If it Ain’t Broke…

TimTruth be told, most of you handled the 47 panel comic better than I expected. However, the comic’s sheer size caused issues with our iPhone users, Kotaku’s page format, and scroll wheels everywhere, which allowed us to poke fun of ourselves a bit this week while incorporating a pre-2pstart comic idea from Ray’s college days. Needless to say, we’re not changing the format. We’ve mentioned on the podcast that we like the vertical format as it lends an element of surprise to our more visual punchlines. I’d go so far as to say that the format is an integral part of what makes 2P START! what it is, as it allows Ray to add fun side jokes and details in the artwork and it influences the way in which we implement punchlines as well.

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  1. blaster says:

    the sprited panel was epic, man.
    2P start- 8 bit edition… sounds like a good a idea to me

  2. The DarkStar says:

    Kotaku didn’t link you? What a drama!

  3. Sypher says:

    Good on you guys, I didn’t think negatively of last weeks comic

    Any one who would complain (other than iphone users/ they’re not people):
    Click middle button and move mouse down slowly.
    Pressing the spacebar on a page normally scrolls
    And you have arrow keys for that too

  4. Lilguitarist says:


    Tim shouting at Ray was a personal highlight.
    Also, good to know you can have a go at people about whinging (i.e. the podcast) while still poking fun at yourself.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Lilguitarist says:

    Sorry for the double post, but I wanted to add that the three panels joke was very clever and very funny. Took me a while to get, but when I did I lol’d.

  6. randomperson says:

    great comic guys

  7. Mikallein says:

    yeary nice

  8. randomperson says:

    its a 2p continued!

  9. pcargill says:

    NCG, but if this is turning into a series can it not be like DBZ where only 1/3 of the whole show is for the actual episode?

  10. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Haha, Awesome Comic Guys! It’s always fun when comics can poke fun at themselves (and their readers). I really enjoyed when splitting the panel into three caused multiple Tims and Rays. 🙂

  11. Snifit says:

    Good Comic. Its always nice to see people who can laugh at themselves.
    And I agree, the vertical hold is part of the 2pStartness. Don’t let it go away.

  12. mocliamtoh says:

    NCG. I don’t think I’ve seen a comic that pokes fun at the comic format that I didn’t like. for example this 8-bit theater comic. Bear in mind that it follows a continuing storyline, but you can appreciate the take on the comic format just the same.

    About that three panel panel, I liked how Ray’s shirt from panel 3 pops into panel 2. I also liked the pixel panels…I wonder what pixelated Dr Pepper (no period) tastes like.

  13. roadjcat says:

    SCG! Loved the phone call at the end. That’s now, what, the fourth time that image has been used? And now I want to know what the tiny panels say.

  14. Dominator_101 says:

    Awesome comic! I loved pretty much every panel. Though a few were too small on my iPod, but… Oh wait… that was the point…
    Especially loved the Side-by-side part and how Ray’s sholder is sticking into the second panel.
    And the 8-bit panel: Pure awesome.

    I think this one would be great to act out. That is, if Tim is up to it… Not sure how you could emphasize the 8-bit part unless Ray has some awesome filter he could use.

  15. Nebula427 says:

    Nice comic. I like the three panel section as well but what is Tim doing in that third panel? Is he sitting on the floor. Has the shock of changing his perspective on the world upset him that much? Tragic.

  16. BadnikHunter says:

    Oh my, Ray has broken the very fabric of reality. He has a magical Mac that can alter the world! I am afraid of the powers of Ray..

    • FrostByte says:

      Comment of the week?
      Also, NCG.

      • Dominator_101 says:

        Now that you said something his chances have probably gone down.

      • BadnikHunter says:

        Why do I have a feeling that now Dominator’s comment will get CotW?

      • CKcheeseboy says:

        But maybe now you’ll get it…or I will for continuing it even longer.

        …But seriously, whenever somebody posts “this should be comment of the week” it never gets picked, so don’t bother.

        [spoiler]And no offense, but usually I don’t find the comments people post that for all that great anyway.[/spoiler]

  17. Gadoink says:

    That was amazingly epicly amazingly amazing.

