the young Amaterasu were so embarrassing for the first hour, that I was almost ready to give up on the entire strip since I knew the joke wouldn’t work if he looked like a female cat.


  1. blaster says:

    Seriously. That is the worst place to put a sticker.
    I can’t stop laughing. Is it real?

  2. Doopliss says:

    Anyway, this was hilarious, and the original game was fantastic. Just want to say, you guys are the best video game comic I’ve ever seen. Nice job guys. It would be horrible if that was real though, imagine controlling that thing!

  3. Doopliss says:

    I know it probably won’t happen, but wallpaper for the 3rd panel?

  4. Kvb says:

    Hmmm.. Nope, sorry. Didn’t do it for me.

    I think Chibiterasu looked far too silly/cartoony instead of cute, which really took away from the punchline.
    I know Ray struggled on that panel, so I hate to put it like that, but it’s true.

    (Awesome logo, though.)

  5. pcargill says:

    NSG but you left off the IGN watermark

  6. steve-ohs says:

    NO, the IGN watermark is there, I see it! but i didn’t notice it until i read your comment pcargill.
    I really like the comic. Great job!

    • roadjcat says:

      Oh, yeah, didn’t think to look for the IGN logo until you said that. As for comic, I thought it was “cute”, in essentially more ways than one. It wasn’t fantastic, but it’s an Okami comic so that’s something!

    • pcargill says:

      oh wow, that took me a while to see, maybe i should get my eyes checked again…

  7. Keja says:

    I think it would have funnier if you had put the IGN watermark on the face instead of the game’s rating.

  8. Tacos says:

    Awesome. The giant sticker and the watermark: two of box-art’s cardinal sins.

    • Tacos says:

      And that is one of the best looking logos in a while, if not the best artwork among the logos (others may be more clever however).

  9. Nebula427 says:

    Smaller game, smaller hero, smaller boxart, BIGGER STICKER! And the IGN watermark is the cherry on top. Nice one, guys.

  10. Snifit says:

    I think the most adorable comic done, and fairly funny too. Didn’t notice the watermark until later but a very nice (and highly necessary) touch.
    Nice Comic

  11. BadnikHunter says:

    Hah, NCG guys. What else could go wrong with boxart, besides the actual boxart being horribly drawn.

  12. DrOswald says:

    I like the comic. Not much else to say today.

  13. Dry Bones says:

    I’ve never played Okami, so I don’t know much about the game or the sequel. But, that didn’t stop me from enjoying the comic. I just knew that IGN watermark joke was coming.

    If they really wanna sell more copies, they should make those puppy eyes HUGE.

  14. vtnwesley says:

    I know the original game is crtically acclaimed and all, but I’m betting on the idea this game will be more suited to a stylus/touch screen for drawing. Looks great, and I’ll buy it even with a tag and watermark over the boxart. Good comic, guys! I think this is where I’m supposed to slap my knee, and say “it’s funny because it’s true!”

  15. Apkinesis says:

    To be honest, this comic didn’t do a whole lot for me. (I feel kind of bad for saying this, but I actually enjoyed the 2P START! logo at the top of this comic better than the comic itself.) It’s a good idea, but the execution could’ve been a bit better — might’ve been the double punchline and/or the bland “Then, after release…” panel. Maybe instead of a whole panel of plain text, that panel could’ve had the guy on the left commending the idea and agreeing to go with it, then have a little “After Release…” rectangle at the top corner of Panel 5 or something, which would make the two “halves” of the comic a bit less conspicuous, lessening the feeling of a mid-comic punchline and saving it all for the very end.

    I don’t know, maybe it’s all just me. Just a suggestion though, and I probably don’t have the right to criticize that transition panel so much, since I did do something fairly similar in one of my own comic strips too 😛 But I do have to say though, nice touch with the IGN logo, and great artwork as always 🙂

  16. Highwater Trousers says:

    Oh man, that’s hilarious! I spent so much time just playing Okami and collecting all the items (stray beads anyone?)

    Seriously, great work!

