2P START! Live!: Quick and Disastrous Edition


RayAfter losing Tim’s recording, Ray and Tim switch into rescue mode and intro an epic black doom award from Ray.


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  1. mrpineapplehead says:

    man this podcast used to be good Yoshi ruined it…..

    i despite you 2p star….tim and ray…there i didn’t even say it by the podcast name…

  2. Highwater Trousers says:

    Wow, this was very interesting. Sorry guys, if you lost a Monday night. I can definitely relate to losing an important file. But I must say, it seems Tim was easily replaced by Yoshi. By that logic, Ray is actually an Italian plumber. And if he isn’t a plumber, then is he an Italian sports columnist?

    I heard about the leak, but I attempted to avoid every detail about it. Thank you so much for remaining somewhat ambiguous about it! I really don’t feel like spoiling anything, until it is released. Although, this does bear to mind one question: Is SEGA really that bad at stopping leaks? Or was this leak simply a diversion and somehow there will be a miracle and Sonic the Hedghog 4 will be a fantastic all-new game? It just doesn’t seem right to me that this game is getting leaked so much.

    Thanks for putting this short recovery one up guys. Looking forward to next week!

    • mrpineapplehead says:

      yeah i avoided the leak too…well apart from the music leak πŸ˜› oh well hearing the music does not change the game for me….

      p.s. (has to do with sonic 4 be warned)
      [spoiler]one of the boss music is just unused music from sonic 3d blast[/spoiler]

      YEAH THIS GAME IS COMPLETELY NEW *cough*click thew spoiler to see what i mean you don’t have to*coughcough*

      • Highwater Trousers says:

        Meh. I’m actually not surprised that there’s a remake in there. I actually kind of expect Jun Senoue to do that. Let’s face it, Sonic Adventure had plenty of remakes and references to previous songs. Heck, “Believe In Myself” uses the Bridge song from the 8-bit Sonic the Hedgehog during the intro.

  3. Andrew says:

    Great Podcast! And what do you have against the show V? I think it is … not that bad.

  4. D3vin says:

    I agree, If nobody buys episode one due to it being horrible, All of the new fantastic things that episode two would have wouldn’t mean crap since you would have killed off all of the people who tried it in the first place. It is like accidentally poisoning off the whole town and apologizing and promising never to do it again. Since the damage has been done, nobody cares what you would do afterward.

    I just don’t hope that Yoshi becomes Tim’s permanent replacement πŸ˜€

  5. Daecious says:

    hahaha. i wouldnt mind ray just putting up his half. then i could pretend I’M talking to Ray. it would be awesome….I’m serious.

    • Retl says:

      Welcome to 2PStart Hotline. $0.75 for the first minute, and $2 for every minute after, you can talk to Ray all night all day long, twenty four hours a day; seven days a week. And it’s live every time~ Oh yeah, baby.

    • freeplay says:

      i second getting ray’s half

  6. Andrew says:

    Ok, wait, I also have to comment on Ray almost being brought to tears by the black doom award. This is the greatest black doom award ever just because of how into it Ray was. No matter how many stupid add-ons or marketing blunders show up, nothing will ever compare to the time that Ray almost had a nervous breakdown over sonic 4.

    • Talduras says:

      I don’t know, I think Ray had some cynicism inside him even on the day that Sonic 4 was announced. He just hyped himself up to hold those negative feelings deep inside himself, until continuous Sonic 4 faux pas built up til the point where that cynicism unleashed upon the world in a fit of Appleβ„’ flavored doom!

      Kind of like how I’m cynical at any returns to golden-era gameplay and values (the game industry will never be as general audiences friendly as it used to be).

  7. Talduras says:

    8 minutes??? …This podcast… used to… be… good… aww man, someone already beat me to it!

    Let’s see… how to put an original spin on this… I’ve got it!

    This podcast used to be accident free

    *Resets “Accident free for __ days” to 0*

    …Did you just put Yoshi sounds in place of Tim’s voice? Okay, that’s epic.

