2P START! Live!: Three-Year Checkpoint Edition


RayWhat’s the plan for 2P START’s future? What’s the new number to call into the show? What does Sega and the Zone40 have in common? Did NiGHTS ever make it into that racing game? And how many times did Ray fail his driver’s test?


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  1. Supersonic24 says:

    Yay! My musical misfit made it!
    I can’t wait to listen!

  2. blaster says:

    I thought it would be “Tim to the rescue edition”
    Congradulatuion on the mark again!
    Can’t wait to listen.

  3. roadjcat says:

    I thought it was “Redemption Edition”. XD Anyway, about to listen.

    • roadjcat says:

      At this point I’m just taking notes out of habit. There’s never anything I feel like commenting on anymore for some reason. I still enjoy the podcasts though.

      Oh but I did laugh at that question about the cane.
      And Rouge.

  4. TheLupineOne says:

    1. Glad to see the return of Tim with the News! Shame it’s old news…
    But think about it. 5 zones, 5 episodes… 5 x 5 = 25 zones! That’s twice as normal! (Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles)
    2. How could you not mention the new Pokémon in Tim with the News? Here’s hoping for a Pokémon comic next: we’re long overdue one! At least there was the slightest mention of the fifth generation when talking about Pokémon on the iPhone during Black Doom Award. But not of the Pokémon!
    3. (740-3P-START): 3P START! sounds like a good name for your caller segment! You’ll need to think of some music for it. Will you keep the Ristar music from “Skype call!”, or something else? Why not Marble Garden Zone?
    5. Many LOLs at the SSBB announcer. FAILURE…
    6. Where is the Daytona remix from? BTW the Daytona 500 was on TV today.
    7. Never end, 2P START!
    8. Oh no! A creepy comment!
    9. When Ray mentions failing a driving test, you should play FAILURE.
    10. So, Ray: are you boycotting SaSASR because of the NiGHTS debacle?
    11. I can hear the “Dream Over” sound effect in the background!
    12. I was thinking it would be Ray who would give the Zone SEGA a Black Doom Award! 32-bit graphics, Third Generation Gaming, Interactive Plug and Play! What’s that music?
    13. What in Blue Blazes? I think this is the first time we’ve had a PS3 Musical Misfit. SONY praise!

  5. Talduras says:

    This may end up being the first Remix I snag, as most of the time I’ve either heard it before and already got it (yes, I troll the OCRemix website), heard it before and didn’t like it, or didn’t hear it before and didn’t like it… usually the latter two. What can I say, I tend to lean towards the softer style of music, with only occasional harder stuff like The Black Mages (album 1) and some Zircon remixes.

  6. Gregjr94 says:

    Achievement unlocked: Redemption 250G

    1. Great podcast guys!
    2. The Brawl Announcer always did have a way with words.
    3. Creepy comment. ~shiver~

  7. Highwater Trousers says:

    Better podcast this week and Off-Topic was pretty darn hilarious!

    1. Wait, are you serious about the call-in and leave a message process? Well, because isn’t a 740 phone prefix in Ohio? Maybe I’m off, but I’m just checking to see if this is a joke or not.

    2. The bad part I see about Sonic 4 is that it’s download only. I’d much rather purchase a physical copy of a game, but that’s just me. Maybe if these episodes succeed, SEGA will release a collection on disc.

    3. Government written tests can be really weird at certain points. I had to read a Health-education book written by the California Board of Education. One of the sections stated, “[i]n case of accidental ingestion of a poison, it is important to find the correct anecdote.” It pretty much went downhill from there.

    4. I’ll bet that Tim’s driving looked something like this. (See the last picture.) You can just see the concentration in his face.

    5. Showing up at your houses? Seriously, what would you guys do if a fan suddenly showed up at your home, work, or in some chance encounter? And no, Falcon Punch is not a proper answer.

    6. A Musical Misfit from the Playstation 3? Wow, this opens a whole new can of worms! Time to go through my collection again to find some songs. Although I think my musical taste might be different then Ray’s…

    Whoops, way to many questions here! Great podcast!

