The Death of 2P START! (Wednesday Comics)


TimIt’s time for a change, folks. We all hate messing with routine, but this should have been done long ago. We are officially killing our weekly Wednesday comics (gasp!) and birthing a new schedule of Thursday comics. There are a few reasons for doing this:

1. More time between updates – The site always felt a bit lopsided towards the beginning of the week with major updates on Mondays and Wednesdays. This also gave little time for Ray to recover from podcast editing before jumping right into meeting the demands of a comic. Hopefully this change will result in more polished, well-thought out comics.

2. Lost starts soon – Ray’s obsession with Lost will make Tuesday nights very bad for trying to get comics done. Once he finishes watching a Lost episode, he recreates each scene with papercraft versions of the characters and speculates on what Lost is really about on all the internet forums and blogs. This consumes the majority of his evening.

3. April Fools Day lands on a Thursday this year – MWUAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. D3vin says:

    Oh noes! Although the Thursday thing is logical, I’ll miss waking up and reading it on Wednesdays…

  2. Talduras says:

    I approve of the change. It really will bring balance to the force 2PStart! I can also sympathize with favorite television shows, though my drugs of choice were Avatar: The Last Airbender and Mythbusters a few years ago. Avatar ended on season 3 as part of a planned story-arc, and full-time work killed my Mythbusters watching with a rusty spork. :-/

  3. Rokai says:

    I thought 2PSTART used to be a thursday comic but then changed to wednesday.

  4. blaster says:

    On Wednesdays, there will be a Tim’s Take, and on Thursday, we’ll have Ray’s take.

  5. Highwater Trousers says:

    My schedule actually makes Wednesday the better the day, but those are some pretty good reasons. I’m fine with the change, but then again, the only reasons I can think of that defend Wednesday are:

    1. Thursday may have April Fools, but Wednesday will have St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco De Mayo, and Administrative Professional’s Day. Yeah, that’s right. Administrative Professional’s Day.

    2. Wednesday will feel heartbroken that it’s no longer the chosen day. Monday is already depressed, no need to have Wednesday join the therapy sessions.

    3. Wednesday is a fun day. After all, you can’t spell Wednesday without NES!

    4. Wednesday is sometimes called “hump day” since it’s in the middle of the week. Therefore, you are going over the hump, or the middle of the week. How can I get over the hump without my Wednesday comic?

    5. Allow me to quote Douglas Adam’s Arthur Dent. “This must be a Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.” No need to throw another wrench in the cogs.

  6. Supersonic24 says:

    Well, it means I don’t have to wait so long for the podcast, so I guess I’m happy. It’s odd though, it feels like something I need is missing today… *checks calendar* … … NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  7. steve-ohs says:

    Comics on Thursdays will actualy be better with me. I have classes early on wednesday so I always feel rushed while looking up all my internet stuff. Plus, it should help it feel more even; by sunday, i always feel like I need a fix of new 2PStart stuff.

  8. randomperson says:

    darn reading comics on wednesday mornings was the only fun thing before school

  9. roadjcat says:

    Like I said before, I have no issues with this. It’s more even now, like you said.

  10. TheLupineOne says:


    I said it first!

    And, I'll still be reading it! I just wanted to get the !!!!!!!!!!!!111!!11!1oneoneoneseventythousandandfiftynine749843 bit out of the way.

    • TheLupineOne says:

      It’s just like Modern Warfare 2: people say OH NOES THER E ARE N)IO DEDDICATED SERVES I@M NOT PALYING THAIS FAGME> and yet they do.

  11. Apkinesis says:

    Nice comic Tim; best Tim’s Take yet! Props for not recycling Ray’s art and fully using all your own original work. Love all the detail you put into this one, like the engravings on the tombstone and the texture of the grass. I especially like all the emotion that the guy is displaying, raising his arms and leaping from the ground, as though to use every fiber of his being to conjure up someone named Thursday from the grave. Though I’m a bit confused as to why he’s putting so much effort into raising this Thursday character; is it his spouse who prematurely died years ago or something? (Maybe it’s just some video-game reference I’m not getting). But anyway, nice little joke there with the whole “Rise from Your Grave” thing; I wonder if anyone else caught that little 2P START reference. I also like how the comic ties into recent 2P START news, regarding the fact that comics are now being posted on Thursdays starting this week. …Wait, today’s Wednesday… Oh… never mind…

    But seriously, when I saw this article thumbnail on Feedly (which The Lame Show introduced me to recently), I actually did think this was a comic until I clicked over to the 2P START site and promptly remembered that comics might be posted on Thursdays starting sometime soon — which I think is a good idea, by the way; helps spread 2P START across the week more evenly, though it’ll take some getting used to.

  12. CKcheeseboy says:

    People who don’t like this change can still get their Wednesday fix…if you only check the site on Wednesday’s, there will still be a new comic every week that you haven’t read yet.

  13. Tacos says:

    That art was beautiful. But in all seriousness, do what you must. Its your comic, and any schedule changes you need to make to make the comic better are fine by me, so the quality goes up for everyone.

  14. Lerkero says:

    I don’t blame Ray for wanting his Tuesday night Lost fix. I have long criticized the series for being so convoluted, but I still want to watch every episode because of the characters

  15. Kvb says:

    Thanks. I like this.

    Because I live in Europe (big time difference) I usually go to sleep before the podcast is up, so I generally listen to it on tuesdays. Comics, on the other hand, are uploaded a bit earlier than podcasts, so I do usually catch those on wednesdays. That makes for a really unbalanced schedule for me. This balances it out a little more.
    So: Good!

  16. BadnikHunter says:

    Best drawing evar.

  17. Ray says:

    This was quite the post, Tim. Nice work.

  18. SpaceCow4 says:

    It kind of defeats the purpose by letting us know that you know April Fools Day will be falling on a Wednesday this year. It just means we’ll be expecting something to happen from you guys, now.

  19. Keja says:

    I like Thursdays. They’re the gosh darn greatest day of the week now!

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