    Anyway, don’t worry. We’ll all look back on this day and laugh… except that I’m doing an impossibly long essay and am somehow on this website right now, so perhaps my mind will forget this day anyway. =P

  8. lilman1101 says:

    wow….8 minutes

    aw well, im sure it will be awesome

  9. blaster says:

    Well, I suppose you could still dish out Remix, Suggestion Box, Graveriser, Tim’s BDA, and Musical Misfit… in text.
    Just a sentences to say what used to be used in the disappeared episode

    • Teengamer says:

      I’d really enjoy that too! Is there any way you guys could give us the content that was lost? More clips from Ray and Yoshi? The podcast in text? Maybe Ray’s side of the podcast in Morse code??

      • mrpineapplehead says:

        don’t you mean tim in morse code?

      • Teengamer says:

        Well yeah, but Tim’s part was lost. But Ray still has his part, and he could release it in Morse Code so we could have at least SOMETHING to listen to! XD

  10. lilman1101 says:

    sorry to hear that guys (just finished the podcast) and sonic 4 leaked? Ray not liking it? i really had my hopes up for this game….

  11. Kvb says:

    Aw no! That sounded like a really neat episode… And one to remain unedited, too. Something I was really looking forward to hearing. And there was an epic reading of my April Fools grave rise?! (Though I didn’t use the F-bomb. Was it another comment saying everything sucks?)
    What a tragic loss…

    I’m at least glad Ray’s BDA lives on. It was a great one!
    I knew something was up when the wrecking ball eggmobile returned, but I really didn’t think Sonic T-.. Or, er, Dimps, I guess, would have the nerve to recycle even the final boss. I’m absolutely not gonna buy the game now! Bosses are a very important aspect of games, to me.

    Replacing Tim with Yoshi was awesome, by the way.

  12. JohnW says:

    SAid this before, anyone else would have done nothing, but Tim and Ray continue to post things in hard times. NPG!

    • JohnW says:

      Boy was Ray pissed.

      BTW, the Yoshi was hilarious, just imagining the scene of Ray complaining about Sonic 4 to Yoshi was funny enough. And Ray, if you could clear this up for me, are the basic levels (Splash Hill zone etc.) exactly the same as in Sonic 1 with different names?

  13. Retl says:

    [[Okay, it’s official. Whenever Yoshi shows up either by sound or visual in something 2PStart related. It’s going to be a big(ger than usual) deal. Mentioning by word or playing music from Yoshi-centric games doesn’t have that effect.]]

    Sorry for all the trouble guys. Losing progress is never fun. Reminds me of a time years ago when I made my first RPG in RPG Maker on the PSX, was ready to show it off, and instead of loading it for a friend, I oopsed-saved a blank scenario over the full game scenario and graphical data right in front of them. The whole game was gone. Everything.

    Thanks a bunch of trying to hard to get things together, though! Very much appreciated!

    Tim being replaced by Yoshi should not be working as well as it is. I am overly amused. On the other hand, it makes it seem less like a contrast of tame and wild, and more like a contrast of Ray- WHAT!?
    THAT CAN’T BE THE SPECIAL STAGE THEME. Noooooooooo. No no no. No.
    That’s. Bad.

    Okay, what did I leave off on, now? Yoshi’s pitch sounding higher than Ray’s when he gets riled up? I did have some laughs with the podcast, but it seems like everything in the cards this week was trying to destroy it. Thanks guys. :3

    • Retl says:

      Recording this before I go about my normal day and forget it ever happened. I nearly teared up at the end. And it wasn’t a laughing-to-tears tear. It was a HOW DID THIS HAPPEN tear. Sonic’s over.

      • Mkava says:

        Seems like it. Sadly, it’s not a surprise considering the ramp down we’ve had over the last ~8 years. >.> Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 showed that… >.>

  14. Rokai says:

    That Black Doom Award was intense.
    You know, Sonic fans are actually kind of like spiders. They start building their webs (hopes), they think they’re going to be able to finish it, make it perfect this time, and wham, there comes a guy (disappointing new Sonic game) and destroys everything they built.
    Good think Ray stopped being such a spider.

