2P START! Live!: Biblical Proportions Edition


RayWhat will keep Ray out of Heaven? Why are there no unicorns? Why do fighting games have to be so complicated? Why does Tim kick dogs? So many questions in this life…


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  1. Person Number 3 says:

    I just noticed…IT’S OUT! I’ma read it now. Also, I will NOT say the F-Word!

    • Person Number 3 says:

      Read? Durr. I meant LISTEN TO it now. Sorry.

    • koollizard says:

      Why do the first podcast comenters coment that its out? We can all see that its out thats why we came here. why dont you just listen to it first then post a coment about the podcast or a question about it.

      • CKcheeseboy says:

        I wasn’t going to comment on this myself but since you did I’ll back you up by saying I completely agree.

  2. TheLupineOne says:

    1. RISTAR! To go hand in hand with intro to Episode #88. I aught to get the Mega Drive Ultimate Collection and play that game.
    2. Civ V? It’s been, like, only a couple of years since Civ IV! LOL at taking pictographs of every living thing in Wind Waker, and Ray and Tim’s love of Dizzy Bee.
    3. Comic Talk! Oh… NOW I get it. Funniest comic on the site, and I don’t even get the joke.
    4. First ever Comment of the Week from Kotaku? Meanwhile. my idea for a mail-order Girlfriend for Ray makes Kotaku!
    5. First 3P START! (I refuse to just call it “Voice mail”.) Love the Brain Training sound effect! It’s one of my favourite video game sound effects! (Alongside the Loon)
    6. I can’t put my finger on where in Sonic & Knuckles that Wricky! Wricky! Remix is from.
    7. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom gets a Black Doom Award? Oh Noes! But yes, that’s a 43-HIT 12.535 Billion Damage Black Doom you’ve got there. (To pull some random Hyper Combo of YouTube).
    8. The same can be said even more for the second Black Doom. Dtoid as a suggestion for you!
    9. Is this the first [18] rated Musical Misfit? Two vocal Misfits in a row! Ao-Iconoclast and now this! What does “Fly Me To The Moon” tell us about Ray?

  3. TheLupineOne says:

    Seeing as there’s a lot of SONY love recently, here’s my suggestion for next week’s Musical Misfit. It’s the Speedway Theme from Spyro: Year of the Dragon. One of my favourite PSone games, and one of the few games I’ve managed to complete 100%.

  4. ZaxCG2 says:


    The Black Doom Award should be going to something FAR FAR FAR deserving.
    If you’re familiar with basic Capcom fighters, you’re familiar with TvC. If you’re frustrated, you just don’t ever play Street Fighter/MvC/etc. The game has a certain flow and if you practice, you’ll understand it. IN FACT, if you hate TvC, you’d ABSOLUTELY hate games like Street Fighter IV. TvC is tons more easier to string things together.

    Raaaaaaaaaaay ray rayyyyy.

    • mkava says:

      Street Fighter 3: The Third Strike on the PS2.. really basic concepts between characters. In general, a roll (down -> down-right -> right) and a punch/kick and you’re set. Each character has something neat about them, but they can all be controlled generally the same way. But TvC just.. didn’t have that type of flow. Well, it just wasn’t as apparent. Or at least, when I tried playing in at my local game shop it felt like that. Might have been the god-awful controller though.. :/
      Brawl did a nicer job keeping things consistent between characters and that’s a great concept for the series. Simple yet can be very full of depth, depending on how you use it. =)

  5. Person Number 3 says:

    Though I’m typing while listening to the musical Misfit section, I believe I’ve heard enough: THIS POD SUCKS.



    But in all seriousness, it isn’t that bad, but it falls into the lower-good-ish-whatever range.
    It’s good, but not too good. It was a bit short, but the content was nice, though it felt like you rushed to get the important sections enough content to not be hated. It was still nice, though. Keep making this stuff the way you have been, and please, never, EVER, EVER, switch to sex/drugs punchlines. Keep it clean like you always have, and keep it good. I talk too much. I’m done now. Good job, though.

    • Highwater Trousers says:

      Wait! Don’t give up on the podcast! Have you tried checking out some of the older podcasts? Just try listening to a few others from throughout the archives and then see how you feel. I’m sure many people around here can offer some great suggestions.

