2P START! Live!: Sponsored by Christmas Edition


RayWill this be a Christmas podcast to remember? Or simply coal in your stocking? You’ll have to listen to find out! ( seriously though, it’s a blast )


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  1. Highwater Trousers says:

    Yup. Cause nothing says Christmas like 2P START! Live! And hey, don’t you go bashing coal. What did coal ever do to you? Can’t wait to listen.

  2. GX Echidna says:

    I look forward to listening, but dare I point out the hypocrisy in this show’s summary?

    Remembering the discussion from last week (or was it two weeks ago), Ray, just give us an idea if the episode is good or not!

    (Oh, who am I kidding, it will be good.)

    • CKcheeseboy says:

      That’s why you listen to it before commenting. 😉

      Anyways, thanks for the epic comment reading!

      Funny thing was I heard that Mario remix the other day after a link from GoNintendo led me to it, and I was considering mentioning it as a potential remix. Glad to see great minds think alike!

    • GX Echidna says:

      Ah, the joy of indiscernibility of sarcasm on the internet. Merry Christmas, Tim & Ray. Perhaps my New Years resolution should be to look before I leap.

  3. shyguy22 says:

    Hello people of 2pstart i am anouncing that i have risen from my grave

  4. Talduras says:

    Well, starting the Podcast now. Intro thing was brilliant (got a good chuckle =D ), so other than that I’ll save my podcast remarks for later.

    Which means it’s time for my Musical Misfit recommendation! (yay?)

    Going to highlight an entire game soundtrack in this recommendation, since both the game and the music seem to have been forgotten by time (granted, I don’t know what the Xbox Live Arcade statistics were for it). You know, just in case more than two people read skim this comment.

    (note that all these choices have an HD version, so click that HD button to hear it in full awesomeness).

    So, to start off simple, the game is Ikaruga, and my personal recommendation is Final Chapter- The Stone Like, which happens to be the final boss music, perhaps the best final boss music that no one has heard (note: the music in the link went overkill on the looping, so it’s not really 6 minutes long =P ).

    But for such a short game, it had some good music overall. Chapter 4- Reality is another standout, being one of the better level music tracks that perfectly matches the flow of the level, but is in itself a great music track. Chapter 1- Ideal provided a great starting level music that progresses well along with the level. And finally, the last track that I feel is a standout track from the game, end credit music, Epilogue- Spirit Being, which provides a dénouement so soothing that you will almost forget the rather “meh” plot device they used to close out the game, which Treasure seems to put in quite a lot of their games (plot device mentioned in spoiler).

    [spoiler]Just like Gunstar Heroes, they had another one of those “noble sacrifices” where a character (this time the main character) goes all kamakazi to kill the final boss. Oy…[/spoiler]

    So, finished hearing the podcast while typing this (lol!). Good podcast. Seems I will have to see the shortness of Bowser’s Castle in NSMB Wii when I get there.

    • Talduras says:

      Oh my word, I feel like an idiot now. I knew Ikaruga was extremely niche before Xbox Live Arcade release (being released on Dreamcast only in Japan, and later getting a Gamecube version in America), but lo and behold the one platform I didn’t research ends up being the one platform it gets record-setting sales for!

      Oh well. I’m sticking by my suggestion for this round, in the hopes that perhaps it still qualifies given how hard it is to get to the final boss without a megaload of continues and pattern memorizing. =P

  5. Highwater Trousers says:

    I’m going to say that this was a Christmas podcast to remember, but I’m warning everyone that I forget things easily; I only remember the most random of facts and memories. Example: I saw a Mega Man energy drink and thought that it would go nicely with the toe-grab endurance t-shirt. How many miles in a kilometer? I can’t remember.

    2P START! can always use an opening and a closing like “24.” The clock will start ticking to reveal 2P. Then one of you guys can say “previously, on 2P START!” There could be those flashy character intoductions where there’s a still shot of their face and that loud boom before their names appear. Tim could yell the President’s line “I want this taken care of!” and Ray can say Jack’s line about how there isn’t enough time. Although the whole “the following takes place between” bit would be weird. What would it be, between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning? What hours? Will the podcast have breaks where the clock ticks? Will it end right when a Black Doom award is named? Will we be on the edge of our seats wondering why? Is this a crazy idea? Are these too many questions?

    Well, great podcast, but one last question. Does Ray go caroling with his computer or other musical equipment? You know, to make the Christmas songs complete.