  18. Apkinesis says:

    Very nice! Kind of reminds me of Strong Bad’s Virus Email (which was one of my favorites). The pixelated panel was cool, and the three panels side-by-side was genius.

    • tustin2121 says:

      I love that sbemail. I was shocked the first time I saw it as he ran out of the frame. I forgot to add it to my list below, and there’s no edit button! 🙁 Oh well, still awesome comic. 🙂

  19. Narnian says:

    “Who said that?” You’ll never look at horizontal comics the same way again. NCG!

  20. Highwater Trousers says:

    Now this is just a theory, but is 2PSTART! going to create the end of the world? Last week, the world’s population was crippled as they sprained their fingers trying to scroll through the comic and this week people are once again injured as they strain their eyes trying to read the small panels. On top of this, iPhones were running into issues and do I see multiple Tims and Rays all in the same room at the same time? Soon, the world will be filled with sprained-fingered and almost blind people trying to navigate the web on their glitching iPhones by using the tips of their noses. Then, the whole multiple Tims and Rays will lead to a tear in the space time continuum and everything will be dragged into the dark abyss of nothing!

    Or my other theory about how this is a great comic to follow-up last week’s is correct. Yeah, I’ll go with this theory. Great comic guys!

  21. tustin2121 says:

    BRILLIANT!!! I LOVE fourth wall breaking, self referential jokes! That’s what I loved about Banjo-Tooie (“The sign-ups for the tournament were going on last game!”), that’s what I like about Fight Club (which I just finished watching, “Oh, flash back humor, funny”), that’s what I ADORE about this comic!! I LOVE the triple panel joke the most! 😀 YAY FOR NO 4TH WALL!!! 😀 😀 😀

  22. Ryman says:

    Sorry, I’ve been busy with College and stuff and haven’t been able to comment as much as normal, so, to make up for it, I was going to do one of my famous analysis. Unfortunantely, somebody (-cough- Highwatertrousers -cough-) beat me to it. Darn you!!!!

    And you really need to make Tim under the desk in the fetal postition a wallpaper! I laughed at the voices in his head! Though, I was creeped out at the same time becuase I thought he wasn’t wearing clothes till I looked a little closer. (I hope I didn’t just open a flood gate there. >.<)

  23. TheNinjaMouse says:

    Whoa, 2P Start has entered the Twilight Zone! Nothing quite like reality-bending humor. Thanks for the great comic, guys!

  24. freeplay says:

    wow, i love the shadows, are you doing something new with your light effects Ray? Keep it up.

    I’m starting two gaming web sites, one is already up, it’s called ’13 year old smart gamer’
    ( http://13smartgamer.wordpress.com/ ).
    The other isn’t up yet, it’s a webcomic called all 4 gaming.

  25. Kyzin says:

    Nicely done, though I expected a comic book style as well.

  26. D3vin says:

    Cool, Now all need is a panel that scrolled by itself and this would be good.

  27. Acgamer says:

    This comic was great, but the side-by-side panels were HILARIOUS.

    Next time I hear something when no one else is around, I can assume it’s someone in the previous panel of life. Or a ghost. Or the furnace. Yeah, probably the last one.

    Awesome comic.

  28. kow8675309 says:

    I am rising from my grave….

    Hey guys, been reading for the past what has it been a year maybe more and I love all of your comics I’m always checking back here just waiting for the next one to come out sorry it took me so long to comment I don’t usually do this but anyway keep up the good work and I’ll be waiting until the next update


  29. Lurkero says:

    Don’t worry Tim and Ray, regardless of the complaints of some people, there are still fans who come back every week. I thought the 47 panels was excessive, but it was obvious what you were trying to do. This comic being the result of that is even better because it’s funny.

    And yes, unidirectional comics are better.

  30. TomX says:

    Haha, the horiziontal thing works for some comics and the vertical for others. Heck, single panal works for some comics. 2P Starts thing is definitely vertical and should remain as such. Great comic as usual! I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to read it on a Wednesday for the first time ever since I’ve been a reader as my power was out all day due to storms. Luckily, it just came back. Ah Sacramento…

  31. CKcheeseboy says:

    Ray, you really need to redecorate. I mean, come on, besides your clothes, the entire comic looks like your standard HD game, now with over 20 different shades of gray. Just add some bloom lighting to everything and you’re all set.

