2P START! Live!: Quick and Speedy Edition


RayJon Watts fills in for Tim in this quick episode about Sonic 4, a bad videogame superbowl commercial, Jon springs a new segment on Ray, and even find time to laugh about “Undercover Boss.”


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  1. TheLupineOne says:

    I’m wondering what the topic of this week’s comic will be: Sonic 4, or new Pokémon Z?

  2. Retl says:

    Yeah, in my opinion, that black doom award on the trailer still stands. Can’t take it back for having to make a teaser trailer of a game you’ve NEVER SEEN. That’s just messed up.

    After listening to the rest of the podcast, I can say it’s not really one of my favorites, but for a list minute fixup/save, it’s still pretty solid. Had fun listening, and Musical Misfit here is some pretty darn nice music that fits my tastes rather well. I think it’s the rhythm ‘n bass-like percussion track in the background that really makes it for me. Some parts of it actually make me think of that Metal Mario boss battle in SSB64.

    Thinking of game songs I like, ever heard this “Cave in!” remix by Woofle of the underground theme from Yoshi’s Island? http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2923254/

  3. Kvb says:

    1. Okay-ish podcast, guys. Jon didn’t care about Comic Talk, nor Needlemouse, which didn’t really leave us with much. The segment that got the most attention (Off-Topic) was about stuff that I, being European, really didn’t know anything about.
    Of course I do appreciate we got anything at all, it’s just not what I hoped it would be.

    2. Why is Mario not better than Sonic? Or heck, most of Nintendo’s other characters. Link, Kirby, Samus…?
    Or maybe …Lace?

    3. I agree about Sonic 4. You have to admit that, judging by the trailer, the game seems to be almost everything you’ve asked for as your Game of Christmas Yet to Come, all the way back in Episode 10. But of course, when Sega is involved, games always seem to be a lot cooler than they really are in trailers…
    Personally, I don’t even want to see a Sonic Rush on a console. Sonic Rush really wasn’t very good, if you ask me. They had too few platform elements to balance out the “hold right” sections, and the level design confused me sometimes. Pitfalls weren’t instantly recognizable.

    4. I’ve got a Musical Misfit suggestion, but it’s part of one of the few game soundtracks that has not been uploaded to Youtube yet, and I don’t want to encourage the piracy of it by uploading it myself.
    Is there a way I could send you this theme privately, Ray? So that, if you pick it, you can just put up one of those Amazon.com links, like you’ve done in the past?

    • Ray says:

      3. Again, I’m happy they are going in the exact direction I’d like to see them go. It’s just a matter of waiting now to see if what they release is as enjoyable as what we want. Looking good so far. There’s just not much to look at.

      4. Sure, e-mail me: ray[at]2pstart.com

    • Mr Law type person says:

      Just to say, if you actually own the game, you dont need to worry about piracy.

      • Kvb says:

        The OST is sold separately. And I like OSTs, I don’t want to discourage companies from selling those by increasing the piracy of it.
        So I’m really not refusing to upload it for legal reasons, it’s just a moral issue.

  4. Justbngoode says:

    Ray! Did you here! NGamer magazine (a magazine in UK) has a reliable source in Nintendo has stated that sonic will be in Super Mario Galaxy 2 (which has been confirmed by GoNintendo) in a an area known as Green Hill Galaxy! if the sonic series goes downhill, there is only one thing to do: mooch of a successful series and company while slowly taking them down with them!

    • CKcheeseboy says:

      I call crap on that.
      -For one, GoNintendo only confirmed that the Twitter was indeed the official Twitter, not the information contained within.
      -If there was really an announcement of that magnitude to be made, they probably wouldn’t release the information on their official Twitter, because that’s a great way to make sure you don’t get any inside information any time soon.
      -It just seems too ridiculous and too much of a “fanboy dream” scenario to be legit.

    • Doopliss says:

      I read NGamer, and I never saw anything like that…

    • Supersonic24 says:

      He’d better not get comment of the week…

      • talduras says:

        Ironically, I believe he was doing a play on one of this podcast’s comments of the week.

        And yes, if it does get comment of the week, I will officially lose faith in mankind and declare that all cake is indeed a lie.

      • Justbngoode says:

        @Talduras: thank you, you were the only one to understand the joke. i mean jeez everybody, i was only using the joke from the podcast as a way to spread information and get a good laugh, chill.