      Also, the podcasts might be short because they don’t want to bore listeners with anything they see as unnecessary or not worthy of their time. So I guess if it feels rushed, it’s because they care about everyone’s time.

      • Person Number 3 says:

        Did you even read the rest of my comment? Saying it was horrible wasn’t a joke. My real opinion is that it was better than OK, DEFINITELY better than Quck ‘n Speedy edition, But not that great, either. Like I said, lower-good range.

      • Person Number 3 says:

        Wasn’t? Man, I meant was. I’m on a typo streak today!

    • TheLupineOne says:

      That’s what I call a Creepy Comment. There was nothing wrong with this Podcast! But yes, I agree with Tails over here, it WAS a bit on the short side.

    • randomperson says:


    • Highwater Trousers says:

      I did take your comment seriously. I just got the impression that you were giving up on the podcast in general due to your dislike of the shortness. You stated that you dislike the pod (or podcast I assume). I must have misinterpreted your comment and thought you disliked the podcast in general and not this specific episode. If I offended you, then my apologies.

  6. Highwater Trousers says:

    Okay, before I go on a long-winded take on the Off-Topic, I would just like to add my two-cents.

    Technically, there was a game where you had to find and kill a unicorn. Once you start the fight… Well, let’s just say I got into a lot of trouble. [spoiler]Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was the game.[/spoiler]

    All right, time for my long take on Off-Topic. Let me just try and put it under spoilers since it might be long.

    Well, catching someone letting their dog go on your lawn can get pretty nasty. Once, my family and I caught a couple letting their dog go on our lawn. Well, we asked them to get off our lawn. They claimed that it was their right to use our lawn. We asked again and they wouldn’t comply. It ended in an argument about private property and the couple walked away “victorious.” Why? Because they ended the argument calling us a bunch of low-class low-lives who aren’t worth their time. Later, the couple would purposely come to our yard just to let their dogs go. That’s right, they brought their OTHER dog as well. Really. Ironically enough, the law in my city states that the owner of a dog CANNOT let their dog go on someone else’s property without the permission of the owner of the yard. Otherwise, there’s a rather large fine, which I do believe is over a couple thousand dollars. Oh, and I couldn’t exactly “kick” their dog, Tim. Their dog was about the size of a wolf and it acted like one too. Get too close and the owners would let it go after you. AND then they would blame it on YOU. Can you believe the husband (of the couple) was a doctor? The situation came to the point where we were once told to call the police on them. That bad. And I almost forgot, the husband also tried to run me over with his SUV. But I’m sure that’s irrevelant.

    However, I also caught another person who walks my neighborhood letting his dog go on our lawn. The minute I came by, he retreated faster than I could say “Get off my lawn!” Unforunately, this guy would walk our neighborhood in the early hours or the later hours when no one was out and about. So, my family and I would arrange it so one of us would have a chore outside where we could catch this guy. Granted, he would also retreat, but no person should ever have to defend their lawn like this. I mean, the other day I went outside on my lawn and guess what I almost stepped in. Yup. Would have been bad too, I wore sandals. I’d go and buy one of those signs that remind people of the law, but let’s face it, they ignore the sign at the park. What’s going to make them obey the law on my lawn?[/spoiler]

    Well, nice podcasts guys and sorry for my two-cents if you actually read it.

    • SuperSonicGoku says:

      If that couple tried to run you over, next time it happens (whenever you go out and that couple is there, bring a camera or something) call the cops, or sue their asses.

  7. 1337pikmin says:

    Yay tim with the news again! 😀

  8. mkava says:

    1) Really? Comment of the week? XD You do me too much of an honor. But did you need to read the whoooooole comment, Ray? I am happy that I could give you a chuckle either way. =)

    2) Nice remix this week. Love me some good Sonic remixes.

    3) Tim: Your story shows me _why_ you got ‘technically’ arrested. 😛

    4) Chances for guest comics in the near future?
    Nice podcast guys. Short, sweet, and glad to hear a great week for the comic recharged you a bit. =D

  9. Anon says:

    Ray, you do know that you can activate a menu list through the pause menu, right? And it stays on screen as you play.
    Also, I found the game really accessible. Once you pick a few characters you like and get their flow and start fooling around a bit, the game gets really fun.

    I prefer the faster version of “Fly Me to the Moon” on Bayonetta. I do hate how they recycle it every fight though. Starts to get ‘werehog theme’ annoying.