    (Speaking of which, who’s house is it? Ray’s computer is there, but Sarah was playing Wii Fit in the same house. Yet Tim and Ray consistently have to call each other over matters, so they obviously don’t live together. That seems to be a major continuity error from where I’m sitting. Come on, Ray, I thought you were all over the little details. Tsk tsk.)

  32. Rob McKeena says:

    Great comic, and the format is just how this comic should be. There should definitely not be any changes to it.

  33. thisismax says:

    Great comic guys! I love the 3-panel section gag.

  34. Tacos says:

    Well done. Well done indeed. And definitely keep the comic the way it is. Just try to keep the panel count under 20. That’s not too hard, is it?

    And new shirts.

    • D3vin says:

      Or maybe a Some hats, or some refrigerator magnets. Or action figures! Tim and Ray action figures would be fun.
      [spoiler]*pretends to play with them*
      “He is Tim” “and he is Ray”
      *glances back and forth*
      *makes them kiss*

      Nobody saw that.[/spoiler]

  35. Dark_Devin says:

    NCG but I think ray is wearing the sonic shoes that hold the gems(that you never use in the game XD). Anyways, I enjoy scrolling, it makes me feel like I’m getting more for my visit. Just wondering though, if ray really heard his voice in that next panel would it be so high and nasally that he had to ask who said it?

  36. Tal says:

    Long time reader, first time commenter, blah, blah, onward!

    Another good one, though I’ll admit it took me a while to get the three-panel part (I’m slow like that). Have to admit I like the vertical format too, plus it makes scene transition more smooth.

    On a side note, you guys are now the only web-comic I watch. Guess it helps that this is one of the rare few web-comics that is both funny and family-friendly. =D

    • tustin2121 says:

      Here at 2P Start, we call you people “Grave-risers”. If you listened to the Podcast, you would understand. 🙂

  37. trickfred says:

    Another long time reader, first time poster.

    Screw Kotaku. I thought it was awesome that you did every single panel, it really drove home the point of the panel. The more I had to scroll, the more I laughed. The joke should be first and foremost, all other considerations secondary. 😀

  38. Evan says:

    Don’t change a thing guys, your stuff is hilarious!

  39. Dry Bones says:

    My finger hurts from scrolling through all these comments 🙂

    • Dry Bones says:

      Seriously though, this comic was great! I especially liked the suddle little jokes in the tiny panels and the 3 horizontal panels. Awesome job, guys!

  40. Keja says:

    The first panel looked good, and I appreciated you noticing my severely damaged scrolling finger. But when I realised there was more than two panels I had to stop to rest. my doctor strongly advised against reading any more webcomics with vertical panels because of the extra stain it causes to my already severely damaged finger. This seems to me to be a sneaky second attack on your readers’ hands, but as I find you guys funny, I will not sue you.

  41. 285 says:

    I shall consider myself grave-risen
    I have been following this comic from episode 12 (the brawl audition comic) and it has been a highlight of my week ever since (even though a considerable demographic of them (about 1 in 10) have not been to my tastes)
    Over the past few weeks I have been listening to the podcasts and I have now listened to them all up to episode 91 (Just 7 more to go)
    This comic has a very innotive twist to it and in my books it’s one of the best

  42. wendy says:

    Might I suggest you add some previous next buttons at the top of comic as well. This allows people to move back and forth without having to scroll down. Additionally if someone falls behind they don’t have to accidentally see a punch line while trying to find out where they left off. I’ve suggested this to a lot of web comics I read, and most of them have implemented it, actually only one has not (I’m looking at you Scott Kurtz), and found it to be a plus.

  43. The Gastronomic Gamer says:

    Okay, I give up. No matter how hard I try with various applications, I cannot figure out what Tim is saying in the first tiny panel. Now I’ll just stay up countless nights trying to figure out what’s there. Maybe it’s nothing at all, but pixelated letters meaning nothing. Whatever it is, it will haunt me to eternity.

