My Latest Masterpiece – Pac-Man Mini!


TimMy latest project is now done. This was a wedding gift for my brother and his wife (I’m about 20 months late). It’s a 3/4 size Pac-Man cabinet with original coin door and marquee (from a Pac-Man mini cabinet). The artwork for the side art was sized down to fit and then each individual piece was cut out so there would be no white or yellow border around it. The control panel artwork is pretty much unmodified, just resized. The 1 and 2 player start buttons act as action buttons and there are 2 hidden buttons under the marquee/light to act as start and coin insert. The bezel artwork is modified to fit the vertical monitor orientation (CRT 17″) and is just printed on paper between 2 pieces of plexi. Inside is a Keywiz eco-40 and an old Dell PC just barely small enough to fit in the bottom. I plan on detailing the build process when I get time, but for now, here are some final pictures.






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  1. steve-ohs says:

    All I can say is That Is Amazing!!

  2. Snifit says:

    Outstanding. Just put of curiosity is it possible to pay you to make one of these? You do amazing work.

  3. vtnwesley says:

    That is gorgeous! I can’t wait for the detailed run down. Amazing work. Remind me to invite you to my wedding.

  4. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Wow! Between this and your personal arcade cabinet, these must have taken an incredible amount of time to create! Awesome job, Tim! 🙂

  5. StainedSword says:

    I can’t believe you made that!!

    …Can I have one? Please??

  6. D3vin says:

    Dang, that is off the chain!
    (is that what the cool kids of today are saying, right?)
    I should make a cabinet to hold my stuff, although I’m not that good with wood work.

  7. Highwater Trousers says:

    Although my dictionary would beg to differ, I’m at an incredible loss of words. I think I have to put this down as one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen! Can we get a tech video, please?

  8. yeah568 says:

    That looks awesome. Although the “Made by MIDWAY” thing on the marquee should be changed to something like “Made by Tim not Ray”. 😀

    But still, it looks awesome. I want to make one, but my epic skillz suck. Like, really suck. >.>

  9. Supersonic24 says:

    Wow, you must really love your brother to go to the trouble of making that. Good job!

  10. Dominator_101 says:

    Come on Tim, you totally should have put the Tim and Ray from the logo on the 2P Start button. You could just put yourself on the 1P Start.

    And on a side note, I’ve always loved how weird Pac-Man looks on those machines, what with his weird legs and all…

  11. A_Lame_Guest says:

    At the very least:
    [spoiler]He added the 2p start button![/spoiler]
    That is sweet.
    Nice work on the arcade cabinet, but I wanna see a size comparison.

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