    • Aaron90 says:

      I want to say nonsense but why does it sound like something that would actually

    • CKcheeseboy says:

      @kvb: Meh, poor word choice I guess.
      @TheLupineOne: It has actually been confirmed as their official Twitter, so that part is legit. It’s the information that’s rumor/crap.
      @Doopliss: It was on their Twitter.
      @Supersonic24: What would even make you think he would? Although it would be interesting to hear somebody actually try to verbalize the poor grammar.

  5. roadjcat says:

    Wow, I really had like nothing to say this time, but I do agree with Ray about the trailer, it was still a stupid idea.

  6. Highwater Trousers says:

    Short and sweet podcast, I suppose. It actually blazed right past me.

    1. It’s understandable that Sonic 4 could either be good or bad. But Ray, have you taken a look at the All-Stars Racing? They just released a demo today, so you can finally see how the actual gameplay holds up.

    2. Question for Jon: Do you still have the rewrite for Billie Jean? The one you referenced on the last podcast you were on. I was talking to some friends and family and now they want to hear it.

    3. I agree that one song should not determine a videogame’s sales, etc. However, I look at Final Fantasy XIII differently now that they switched the theme song to Leona Lewis. I watched the trailer synced to her song and it just doesn’t work for me. It actually hinders my perception of the game.

    4. I recently stumbled upon this slightly old article and started laughing. I bet the guy who proposed via Mario got the first one.

    5. While I’m sure it’s nothing, best wishes to Mrs. Harding. Hope she’s doing alright.

  7. Teengamer says:

    Good show, but I miss hearing Tim’s monotone voice. No offense to Jon, of course.

    Ray, maybe when the new Zelda Wii comes out this year you’ll fall in love with Link! (It’s supposed to be really good) I personally think he’s one of the strongest characters ever created. He’s not just as good as his weapons, and he doesn’t have an annoying voice! Think about it for me, Ray.


    p.s. You were completely right about keeping the Black Doom award for the Sonic trailer. Jon doesn’t have enough of a reason to get rid of it.

  8. Supersonic24 says:

    …Sorry Ray, but I just can’t give my NPG today. It’s more of a: IDLYSAC”P”TG (I didn’t like your short and crappy “podcast” today guys) I loved the last episode with you and Jon, but this one was just… empty. You barely talked about Sonic 4, I expected your Black Doom Award to go to the whiny fanbase (if you don’t know what I’m talking about; the classic fans are the ones whining because they used Modern Sonic in stead of the Classic model, seriously, those “people” deserve a Black Doom Award). I didn’t like how Jon gave SonnikuWii Comment of the Week because he said something completely out of context, even though I mentioned it first. The podcast was much too short, sometimes I’m not even satisfied with 40 minutes of hearing your Vanilla voice. I don’t want to sound like one of those “WHERE’S MY 35 MINUTE LONG SHOW!?!?” “people”, but this definitely wasn’t worth the week long wait. The first thing I thought after watching the trailer was “I can’t wait for the next 2PLIVE episode! I’m disappointed this week. Can’t wait until next week’s show where you hopefully go more in depth on the Sonic 4 talk. Best of wishes to Tim’s wife, hope she gets well.

    On a happier note, I have 2 Musical Misfit suggestions:


    U.N. Owen Was Her?

    • Apkinesis says:

      Someone else recommending Touhou music? YES 😀 Though I have to point out that “UN Owen Was Her” is one of the most famous Touhou songs ever, if not the most famous. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it has hundreds of unique remixes with more still releasing (which is fairly impressive even for Touhou music’s standards), so it’s anything but lost in the shuffle over time.

      Wait, I think my fanboy rant just shot down a decent chance to get a Touhou song onto 2P Start Live — oh the irony.

      • Supersonic24 says:

        Touhou has some of the best music in video games, yet still isn’t recognized as much as it should be. If I randomly told any gamer “What’s your favorite Touhou song?” I’d probably get a blank stare. So I’d say it was lost enough to count.

      • Apkinesis says:

        Supersonic24, I think we’re going to get along just fine 🙂

        I guess it’s up to Ray to decide what constitutes as “lost” — if it’s based on the general gaming public, then any Touhou song would definitely count; if the games’ underground fanbase is a large enough factor though, then it would easily restrict it to mostly Touhou 1-5 songs. Though the earlier games do have some nice songs for their time, my all-time favorites include the themes of Flandre, Reisen, Remilia, Yuyuko, Alice, Suwako, and Prismriver (roughly in that order), all of which are from the later and more famous Windows games. (I won’t spam with links to all of them, but a Youtube search of the character name plus “theme” should take you to them).