  44. The Gastronomic Gamer says:

    No, it wouldn’t make sense if the first time was, “I said, It’s too small,” nor could it be, “It’s too small,” because there are clearly five words.

  45. D3vin says:

    The logo makes me think of those tinier versions of food, like those 100-calorie packs.
    Bite-sized 2P START!

  46. FluffyPanda says:

    Woo Hoo, another comic layout joke. I like.

  47. Kilburn says:

    Good comic. Loved the horizontal strip and I like the pixelized panel as well

    Anyway, Ray, I’ve got a question for you: I’ve got a Blackberry Curve. I’ve been thinking of an iPhone 3g upgrade since I’m eligible for the early upgrade discount. Would I be better off just keeping the Curve and buying an iPod Touch or should I get the iPhone?

  48. Kvb says:

    I’m really the only one who doesn’t like this comic?

    Ah well. Sucks to be me, then, I suppose.

    • The Gastronomic Gamer says:

      I mean, I didn’t like it overall either, but I loved the, “Too much detail?” joke. Actually, I found the punchline to be lacking and most of it wasn’t too amusing. The reason that I withheld judgment is that I’m scared of Tim and Ray kicking me out of their fan club.

    • CKcheeseboy says:

      I didn’t necessarily not like it, but I didn’t find it that great. I usually just don’t post if I have nothing to say other than “good one” or “not so good one”.

  49. Gadoink says:

    Did you guys hear about the Spore movie?

    Just a possible thing to mention on the podcast this week.

  50. 285 says:

    I went through the blog yesterday and there are so many things that have been forgotten Remember 2P Start’s Myminicity?

  51. Puzzlechain says:


    I’m rising from my grave…

    I’m a reader since your first comic, and I’ve read every single one of them. You two do your stuff great, Tim and Ray! (Your portfolio is also very interesting, Ray)

    I also like your Podcasts, but I don’t always have the time to listen to them. I only listened to a bit more than 20 podcasts, but I always had something to laugh.

    There are three reasons, why I have risen from my grave:

    The first is, I’m sick today and don’t have to work. So I’ve listened to your podcasts, while working on my website…

    The second is, that hearing you two talking about Twitter and 360, and then about making a movie with the plot about Twitter, kind of gave me the idea to write a script for such a movie – and film it. But I won’t do it unless I’ll get your permission, since you guys started talking about Twitter… 😀

    And the third is pretty simple – I’ve slept long enough.

    So, best regards from switzerland! (that’s next to germany, france and italy)

    • Tim says:

      You have our blessing to make the Twitter Film, as long as it’s awesome and we get to see it when you’re done!

      • Puzzlechain says:

        That’s great! This may be our first movie in english, then. It’ll be in Youtube HD and under 7 minutes… but still enjoyable.

        But before that, we have to do the first episode of “Super Fish” (german, though). =o

  52. Talduras says:

    Okay, can’t keep quiet about this one anymore, especially when no one seems to have noticed this.

    Is it just me or is Ray’s hand going ghost in the last panel as he’s holding the iPhone? What’s the deal with that? We had the fabric of reality broken with his iMac in several of the previous panels, so is his iPhone now making him go invisible, or turn into a ghost (Danny Phantom, anyone?), or disappear from existence? Or is it even the iPhone itself? Perhaps this is what happens when you hold the iPhone too close to the iMac when it’s receiving a phone call?

    Truly the power of Apple hardware is not fully understood, and Ray will unleash a terrible doom upon this world when he inadvertently activates five pieces of Apple hardware in the same room at the same time, which combine to form a giant mecha that bends reality and makes people either pixelate, turn into ghosts, duplicate, or turn into Kirbies… man, that actually sounds like a fun apocalypse. Sure beats the standard fire, death and destruction! =D

  53. Myuu says:

    Scrolling? What about all the LOADING. No sympathy for people stuck with dial-up because they live out where there is no high speed internet available except for the obscenely overpriced cell-phone type wireless modems and satellite internet.

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