  6. Kvb says:

    No podcast next week? Aw man. But next week was supposed to be the annual Post-Christmas Edition Featuring Eddie!

    Speaking of which, what happened to the Games of Christmas Past, Consoles of Christmas Present, and Games of Christmas Yet-to-Come?

  7. blaster says:

    Well, I’m good as long as the advertisement don’t take over EVERYTHING.
    That comment reading was indeed EPIC. XD
    Is tomorrow’s comic really going to be a 54-panel one with a;; those character?

    The BDA…
    I didn’t play NSMBWii yet… But I heard there’s going to be a guide system- which just acts like a life walkthrough. I think that also worth one.

    • randomperson says:

      its called the super guide but it only happens in 1 player mode if you die more than 8 times

  8. freeplay says:

    well, NPG. couple points i want to go over.

    1. I’m getting 2 2pstart shirts(dancing with the stars and pixel vision) and NSMB wii for Christmas.

    2. I Reaaaaaalllyy hate this snow, it slows down my computer soooooo much.

    3. Is there a way to get Ray’s version of white Christmas on it’s own?

    4. Are you expecting me to believe the advertising was Ray’s idea and NOT money hungry Tim?

    Upset about the lack of podcast ext week.

  9. FireSpark says:

    1) Corporate Sponsers? Yea! Now we can start using slur/puns like 2PSellOut! Lies!

    2) @ Tim: While I haven’t yet seen Avatar, and rest assured I will shortly, I can with total certainty say that unobtanium was name given to the fictitious material used to make vehicle from the movie “The Core”. If James Cameron uses it, I will be very disappointed. And just FYI, the show managed to get from “Comic Talk” to “Avatar” by: 1) Ray talking about time issues, 2) Tim inferring his proctolgy issues, 3) Ray mentioning his friend was there, 4) Tim mentions that Ray can’t cuss then just edit it out, 5) Much like Robin Williams who drops F-bombs like there’s no tomorrow, and yet seems like such a clean guy when doing family moves, 6) like Fern Gulley, a movie about brainwashing kids into being tree huggers which 7) Ray states Avatar being the Fern Gulley of 2009.

    See, 7 degrees will get you anywhere.

    3) I do dig the snow. So very Christmas of you all.

    4) My favorite fake fire are the ones being displayed on a plasma TV.

    5) Hey look, Ray’s got a stalker!

    6) This just in! TECMO announces new title made in cooperation with Mantra Films for release in 2011! Coming Soon to a console near you, Dead or Alive: DoA Girls Gone Wild! Now with single button controller schemes for ease fo use!


  10. Super Mario’s Sleigh Ride is a great find from OC Remix. I found it some time last year and had the enjoyment of watching my family roll their eyes upon playing my Christmas music. To add to the game-geekiness of the situation, it was done using an SD card in the Wii via the Photo Channel.

    My thoughts on Avatar… I really didn’t care to see the movie. I figured I’d at least rent it one day but I really didn’t see what all the hype was about. And even when I found out what all the hype was about I really didn’t see what all the hype was about.

    Anyway, my wife wanted to see a movie; she wanted to see Avatar and I figured between that a Hugh Grant film, it was the lesser of two evils. The experience itself wasn’t that great… got in late, had to sit up front, it was the 3D one, which for me means glasses over glasses and slightly less than perfect illusion of 3D. Nevertheless, the film itself was really good. Not, OMG I need the DVD!! good, but definitely glad I saw it good. Worth the matinee price of admission, and then some.

  11. Keja says:


    This is one of the best podcast episodes of the year…

    And White Christmas was amazing Ray. If money wasn’t so tight everybody i know would be getting A pixel vision shirt and a copy of Jessica and the silver eclipse to go with their link to the pixel vision download page.

    Merry Christmas to all of you!

  12. steve-ohs says:

    Great Podcast guys!! CKCheeseboy That was an amazing story/post. And I thought you did a great job reading it Tim, I feel like you could be a professional story reader. I’m jealous of Lily who gets to hear you read her stories all the time (that sounds kinda creepy).
    Merry Christmas Guys!!!

    • Keja says:

      Yeah, I would like to say if any of my stories are published, I would like Tim to do the audio book version.

      Well, it would be between him, Stephen Fry and Barack Obama.