  9. Laelaps says:

    Find Ray a new…video game hero.
    If not for the context, I could have swor he was going to say girlfriend.

  10. Apkinesis says:

    My entry for the new “Find Ray a New Video-Game Hero… That He Can Obsess Over” segment would have to be Samus. No one beats Samus 😀

    But seriously, nice Podcast considering the circumstances; I came in not expecting much at all upon seeing the title and the description given on Twitter, but ended up enjoying the show as always. I hope all is well with the Hardings!

    Musical Misfit suggestion: Faint Dream, Inanimate Dream from Touhou 4: Lotus Land Story.

  11. DGR says:

    Thanks for Comment of the week guys. Great Podcast, Maybe Jon can take Willi’s place as the 3rd player of 2p start.

  12. TheNinjaMouse says:

    Not one of the better podcasts in recent weeks, which is a shame since Tim and Ray had been on a roll. Personally, I feel that when the Musical Misfit is longer than some of the talk segments (Jon apparently vetoed Comic Talk this episode), that’s the sign of a weak show. Still, good to know that Ray has kept his head in the midst of the Sonic 4 hoopla. 😉

    Hope everything is going well with the Hardings!

  13. D3vin says:

    I really wish I didn’t listen to that podcast, since most of it was Jon insulting you. Sure, most of it was about a blue hedgehog that shouldn’t exist anymore, but come on, by the time it was over it was more or less beating a dead horse. WE KNOW RAY HAS A SOMEWHAT UNHEALTHY OBSESSION WITH SONIC, THAT WHAT MAKES IT FUNNY! I do like the “Find Ray a new Videogame hero” segment. Although, for some reason Comic Talk didn’t have to deal with the comic all that much. Mostly how it was a mixed bag with good art and it segwayed into the Comment of the week about how Willi needs to make a comeback. I noticed there were no grave risers this past comic so that also made things too short.

    Sometimes it is better to have none of a good thing than any of a bad thing.

  14. Talduras says:

    I think Sonic has become for Ray what Heroes of Might & Magic has become for me. Ironically enough, I believe we both lost faith in our respective favorite series’ near the late 90s.

  15. Keja says:


    It was okay… I noticed Ray had an oh my God in there instead of the usual oh my gosh, but I’m okay with that anyway.

  16. Supersonic24 says:

    Also, I forgot to mention: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (Can’t stop stressing the “Please”) KEEP THE FIND RAY A NEW VIDEO-GAME HERO… THAT HE CAN OBSESS OVER SEGMENT. I don’t want to be mean, but that was clearly the best part of the podcast because of the potential of it, not Jon’s choice (Really? Master Chief?). It’d be hilarious to hear Tim bring a new character suggestion every week and see how long we can go until Ray can’t think of why Sonic is better. My suggestion: Sora from Kingdom Hearts (II). He’s very powerful, and just a good character overall. That was actually why I didn’t like the segment this week:
    Jon: “I have a character”
    Me: “Sora? Megaman? Cloud? Noctis? Zero?”
    Jon: “Master Chief”
    Me: “-_-, *facepalm* HE’S NOT BETTER THAN SONIC!”

    • DrOswald says:

      I would say that Master chief is different from Sonic. You have to admit that Sonic isn’t really that great, but he is a character that you can obsess over. The MC just isn’t someone to obsess over. Most FPS characters aren’t. They are in the game enough.

      I agree that Mega Man and Zero are worth obsessing over, but I think Sora is annoying, Cloud only really had 1 game (and it is unlikely he will have many in the future,) and who is Noctis?

      My personal pick would be Kirby.

  17. MiMGodfather says:

    Despite some of the negative comments on this Podcast, I’m going to say NPG. Any time the regular formula of something you enjoy is changed (in this case, both Ray and Tim in a podcast), you’re making a gamble. Yes, the previous podcast with Jon was better received, but you have to keep in mind that this was something very last second for Ray to handle. I can see some validity in what a few said, that no podcast would have been better… but he did the best he could and strove to keep their schedule and please the fans.

    Personally I was pleased with the length of the podcast. When I saw it pop up in my iTunes, my first thought was “Wow, that’s longer than I thought he would make it.” Sure it’s shorter than the majority of previous podcasts, but I honestly expected something closer to 10 or maybe 15 minutes.