    • Ray says:

      1. Call it and find out… 740-3PSTART
      5. I would probably take them out to lunch then ask if they were any good at Smash Brothers.

      • yeah568 says:

        Did nobody notice the reference to 2P Live! Episode 86…? No-one? Crap.

        And sadly, I suck at Brawl. 🙁

      • Highwater Trousers says:

        I’ll try calling then, but I just hope it’s not one of those $4.95 a minute specialty lines. It might be worth it, but my wallet would be weeping.

        When you ask about Smash Brothers, your eyes change to the Smash Brothers symbol, right? Also, I’m not that great, but I have yet to try my hand at Brawl. There might be hope still.

  8. TheNinjaMouse says:

    A jam-packed podcast; well done, guys!

    I think I side with Tim concerning Google Wave. It takes a little while to get used to it, but overall it can be a great tool. A friend and I use it regularly to discuss Lost and swap theories.

    It’d be really sad to lose the comics, but if they must come to an end in the near future, I would rather see them phased out gradually while interspersed with new material. Perhaps there could be a different kind of new release each Thursday, leaving us to guess whether it’d be a new comic, video, BRAWLOL, or something completely different. I’ll certainly be looking forward to each new comic while we can!

  9. yeah568 says:

    I’m kinda surprised that mine was picked for Creepy Comments, even though I was like “This is totally making it into Creepy Comments next week” right after I posted it.

    My friend who was beside me was like “What?” He’s totally noob. >.>

    Now, back to my non-creepy self.

    *looks up Ray’s address in Oregon phone book*

    Wait, I shouldn’t do that now, should I.

  10. crazyspecialk says:

    Hey guys! Great podcast this week!

    About what you guys were saying about 2P Start’s future, I just want to say that I only want 2P Start to continue if you guys still love doing this and if you guys want this to continue. I mean, yes; I will be a little sad when you guys decide to end. However, I think I would feel even sadder if you guys continue, and then we find out later that you guys have come to hate doing this and the only reason you continue is to make us happy. I think you guys have done an amazing job thus far, and I (and hopefully everyone else) would completely understand if you guys are starting to get worn out and need a break or need to stop. I mean, as you guys said, over 150 comics is a lot of comics and a lot of jokes.

    As for ideas about what new things you guys can do, I unfortunately haven’t come up with anything really great. I think animations could be really cool if you wanted to give that a try. Otherwise, I know you guys said before that you wanted to try different kinds of comics to mix thing up, like comics that have a story, or big, multi-part comics like what Brawl in the Family does, and I think that could pretty cool as well.

    But like I said, I only want 2P Start to continue if you guys still have the love and enthusiasm to keep doing this.

    Quick question, however: If you guys do decide to stop doing comics, would you guys still do your podcast every week?

  11. Kvb says:

    1. Thank you, Tim! I thought Jon blew our chance at Sonic 4 talk last week. The discussion about the episodic nature was pretty good. I actually never really thought about that aspect of it.

    2. Ugh, you’re really pulling through with the audio comment of the week leave a message idea? Ah well, we’ll see how it turns out, I suppose.
    The Skype account is kind of strange, though. Have you tried some other alternatives first? TwoPSTART, 2Pstart.com, 2PStartComic?

    3. Oh yeah, success or failure. A nice little bit to add to comic talk. I do wonder how critical you guys will be of yourself, though. If Jon hadn’t verbally decimated your comic last week, would it still have been considered a failure?

    4. Of course you should change your opinion occasionally. You’re simply not always right, and changing your mind shows that you’re open to new ideas, rather than some stubborn mule.
    Though I guess it might be a little confusing for people who listen to the podcast archive in non-chronological order.

    5. T-T-T-Topic of the Week is scary this week. Lots of doom and gloom. Is the end of 2P START nearing?

    6. You can’t touch the curb because that’s bad for the tires. Or at least, so I’ve heard. I don’t actually drive. I’m one of those freaks who walks places.

    7. I was hoping for a Sega All-Stars Racing dev to say that Nights was going to be a racer until those people on the internet started whining.
    “Because you guys made such a big deal, we demoted him. Congratulations.”