  15. steve-ohs says:

    Good Black Doom Award guys! Sorry the rest of the podcast got messed up. I really wished I Could have heard it. I regularly watch the tv show V, but only because fall semester my schedule was so busy, i only had around 1 hour to watch tv all week, and that was when V is on. And once I start something, I cannot stop, just because I need to know how to story ends. But everytime I watch I just sit and think, ok do something exciting, and goo..exciting…now…nope. So I wish I heard your rant.
    I did enjoy the whole yoshi voice for tim, that was good (no offense Tim)

  16. Teengamer says:

    Aw man! That really sucks guys…….I was really looking forward to this podcast! UGH!! πŸ™ I think that analogy works, though. Neither of you can survive if the other one drops out.

    Ray, I enjoyed your conversation, and completely agree. Sonic Team can’t redo this. They’re screwed. This was there one possible way of redeeming themselves, but they messed it up.

    If it makes things any better, I have a good Musical Misfits suggestion, Pokemon Ruby’s Route 111 Desert


    p.s. I thought you should know my 12-year-old brother is offended because he just recently started working on a MIDI program. XD

    • Mkava says:

      There’s a difference between being a good MIDI user and a horrible one. Having been on the outside edge of arguments about it for years due to a close friend (known him for nearly half his life…) being a part of the ZREO team (and lead of WZMR), I’ve heard my fair share of complaints about poor usage of MIDIs or blatant theft. So as long as your brother isn’t going to be a dink that steals somebody else’s work and calls it his own, or just decides to make something that is horribly annoying and has no listening merit, he’s golden. =)

      • Teengamer says:

        You’re part of the ZREO team? That’s awesome! I absolutely love there music.

        Haha, I never said he was good, I just said he was offended. XD

  17. MiMGodfather says:

    Oh man, that sucks that the file got lost! Truly an epic Black Doom from Ray though. It’s just pathetic that Sonic Team would purposely accidentally let all of that video be uploaded by their marketing team leak online.

    Looking forward to next week (lest Tim really does take this as a sign from God), and although this obviously isn’t the best of podcasts it did make me laugh. NPG, and I’m sure the original would have been a podcast of epic proportions, if the Black Doom Award is any indication.

  18. Curaga says:

    Thanks for posting something guys, I found it quite entertaining, and if anyone says otherwise I point to the added yoshi sounds for Tim, that’s gold.

  19. Sebby19 says:

    Maybe this should be called episode 121, and just leave 120 blank in the archives.

  20. Β­ says:

    AHG… You lost my grave rising. I expect that you get me next week. Especially since I am still commenting.Β­
    And thank you for posting something instead of nothing.
    The using Yoshi sounds instead of Tim has given me an excuse to do my explanation of Yoshi biology which mainly is my way of explaining how all Yoshi’s can lay eggs, and why they are willing to throw them at there adversary. Spoiler-ed because long.
    Both mail and f email Yoshi’s lay eggs after they eat something, that is because these eggs are not offspring, in most cases (the offspring will be cared for a little better). These “eggs” are actually a food storage mechanism, allowing the Yoshi to save eating them until they need to feed (or to care for there young). They also will throw these eggs at predators as a defence mechanism, as a meal is worth a lot less then your life. The eggs will also in some cases be thrown at prey allowing the Yoshi to collect it easily along with the remnants of the egg.
    If I had already listened to all the pod casts I would have risen from my grave for this comment on that last Yoshi comic, which was great after the change and before the change was good up unto the last panel which didn’t have a joke making for a good comic that is still free.

  21. Miki Suzaki says:

    His anger scares me a little….but I can relate. The more important a file (English paper)is, the more likely it is going to magically disappear seconds before you need it the most, and then you have to explain this to your fans (teacher), in front of the whole classroom, that you HAD done the work, and you just can’t find it, leaving you with a sinking pit in your stomach that makes you feel like you might’ve tried the whole “dog ate my homework” excuse for how they seem to stare at you…I hate when that happens.