    • Ray says:

      Yes, it shows me how I can do about six different moves for a specific character. Again though, where is my tutorial on Cross-Over Counters, Baroque Combos, Advancing Guards, Mega Crashes, Team Hyper Combos, etc?

      • Anon says:

        Oh yeah…
        I guess you kinda have to play and learn as you go…
        I still think it’s a fun game. Great even!

        And if you use anything involving the Wiimote, it simplifies the controls…a little too much

      • Anon says:

        Incidentally, who do you use?
        I mostly use a Karas/ Tekkaman team, though I might switch Tekkaman for Joe the Condor, Batsu or Zero.
        My friend (who actually owns the copy of the game I play) uses Doronjo and Frank West (who has covered wars, you know)

  10. TriforceBun says:

    Man, I know what you guys mean about feeling apprehensive with the future and then getting a second wind from a comic you’re proud of. Nice podcast as always, and congrats on the recent strip!

  11. Bobipine says:

    Hey guys, been a while since I’ve commented, 2 months I think? Well since my grave rising might be considered a fraud back then, I guess I did things the other way around by commenting, then lurking in the shadows of a fake winter for some time…. anyway…

    1.The addition of “off topic” is quite appreciated from my point of view.
    2. Tatsunoko vs capcom…. well, I actually never thought of the possibility of a tutorial video, so I learned how to play, quite basically (as in, I’m probably under decent standards), by getting beaten to a pulp by a friend who played Marvel vs Capcom 2 for some time and never played tatsunoko before, and random internet people also (wow this was a pretty useless comment)
    3. Well here’s a musical misfits suggestion, might not be a forgotten track, but surely over shadowed by stickerbrush symphony, I propose Mining melancholy from Donkey Kong Country 2.
    4. Even if he’s been included in Sonic all star racing, Big the cat is still the worst character created by sonic team in my eyes

    • Bobipine says:

      as for tatsunoko, yeah… cross-over tutorial and such… now I know what you mean, apparently some random internet players got a hang on that I got beaten even more then by that guy who spammed the grab attack at the limit of the stage using the Lost Planet robot

      • Bobipine says:

        ..and continuing on tatsunoko (pointless and unrelated sorry but…) anyone have any idea how [spoiler]Yami, Okami’s final boss[/spoiler] is ANYWHERE related to Capcom, or even tatsunoko?

      • Bobipine says:

        …. me again, sorry for the unintentional spam (that’s why I enjoy the edit/delete button).. just remember that clover studios is a developer and Capcom is the actual publisher I think… that character still don’t seem fit for a fighter arcade boss

    • TheLupineOne says:

      Yes, Big the Cat? What’s the deal with that? Why couldn’t they have had Blaze? She’s WAY more popular than Big. Her all star move would be
      [spoiler]her using the Sol Emeralds to become Burning Blaze, burning up the circuit! All Star music: Wrapped in Black. It never made it to the game, only the “Got Passed Extra” jingle.[/spoiler]

      • blaster says:

        Wasn’t Wrapped in Black the music of Extra Stage of Sonic Rush?
        Why did you say it didn’t make it?

  12. Anon says:

    Here’s my pic for Musical Misfits.

    It’s technically from an anime, but it was adapted for the game so…

  13. Apkinesis says:

    I’m pretty sure Off-Topic is going to be my favorite segment now 🙂 And I can relate with your dog experience, Tim. A little too well…

    To be frank, Comic Talk in general has been a mediocre segment to me (compared to your other segments anyway), but this week’s was quite awesome.

    Voicemail seems like it has good potential. Regarding the international issue, I’m pretty sure you can call a phone through Skype — I haven’t done it personally, but I know someone who frequently calls phones of relatives from halfway around the world by dialing through Skype.

    All those crazy combos are what prevent me from getting into most fighting games (SSB being the prime exception for obvious reasons). Soul Calibur isn’t too bad though, plus having a list of all combos for your current fighter on the pause menu helps too.

    Musical Misfit suggestions, both from “Touhou 8: Imperishable Night,” and each heavily overshadowed by the characters’ rivals’ themes:
    Mokou’s Theme: Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke
    Kanako’s Theme: Suwa Foughten Field

    • Apkinesis says:

      Whoops, correction, the second MM suggestion is actually from “Touhou 10: Moutain of Faith.” Switched a different song with it just before posting.

