2P START! Live!: See ‘n Say Edition


RayTim talks PS3, Ray makes plans to keep the podcast fresh which includes a new segment, unskippable cutscenes, achievements reach a new low, and E-I-E-I-O…


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  1. Moonjuice7 says:

    Awesome timing. I just finished last weeks, refreshed the page, and there is a new podcast. I’m going to go listen to it now…

  2. roadjcat says:

    Not much to say actually. Pretty good podcast, but not a whole lot was discussed.
    1. I really want to try Infamous, if I got a PS3, that would be the game I would get with it.
    2. That toy was freaking hilarious. I was laughing along with you two.
    3. Okay about that hostage mission…were you able to complete it successfully even with the headless hostage?
    4. Rouge

    I’ll find another Musical Misfit suggestion someday!

  3. TriforceBun says:

    Nice podcast, guys! Gotta love that See ‘n Say. Looking forward to the new segments from now on too. And thanks for the kind words! <('.'v)

  4. D3vin says:

    I could make my own segment, for the pre recording a call thing.
    “The midnight D3″ I’m your captain D3vin, on this cruse over the mode 7 sky-ways with Snes style smooth Jazz.”
    Wow, that off topic thing sounds like those pre-recorded phone call things that you need to press one or something.

    If you would like to listen to our Black Doom segment, press one.
    If you would like to listen to our Comic Talk segment, press two.
    If you would like to read D3vin’s guest comic, press three.

    Si desea escuchar el podcast en español, presione cero

    Ironic how that last sentence fits with the musical misfit 😀

  5. BigMomma says:

    Fun podcast! I can really relate to the “See and Say”. That toy has been around for thirty years and with all the technology available now, it is still just as annoying as it was then! Keep up your quirky comments and observations….

  6. Dominator_101 says:

    Ahhh, that See n’ say reminds me of the announcer at the train station everyday…
    “The…5…27…R4…Local…To…Somewhere…Next to arrive on track…5…”

  7. Ray says:

    Got to love Tim’s creepy foreshadowing during 11:10-11:20

  8. Highwater Trousers says:

    Just starting listening, but I thought I’d mention that the link under the archives is broken. It leads to last week’s podcast. I shall be back! Soon. I hope.

  9. Supersonic24 says:

    Good show guys, I was laughing with you at almost everything in there. I can see the O-O-O-Off Topic of the week segment becoming my favorite, along with Black Doom. I don’t get what the first new segment was though, is it just you and Tim (or you and Ray, depending on who’s reading) going over the gaming news? 2PSTART-NN. Also, I’m really happy to hear about the new way calls are going to be taken, as I’ve chatted with Ray a couple of times before, but wasn’t sure if I should call or not. One thing I find hilarious (and sad) though is how because of it, Ray has to always lurk in the shadows of Skype, using the invisible feature far more than usual, just to avoid being drowned in calls. Whatever calls he does take are going to have to be edited, along with the show, though hopefully the new segments limit the amount of editing needed. While Ray is drowning himself even further, Tim joyfully wipes out any simple bugs on the site, while procrastinating on the script of next weeks comic.
    Side note after the wall of text: Whatever happened to the pas/fail part of comic talk? You said you’d have it from then on, but it disappeared into the darkness, along with Black Doom and Ray’s Skype account in the future (I really will be impressed with the love and time put into the site if Ray takes every single call request).

  10. Supersonic24 says:

    Funny, my “After wall of text note” turned into a mini wall of text =P.

  11. Apkinesis says:

    “And in these comments there was an… [Apkinesis]… E-I-E-I-O.”

    Fun Podcast as always, albeit a tad on the short side. I’ll be looking forward to more of that new segment!

    Sorry to hear about the recent breakup, Ray 🙁 But look at it this way: including Jessica, that makes two girls who didn’t quite work out, and according to Ray’s Adventures in Dating, the next girl is going to be the one 😀

    • CKcheeseboy says:

      He did say this girl looked like the second one in that comic, right?
      (foreshadowing music)

    • BadnikHunter says:

      Maybe it’s all part of his master plan to meet Miley. Ray, I think we’re on to you.

