2P START! Live!: Orson Welles Masterpiece Edition


RayIn this episode you’ll hear the worst ABC news story ever, what’s right and wrong in the world of modding, Twitter the Movie, Ray and Tim get a bit sentimental about the site, and how frail our scrolling fingers have become.


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  1. randomperson says:

    awesome 1rst

  2. Highwater Trousers says:

    Sweet! Been looking foward to this!

  3. randomperson says:

    sorry but i forgot to add this for musical misfits you should do frogs theme

  4. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    I really enjoyed this Topic of the Week. Ray explained his reasons for modding/hacking almost exactly how I use mine. I also highly agree with Tim and his situations when he emulates a game for his Wii. The three or four games that I currently have on my SD Card are ones that I currently can’t download from the Wii Shop Channel. If they become available, I’d be fine with deleting them and actually buying them.

    After lwelyk told me about this ABC story, I had a feeling that it’d end up as a BDA. While both Metroid Prime and Citizen Kane were revolutionary in their own areas, the way in which Micheal Thompson were compared really didn’t make any sense at all. The video itself is hilarious, especially the final comparison between Rosebud and Samus’ face appearing in her visor.

    Finally, Great Podcast Guys! The discussions and banter were fantastic this week, as were the Remix and Musical Misfit. I also really liked how you put that Rosebud there at the very end. 🙂

  5. SuperSonicGoku says:

    Great podcast guys, really loved the Black dooms! With the government making us twitter every 5 seconds, imagine doing that while “having fun”. Awkward much? And with the twitter movie, “It’s time to kickass and tweet the deets. And i’m all out of charecters” and “hail to the tweet king, baby” and samus lost her parents. The phazon raised her.

  6. A) I would have to agree about the use of homebrew and hacks, though I’m perfectly satisfied not using them at all. While legality has a lot to do with it, there’s also a part of me that thinks, hey there weren’t pirated ROMS and emulators when I was a broke gamer kid, why should there be for you?

    B) re: Twitter ‘movie’: was the whole Bruce Willis thing a complete coincidence or actually a subconscious reference to the recent Surrogates movie?

    C) You know, I actually never knew the space bar advanced scrolling. So… thanks Eddie! I’ll probably stick with the scroll wheel though…

  7. Highwater Trousers says:

    Hilarious podcast! I’m going to have to say that the ABC story was the best section, even though the Twitter movie was great. I bet that the second choice for Citizen Kane’s video game partner would have been Pong. Think about it:

    Narrator: The game Pong had such a strong ambience as one could feel the vast emptiness and lonlieness of the black void. *start playing the Pong bleeps* Alone, players experienced the desperate struggle against a deadly opponent who rivaled them in skill, power, and intelligence. *bleep* In it, there was a sense of loss when the little white “ball” blazed past the player’s defense and was lost in the great abyss of darkness. *bleep* Players were met with strong emotions – fear, anger, vengeance, and in the end… victory.

    …Anyways, I did see a bright glimpse of myself in a game once. I stared at a black screen while the game loaded and saw my reflection.

    • Highwater Trousers says:

      I just thought of this – maybe the color splotch on the girls shirt IS an attempt to remove a logo. Maybe they used Ray’s logo… It could explain how Ray found this game and wasn’t there already a joke about how Ray’s logo was stolen?

    • bigmomma says:

      That was hilarious! I laughed so hard….Especially since I remember the early days of Pong when that was the only game in town…literally, you had to go to a bar or some place to play it.
      Kind of like Citizen Kane, You had to go to a theater to see it when it first came out. Uh oh.. I’m dating myself. (Where’s that sled….)

      • Highwater Trousers says:

        Thanks! For a while I thought I was just rambling. Some other games that I thought might have worked were Pitfall or maybe Pac-man, but Pong is just classic. Although mine seemed a little similar to the 8-bit Tim and Ray, guest Pong comic.