  14. C.Olimar788 says:

    Oh my gosh I just got the comic’s joke. XD Wow it’s way funnier now!

    …I’m such an idiot. 😀
    Sonic 06 is WAY worse than any other Sonic games. WAY WORSE. It’s not even close.

    Tim, you should totally put the poop on the person’s doorstep if you catch them. That seems fair, right?

    As for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, I was about to defend it fully for whatever, but I can definitely see where you’re coming from. It definitely should have had a tutorial. To be fair, though, the manual does the job fairly well. And the moves are doublepluseasy with the Wiimote or Nunchuk, so…

    Finally, what was Ubisoft thinking?! They seem worse than Sega sometimes…

  15. talduras says:

    Wow, high competition for Musical Misfits this week. Alright, seems I’m going to have to whip out the big guns this time. Behold, the most epic suggestion ever! Dancing Mad! ALL FOUR PARTS OF THIS CRAZY MADNESS! MWAHAHAHAHA!

    ……Alright, alright, I’m just kidding. I don’t really expect you to put in 18 minutes of music (probably closer to 10 minutes when truncated… they seem to like looping a lot). As much as I like the full piece—especially when connected, as heard here and here (because Youtube hates stuff much longer than 10 min)—I know it is neither a misfit nor all that probable.

    So lets go with a shorter suggestion. Shadowgate– Main Theme. Yes, I wasn’t kidding when I said it was short, but I still love it, even though the game itself gives me nightmares (click through a bunch of the other tracks and you’ll hear what I mean). Not exactly the best game to play as a 5-year old. Ha ha…

    • DrOswald says:

      Have you heard the Black Mages version of Dancing Mad? I like it much more than the game version.

  16. talduras says:

    Oh, and thank you, Ray. You just saved me a nice chunk of money by divulging that bit of info about Tasunoko vs. Capcom. While I’m not a fan of fighting games except Smash Bros (which is really more of a beat ’em up made into a fighting game), a video review of T vs. C made me interested in getting it when it drops in price as something I could play with family and friends… and then I heard it’s not that accessible, which would kinda ruin the point and limit it to just me and my brothers. Guess it’s a good thing I have Mario Kart and NSMB then.

  17. turtleboats01 says:

    i completely disagree about fighting games like the one you guys mentioned. it allows so much specialization in the way you fight and helps to keep out the button mashers. i love brawl too, and anyone who really knows what they are doing can beat a button masher, but the other fighting games have a huge following and have been the same for years. i just think that the huge variation of moves it allows you to do opens the game up in a way that brawl doesn’t. on the same note the simplicity and straightforwardness of brawl allows for fighting styles to be opened up in a completely different way. just wanted to defend the fighters.

  18. Andrew says:

    You guys are doing a great job on this podcast/comic. I like how you portray Christians as normal people whose faith is a positive influence in their lives. I used to keep up with Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (the comic) and their consistent negative portrayal of Christians turned me away.

    Keep up the good work.

  19. blaster says:

    First, how do I dial 740-3PSTART? I mean, the only buttons on my phone are number 0~9.
    Or is the design of American phone different? I’m totally confused.

  20. Retl says:

    When Ray mentioned how the poop would get all over the house if Tim kicked the dog, I got a mental image of a Charlie Brown like scene of Tim running to punt the dog, but there’s still poop on his shoe.
    He kicks it, and everything just explodes into flying poop, and is sent flying somewhere off into the distance.

  21. Kvb says:

    1. Those Beta keys are pretty darn expensive. What some people are willing to spend on certain things…

    2. I hope you’re not para-phrasing me in Comic Talk there, Ray. I was saying the exact opposite. That I felt you were getting the hang of photoshopped backgrounds.
    Basically I was insulting all of your recent comics except this week’s one.

    3. Aw, the voicemail audio cue isn’t the same as the Skype Call one? That’s too bad. I loved that one. I almost made that my ringtone until I found out that you actually mixed the orinigal tune from Ristar up a bit, to make it sound more ringtone-y. I also couldn’t find a clean version of it in any of the podcasts, so I just had to settle for something else entirely.

    4. I wasn’t so much surprised that the call was hosted on the “outdated” telephone, I was just surprised you were willing to spend money on such a service while I imagine a free alternative could be hosted on Skype with relative ease.