  12. blaster says:

    Musical misfit suggestion first.
    This one
    and this one.
    These are from a Doujin game for PC called Ecoco de fight released in 2003
    The music are the BGM for World 3 and 4
    The only Youtube video is for world 2.
    I consider this game an awesome 2D platformer.
    You can google the title for more detail.

  13. Highwater Trousers says:

    I laughed so hard during the new segment! Kind of reminds me of that old commercial where the spinner lands on a turkey and the toy shouts out “and the turkey says, ‘SPAM! SPAM! SPAM!'” Also, Tim, you might want to be careful. You love terrorists and little boys… I think that might scare both groups away from listening in.

    Some quick questions:
    1. Tim, did you get the free DLC for inFamous? It’s supposed to be one free power.
    2. If the new call service is implemented, does that mean that listeners who have called in previously can call in again? Just curious about what the rules are for second calls. Especially if it’s just a leave a message system.

    Finally, here’s a new song to sing!
    2P START! LIVE! was a show.
    2, P, 2, P, START!
    And on that show there were some hosts.
    2, P, 2, P, START!
    With some ski slope hair, and a beanie there.
    Ray’s a host, Tim’s a host, no one else will dare to host.
    2P START! LIVE! was a show.
    2, P, 2, P, START!

    Now on that show there was some stuff.
    2, P, 2, P, START!
    A topic here, and remix there.
    Grave risers all around, don’t forget the comments now.
    2P START! LIVE! was a show.
    2, P, 2, P, START!

    Let’s not forget good old Black Doom.
    2, P, 2, P, START!
    With a poor move here, and bad quote there.
    No one’s safe, no one’s sound, better watch your mouth now.
    2P START! LIVE! was a show.
    2, P, 2, P, START!

    Sorry for not sectioning it off under spoilers or anything. Not sure how to and I don’t want to mess up anything. And apologies for the terrible rhyming. Great podcast guys!

    • Talduras says:

      Blast! Remind me to use the spoiler mark any time I think about whipping out 2 pages of rant. Wish I’d thought of that the first time. :-/

      Oh, and it’s simple. Click the spoiler button, type stuff after the text it puts in, then click the spoiler button again. It’ll look something like the following, except with [ ] instead of * *.

      *spoiler*Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father.*/spoiler*

      With the brackets in, it creates this:

      [spoiler]Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father.[/spoiler]

      Hope this helped.

      • Highwater Trousers says:

        Wow! Thank you, that does help a lot! I’m not sure if this should turn into a help section, but… Would you also be able to tell me how to properly use the link function, rather than actually inserting a link? Or at least an FAQ that deals with this? My apologies, obviously I’m not internet savvy here. Thanks for the help!

      • Talduras says:

        Linking they make easier. Highlight some text, enter in the link in the pop-up box that appears, and BAM!

        A lot of the features on this comments section utilizes basic HTML, so learning a bit of that will make using tags easy. Granted, I believe it’s only restricted to the tag options listed above the text box.

        …While I’m on this subject, does anyone have any idea what the “lookup” tag does? Or the “code” button for that matter?

        Hmm… going to test the code button…


      • Supersonic24 says:


      • Highwater Trousers says:

        Definitely helpful! Thank you!

  14. Talduras says:

    Going to start off with a Musical Misfit suggestion while I start up the podcast, and this time there will be 95% less verbosity (yay!).

    The Musical Misfit suggestion is Seiken Densetsu 3: The Sacrifice Part 3. Three words: pure synthesized epic.

    • blaster says:

      I knew that game.It was very popular in Japan… one Epic RPG game.
      I tried for a while, but just can’t get used to it.
      I’m used to bashing the buttons.

      • Talduras says:

        You’d probably be less likely to enjoy Secret of Mana (also known as Seiken Densetsu 2). Unlike SD3, SD2 didn’t do a forced limit on when you could swing, meaning anyone used to button mashing found the game insanely frustrating (trust me, I had a friend that gave up on it at the first boss). Certainly not a series that competes with Zelda. The SD series is what I consider to be Final Fantasy if it allowed real-time movement and not quite real-time combat.

        Too bad the series has gone downhill after SD3. The character in my avatar–everyone’s favorite fluffy white dragon, Flammie–comes from a CG shot in SD4 (Dawn of Mana). It has been thrashed remorselessly. I don’t dare touch the game unless I happen to see it for $5 somehow.