  22. Apkinesis says:

    Aw, I was looking forward to hearing an unedited Podcast — an hour’s worth just sounded all the more awesome. How dare you, Tim’s computer! But I’m at least thankful that this occurrence is only 1/120. And having my computer crash a few years back (which resulted in me losing several important files that I hadn’t backed-up beforehand), I totally understand the feeling. Better luck next Podcast!

    At first I thought you guys were joking about reading off all the Grave Risers, but wow, my sympathies on that in particular.

    Without Tim’s audio to laugh with him during BDA, I thought it was hilarious the way it sounded like Ray was complaining to himself like some random emo video-blogger πŸ˜› While listening, I actually pictured him sitting in his room, completely alone in the dark with his ski slope down, recording a video from his computer to later post onto some unknown YouTube channel that would only merit 197 views in its lifetime — and every time he laughs, he’s actually crying on the inside πŸ™

    Not that it should be a regular thing, but still, I thought it was funny πŸ˜›

    Though definitely not the best Podcast, thanks for going through all the trouble of posting at least something.

    • MiMGodfather says:

      I imagine listening to the podcasts without Tim’s audio would be mysteriously similar to the Garfield Minus Garfield comics. Long periods of silence where Tim would be talking, only to be interrupted by Ray’s laughter…all alone in the silence.

  23. Maugchief says:

    Sorry about the lost podcast. I once had something very similar happen when I was in college. I stayed up all night watching Sonic 4 videos playing Soul Calibur instead of making a podcast writing a lab report. The next day, I told the Prof. that my hard drive crashed but explained how epic the report had been and he ended up giving me an extension.

    But seriously, thanks for the effort to give us something even after the frustration of losing an hours worth of your time. It is much appreciated. And I get the feeling that this podcast will become one of those classic “Remember when…” moments.

  24. The Gastronomic Gamer says:

    The first unedited podcast and we all MISSED IT?!?

    TIm better promise to take Ray’s podcast file and say whatever he remembers along with it to recover as much as possible. It’s the only way to revive the “lost episode”.

    • Apkinesis says:

      It’d be epic if Tim just played back Ray’s audio non-stop and (in real time) filled in everything he remembered saying and otherwise ad-libbing the gaps — no additional editing, even if Ray’s audio “cuts him off” or provides an extra long awkward pause (possibly followed by a “random” outburst of Ray laughter). Could make for an interesting improv Podcast special, Tim πŸ˜€

  25. turtleboats01 says:

    wow guys. I finally make it through all the podcasts to become one of your crazy fans and this is the thanks I get? lol, jk, cant wait for you guys to be back next week

  26. Brawler08 says:

    Part of the legacy of 2P START! has become the quest to create the worst comic ever. You made the formula, you had the comic, you’ve got the Tim’s Takes, but it just wasn’t bad enough. So the 2P START! team set out to create the worst podcast of all time. Bravo. I must say it doesn’t get much worse than, “Here are all these great things we talked about, we were finally going to cave and give an unedited podcast to the masses, and it was going to be everything you hoped it to be. Instead, here is Ray talking to a Yoshi.” Really though it was pretty funny. And it was short enough to listen to before school. So that’s something.

  27. roadjcat says:

    Well this was interesting to say the least. XD Yoshi sound effects were funny and uh…Rouge. πŸ˜€

  28. Bobipine says:

    That song from Sonic 4 brand new shining in newness super duper sparky edition, sounds…. really, really slow… like almost a lullaby from a carousel. I didn’t knew there was footage of the game available and I think I don’t really miss much from hearing you, even if the nostalgia factor usually make me do stuff. Anyway… the podcast need moar Yoshies… though it could be risky and dangerously annoying if over used