    5. Have you ever tried to preform a roundhouse kick, Ray? Maybe TvC is just trying to be more realistic by making their moves as hard to preform in the game as they would be in real life.
    Or maybe not. I can’t stand fighting games that aren’t Smash Bros either, and your Black Doom pretty much explains why.

    6. I hate DRMs. One of the reasons I became a console gamer. But the PC’s got a great DRM nowadays, though: Steam!
    Sure, you do need to have a connection on start-up, but I think it’s great regardless. You can install and play your games on any PC you want. As long as two people don’t try to play a game on the same account at once, you’re allowed to do whatever the heck you want with your games.
    Steam really takes me back to the simpler times of PC gaming…

  22. Supersonic24 says:

    Great show guys! I agree with Tim on the dog poop thing, and I laughed hysterically when Ray mentioned going to Hell because of this comic. That would suck… Also, I’m so happy that my call made it!

    My Musical Misfit is the LB vs JS Remix version of Dreams of an Absolution (It was on the game’s OST, so it’s still technically part of the game right?I figured it wasn’t really a remix since it was on the OST.

  23. blaster says:

    I’m not expecting anything, but just to let you guys know.
    The Nintendo Magazine is going to interview Sonic 4’s producer next week.
    And you can post your question in this thread

    • MiMGodfather says:

      I read through that thread, and honestly I have to say I’m annoyed at how many people were asking about the ability to go Super/Hyper Sonic throughout the entire game after getting all of the emeralds. I mean, does it really matter? What matters is whether or not the game itself is fun and well made, not whether you can use a Super [Saiyan] Sonic throughout the game. I understand the desire to have a big bonus after completing the game (like getting Super Dante in DMC3 after I decimated every difficulty with sore thumbs and aching hands for a week afterward). But when it comes to a Sonic game (of which I’ve only beaten one of the original trilogy games), I’d rather they concentrate on making the game itself awesome and worry about “Do we need to let them have a golden hedgehog in all the levels?” afterward.

      One comment near the bottom of the first page both made me laugh and filled me with sorrow… because despite how much I hope this person is joking, he’s probably not.

      [about super Sonic in normal levels] “This right here. My purchasing of this game hinges on the answer to this question…”

      Really? REALLY?

      Rant over 🙂

  24. So… my girlfriend likes your podcast more than mine, lol. But probably because she’s a gamer. I say this because she’s got a Starcraft 2 beta key.

  25. freeplay says:

    why would you need working consoles when your old? have you ever heard of emulators?

  26. sheppy says:

    Two things to complain about… because I’m a jerk.

    Ray, everything you HATE about fighting games is everything I love. Your analogy with Guitar Hero does make sense, until you start getting into the hammer ons and pull offs and recognizing those notes and their necessity to succeed. There is a technique and skill found there via practice which is why the practice mode added in GHII went a long way to forwarding player skills. Also, the Vs. series is KNOWN to be the introduction to fighting games, not the complex thing you accuse it of. You want complex, KOF and BlazBlue are your destinations. TvC also brought back the “easy” mode found in MvC where double tapping face keys automatically does the special moves. Now if you really want to make you head spin, start getting into cancels, buffs, counters, critical counters, parries, etc.

    Tim, I understand your frustration at Ubisoft DRM because, trust me, I hate it too, but what IS the solution? Keep in mind that Ubisoft was the company that, during holiday 2008, announced none of it’s holiday 2008 releases would feature DRM. They called it a test program, to see how things went. Guess how they went? If you voted company record high piracyrates on all their holiday releases including Prince of Persia, you’d be absolutely correct. And if you voted all time low attach sales to franchise iterations that holiday season, including Prince of Persia, why you’d be correct yet again. Imagine this scenario…

    You come home and tell Lily, because hse’s been a good girl, that you trust her and you leave out a package of cookies. When she does a good task (like, say, pay for a game), she can have a cookie. Now imagine you come home and she’s only done one good task, and 29 cookies have been eaten.

    That’s Ubisofts reward. You see, even looking at just Ubisofts biggest holiday release, Prince of Persia, torrent tracking has placed this at over 5 million downloads. Through Steam and retail partners, Prince of Persia on PC has sold 170K copies worldwide. This is the most drastic example, all their other usual PC releases that season had gotten hit pretty badly too. Ubisoft TRIED being a nice guy, and what did it get them? I’m a PC gamer, you remember well. But the fact of the matter is until my kind starts actually PAYING for video games even remotely close to the levels in which we consume them, then companies have the choice to either clamp down real hard on their software or pull out altogether.