  8. Apkinesis says:

    Another awesome Podcast! The Remix was epic — it would fit perfectly in the Turtles in Time remake, whenever that comes out. Nice Topic of the Week too; I completely agree with everything mentioned there and don’t have much to add to that. And never thought I’d say this, but we need a Twitter movie staring Bruce Willis now 😀

    Tim’s Black Doom Award… Just, wow. The whole news report sounded like the guy only had half an hour to throw a review together and just made up creative “connections” between his current favorite game and Citizen Kane. I mean, the connections were quite creative, but totally irrelevant and pointless. In regard to Samus’s loss though, as a total Metroid nerd, I have to play devil’s advocate and mention that she did lose her parents (and the rest of her human colony) as well as her Chozo caretakers (and the rest of their former home of planet Zebes) all to the Space Pirates before the events of Metroid 1 — though I guess if we’re referring to just the scope of the Prime Trilogy, then yeah, pretty much all she lost was a bunch of abilities at the start of the game.

  9. roadjcat says:

    Okay I had some small minor points, but I’m going to start with this: really, you guys seriously need to play Metroid some more. Did I hear Tim correctly? That Metroid is not about the atmosphere? What games are you people playing!?! And Halo has about ten times more contact with people than Metroid does. Personally, I think the comparison thing is weird, but it felt like that whole time you were bashing the Metroid Prime Trilogy (Echoes is crap though XD). And what has Samus lost!?!? How about how she lost her whole family when she was 3! How about how she personally had to kill the three hunters she met during Corruption!? I’m not saying the Metroid Prime Trilogy is some historical masterpiece that will be forever remembered as the best game ever, but you could at least try to give it a little more credit. Though the narrator was kind of stupid, and the bit about Samus’ reflection was bizarre.

    As for the minor points:
    1. So some more SA2 music for the topic of the week. Reminded me of Rouge again.
    2. Rise From Your Grave image came up early in case you want to know.
    3. Just out of curiosity, how many people other than me have this site as their homepage?
    4. Why does that sleepover game have Wi-Fi? 0_o

  10. Kvb says:

    1. This was a particularly hilarious podcast! Maybe my favorite. (Even better than “Sonic and the Black Doom Edition”!?)
    The Twitter jokes, the roleplay and Citizen Kane. Great stuff!

    2. Now that you mention it, by the way: What are your religious views? Just curious.

    3. Misfit Suggestion:
    The Precipice – Rayman 2.

    Rayman 2’s music is pretty awesome in general. It had a very unique style, and made a clever mixture between organic sounding beats and techno music.
    Some music might even be useful to you. I think The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava would make a pretty good Creepy Comments theme, for example.

  11. Snifit says:

    Good podcast guys. I really enjoyed the Topic of the Week. I agree. I have Homebrew Channel on my Wii for two reasons:
    1) Texture hacks in Brawl
    2) To play games like Tatsunoko vs Capcom or Another Code R which are unavailable in the US.
    I too would draw a line at download and burning games. I actually imported Tatsunoko vs Capcom, haven’t yet for Another Code though. As for emulators I would only use it for things unreleased on Virtual Console. Also I think a valid thing to consider with Homebrew Channel is the amount of games for it. Seeing a version of Duck Hunt which uses the Wiimote or a Wii based Portal game is awesome and hacking is the only way to get that.
    Ray I agree with your Black Doom. Why is there a diamond in the I in Girls but not in life? Why put one in the L. What the crap?
    The ABC new report was very ridiculous. I love Metroid Prime and the Trilogy, but there is no way it’s the Citizen Kane of video games. That was a hillarious section though.

    And Tim, as someone who works with voice actors, I think you do a fine job.

  12. The Gastronomic Gamer says:

    Aww, there was so much in my call that was left out! There was chatting about shirts, episode 100, Sonic and the Secret Rings…

    Well, at least I was on the show. I had a great time talking for my own sake too.