    One last thing… if there had been no podcast, you know there would have been a bunch of whiners crying “OMGYNPG!? (OMG whY No Podcast Guys!?)”, no matter what the circumstances. I’m not saying that people who didn’t enjoy this one would be like that, because I don’t believe they would. Just sort of a prediction on my part 🙂

    • TheNinjaMouse says:

      Yeah, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it would have been better to go without a podcast. It was worth getting my podcast thirst satiated, even if it wasn’t up to the finest quality. Some podcast just go better than others, and it’s a hard thing to predict.

    • MiMGodfather says:

      After re-reading my message, I think I may have given the wrong impression. I’m not saying that I agree with those that said “no podcast” would have been better, just that I can see how some people might say that.

  18. Acgamer says:

    Nice (but too short, though I understand why) podcast.

    One thing I found funny was the Dante’s Inferno commercial. I just watched in on online and at the end it said “Go To Hell.” When I saw it during the Superbowl, it said “Hell Awaits.” Weird.

  19. DrOswald says:

    1. Hope there is no real problem with Tim’s wife, and if there is any problem get well soon!

    2. I liked this podcast. Why is everyone hating on it so much? It is far better that several podcasts in the archive. Perhaps not quite up to par with recent podcasts, but it was entertaining.

    3. It is true that the Master Chief is a shallow character in the games, but in the books there is a lot more character development.

    4. I agree with Jon that the needlemouse trailer team had to have more info that they let on. I also have to point out that it was a teaser trailer, which usually don’t have much to do with the final product anyway. Teaser trailers are the very definition of an empty promise, and you don’t need much information to make an empty promise. Still deserves a BD, though.

    • DrOswald says:

      Oh, I forgot. Ray (and Jon) you are wrong. That Dante’s Inferno commercial was crap through and through. Bad music choice, animation that just didn’t look right, terrible music choice, and a complete lack of style or anything the seemed even slightly interesting.

    • Kvb says:

      2. Better than which episodes? I listen the archive regularly, and I really can’t think of a single episode I like less. Mostly just because the other episodes have been that good.
      I even thought Don’t Listen was hilarious.

      • DrOswald says:

        I think that most of the early episodes are not very good, for example. Beyond that, I cant think of a specific example, but I don’t think it was a bad episode. I guess its an opinion thing.

  20. Jcob says:

    can you ,Tim&or Ray, please be my friend on xbox live. my gamer tag is EarnestBlade. if it doesn’t work use Earnest Blade. the comic was good, but I thought it should be a fallout 3 comic. : )

  21. SonikkuWii says:

    Sorry about that spasm, I was just really excited and really tired…But it did get me a comment of the week. Sorry to whoever should’ve gotten that.
    Anyways, pretty good podcast. Could’ve done with more Sonic, but Jon really didn’t seem into it, and I’m sure Tim wouldn’t have been much more. Hope everything is going well for Tim and his wife. Can’t wait until Thursday!

  22. 1337pikmin says:

    I wonder what Ray has to say about pikmin. Well then again… I like pikmin too much to see Ray deny them. It would be too emotional for me. Anyway. Good podcast! Well Maybe I’m saying that because this is the first one I’ve seen. Well It looks like I’ll have a LOT of catching up to do….

  23. crazyspecialk says:

    I thought the podcast was kinda good. I feel like if it went on for any longer then it could have been worse. Also, I enjoy Jon Watts on the show.

    Finally, Sonic and Mario’s Awkward Reunion

  24. koollizard says:

    black doom is my videogame hero i have a life sise carbord cut out of him in my room.

  25. Ray says:

    I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their honest feedback. I oftentimes worry that we are getting overly praised for the content we deliver so it’s nice to see we are not actually free from criticism. It’s a bit refreshing, although it obviously has quite a bit of bite.
    Just remember, this was only a quick filler episode, and Tim will be back next week for our usual stuff.

    I don’t really believe I wasted anyone’s time with this show, and we did more in 16 minutes than many podcasts seem to accomplish in an hour, but I’ll be a little more careful with what I choose to do in filling a gap. Thanks everyone.

    • Kvb says:

      And I’d like to thank you for taking our feedback to heart. I think that’s something we might be taking for granted.
      Let’s be honest, if this had been one of the bigger podcasts, the response likely would’ve been something like “Get outta here, you guys. We’re great. If you don’t like it, then don’t listen to it.”