      • blaster says:

        I mean, I attack an enemy and hit it.
        And I thought “OK, one hit land, let’s do some COMBO” and hits attack again, and the character didn’t move, and got attacked.
        I thought “WTF”

  15. Andrew says:

    If you want to use google voice for the call ins and need an invite, I have several.

  16. steve-ohs says:

    Great podcast again! I like to off-topic of the week and can’t wait to see all the other great changes that are going to be happening to the podcast! Keep up the good work guys!
    Also, I saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs on Friday, it was amazing!!!

  17. Talduras says:

    1. Ah, yes. There need to be more skippable cutscenes. Took most games FOREVER to allow that option. I had to shout for joy when Kingdom Hearts 2 had that option

    On that note, I suggest that games allow the ability to replay specific parts of the game after you’ve beaten them, like a movie. I can’t tell you how many boss battles I would LOVE to replay from games, like the Ridley fight from Super Metroid, or the fight against Scar from Kingdom Hearts 2 (among others), or the fight against Volvagia in Zelda: Ocarina of Time, or the fight against Thardus in Metroid Prime 1, or the fight against almost any boss from Zelda: Link to the Past, or the fights against Star Wolf in Star Fox 64, or the fight against the Magus Sisters in Final Fantasy 4, or the fight against Vile in Mega Man X1, or the fight against Phantron in Star Fox, or the fight against that raven thing in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, or almost any of those endfights where you have to go through a whole bunch of other stuff just to get to, like in nearly every Mega Man game, or Metroid Prime 3 (though the whole last part of the game is pretty cool anyway).

    Whew… think I just had a nostalgia rush.

    2. Okay, that See ‘n Say segment was hilarious!

    • You mean, you DON’T keep multiple save files to do just that? I’d do it once in awhile, with Sephiroth in the first Kingdom Hearts being one I can specifically recall saving for.

      +1 for the raven battle in Yoshi’s Island! That fight was tons of fun. More so when I wasn’t very good at it and it lasted awhile going around and around the moon. Anymore it’s almost like a precursor to Mario Galaxy.

      Lastly, I’ll see your X1 Vile fight and raise you an X2 Zero fight. Now THAT was challenging, and not something you could just ? ? Hadoken your way through.

      • note: the ? ? should have been a “down arrow” and “right arrow”, fyi

      • Talduras says:

        Well, some games I can, some games I can’t. In case you are wondering, yes, I do have a save point for Scar and Sephy on my memory card. Problem is, I have so many end-game save files that I can’t figure out which one is Sephy or not, plus I have a Sephy normal and a Sephy hardmode (the latter I have yet to beat).

        The games you can’t do that in (natively) are usually Nintendo games (the Mario & Luigi series now enforces a limit of two save files) and old-school games (all Mega Man games tend to only save/password as far up as the first Wily/Sigma Fortress level).

        So, suffice to say, near-infinite amount of save slots or not, being able to replay certain parts of a game would be great, and not just bosses either. Certain levels/scenes themselves are just fun to play, like the Sun Level from Starfox 64, or the later portions of the Jupiter Lighthouse in Golden Sun: The Lost Age (pretty much where the story came full-circle). While this “replay a scene” system might be problematic to implement in RPGs due to differential stats, I’m sure it can be done. Action games can implement it easily, and many already have in a way. Shadow of the Colossus allows bosses to be refought after beating the game if you start a new game+ and go to certain statues in the beginning area (found that out from the guides, so they really should’ve announced it in-game). Mario Galaxy, and practically every Mario game since SM64, allows levels (and scenarios thereof) to be replayed, which is nice, even if not quite so readily accessible.

  18. Talduras says:

    By the way, you scared me for a second with the summary for the podcast, Ray. I’ll re-post the part I’m talking about with a minor punctuation edit to show you how I read it.

    “Ray makes plans to keep the podcast fresh which includes: a new segment, unskippable cutscenes, achievements reach a new low, and E-I-E-I-O…”

    Unskippable cutscenes? Achivements?? E-I-E-I-O??? NOOOOOOoooooo!

