2P START! Live!: Emo Man Edition


RayRay conquers Mega Man 10, Tim explains the comic to oversensitive Sonic fans, Ray vehemently defends Smash Bros, and a long lost guest is interrogated…


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  1. Doopliss says:

    Hey Tim. New idea for Up arguement. Just because dogs can talk through their collars, doesn’t mean they are smart and can cook.

  2. Daecious says:

    I was just about to start playing a game that I’ve been needing to play when i get a twitter message telling me about the new podcast….I know where my priorities stand.

  3. TheLupineOne says:

    1. How many times I have heard that Game Over music during MM9. I’ve only beat Galaxy Man!
    2. Wow! This podcast is pretty fast out of the trap if you’re talking about Scribblenauts 2!
    3. The Mega Man 10 WEAPON GET music should become the regular music for T-T-T-Topic of the Week. How many G is “Beat the game without damage”?
    3a. Let’s see: Easy Mode, Sheep Man, Bass & Treble DLC coming up: I’m buying this!
    4. Who here thinks (rapper) Knuckles is going to be tricked by Robotnik in Sonic 4?
    4a. Talking of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, I got Sonic Mega Collection Plus on Friday, but I haven’t unlocked Lock-On technologies yet.
    5. Sonic R mus- TOO NEGATIVE? -ic… Talking of swearing, didn’t Sonic Rush Adventure get a 12+ for language at the last minute?
    6. Talking about Smash Recovery Animations… It’s called an Ukemi.
    7. Another new Remix intro!
    8. What was that weird sound effect during “WISE FWOM YOUR GWAVE”?
    9. The DRM server didn’t crash: it was haxxored! People suspect DRM-haters.
    10. Musical Misfits, don’t ever change!
    11. Can we have Jessica standing in for Ray if he doesn’t come back?
    LAST. I had a dream about 2P START! and Digimon. It made me think: we’re due a 2P STRAT! with Digimon in.

    In closing, Happy St. Patrick’s Day Birthday, Ray!

  4. Gregjr94 says:

    Nice podcast guys and what a funny conversation at the end.

  5. Highwater Trousers says:

    Interesting podcast guys. For the first part, it seemed as if you guys were getting back at those who complained (yes, I suppose I fall into that category.) Then we kind of got back into the regular swing of things. It seemed as if you guys were concentrating more on poking fun at these folks than actually defending yourselves.

    Anyways, couple of thoughts.
    1. Movie remakes. I’m normally against them, but sometimes I can be surprised. I actually did enjoy Peter Jackson’s King Kong and yes, I have seen the original and its subsequent remakes. For the record Tim, “The Crazies” is a remake of a 1973 film of the same name. Just throwing that out there.

    2. Toby Macguire. Is it sad if I paid more attention to the few minutes of Bruce Cambell than Toby Macguire in the Spider-Man movies? Please tell me I’m not alone.

    3. DRM. Well I still remember when Spore came about. I’m still suffering from the DRM attached to that game. I do find it ironic that The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has absolutely no DRM and has done exceptionally well, while Spore, for example, suffered greatly for its killer DRM. I compare these two in terms of customer response and appreciation.

    4. If Ray is in Tommorowland, then did Jon Watts drag him to see Captain Eo? I’d like to place my money on this, if you please.

    5. Since the definition of Musical Misfits has changed, how about these?
    The Travelers – from White Knight Chronicles
    Shards of Time ~Chronicle Love~ – from White Knight Chronicles
    I do suggest these songs because no one outside of Japan will hear them. These versions of the songs were replaced for International Editions with pure instrumental versions. I actually prefer the originals and thus, highly suggest them.

    • Tim says:

      I know The Crazies is a remake. My point is that just because SOMETHING is remade with modern technology doesn’t mean I’m going to automatically see it. It seems like a foregone conclusion to some that the ‘big’ movies NEED to be seen. I personally need to have an actual interest in the subject matter before getting caught up in the hype.

      “You’re not seeing Alice in Wonderland?!?! WHY NOT!!!”

      “Um, because it doesn’t interest me?”

      “HOW DARE YOU!”

