2P START! Live!: Who’s Counting? Edition


RayTim’s back for a return to normal, Ray gets a tad sentimental, favorite Nintendo consoles named, and a Black Doom Award that might give you cancer.


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  1. pcargill says:

    i havent listened to it yet, but im going to guess its either funny or disturbing from the pictures above…

  2. Keja says:

    Wow… I think club nintendo might feature in this weeks black doom award.

    Stay tuned for more of Keja’s time wasting observations.

  3. Burnflare says:

    It seems like everything gives you cancer these days.

  4. Definitely can’t get enough 2P podcast; but you’re right, better that than feeling overloaded with it!

    I would also have to agree that the GameCube is probably my favorite of the Nintendo consoles, with the Wii and SNES tied for second. The main reasons I would say GCN is that
    1 – it was the first console I actually bought myself (everything from Coleco onward had been a gift or joint purchase), and
    2 – it was the first console generation in which I went with Nintendo first, therefore giving it a longer life compared to subsequent system purchases.
    3 – also, lived in college dorms at the time so it got a lot of Smash Bros Melee play =]

  5. OMGITSJAD says:

    – *hears a hypnotizing voice in the podcast*

    – I can relate with the Youtube stuff too, I’m doing a Let’s Play and I always welcome more views. xD

    – 1 million hits…Fred…*shudder*

    – This comic always does change, except for some stuff. It’s always great though. Unless it’s Baddest Company…according to Ray. 😛

    – Cancer for $7?! Must buy now!

    – That crown looks like something made by a 5-year old in arts-n-crafts. I mean, the jewels are obviously cheap, and I swear it’s made out of paper of something by the look of it…plus there’s a crease in the side that is shown off.

    – Girls are weird. There’s a webcomic out there where it’s like “That jock from school is looking in my window with binoculars! He’s so dreamy!!”, then she’s like, “Oh yea. That nerd with pimples asked me out. He’s so gross and creepy!”

    – I was in the special ending of the podcast?! 😀

  6. Highwater Trousers says:

    Great podcast, though please forgive me, I have several thoughts coming to mind. This might be long post, sorry.

    1. Not liking a comic because I don’t get the joke. Strangely enough, I read the Family Circus today and for the life of me, I couldn’t understand it. I didn’t find the comic funny, but I didn’t blame the comic. I ended up blaming myself for missing something and proceeded onto the other comics.

    2. The Modern Warfare 2 airport level. Well, it’s hard to defend such a level, but I really can’t see how to make it tasteful. Yes, they could have created a different scenario and it might have worked well. However, a game based on war would probably avoid being tasteful. I mean, war is never clean, non-offensive, or safe for that matter. Is the disgust people feel when playing this the developers’ achievement? Was it their goal? What I’m more worried about is the people who play this game and go on to post about how if the didn’t kill virtual people, then they would do it in real life. Now these people are scary. Oh, the Fox News Report was actually kind of useless on both ends. I think it was about 5 minutes long and it really didn’t do anything for either party. They did do a web article and that one was more accurate, but how many people would look it up on the web if it’s on television?

    3. Cancer-causing boxers. I wouldn’t worry too much about this. Isn’t this what the Remedy candy bar is for? I guess people should be thankful that the boxer’s tag gave this warning. Can you imagine if people received a notification weeks later about this problem?

    • Supersonic24 says:

      Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t read the tags (I don’t), so it’s possible that they hurt a lot of people.

    • Well hey, it’s only known in the State of California to cause cancer. Don’t get it Tim!

    • CKcheeseboy says:

      I wouldn’t worry about the boxers too much. A, there are only traces of the substance, B, if it was really that bad you’d think more than just CA would want to warn you, and C, how exactly would the ink give you the cancer? I mean, unless the ink can be absorbed through your skin and into your blood stream or something, you don’t just all of a sudden have cancer. So they’re probably safe.

      • Highwater Trousers says:

        I actually read the tags on clothes. I sometimes save the tags if it has some sort of cool art or something worth saving. Other cases I cut it off before I put it on.

        Perhaps the state of California is the only state aware of such a problem. Let’s just wait and see if this erupts into a catastrophe… “Tonight at 11:00. These knock-out boxers might just be the punch-out of the holidays, but they also might provide a deadly K.O. Also, see the baby that saved a local orphanage.”

        Could the ink be absorbed through the skin? Maybe. Direct contact with your bloodstream? Good chance. The boxers aren’t 100% cotton. *insert exaggerated voice* Rough material could cause a cut on someone’s leg and next thing you know… For the record, I’m not making fun of cancer in any way. I’m just mocking this Black Doom deserving product.