  26. MiMGodfather says:

    I was listening back on an old podcast (#60 to be specific), and noticed that you guys hit on the very subject surrounding the reaction to this podcast. Pretty interesting considering all of the comments above and the circumstances of the podcast…I recommend everyone give it a listen if you haven’t already.

  27. TheLupineOne says:


    Please make sure they get a mention in an upcoming comic, or the next Podcast!

    • Talduras says:

      I’m not sure you want that. Ray may end up making fun of just how similar that new Pokemon looks to Sonic the Werehog. Except this is more of a werefox. Egh… just saying that made me shudder at another horrible idea Sonic Team could have come up with as the basis for a new character. :-/

  28. D3vin says:

    I suggest Link as a new hero, just because there is more than one of him in the timeline. If you didn’t like Wind Waker’s portrayal of him, there is always the one from Ocarina of Time, or A Link to the Past.

  29. Talduras says:

    Huh, everyone’s recommending a new game hero for Ray? Must have missed that part of the podcast.

    Sadly, I have no real options for video game hero other than Link. My only other choice would’ve been Flammie, but she’s only a side character AND also from a dying franchise. But still, she’s an awesome dragon! =D

  30. koollizard says:

    if he wants a hero…. IM HIS HERO

  31. TriforceBun says:

    Man, Jon was giving Ray a hard time throughout; I felt kinda bad for him. And Master Chief is a weak suggestion for new game hero! How about Samus, Link, Mega Man…or Tingle?

    • Jonny Niko says:

      Yeah I agree that Master Chief was a poor choice. But also a really good one. Here’s why I Said MC

      One: It doesn’t set the bar very high on the first suggestion so this can be an on-going segment. Don’t want it to end on the first try.

      Two: I wanted to step out of the realm of Nintendo. You know, give the characters who wear clothing a little love on 2pstart!

      Three: Ray edited out my first suggestion.

      Anyway, thanks for the feed back. I will try and change it up next time, and show you How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb(Sonic)

      • Talduras says:

        Two: "I wanted to step out of the realm of Nintendo. You know, give the characters who wear clothing a little love on 2pstart!"

        …Wait, what? Those two sentences don’t make sense. For starters, Sonic is very much Sega property and not Nintendo, regardless of what certain games would have you believe. Second, there’s hardly a Nintendo character that’s lacking in clothes outside of Pokemon, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, and Kirby.

        As much as I’d want to believe you meant to say Sega instead of Nintendo, that prospect scares me the most, as it would’ve insinuated you might have actually had some ideas for other Sega characters to recommend.

      • Jonny Niko says:

        As much as Sega would have you believe that they are not Nintendo, Their characters resinate the most with the Nintendo Universe and it’s audience. And it’s not Brawl that gives the impression, no, it is the following games that do that.

        Sonic Advance; Sega smash pack; Sonic Advance 2; Sonic pinball party; Sonic battle; Sonic X game boy advance video (Volume 1 and 2); sonic advance 3; Sonic adventure 2: battle; Sonic mega collection; Sonic adventure DX; Sonic gems collection; Billy hatcher and the giant egg; Sonic rush; Sonic rush adventure; Mario and Sonic at the olympic winter games; Sonic and the secret rings; mario and sonic at the olympic games; Sonic riders: zero gravity; Sonic spinball; Sonic 3D; Sonic and the black knight.

      • CKcheeseboy says:

        …Second, there’s hardly a Nintendo character that’s lacking in clothes outside of Pokemon…

        Yeah, but that’s nearly 500 right there. 😛

      • Talduras says:

        Eh, Pokemon doesn’t count anyway, since none of them talk or have any character development (excluding the anime, since it isn’t really considered part of the video game series canon).

        And before anyone says it, yes, technically Mario and Link could fall into that category, but they’ve gotten enough character development that we’ve attached attributes and personalities to them. Not the same for Pokemon as the games go, as they are literally assigned a random personality (called a nature) that does nothing more than affect leveling stats and get the fan fiction people and fan artists turning the gears in their heads.

  32. koollizard says:

    I think you guys should put the name of the weeks comic in the description for the podcast so we know what comic you are going to talk about.

    • MiMGodfather says:

      Well… there’s no real point in that really. Just take a look at the podcast’s date, and whatever comic was made the week before is the comic they’ll be talking about.

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