      • Highwater Trousers says:

        My apologies. I didn’t mean to say it like that. But yes, I understand your point. I actually refuse to see Avatar because to me it just seems like a bunch of special effects tying together a weak and overused plot. Saying I have no interest in Avatar lands me in some serious trouble sometimes…

      • Tim says:

        No worries, didn’t think you said it mean. I just want to make sure people understand the point I was making.

    • sheppy says:

      Hate to point this out buuuuut…

      Spore has sold near 3 million copies despite being heavily pirated.

      Oblivion on PC has yet to breach 1 million copies and yes, is heavily pirated. The vast majority of the Oblivion sales were from console. Same for Fallout 3.

      Which ultimately begs the question for PC games in general. Is it better to make games for hardcore gamers and HOPE they’re just willing to pay this time (history says No) or go for mainstream casual fluff like MumboJumbo or Sims targetting a market blissfully unaware of torrent sites.

      • Talduras says:

        Hold on. First, since one game has multiple platforms and the other doesn’t, we can’t really accurately compare Spore and Oblivion, so until we get someone who majored in calculus (I’m looking at you, Tim) to calculate the sales statistics between the two games in a way that would remove all inhibiting factors from the table, I think it’s best to consider all sales comparisons moot for the time being.

        As to your last paragraph, there’s always Steam, one of the rare few digital distribution platforms that has an offline mode, not to mention great weekly discounts.

      • Highwater Trousers says:

        Hold on guys. I said that I was comparing the games in terms of customer response and satisfaction. NOT sales. Sorry if I wasn’t clealer in my statement. I’ve just spent a lot of time researching DRM responses and Oblivion versus Spore are some prime examples in my book.

        Also, as much as I like Steam, it’s a lot harder to share PC games with my brother. If I want to play one game, my brother can’t, since he’ll get kicked out of Steam. Makes for some difficult situations, and yes, we’ve tried offline mode. It all just becomes a hassle.

  6. My take on the Star Trek ice monster scene (of all the things to comment on, right?);

    I wasn’t concerned for two reasons:

    1) It wasn’t the fact that it was a CG monster, it was just the fact that my brain was trying to process exactly how an insect/reptile like creature could possibly evolve and survive on a frozen world and be completely capable at swimming and running with spindly legs. On ice. I mean, the thing absolutely looked cold-blooded, yet was afraid of fire! I couldn’t get past that.

    2) Also,[spoiler]it’s Kirk! He’ll be fine.[/spoiler]

  7. BadnikHunter says:

    Well, if you’re wondering why Sonic is in a car, WELL…

  8. Apkinesis says:

    NPG, overall one of my favorites of your recent Podcasts; I especially liked everything about the first half (even Topic of the Week, despite not being a fan of the MegaMan games at all). I particularly enjoyed the “Too Negative” discussion; good arguments and great laughs there πŸ˜€

    Black Dooms were extremely well deserved; I hadn’t heard of the true reason of the PS3 error, but that was just… *Toon Ray facepalm*

    Also, throughout the majority of the Podcast I was wondering what happened to the Suggestion Box segment πŸ˜›

    Musical Misfits suggestions:
    Touhou 5: Mystic Square – Romantic Children
    Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith – Dark Side of Fate

  9. Keja says:

    Great podcast guys! It’s your best podcast of the month (so far) in my opinion.

    Also, Jessica does have at least one fan. Their name begins with a K and ends with eja.

  10. KnucklesE says:

    I take offense to Knuckles being put in a bad light. JK! Even though it is my screename…

    Awesome podcast!

  11. Teengamer says:

    What, no voicemail? Maybe I should call again sometime……

    Things were in a bit different order this time, but that’s alright.

    Jessica? Really? It’s been a LONG time since I’ve heard her (and that’s saying something, since I’m going through the podcasts right now). I DO remember that K-Mart answer though! XD When did you record that?

    Keep it up guys,

  12. Bobipine says:

    tried the low health beeping before rise from your grave again, still seems to work.

    Details in brawl, well… I found Mario’s texture in melee was awesome for the time, really detailed jeans on Mario I mean, never saw that before.

    Megaman 10, got the game, yet to play it fully, doubt I’ll clear it, never cleared a megaman game in my youth (alright, NOW I can easily clear MM2, but that’s aside the point).