    8. I’m glad Pokémon didn’t get the attention from you guys that some fans seem to want. I totally agree with Ray’s stance on the series.
    And what I want to know is why we’re supposed to care so much about Pokémon #494 and #495. To me it’s just another sprite, with slightly different stats. One of many. Very many.

    • Talduras says:

      8. To cling to the hope that the series will one day transcend to a meaningful format beyond “1 vs. 1 (and sometimes 2 vs. 2) rock-paper-scissors face-off.” Kind of like the opposite of everyone wanting Sonic to go back to 2D style, except that Pokemon is still making extreme money off of rehash, revised rehash, renewed revised rehash, and “I Can’t Believe It’s Not New” rehash.

      Sad thing is the games have so much potential to spark some amazing spin-offs, yet all the spin-offs it gets are fan-service… I mean, differently flavored fan-service. Seriously want a Pokemon action-RPG.

    • Tim says:

      That’s not a Skype account, it’s a phone number, like one you dial on your phone.

  12. Snifit says:

    Another good podcast, it’s been a while since I listened. Glad to be back.
    -Comment of the week! And my girlfriend also realized what the Metroid valentine was about and she got a little grossed out…oh well, she still enjoyed it…..sorry Ray….
    -I hope 2PStart doesn’t DIE outright but a shift wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. I’d love to see some animated shorts or more reviews. Maybe take a break from comics for a few weeks to do something new and see how that goes.
    -I love the new Rise From Your Grave intro, please keep it ha ha ha.
    -How do you get “technically arrested”?
    -I agree with the Black Doom. I was kinda upset that NiGHTS wasn’t a racer, since he was in Tennis, but at the same time Crazy Taxi, ChuChu Rocket, and Shenmue are there and that’s hard to complain about. I’m still cautiously optimistic about it but Sega’s track record (get it?) hasn’t been so hot. First they sort of copied Mario Tennis and now they’re after Mario Kart. I just hope this game does alright sales wise so we can see the inevitable Smash Bros. rip-off: Sega All Stars Slam. You know its coming
    -You know, I never realized how limited the motion in Pokemon games was. I know we’ve been playing the same game for 12 years but it never crossed my mind how much it actually was the same.

  13. Supersonic24 says:

    Listened to it last night. It’s strangely calming to listen to your voices IN BED. (Yay, creepy comment!) But anyway, this was a great but… depressing show. I don’t know what I would do if I was in your situation, though I probably would end it. However, if you guys end the comic, I do hope you keep the podcast, I think it’s much more entertaining anyway. I really hope the next Pokemon game is actually different, though I doubt it will be.

  14. Supersonic24 says:

    Oh, and it’s pronounced BlazeBlue. I don’t know why they spelled it that way.

  15. JohnW says:

    In response to the Rise from your grave part, I found the site while googling for a sound file that said “2p! Start!” for a school project.

    Great Podcast BTW, guys!

  16. FluffyPanda says:

    I’d never even heard of Journey to Silius before this video (which is awesome by the way) but dagnabit it had some fine music.

    May I therefore suggest this as a musical misfit. Although all of the music from that game is amazing.

  17. MrDeku says:

    It’s understandable that that continuously working on the comics would take some of the pleasure of their creation but it would be a shame for the comics to stop completely as it’s probably the main draw of the site for a lot of people instead have considered changing their focus? By this I don’t mean a complete revamp of the site but rather to put the weekly comics on hiatus and possible work on a different comic that could be featured in its place for a limited time in which you could experiment with new material without the constraints of the joke a week format. The change from the norm could break your sense of monotony while keeping the main feature of the site. Whatever happens I’ve rambled on for long enough already and congratulations for reaching the three year mark.

  18. The Gastronomic Gamer says:

    Personally, I think that the best plan is to have one PROJECT rather than one COMIC per week. Some weeks there will still be comics, but there will also be videos, or songs, or even written stories if you’d like to take up the task. All I would want is something that you can talk about making in the podcast. Any creative work will do. It doesn’t even have to do with video games, though it couldn’t hurt, seeing as it’s the running theme of the site and the one tie that links the community.