      • CKcheeseboy says:

        Yeah, but I’m also speculating on how this substance gives you cancer. For all I know, to give you cancer the substance may need to be ingested, which hopefully wouldn’t happen. I don’t know what the substance is, though, so I can’t even Google it to find out the supposed method of giving you cancer. And apparently they didn’t think it was important enough to actually tell you on the tag what the substance was in case you wanted to know more info (seen here).

        And it depends. There’s “I know somebody that has cancer”, which is definitely not ok to make fun of, and the overblown media stories of “Could your own face be giving you cancer? Shocking new revelations at 11!”, which is totally OK to make fun of, and this falls under the latter, so it’s fine.

      • Highwater Trousers says:

        While we don’t know what kind of ink they used, I do recall many inks used in pens used to contain certain carcinogenic elements. While technically safe, the ink would be absorbed by the skin and many of these elements would be absorbed as well. Although, I think you had to write a lot of stuff on your skin for anything remotely minor to happen. Today’s pens might not be dangerous, I hope, but we could still apply the same logic.

        If the ink is able to be absorbed through the skin, then a prolonged exposure to the ink could prove deadly. In addition, the ink would have direct contact with the skin for practically hours at end. So, the ink on the boxers could cause cancer, if the ink has direct contact with the skin during a period of time in which enough of the ink’s carcinogenic components could enter the body. This is all a theory, but searching for “cancer causing ink” yields poor results.

  7. sheppy says:

    Good podcast, just gotta say one thing on the MW2 stuff. Well, a couple things.

    1. It’s an M rated game. I don’t understand how we can accept killing of ANY characters in any game including the comically overdone Fatalities but suddenly make it an innocent person and this is a step too far. I mean GTA built it’s franchise on on innocent deaths. The problem I see with the scene is in the simple fact that it didn’t have the emotional impact they claimed they wanted because the entire game plays like The Rock + Terminator level of stupidity instead of The Siege level of emotional content. The main failure in that scene in it’s execution was childish and lacking the purpose they wanted.

    2. You CANNOT attempt to differentiate AO and M ratings and here is why. Who will allow an AO rated game on their machine? No one. Who will stock and AO rated game? No one. Who benefits from an AO rating? No one. Until brick and mortar stores as well as Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft quite treating AO ratings as a defacto ban, that’s what the rating is there for. It’s not as some more extreme version of M which is what it really should be, it’s a game banning. Which is ironic because the very same stores wanting to take the moral majority high ground on banning an AO rated game from their store will willingly stock an Unrated version of American Pie: Lewd Sex With Pastry Party IV. Until AO is no longer a game bannable offense, it means the limits of M get pushed ever further. But you’re playing an M rated game, you’re supposed to be a big boy anyway.

  8. Aaron90 says:

    Probably 6 years ago, I wouldn’t have really thought anything of the airport scene in Modern Warfare 2, but now, I’m much more heroic in gaming I guess, today I’d probably be kind of “But I don’t want to kill the people!”.
    Admitedlly, I havent really bothered with the game, I haven’t played it or really want too.
    Not because of moral’s of killing innocent people while dressed as a terrorist to get to the Big Bad. Just lack of interest in the game itself.

    I laughed at “This is wrong!” While meleeing people to death.

  9. roadjcat says:

    1. I’d have to say the Gamecube is probably my favorite console as well.

    2. And yeah, I’d rather have good 2D graphics than bad 3D ones.

    3. Okay, now I want to talk about the “No Russian” terrorist mission in Modern Warfare 2, having personally played it twice. I had absolutely no issues with it whatsoever, and this coming from a person who wouldn’t even think about touching an M game for the longest time. That mission is absolutely essential to the story progression. Perhaps it’s weird for them to make you play it, but honestly, you don’t have to shoot any civilians if you don’t want to. And plus when you notice you’ve just shot the same woman about 4 times the “It’s a video game” thing kicks in. Not only that, but the game gives you a warning about it and you don’t have to play it. And there are absolutely no achievements within the mission. You don’t even get one for completing it. When taken out of context, like it seems everyone has, yes it’s pretty bad, but in context it makes sense and is not over the top and is the reason for the whole rest of the game. If you take that mission out, I just don’t see how the rest of the game could pull together. Yes they mowed down people in an airport, but that’s kinda the behavior a terrorist epitomizes. The whole scenario also makes much more sense at the end of the game. You can’t just take it out of the game and say how awful it is. I’m actually quite curious, as the case seems to be that the only ones who have issues with that missions are the ones who haven’t played the game; could be wrong though.