    This week’s “This is the segment where Ray plays whatever the hell he wants and the rest of you can just deal” segment is kinda ironic, having a comment of the week speaking of Ray being in the future, since the song talk about bringing me to the future, where our dreams are realized.

    Clever details for the matrix panel I must agree.

    I think that cover most of the show (except Black Doom’s)
    well might try to suggest something for the “TITSWRPWTHHWATROYCJD” segment…
    about the end of a level from castle crashers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83FgubVhDlA&feature=related

  13. Apkinesis says:

    Unrelated to the Podcast, but I just found this song and thought Ray might enjoy it πŸ™‚

  14. koollizard says:

    I liked the off topic segment beacuse i love burton movies and i own most of them.

  15. Kvb says:

    Nice podcast guys. I do kind of agree that the negativity is spreading a bit too far out of the BDA segment, but I’m still loving it. Don’t worry about.

    Ray, could you elaborate on what’s possibly not to like about Sonic 3 & Knuckles? It’s my favorite Sonic game by far.

    Also, if Ray doesn’t have time to participate in the podcast next week, how about we get Tim and Jessica?
    That would be great. I’m sure Blaggers would love that.

  16. C.Olimar788 says:

    Happy almost-birthday, Ray! And I think you should just leave Musical Misfits the same, name-wise, but just play whatever you want. Yay.

    And I think the disconnect from real fear in movies like Star Trek is less the fact that it’s CGI and more just the fact that it’s the main character of the series and one of the stars. There’s no way they’d kill him off, especially to a random ice monster!

    CGI can definitely still give fear. After all, most horror movies use huge amounts of CGI and still scare the crap out of people. Like me.

  17. talduras says:

    “I am looking to change what Musical Misfits is…”

    To quote Metal Gear Solid: !

    Keep us posted, Ray. Though I warn you, you may be opening the floodgates here. I’m the type of guy that has more favorite video game music than favorite “normal” music (and thank goodness!).


    Here’s my Musical Misfit suggestion: Super Castlevania 4- Dracula Battle. I noticed the copy of this music that I have is slightly clearer than the Youtube.com video I linked, so if you pick this for the segment let me know and I’ll send you the file I have that was ripped right from the source sound files for the game.

  18. TheNinjaMouse says:

    I never got around to leaving a comment for the last comic, so let me rectify that by saying…I loved it! It echoed my opinion on Sonic racing games, plus it felt like classic 2PStart, with multiple jokes and hidden details. It wasn’t overly negative; just gentling ribbing what really is a silly concept.

    Moving on to this podcast, I really enjoyed the discussions and all the Tim and Ray segments, but Jessica’s interrogation was the funniest part. I second (or third) the nomination of Jessica as guest host for next week!

  19. Dry Bones says:

    Great podcast. Nothing more to say.

  20. Andrew says:

    Woohoo! A church reference. And, as a pastor, it is nice to hear that you only miss a quarter of the message when something weird happens. (Of course, there have been times when I have preached a quarter of my message while trying to figure out what was going on in the audience)

  21. Snifit says:

    Another great podcast
    Drop it like its hot, ha ha.
    I agree with Scribblenauts 2. After the first game I’m hoping this one will work out the bugs.
    I enjoyed Mega Man 10 quite a bit but those challenges are a bit much. I agree that it is the Mega Man 3 but mainly because I didn’t like that one as much ha ha. I was surprised at everyone who was talking about Mega Man being more of the same. More of the same isn’t really too bad. But I disagree with Wily being the final boss, its really getting kind of old for me.
    I never really noticed it but the comics really don’t criticize all that much. Huh.
    The Black Dooms are one of my favorite parts, not because of the negativity but just because of the sheer dumbness of what they’re about. I don’t think Sonic in a car is really a stupid idea. Its a kart racing game so Sonic needs a car, right?
    That’s a pretty sweet remix there. Gonna have to pick that one up.
    I didn’t really care for the new Alice in Wonderland. That’s a good point about the CG effects. To me it just seemed to not mesh, the happy bright world of Wonderland and the dark twisted world of Tim Burton. I don’t know, it was good just not my cup of tea.
    I like the idea for the new Musical Misfits intro.
    Also I think Ray is taking next week’s podcast off so he doesn’t have to listen to our musical misfits choices.