  19. Person Number 3 says:

    Say it together, now…
    Nice job on 3 years, though for me it’s only been about 3 weeks.I don’t think I could really ask for a better podcast, given there really wasn’t much video game stuff to discuss this week. Aside from not much gaming stuff, everything else was great! Tim With the News was excellent, I was glad to NOT see the return of Find a New Hero For Ray ( or whatever the heck it was) Peole from Comic 4 grave-rising was great, and the Creepy Comment…I hope I never here of that man again. What really surprised me, though, was that I got a grave-rising honorable mention. Woah. I never really expected to be noticed! So now, I feel compelled to always post on your work, giving feeback, because otherwise I’ll sink to the dark, forgotten pit of useless users…all because you noticed me. But otherwise, terrible podcast and please never do it again!

    …Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. but really, this comment’s way too long by now, so I gotta wrap it up. GREAT PODCAST HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DO IT AGAIN DON’T YOU DARE DIE ON ME SOB!!!11!11!11!!

  20. 1337pikmin says:

    Sonic 4? I must look this up…

  21. Teengamer says:

    Happy anniversary guys! I’m currently trying to listen to every podcast and catch up on your history. Kudos to you for 3 years, and good luck to me for trying to get through them!


  22. MiMGodfather says:

    Nice podcast this week guys! And thanks for the comment of the week, Ray. The fact that I had listened to that podcast so recently was quite a coincidence actually. Can’t say why at this time, but all shall be revealed in the near future. I’m not going to worry too much about the possibility of the comic/podcast coming to an end anytime soon. If and when the day comes, I’m sure you two will give us plenty of notice.

  23. Zegres says:

    First off, GREAT Comic. I actually handed these out last year as my valentines and my friends loved them. Great Podcast as well, I was having a crappy day and i really couldn’t wait to get home and listen to it, great stuff.
    Now this doesn’t really have anything to do with the show or the comic, well , sorta the show, but what are your opinions, Ray and Tim (or any one else), about the new Gold and Silver Pokemon games coming out? Me and my friends are way excited because Gold and Silver had great new Pokemon and a huge map that included the Kanto region. With the remakes we also get Pokemon that follow you around. Just a few of my thoughts. What are yours?

    • Ray says:

      I tried jumping on to the Pokémon bandwagon with Pearl, but was disappointed in how lacking the game’s usability was in the current standards of today’s world, especially considering it had a touch-screen interface. (for more detail about that, just check out my old reviews page) – so I have little interest in new Pokémon games announced unless they start showing that they’re doing them right, and not just rehashing old ROM setups.

  24. Cheeseball701 says:

    1.Man, I hope you don’t run out of lives. That would suck to go back to the beginning of a 3 year level.

    2.RAY!!! DID YOU SEE?!?! THE SONIC HOTEL ROOM IS NOW ANNOUNCED TO HAVE THE THEME OF GREEN HILL ZONE!! THEY’RE ALSO MAKING A SONIC ROLLERCOASTER! So there is this resort in Britain that recently remodeled one of their roller coasters to be Sonic Spinball themed. Additionally, they have a Sonic Themed hotel room. The headboard for the bed is a giant ring! And I just have to ask Ray to weigh on the silliest Sonic promotion since his balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Certainly its Sonicnerds’ new Mecca, right? 😉 Here’s a write up: http://tinyurl.com/ygmbbcs

    3.Ray’s driver’s test anecdotes cracked me up.

    4.NiGHTS also had it’s own Pinball level in Sonic Adventure AND Sonic Pinball Party (which I never found a copy of because it was exclusive to Target)! ..and cameos is SA2…

    5.Come to think of it the hotel room’s wallpaper looks similar to the new leaked footage of Sonic 4. I would have written that in all caps, but I don’t want to get hoarse.

    6.Teacher, I heard 2PStart say in one of the early podcasts that they weren’t going to be like other podcasts with voicemail! To be fair, most podcasts don’t respond to their voicemail, leaving it as filler. You won’t stoop to that, right?