  13. blaster says:

    I sometimes download games for my DS… Those I can’t get in my region, such as Scriblenauts
    You want people to DISLIKE your comic?!
    You guys are really into those RP thingy.
    At least Ray is.
    Everything can be compared. The difference is that makes sense or not.
    In this case, it doesn’t.
    So, any idea for Ep.100? Second Knobby award maybe?

  14. Loooca says:

    Enjoyed the podcast, as always (:. Though wow, Tim, kudos for watching that and not flinging something at the TV/computer screen.

    I don’t think Metroid is the issue here — no matter what game they picked, this whole comparison would still look… well, stupid. I can’t help but laugh at how serious they made this sound. When will games be decently (and correctly) portrayed on TV, I wonder.

    And, as a girl, that game directly insults me in SO MANY WAYS, I can’t even begin. That’s besides the horrid cover. And why is Nintendo’s logo comes with a green background?

  15. Keja says:

    aww… I was going for a three-features-in-a-row. If only I’d got that comment of the week.

    And also, the file size of the podcast is rather big this week. It took me so long to download it I fell asleep and had to listen to it in the morning.

  16. Yeah! Comment of the week! What an awesome surprise!

    However, for the love of the mushroom kingdom, Ray needs to stop pronouncing Smash Bros. as though it rhymes with ‘grows’ and instead as though it rhymes with ‘others’

  17. Narnian says:

    Another excellent podcast guys! I would definitely go see Twitter: The Movie. The news bit had me laughing too. Oh media, what is your deal with video games? It’s either how video games are going to turn all children into serial killers or…this. Anyway, great discussions, hilarious Black Dooms. Keep up the good work!

  18. Wyrm says:

    There’s a little problem in that during suggestion box, it switches to rise from your grave right in the middle. Otherwise, great podcast ^^.

  19. BadnikHunter says:

    Awesome podcast guys! Metroid Prime Trilogy is the video game equivalent to Citizen Kane?!? Wtf?

    Also, for a Musical Misfit suggestion: Earthbound: Sky Runner

  20. I’m pretty sure that it’s perfectly legal to get a ROM(copy of a game that you can use to play on emulators) as long as you have the hard copy of a game already. The only restriction is that you can’t like download 5 ROMs of the same game and give it to your friends unless they also have the game in their collection.

  21. Supersonic24 says:

    Wait, so how did Ray get to that pic? I know Tim already asked but come on, face the truth ray!

  22. Supersonic24 says:

    Sorry for the lateness, but I want my first Musical Misfits request to be awesome! Rowdy Rumble from Kingdom Hearts 2 (do you like that series btw?) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGsLkQ0vRgc

  23. TheLupineOne says:


  24. ­ says:

    I am playing LttP in an emulator on my Computer. I own LttP for the SNES, GBA, and Virtual Consol for the Wii. So I really like this game. I have bought it 3 times, but my DS and GBA both have broken sholder buttons and the GBA one was easier, so when playing on the Go I can use the one on my laptop. If they were to allow you to buy the SNES game for an emulator for the computer I would probably definitely buy it.
    That is a lot of bad Twitter jokes. Your comic was a good Twitter Joke.
    I use a laptop and that little thing between the g, h and b key and it basically involves no effort to scroll with it. You just have to leave your finger in place and it will keep scrolling. Why do people not like those thing? The longer the comic the less pressure it takes to scroll the same amount.
    Sure as Uranium looks like it.
    What Metroid Prime? Seriously? Metriod Prime is a first person shooter. First Person Shooters are the current fad game. Its like saying the best platformer was the best game 10 years or so again. I love the 2D Metroids but the Prime series isn’t as good to me.
    Wow really? Wow…
    The Chozos? They RAISED Samus. Please learn the back story. I think he is talking about the reflection of the face. I don’t know about in the movie, which if memory serves first happend when fighting the Chozo ghosts (Samus was raised by Chozo’s remember) which compleatly contradicts what he said earlier mind you.

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