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February 4th, 2010


TimIt’s been awhile since we’ve branched out into the world of current non-Nintendo games, but hopefully we’re not so out of touch with hardcore gaming that we botch this one up bad. I had always hoped to do a real BioShock comic (as opposed to BioShocked and Amazed back in ’07), but the right joke never came. This comic felt right since I love the old-school art style used by the game and I was hopeful Ray could emulate it well. On another note, it’s absolutely true what Joystiq says: Once you see it, you can’t unsee it (honestly, don’t click that link unless you really want to ruin Bioshock’s cover forever).


  1. Keja says:

    These would make an interesting game…

    Fancy-schmancy comic guys!

  2. Superfiver says:

    I like the art. It really mimics the original advertisements for plasmids well. Green house gas panel is my favorite of the three. Nice job guys.

  3. Supersonic24 says:

    Nice comic guys, I’m glad to see you rise from your graves into the world of hardcore gaming. Jk, but I’m glad to see a non-Nintendo related comic, as the Wii is easily my least favorite console of this generation.

  4. Supersonic24 says:

    Oh, and uh… you guys have probably seen this, but I want to hear about it in this weeks show… *ahem* “Ray, did you see the newest Sonic The Hedgehog 4 update?

  5. SonikkuWii says:


  6. randomperson says:

    Hey this kinda looks like fallout 3 art

  7. randomperson says:

    i only see bomberman 2 insted of bioshock 2

    HMMMM i wonder what bio shock is rated m for

  8. TheLupineOne says:

    Wow, Willi was right!

    Anyway, I was really hoping that we’d get a Ray and Tim comic with Ray getting overexcited for Sonic 4, but oh well… There’s always next week.

  9. FluffyPanda says:

    That “Bee” pun in the first panel was truly groan inducing.

    Well played.

  10. NintendoNaut says:

    New guys here. I’m a long time BiTF fan that heard about you guys when MT was on your podcast. Read all your comics, and became a fan.

    Not too in love with this one though. Guess that’s ’cause I haven’t played Bioshock.

  11. Apkinesis says:

    Genius! Probably some of the best Plasmid parodies I’ve seen, especially the Bee Suit. The art style looks spot-on as well. NCG!

    And I had seen that linked image before; saw the article headline and thought “it can’t be that bad.” But it turns out, what they said was completely true: I’ll never unsee that D:

    (PS: Almost forgot there was a comic update this morning! A pleasant “surprise” to see the comic today.)

  12. roadjcat says:

    3rd panel is the best. Pretty good comic overall.

  13. GMaster7 says:

    Ah, I posted in the podcast comments about Sonic 4 – didn’t see that the new comic was up. Pretty funny, guys! I don’t know how excited I am for Bioshock 2… I’m worried that it won’t be able to come close to the original, so I’m waiting for some reviews. NCG, I like how the last panel was more of a punchline and not just a continuation of the theme.

  14. Snifit says:

    Nice Comic Guys
    I dunno, I think my favorite is panel 2. Something about stopping people dead in their tracks with a nice firm discussion just cracks me up.

  15. koollizard says:


  16. Jarkes says:

    Wait… “Project Needlemouse” is “Sonic the Hedgehog 4,” a direct sequel to Sonic and Knuckles? … … … AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Jarkes says:

    Aw, dang it, my overly long use of the word “Awesome” went off the page…

  18. Jarkes says:

    What I don’t get about Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is everyone’s all like, “Oh, it’s downloadable content, so it’s gonna suck.” What’s wrong with downloadable content? Also, the Wii motion controls will probably be a bit like New Super Mario Bros. Wii (only used in a few places). And other people are like, “OH NOES THEY’RE PUTTING THE HOMING ATTACK IN IT’S GONNA SUCK!” I, for one, like the Homing Attack, and it works just fine in other examples of Sonic 2.5d (Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure).

  19. Highwater Trousers says:

    Especially hilarious, since I’m playing through Bioshock right now. (I can finally play the game with 60 FPS, not that 12 FPS I once had.) Love the art, seems to fit right in with the rest of the old-style tutorial videos (which I loved.) Although, you are missing a few plasmids – the Knubby Elbow Plasmid, the Ski-Slope Hair Plasmid, and the Dr. Pepper Plasmid. I heard if you get enough Plasmid slots and equip these, you suddenly get an extra bonus by becoming invincible, completely awesome, handsome (I might add), bulletproof, and drinking Dr. Pepper will give you a free health and EVE refill. Oh, and you end up with some website you have to manage, but that ain’t no big thing, right?

    Great comic and Ray, was that a Jack Daniels you had earlier?