    …Actually, the E-I-E-I-O is pretty good. ^_^

  19. TheLupineOne says:

    I see there’s a free slot on Musical Misfits! Time for me to copy and paste something from 2 weeks ago!

    Hi! I’d like to make a suggestion for the next MUSICAL MISFIT!
    It’s “Sky Tower” from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team on the Game Boy Advance and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team on the Nintendo DS.
    Click here to listen!
    NOTES (He says…):
    In Podcast #98, Ray told us that his Musical Misfit that time, “NiGHTS and Reala”, was “The Citizen Kane of Video Game Music”, the tipping point of his life in Video Game Music. For me, this is my “Citizen Kane”. When I first heard it, I just loved it. It was unlike any Video Game Music I’d ever heard. It had that atmosphere that is truly worthy of the final dungeon in the main story.

    • CKcheeseboy says:

      FYI, Ray said he keeps a list of suggestions and checks it whenever it’s the listener’s week, so you don’t have to suggest it more than once 😉 (assuming he still does it that way).

      • Talduras says:

        I believe that’s confirmed. I usually try to keep to a 1 every two weeks posting pattern, but I noticed my first accepted MM was from three weeks prior to its air date.

        So, you say he keeps a list? Hmm… almost tempted to unload the 12 remaining suggestions I have floating around in my bookmarks. I have a bookmark folder dedicated to potential Musical Misfit suggestions. If Musical Misfits allowed more than just forgotten or not-so-well-known game music, I can guarantee I’d have a LOT more suggestions than just those twelve, and posting them all in one comment would force Ray to unleash the fury of the Applecalypse upon me.

      • CKcheeseboy says:

        Actually I think if there are too many links in one post, it won’t post it because it might be spam. I think Tim may be able to approve it from that point though, but I could be wrong and he’d have to confirm.

  20. TheLupineOne says:

    1. Still have 6 stickers? LOL
    2. Remix has ANOTHER new jingle? Remix itself was pretty cool.
    3. I don’t want too much Off Topic: I want Skype Talks! Especially ones with Sonic!
    4.What’s the music for “Off Topic”?
    5. Mephilles Award… Kirby Boss Music! And… Trophies for Watching TV? Wut?

  21. Kvb says:

    Nice podcast, guys.
    I’m all for new segments, as long we don’t lose any regulars.

    News: Sounds like a more regular This Just In or T-T-Topic of the Week. Which sound good. Curious to see how that one turns out.
    Calls: Not a fan of the “leave a message” idea. To me, that would basically be an Audio Comment of the Week. If there’s not an active dialogue going on between the caller and you, the whole purpose of the call-ins is lost.
    Off-Topic: I like it! I’ve always loved the Bonus segment and I’m glad to hear that it’s become an official segment now. This week’s was great.

    • Supersonic24 says:

      Now that I understand it more, I have to agree with KVB on this one. I’m not too thrilled about the new way calls are going to be taken, because it’s exactly the same as having just 2 comments of the week.
      Side note: as I was looking through Ray’s old tweets (yep… still sounds dumb) I came across this
      Golden. just pure gold.

  22. Teengamer says:

    Yay! You mentioned me! lol

    Great podcast guys, I’m looking forward to the next one. 🙂


  23. blaster says:

    TotW: I remember someone gave a BDA to MF2 before…
    And that game sure deserves some black doom… Skipping cutscenes… I prefer pressing Select or Start to do it. Awwww how I wish I have Wind Waker to play…
    Nice going into CT this time.
    New segements? Good!
    It’ll be called Off-Topic and Tim’s Take
    But Extra segement still remains in this episode.
    Off-topic: I want to skip it…
    BDA: Nice one, Ray. It’s not the first time you ripped a game.

    I’m currently editting your wikipedia page, adding your more recent joystiq wins.

  24. Twillightlucario says:

    Great stuff ya’ll! Sorry to hear about the DS. I have broken four total DSes my self, two of touch screens, two of the L and R Buttons, not counting the three GBAs L and Rs I broke (do they design those things to break?!?)

    Trpohies for watching TV would be an interesting idea, because it would let other people see what you’re watching! *messes around with friends PS3* O_O Why do you have a a Trophy for watching “Teletubies”?!?