  13. Loooca says:

    Great podcast! And that comment is surely worth all of that, you guys should make it into a banner or This Very, Very Long Motto for 2P Start. The Cemetery music from LttP? Fits more than any other tune you used during that segment (and no, my bias with LttP has nothing to do with it).

    Argh, the girl with the Xbox thing: it’s girls like you that make it hard for people to take us seriously. I hope whatever she puts up fails big time, *un-supportive girl right here*.

    Ray’s Black Doom: OH GOD, YES. It was just so… I don’t know, sudden? I was playing it with someone else, and only died some 3 times. What really irked me is that other castles managed to make me rage/die countless times/actually make me consider using an item or two. But, the last — just wrong. The credits made up for it a bit, though? ):

    Also: MONEYZ \o/ Always a good thing.

    (I’ll surely miss the podcast next week — may you all have a wonderful holiday, and a Merry Christmas.)

  14. Talduras says:

    Random fact: 2PStart snow works great on Mac with Firefox. 2PStart snow works great on Windows 7 with Internet Explorer. 2PStart snow absolutely hates Windows 7 with Firefox!

    My brain has much puzzling over this… until I toyed around with some Firefox settings on this computer. Seems there’s certain add-ons the snow doesn’t play well with. I’m guessing it was the AVG plug-in.

    Just something to point out for any of you that have had crashing issues while on the snowy 2P Start.

  15. Mafleeted says:

    Just based on this podcast, I need to


  16. Wyrm says:

    It’s Christmas Morning, time to listen to the podcast.

  17. pcargill says:

    well for Christmas i got, (removed by memory) but im only commenting to wish Tim a merry Christmas and a happy birthday!

    • pcargill says:

      that was posted at about midnight where i am, the time on the post is probably set to Tim and Ray’s time zone

  18. roadjcat says:

    Wow that Avatar material is like that incurable disease in Apollo Justice, Incuritis.

    And although you’ve been using it for awhile, I really like the Animal Crossing background music for Suggestion Box.


    And Merry Belated Christmas.

  19. Dark_Devin says:

    For xmas I got everything I asked for
    -A leather jacket
    -Leather gloves
    -Legend of Zelda: spirit tracks
    -Guitar hero: metallica
    -A webcam
    -and much much more, mostly clothes though

    So you guys asked for the xmas gifts, have fun

  20. Wyrm says:

    To Ray: It’s three pats for “I’m not Gay” when giving a manhug.

  21. sheppy says:

    The use of Unobtainium in anything remotely resembling a story trying to be serious is a SERIOUS offense for one MAJOR reason. Unobtainium has it’s scifi roots as far back as the 50s (to my knowledge) as a jocular response to the many, many, many silly names scifi authors were using for excessively limited materials or of course fictional materials fitting the needed properties to a certain task.

    For example, Star Trek has Dilithium as their Unobtainium, Vespene is featured in Star Craft, and let’s not forget the main reason why ACTUAL Gundams were so rare compared to mobile suits, their reliance on a material known as Gundonium in a couple series.

    The fact that James Cameran’s White Guilt Furries In Space Opus has used a term lovingly crafted to make fun of his kind just shows the man has definately jumped a shark the likes of which just couldn’t have been possible to craft 20 years ago when he originally decided to publically embarass himself with this film.

  22. Supersonic24 says:

    I’m only a few minutes into the show, but there’s something I absolutely have to say! Your constant bashing of people who use the site on Christmas is starting to get annoying! At first it was funny, but not anymore at all. At least adknowledge the fact that there are also a very large number of people (including your fans) who aren’t Christian! I’m sure Tim was only joking about changing or removing the site on Christmas, but as a proud Muslim, I just want some good old 2PSTART! any day of the year. This comic used to be good, now it’s great! Don’t get me wrong, I love this site and will be a fan until the day it has to go. I’m only a little peeved about the more than obvious religious preferance on the site during the holidays. Happy Holidays from me to everyone here, no matter what your celebrating!

  23. Supersonic24 says:

    Dang… that was a long rant…

  24. Doopliss says:

    ANOTHER opinion you can’t have, is hating Disney’s Up.

  25. Cheeseball701 says:

    As for the last castle in NSMBWii, I think they made it easy because they didn’t want the superguide to pop up. What? If you beat the game without dying on a stage 8 times you get some sort of medal, and I imagine some people might go bonkers if they messed up that achievement AT THE VERY LAST LEVEL. But still, that’s kind of a lame reason.

    Man, I’m behind on the podcasts.

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