  17. tustin2121 says:

    NCG. Hilarious. Also, I think Ray did fine with the cute wolf thing. (Don’t ask me to spell its name, I’ve never played the game!)

    [on the links:] I’m saddened that the draw mode in the game is brought up with the L and R buttons, because the shoulder buttons on my DS Phat have long since ceased to work. I hate when games require you to use them now, because mine don’t work… 🙁 I can’t play Mario Kart… I can’t rotate objects in Scribblenauts… I can’t code the buttons in my homebrew game… 🙁

  18. Mikallein says:

    great comic guys

  19. Narnian says:

    Can’t say I didn’t see this one coming as soon as saw that it was an Okami comic. The double punchline also made the comic feel awkward somehow. That being said, the artwork is nice, and I really enjoyed the logo. Overall, it was a nice comic, it’s probably just me being able to predict it ahead of time and not you guys. 🙂

  20. D3vin says:

    I like the logo, It looks like my previous logos were I copied the Game’s Logo into the Comic’s logo. I also like the comic and can’t wait for the “embarassing” sketches

  21. Supersonic24 says:

    lol, loved it guys, you’re on a streak!

  22. So I finally opened my near day one copy of Okami for Wii and, lo and behold, that’s no sticker! I knew about the watermark but not this. Travesty!

    Nice comic guys; topical, yet, I didn’t see it coming. Glad you held on to an unused idea.

  23. Acgamer says:

    Hah, that was great! I don’t know the last time I laughed that hard at a comic. Loved Okami, loved this comic. Excellent job.

  24. roadjcat says:

    Okay time for snarky nitpicky correction time! But this time it’s about Ray’s comment. Amaterasu is female. And I wasn’t 100% sure about this either, but the new character is just related to Amaterasu.

  25. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Aww, Amaterasu’s really cute as a puppy. Great Comic Guys!

  26. bobipine says:

    Why am I too lazy to read every comments now and then? anyway….
    The misplace sticker might be possible…
    good comic, the ”young amaterasu” gimmick is actually the reason I’m avoiding that game, not looking like a sequel I’d loike, but that’s just my oppinion

  27. Gadoink says:

    It’s like there were two punchlines!

  28. yeah568 says:

    NCG! Would be funny if the cover has the IGN watermark again. 😀

  29. Also-

    1) I second having panel 3 as a wallpaper if you’re up to it. very nice.

    2) You might want to keep the DS boxart available (without the 9.5 and IGN watermark) I have a feeling Capcom might need it.

    I’d suggest keeping it with the Mario Kart replacement cover, but I don’t seem to see that anywhere on the site anymore…?

  30. Wyrm says:

    This is my second time reading the comic, and because I don’t remember how I felt the first time I read it I’ll just post my second reaction.

    I don’t have any strong feelings for this comic one way or another.

  31. Loooca says:

    Forget about the whole comic — THAT THIRD PAPENL ;D It makes me all sorts of happy (of The Cute), I really like what you’ve done with it, Ray. Adding the IGN watermark is only natural, but I still liked it.

    @ the stickers: So true. The Virgin store in my area has these and their overly large electric-tags at the back. When you flip a DS game, you can’t even read the description.

  32. Cindy Dalfovo says:

    I want the third panel as a wallpaper, please please:333

  33. Cheeseball701 says:

    That is one detailed sales chart!

  34. BadnikHunter says:

    Oh my, I just realized the epic logo.

  35. ChromeKiller599 says:

    I’m rising from my grave!

    NCG although the Sonic wedding comic will always be the best in my mind.
    The podcasts are always great and your comics are incredibly consistent. Thanks Guys!

  36. Luka Tuka says:

    Is that the tf2 logo in the sales chart?

  37. Kyzin says:

    Of course it failed. The only selling point was the cute anime eyes, and without that, what could they do?

  38. Mirby says:

    How the hell did I not hear about this? Once I heard about the original, I knew the franchise was perfect for DS and Wii! And now it’s both?

  39. The Sentient Cloud says:

    Then Chuggaaconroy boosted the game’s sales by doing a Let’s Play of it…

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