    4. Oh and Lakitu? How exactly do you pronounce that? I always thought it was Lack-ih-too

    5. And I think that crown’d be spiffier if it was a Rosalina crown.

    6. Rouge

    • The Gastronomic Gamer says:

      Yeah, I also thought it was weird when he said Lakitu. Of course, I always called Ratattas Rat-a-tats.

      • CKcheeseboy says:

        No, he said Lakitu right. It was “Ocarina” he pronounced wrong (which is an actual word so it actually WAS wrong).

  10. D3vin says:

    *listens to the jingle before the podcast* Ah, Super Mario Land, and by the sound of it, you died. I loved Tim’s Black doom, since that is just weird. It would be good if you got it for a pre-order bonus, but having to buy the game seperately would just be horrible, especially if one of the items gives you cancer.

  11. Talduras says:

    Yikes… THAT’S the box art for Solstice? Creepy. It looks like Dr. Eggman if he were taller, totally ripped, and given more wizardly wear… which apparently involves no shirt so you can show off your anti-stereotypical totally ripped wizard self.

    On a related note, the guy who did the music for Solstice (Tim Follin) also did the music for Silver Surfer, which was featured as Ray’s pick for Musical Misfits about a month ago. Thought I’d mention that bit of trivia.

    Anyway, good podcast.

  12. freeplay says:

    Dude, do you know why Shane Dawson is so popular with 13 year olds? He uses an F-bomb in every sentence. Why do twelve year olds like F-bombs? Well what does the f words mean, and what do 13 year olds want most? There you go. Kind of makes me ashamed to be 13. Is there a way to skip being 13? Could i just be an adult and just stop getting all this instant hate from people like Ray? Why must Shane Dawson, bad sonic games, and Control Alt Delete be blamed on me?

    • D3vin says:

      You are just the scapegoat that the older brother uses when he gets in trouble. “Mawm! Freeplay broke your expensive vase! I am the innocent one! For reals!”
      Something like that. Besides, you will hate being an adult in the real world, trust me, I wish I was 13 just so I don’t have to worry about working to pay the rent and stuff like that.

    • CKcheeseboy says:

      That reminds me: could somebody explain who Shane Dawson is? I can’t tell if I’m living under some sort of rock for not knowing who he is, but from some of the comments about him, it sounds like some of you might want to join me under the rock…

      • freeplay says:

        Shane Dawson is a famous you-tuber who uses a lot of curse words and sex jokes. The only reason i know about him is because my cousin, who is also 13, enjoys his videos immensely. One more thing, yes, i would like to go back under the rock with you.

      • Highwater Trousers says:

        I like it under my rock. Now let me just open Internet Explorer… What?!! Tiger Woods crashed his car? When did this happen?!!

        To be honest, I had no idea who this Dawson person was. Then his videos kept popping up under YouTube’s suggestions. I pretty much ignored them, since just reading his video titles annoyed and offended me. I still haven’t watched his videos and I really hope to keep it this way.

  13. randomperson says:

    hey ever notice that all the grave risers have a patern they discover the site then read it at work and listen every podcast

    other then that the black doom awards are awesome i laughed every second but WHY MARIO under wear or boxers so would mario grab the stars not right

  14. Keja says:

    Wow… those Punch out things look even worse now I know you actually have to pay money for them. I haven’t played the new game, but I don’t remember seeing starman (waiting in the sky etc.) shorts in any of the screenshots. The chocolate bar looks pretty naff too.

    Great podcast By the way guys, and last weeks comic was great too, but I didn’t get a chance to comment then.

  15. Ryman says:

    This is one of the few times you guys (Tim and Ray) got something wrong/ failed to mention something.

    The airport mission was skippable for those who found it distasteful and didn’t want to play. I mean, I’m not goin’ be flaming about it, but it just seems like you guys were condemning it without mentioning that fact.

  16. ­ says:

    You can get cancer simply by existing. Quantum Physics states that your genetrics can randomly mutate making it a cancer cell.
    Yay for physics!
    1) SNES (for Link to the Past and classic 2D plat formers)
    2) Wii (for Virtual Console (Link to the Past) Brawl and NSMBW and Galixy)
    3) NES (for more retro plat formers)
    4) 64 (Zelda, Jet Force Gemini (yes) Excite Bike)
    5) GameCube (Mellie)
    Don’t get me wrong I liked the game cube, note it has a reason its so high up the list even though its at the bottom.

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