    Oh, and Sorry for raising from the grave to early. *goes to hide from the wrath of Ray*

  25. Exploding Pancakes says:

    Alright, I got in the graverise part! Just after posting my grave rising comment realized that there was that Reggie/Iwata comic… Crap!

  26. Gregjr94 says:

    The next achievement system coming next: Amount of time spent sitting on the dashboard.

  27. TheNinjaMouse says:

    My favorite parts from this podcast:

    1. Tim’s Sawyer impersonation.
    2. The See & Say segment. Funny stuff; looking forward to more Off-Topic of the Week segments!
    3. Tim’s very creepy “How dare they….”
    4. Lots of great content in a zippy little podcast. My schedule appreciates these shorter episodes every so often. Nice job editing, Ray!

    P.S. I’m sorry to hear about the breakup. As a fellow bachelor, I commiserate with you over your return to singleness. *Sigh…* Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em….

  28. Grandpalove says:

    Hey, how long do you have to read this before a “rise from your grave” would count? I’ve only been on here for ohhh…. a week, but I want to “rise from my grave”. Also, if later I do try to “rise from my grave”, just pretend I never left this comment. By the way, awesome comic/ pod cast.

    By the way, to be honest with you, I kinda liked Black Doom… Although I will admit that I don’t have a clue why.

  29. C.Olimar788 says:

    I must say, I definitely love the new “off-topic” segment. I could NOT stop laughing at that absurd book! XDDD Keeping the podcast fresh will NEVER be a bad thing considering how funny you guys are at, well, everything! I love that you still have a bit at the very end, too; it’s a nice little pseudo-segment. Keep up the good work!

    And… trophies for watching TV? Really? How absurd…

  30. MiMGodfather says:

    As always, really enjoyed the podcast this week guys. Especially that portion with the See n’ Say. Wow… I think I kinda freaked out my boss, I was trying so hard not to laugh. He just peeks over into my cube: “Um Will, you ok over there?” Meanwhile my face is red from holding my breath.

    Also, I think the idea of having a number for people to call and leave a message is awesome. While it could have some…interesting…results, some of those could result in some absolutely hilarious segments!

    Hope you all have a great week, and hopefully I’ll be able to co-op with Tim sometime on PS3. Speaking of which…Tim, have you downloaded the TMNT Re-Shelled game off of PSN, or maybe even considering getting it? My friend and I played through it online last night and it was lots of fun (and a TON of enemies on the screen at a time).

  31. talduras says:

    Hmm, think I may have spotted a Black Doom that could appear on the next podcast, and if so this’ll be the second one for Ubisoft in a month. Future Ubisoft games will require internet access.

  32. Shigatai says:

    Hey, it’s 21 digit friend codes, Tim, not 25. Thought I’d just let you know /smartassmove

  33. freeplay says:

    WAIT!!!!! Tell me I didn’t just hear ray say that they’d put phone messages in the podcast. Isn’t he the one that said he was only OK with the call ins because they interact with the callers. Disgraceful Ray, Just Disgraceful.

    That being said, I’d love having funny fan messages played in the podcast.

  34. aghhdjgdjkfhgtahdugihila; says:

    And on his farm he had a



  35. elah says:

    I’m extremely disappointed in you, Ray. You’ve just rennovated the podcast, added two new segments and suggested that more would be on the way. And yet, there was no return of the Official Chicken Grab. As we all know, this is Tim’s favorite segment and he has cherished every moment that it has given us, as have the rest of the fans. Shame on you.

  36. mrpineapplehead says:

    well hello this is my frist comment soooo yeah this is my frist time listening to a podcast and it was great love your comics as well

  37. Keja says:

    Late comment, but Nice podcast chaps! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s.

  38. Dry Bones says:

    Another late comment….just wanted to say “great work, as usual.” You guys continue to do stellar work.

    The See ‘n Say part cracked me up!

  39. koollizard says:

    curses says me i should have waited for a year before posting to get my grave rising read to the world and save the humiliation and the “how dare they”

  40. ­ says:

    As a major Link to the Past fan (have beat it 20 times approxamitly) and didn’t reconize the remix. On the other hand nice santuary music.
    A challenge: put the Link to the Past boss battle music in the Podcast!

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