  22. D3vin says:

    Speaking about that Drm-related black doom, it has already been cracked:
    HAVE FUN EVERYONE! This probably voids your warranty, but you can actually play the game now πŸ˜€

  23. Talduras says:

    I think I’ve spotted a future Black Doom Award. Granted, considering it’s not even something that’s been implemented into anything, I doubt it’ll be BDAed anytime soon.

    • Talduras says:

      Guess I should clarify. The idea behind the patent is sound, but I can see it easily being implemented wrong in different ways. Plus, it screams “programming nightmare” and “hack me!”

  24. JohnW says:

    Definatly the best Podcast of Season 3!

    Musical Misfit suggestion:


    • TheLupineOne says:

      Woah! That’s a funky-sweet misfit! It could even rival mine from Episode 112! If they select that, it could be a Knubby Knominee! I’m rooting for you, JohnW!

    • talduras says:

      Wow. I can’t believe I didn’t put that one in my Musical Musfit suggestion queue. I have the song in iTunes, for crying out loud!

      I think you is winner this week.

  25. MrDeku says:

    While I had no real issue with last few podcasts the more light-hearted tone seen in this one certainly made it a far more enjoyable experience.

    Also as an unrelated note I was recently browsing through some of your classic reviews for the first time and while they are interesting to read I was most intrigued by Rays top ten list and was left wondering if we can ever expect to see a list of Tim’s top games on the page as well? While I know making a top ten lists is hard for most people we rarely hear Tim speak of the games he truly enjoys and seeing the amount of passion he has for Bad News Baseball it would be good to hear what other titles have affected him as much.

  26. Curaga says:

    Awesome podcast guys, all this talk about mega man has really made me want to dig back into my mega man anniversary collection for the gc so I can play them in order…I never could bring myself to beat the first one, I got through the robot masters but a save glitch ruined my fun. Overall a very entertaining podcast. Oh, here’s a musical misfit suggestion too, not sure if it’s something that would be considered, but it holds memories for me at least, I love the stock sound effects πŸ™‚
    Here ya go

  27. zeldadude says:

    sorry ’bout the grammar in rise from my grave post. I’m normally not like this.

  28. GentlemanlySquid says:

    You were at Church? I thought you were an adult.

    And the reason you were distracted was because of boredom.

  29. MrDeku says:

    I know it’s a tad late to comment on subjects covered in the previous podcasts but I found some possible Internet Loot that answers a question of Tims of how a game would play if it really matters if you live or die.


  30. Shigs says:

    Great podcast as usual!

    I gotta say though OF COURSE Sonic in a car makes sense! It’s a Kart-racing game!! Every character has to have a vehicle of some sort. It’s only fair cuz ‘dems da rules.

    However, EVERY Sonic racing game where he was on foot makes no sense at all. Why? Cause he’s the fastest thing alive!! He’d easily beat everyone! That’s part of the reason Sonic R sucks and why Mario and Sonic foot racing on a track makes no sense whatsoever. Don’t even get me started on Sonic Rivals.

    Also, Ray. If every little nit-picky thing bothers you, how did you EVER stay a Sonic fan?! XD

  31. roadjcat says:

    I had figured that Musical Misfits was just a segment that showcased songs that weren’t well heard of, since the Castle Crashers song and various Wii songs.

    And with Scribblenauts, unless they add an ability to give commands to the things you summon, the variety’ll still be lacking, IMO.

    And I haven’t said this in a while: Rouge

  32. Cheeseball701 says:

    Hey Ray, can we expect a Step & Roll review?
    The French music was unexpected!

  33. blaster says:

    I’m currently working on a new 2P START! deviantart stamp.
    And I need some permission to use your artwork
    Comic #56 This is How I Roll
    Comic #085 Sunday, Sept. 21st

    May I?

  34. JohnW says:

    I couldn’t think of anywhere to put this (e-Mail failed me) an this may not get there at the right time due to our 12 hour difference, but Happy Saint Patrick’s day happy birthday Ray!

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