  20. Retl says:

    Well, here’s the thing. I’m something of a Nintendo fanboy and I’m pretty darn broke at the moment, and have never played Bioshock 2. (And I can’t really claim to be interested in playing it, either.) I don’t really get the joke(s?) at all, but I think the artwork is pretty darn spiffy. I do like that bee suit thing in the top part. It reminds me of the Bee Suit in Super Mario Galaxy, which in turn reminds me of SMG2 which will have Yoshi in it. And suddenly I’m all enthusiastic about it again.

  21. TriforceBun says:

    Great art and concept! Was this comic still done in vectors? It looks different somehow.

  22. talduras says:

    I’m going to be honest. This didn’t cut it for me. I’m not sure what would’ve made it funny for me.

    So, perhaps I’ll jump on the “Wut? Sonic 4!!!” bandwagon and mention that in this comment like everyone else probably will, despite the fact that I haven’t even read anything about it yet… but I did see you preparing for that with a tiny bottle of what looked like Tobasco sauce, which likely wasn’t Tobasco sauce because the bottle wasn’t red. I’m guessing it’s one of those tiny energy drink bottles that keeps Ray awake at night to finish the comic. =P

  23. CKcheeseboy says:

    Can somebody explain this for people that know absolutely nothing about BioShock? I mean, I get the jokes since they aren’t specifically BioShock related, but I have no idea what the crap plasmids are.

    That is, if anybody can find this among the sea of Sonic posts.

    • Tim says:

      Plasmids are the powerups in Bioshock, they’re typically things like fire, ice, electricity, telekinesis, etc. See here.

      The art style reflects how the plasmids are explained to you in the game when you get a new one.

  24. TheLupineOne says:

    When I first saw “Bio”, I thought we WERE getting a Sonic Comic, featuring the Biolizard. NOT MY VID! I haven’t played SA2 or SA2B!

    Ugh, that thing is UGLY!

  25. Tacos says:

    Hey people, there are forums, where the discussion of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is underway… don’t forget about the forums… guys??

    Anyway, nice comic this week. First panel was golden (like honey).

  26. TomX says:

    I love this one, guys. It’s nice to see you guys branching out a little bit (not that you need to because what you have established works but variety never hurts.)

    Loved the artwork too; definitely captures that 50’s kind of feel that the short plasmid videos in Bioshock had.

    And great joke of course. I’m sure they’re out there, but I’ve never actually seen a rejected plasmids style joke before. So all-in-all, NCG!

  27. MarthKoopa says:

    Bioshock? HARDCORE!?




    OH WOW

  28. jacob says:

    will you(ray&tim) plz be my friendon xbl. My tag is EarnestBlade. thx

  29. jOnah says:

    everyone,lets try to reach 100 comments.please! they deserve it!

    • freeplay says:

      Well if they where constructive funny comments, that might be fun, but wouldn’t it be more fun to write everything we want to write in one comment, so they’re not over there heads in email. I think the latter is more fun.

      • talduras says:

        Are you sure about that? Were you not witness to the ~2 pages of eyesore I created in one comment on episode 110? The hazmat teams are still trying to clean up that mess…

      • freeplay says:

        I’d rather that than a new comment for every paragraph, but you’d have to ask Tim and Ray what they prefer, because I’m not the one who gets comments email to them.

  30. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Nice Comic Guys! It’s great to see that you’re able to make a humorous comic about a non-Nintendo game in the same tasteful style as the other comics.

  31. Highwater Trousers says:

    Wait a minute, I’m not sure if this has been done before, but…
    Tim, Ray. Would you kindly give me comment of the week? Would you kindly send me an autographed picture? Would you kindly, powerful phrase. Familiar phrase? Would you kindly not ban me? Would you kindly get this overdone reference?

  32. Haven’t played Bioshock, but I don’t think it’s that necessary to get the comic (which btw, ncg; I like the GHG plasmid). The logo on the other hand… hm, dunno. First time I think anything’s gone that far over my head here.

  33. DGR says:

    I can say I am disappointed. Here is a Bioshock comic and there is no Willi. How is that even possible. I have read every comic waiting for the “Hard Core” 3rd player of 2p start (D3vin is the Forth) to make a return. Instead we have a pretty good comic. I am still bummed out Willi is not in this weeks comic, maybe next time after Tim has time to come up with new “Hardcore” jokes with his new PS3.

    PS. Ray in Sonic the Hedgehog 4 did 3d Sonic look stiff to you.

    • D3vin says:

      Ironically, although some of those words may be “fightin’ words” I have to agree with you. He basically predicted this sequel from the beginning. I guess after retirement, he found another hobby. Either that or he was going to sue Tim and Ray for not portraying him correctly. His absence made me move up a notch Player-wise. If he returns, I will be able to defend my spot in a brawl…

  34. Jarkes says:

    Wait, I thought D3vin was the 3rd player, but he’s the fourth? Who’s the 3rd?