  25. FluffyPanda says:

    Yo, Tim, what happened to my comment dawg?

    Sitting in a moderator queue because I linked to a couple of videos?

  26. talduras says:

    I’ve got fantastic news for everyone. A new Sonic game has been released! This is the most innovative Sonic game ever to be released yet, utilizing the latest technology with mind-blowing results while still somehow staying true to its 2D roots! Better yet, even though the game features a new character, it’s a character that isn’t stupid or annoying! As an added bonus, it lets you replay previous Sonic games with new results!

    Without further ado, here it is!
    [spoiler]Yep, Sonic & Knuckles got released on Virtual Console earlier this week. So, how many guessed correctly what it was before clicking the link, or before clicking this thing? The last hint should’ve given it away, and admittedly I was using half-truths for some of the earlier hints (the game does use “the latest technology” by being on the Wii, even if it doesn’t “use” that technology =P ). And yes, you read correctly: unlike most other emulated S&K releases, this one DOES support the ability to play as Knuckles in Sonic 2 and 3, so long as you have those titles and S&K in your VC library as well.

    Sad thing about all of this is that it may be considered the best Sonic release of this year. :-/[/spoiler]

  27. mkava says:

    1) It’s amusing to know that you guys literally started a few weeks before I started my second website (NintendoFreaks). I remember seeing 2P Start for the first time at Comic 2. Even back then, you guys looked like you ahd a lot of potential to make a great comic and do more with it. And now three years later, it’s obviously true. Congrats you two, for all your hard work, dedication, and silly silly jokes.

    2) Ray, don’t feel bad for being burnt out. Keeping up with something like this for three years gets to be a tad difficult after awhile. And when you have a week off, it’s amazing to see how much free time you have suddenly. But then you miss it and you look forward to starting back up next week. I teach martial arts as my second job and I have certainly gone through that sort of experience.
    Been in martial arts for nearly 12 years and probably missed about 12 or so classes (at least twice a week; for 6 months, 4 classes a week) in all that time. So as somebody who has been there, don’t feel bad. Things just happen to go that way once and awhile. Take a step back, take a deep breath, maybe take a week or two off and hopefully you’ll be ready to hit it full bore again. =)
    And hey, this would be a great time to do some guest comics in a row. Maybe 2 a week or two weeks?

    3) Parallel parking is a requirement where I live (Midwest USA). Of course, like Tim, I passed my first driving test. And I even avoided running over some idiot kid you rode his bike out into the street (right in front of me, no less) during my driving test.

    4) Technically arrested? Really? Quite nice, Tim. 😛 lmao.

  28. D3vin says:

    What I’m concerned about Sonic 4, Will it be compatable with Sonic and Knuckles’s Lock-on technology

  29. randomperson says:

    Hmmm i havent listened yet but lets calculate rays driving fails 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1×5=45 probably because he was playing his gameboy/ds/handheld while driving i mean in the scribblenauts episode he said he ad the stylus in his mouth

  30. Apkinesis says:

    I listened to the Podcast the evening it came out, but wasn’t able to comment on it right afterwards, so I don’t remember many specifics about it. But I do remember it was twice as good as the last Podcast (which I still think was pretty good for the circumstances), and that I particularly enjoyed all the new segments — so I’ll just leave a generic NPG 😛

  31. Shroobario says:

    There’s a similar case to NiGHTS’

    If you have seen the leaked gameplay video of Sonic 4, the classic Sonic, with sprites from the Genesis game is in the loading screen. They probably just put him there to be able to say he is in the game, so the fans will stop complaining.

  32. Hey, Ray, did you hear they’re making a Sonic 4 game? What do you think about that? **wink**

  33. Nate Mills says:

    hey ray guess what. i had to take my driver written test four times as well. the first three times i took it on the computer and i fail. then the fourth time i took it written and i past.

  34. Retl says:

    Kinda wish I remembered my login info. Anywho, was just listening to this podcast again today. Still enjoy them immensely, and managed to laugh myself to tears. Again. It was lovely.

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