    • DrOswald says:

      I am not trying to start a fight here, but where did you get those numbers for PoP piracy? Every source I can find does not support those numbers (Not the financial numbers, the piracy numbers.) In fact, Prince of Persia doesn’t show up anywhere on the lists of most pirated games, including Torrentfreak’s list of most pirated games for 2008 and 2009. As a counter point to your comments above, as far as I can tell the only Ubisoft game to hit the most pirated list in 08 or 09 was Assassins Creed (pc), a game that was well know for its horrible DRM issues. Other games that top the 2008 list are Spore and The Sims 2, also games with heavy DRM.

      The problem with heavy DRM is that it punishes legitimate consumers, but not pirates. I will be stunned if there is not a DRM free, pirated version of the game available on torrent sites within a month of release. The only thing that this DRM will do is harm the experience of legitimate consumers.

      I think that PC developers look at this the wrong way. The people that pirate a game likely would not have bought it anyway. 1 pirated copy does not translate to 1 lost sale. Pirates don’t have the money to back up all their piracy or they would just buy it.

      I am sure that Ubisofts new DRM will prevent some piracy, but it will also prevent a lot of sales. The question is will the additional revenue of from sales gained through piracy prevention efforts exceed the cost of implementation plus the cost of sales lost due to an inferior product. If piracy prevention increases revenue, they are justified. I am sure AC2 revenue will not be increased because of this heavy handed DRM.

      I want to make it clear that I am not for piracy, or even against DRM. I just think that there are better solutions than what we might cal the Ubisoft approch. Steam, for example, is a type of DRM control that works better than anything Ubisoft will come up with on their own and it gives other benefits to the player, such as an automatic backup of their game and easier patch/update support. Steam makes DRM convenient, and that is why it succeeds where others fail. No real harm to the consumer, and a fairly effective block to piracy.

  27. Highwater Trousers says:

    Hope it’s not technically too late, but here’s a suggestion for the Musical Misfits.

    Flame Demon Monster Gaspard – The Black Mages, from the Dark Chronicle Premium Arrangment. This song stands out in its original form, but having The Black Mages rearrange it is also outstanding. What I can’t figure out is why no one even knows about this song. Even then, they get upset when they realize that The Black Mages have done a non-Final Fantasy song. Here’s the original version of the song for reference. This soundtrack has some really great songs, but unfortunately I can’t seem to find any videos/links to show them.

    • CKcheeseboy says:

      It’s never too late because Ray says he just keeps a list of the suggestions so there’s always a chance he’ll go back to it.

  28. roadjcat says:

    Sorry, I haven’t listened to this yet. It’s probably the first one I haven’t listened to on the day it was posted. I got Ace Attorney Investigations and the new DLC for Borderlands and I haven’t had tons of time to start with. I WILL get to this though!

    • roadjcat says:

      So I finally pulled myself away from Borderlands, Endless Ocean, and Ace Attorney Investigations. Good podcast guys and I agree about the fighting games. Do we really need three different buttons for a punches and kicks? And I don’t mind the quarter circle forward/backward commands and such but the zig-zags are needlessly annoying.

  29. MiMGodfather says:

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that I’ve created a little add-on to the 2P START! Wikipedia page, listing all of the episodes thus far. Check it out and make any changes or fixes you deem necessary, but please try to keep it neat and orderly. Link below…

    List of: 2P START! Live! episodes

    I’ll be posting this in the forums too, since the # of people reading these comments has probably dropped a bit.

  30. Talduras says:

    You know, as annoying as Ubisoft’s DRM is, that’s not the worst part of it. The worst part is, if this Slashdot article is to be believed, it could actually be doing it’s job.

    That… that’s scary. Annoying DRM that does its job is more dangerous than annoying DRM that doesn’t do it’s job.

  31. ­ says:

    Just to tell you Tim, if you do that to someone who is anything like me, they were going to pick it up and now there going to leave it, and when you kick your dog, there going to be suing you.
    There was one person on our street who would do stuff like that (going door to door to curse at the dog owners for example) and NO ONE will pick up the poo that was on there property any more.

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