  35. D3vin says:

    Awww, I thought by this title, that guy that said that Bioshock was the next big ‘franchise’ would appear rubbing it in your faces that it is one now. Not to say that this comic isn’t good, but since I don’t know much about the franchise, I am kinda lost. I love the retro feel to the art, and the jokes are well done, it is just that I feel I am missing something…

    This comic USED to be good.

  36. Highwater Trousers says:

    Well, to get a better idea of the comic, here’s a video which should explain the comic. Somewhat minor spoilers, but these were pretty much seen in trailers anyway. Hope this helps.

    • D3vin says:

      Gotcha, They do make a little more sense, but not much since I still have to play the games myself. Or at least read the Wikipedia article. 😀

  37. TheLupineOne says:

    Ray says he won’t talk about Sonic 4 until the Podcast.

    Will this be the most anticipated episode of 2P START! LIVE! ever?

    • Exploding Pancakes says:

      Sonic 4 more like Sonic 2 HD but you have to pay for it

    • Gadoink says:

      I predict roughly half of the podcast will be Ray saying “Oh my god oh my god my god oh my god oh my god” over and over, while the other half will be Tim saying “Shut up Ray shut up Ray shut up Ray shut up Ray shut up Ray” over and over.

      • talduras says:

        No, you’ve got the Tim part wrong. Let’s consult the See ‘n Say…

        “…And on that farm he had a… Tim… E-I-E-I-O.
        With a… ‘How dare they’… here, and a… ‘How dare they’… there.
        Here a… ‘How dare they’… there a… ‘How dare they’…
        Everywhere a… ‘How dare they’…”

      • Gadoink says:

        Ok yes you win.

    • CKcheeseboy says:

      Prediction: Ray says he’s still not getting his hopes up until there’s some legitimate info on the game (i.e. actual gameplay footage), but he’s intrigued.

  38. Carnivore_Apple says:

    i played the bioshock demo so i know what plasmids are 🙂

  39. Gadoink says:

    You should have put the bee suit from from Super Mario Galaxy!

  40. koollizard says:

    has anyone looked up 1pstart it dosent even compare to 2pstart

  41. talduras says:

    Oh my word, apparently I didn’t read Tim’s comment all the way through the first time. That picture you linked to on Joystiq is flaming hilarious. And it’s true, I can’t un-see it! Luckily, I had no intention of getting the game. =P

  42. randomperson says:

    The plasmid plasmid you get a plasmid with this plasmid

    • D3vin says:

      And its better version, The Plasmid Plasmid Plasmid, that allows you to collect plasmids that allow you to collect plasmids!

      • randomperson says:

        the plasmid plasmid plasmid you get a plasmid by geting a plasmid by getting the plasmid

  43. aowam says:

    AUGH you’re right!! Darn you bomberman!

  44. Wyrm says:

    Alright, I usually keep comments like these too myself but, oh well.

    This comic made me a more sad than happy.
    Panel #1: Bad Pun
    Panel #2: Doesn’t really make much sense, ‘specially since the opposite of enrage is hypnotize
    Panel #3: We’re living under the ocean, >__>, vent.

    Good Attempt at a non-Mario comic, but try again ^_^.

    • Tim says:

      Actually, the opposite of enrage is pacify. Hypnotism has nothing to do with anger.

      • Wyrm says:

        I meant the plasmid ability. Enrage makes enemies angry at each other, and forces enemies to fight each other, while Hypnotize allows you to create an ally of other beings.

  45. TheLupineOne says:

    Well, I saw the cover…

    Bomberman cannot be unseen…

  46. roadjcat says:

    So this comic as well as the news and stuff about Bioshock 2, has compelled me to buy the original. Hope it’s as good as everyone says it is. But hey, for 20 bucks, I can’t really complain.

    • roadjcat says:

      Oh and I finished. Man that game was short. Granted I was playing on easy, but geez. It was good, but not great IMO. I really liked the ending though, the good one that is.

    • Ray says:

      Since I knew nothing about the game, I went off of what appeared to be some pretty regular symbols relating (i believe) to specific plasmid powers. Could be wrong though…

      Logo example image

      • Highwater Trousers says:

        That would be it. But for PC users, (like me) the same type of logo is used for the autorun files; it has the symbol of Rapture on it. I just can’t find the actual logo image.

  47. D3vin says:

    I would like to get this game, but It’d help if I had a better system than the Wii… Darn developers not making Wii versions

  48. Acgamer says:

    YEESSSSS. Great comic. Can’t wait for Bioshock 2 (though I don’t have to wait long- it comes out tomorrow!).

  49. Leirin says:

    I LOVE vintage art like this, swell job recreating it

  50. The bright 1 says:

    Global warming is a hoax! Nice comic.

  51. Mirby says:

    Hehehehehe this is also a good one.

  52. Corbin Brickhouse says:

    First of all..
    Ray- Great job on the artwork!
    Tim-HOW DARE YOU!!

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