    • Bobipine says:

      and for the lost data, it’s the thought that counts… as well as the final product, but nothing can be done for deleted data, unfortunately. so, it’s the thought that count

  29. koopabros64 says:

    Wow I was really looking forward to a new hilarious podcast from you guys. I came home from school, and did all my work. And as soon as that was done I came here for some good laughs. But then I find out there is no podcast, and you guys keep on saying your going to quit. Now you have every right to do that but it dosn’t change the fact that it’s depressing. It’s like a good freind has to move away. Good analogy with the spider though I guess I can relate to that. Hell if you keep it up we might be able to make it a 2pstart inside joke, and not a bad one (Im looking at you Waluigi). Though I doubt you wan’t to listen whine Though I still wonder if you are going to redo all those grave risers.

  30. Β­ says:

    You missed the podcast the week after april fools last year. Its just not ment to be a podcast the week after april fools

  31. Sir Bladington XIII says:

    – Well, there’s no huge podcast this week, but it WOULD have been great if it existed.
    – I’m really hoping Sonic 4 Episode 1 is basically just for nostalgia and the rest is actually new, But I’m still not getting it until the complete thing is either;
    a) on disk
    b)downloadable as 1 game.
    – Am I the only person who doesn’t hate the mine cart gimmick? I haven’t seen it myself, but I don’t really mind stage gimmicks, they usually make stages more fun.
    – Hate to say it, but the special stage theme, while it sounds bad, sounds better than anything in Sonic Chronicles.

    • Retl says:

      I stopped watching the Sonic 4 videos after I saw the end of the first stage, and a tiny bit of the second zone. So I’ve heard about the minecart level, but every time I hear about it, I think of Game Gear’s Sonic 2. So I was wondering if maybe they were trying to recycle that element.

  32. IsaacBrunnel says:

    Well hello Tim and Ray! I’m going to take a moment and ‘Rise from my Grave’… though I don’t entirely expect you to document the occasion. It sounds like grave-riser handling is a bit rough right now, so don’t feel obligated to add me to the queue! I’ll be in the next podcast in spirit (or as a zombie…?)

    I won’t claim to know exactly when I first started reading the comic…perhaps on-and-off since about #50, and more frequently recently. I can say for sure that I started listening to the podcast just short of a month ago…and finished them all. It’s a lot of fun listening to you two talk, don’t let anyone tell you different!

    A few things I’d like to say:
    Website: I really enjoy the site design, as it is clean, colorful, and easy to navigate. I love how the site displays a strong graphical presentation.
    Comic: You guys may not hit the mark 100% of the time in terms of humor, but there are still many prize moments throughout your archive. Ray, your adventures in dating still has me going! And I do love the art, I don’t see anything like it on the comics I read, so it has a really refreshing feel!
    Podcast: Again, it’s fun listening to you two talk, and hearing your opinions on recent gaming developments. It’s been said before, but the monotone/elevated voice combo actually works really well for the show (Ray, your voice isn’t THAT high!)

    I feel obligated to declare that I am also a Sonic fan, though it is comforting to know that Ray pretty much came from the same gaming direction that I did in general (most people I know have strong Microsoft/Sony backgrounds). I really do enjoy Ray’s references to good Sega/Nintendo classics, such as sound clips from Skies of Arcadia. I wouldn’t mind having him talk about that game a little at some point (hm…maybe a podcast caller opportunity?)

    I am sad to realize that I popped out of my grave during the era of 2P Start!’s potential doom. While I hope you two go on for a little while longer, be sure to take that break if life calls!

    In terms of the current podcast: that really blows, losing all that work. At least it was salvaged to a certain extent, and I look forward to next week’s. Also, it’s disappointing to hear such news about Sonic 4…I tend to hope that someone will pick the franchise out of the water at some point, but I’ll wait patiently until I hear about a good release. Until then, there are other games to play.

    …Wow, yeah please don’t cover me in the next podcast. I think your rants are enough for one show! Here’s to more comments for any future comics/shows!

  33. Megafan says:

    Does this mean I’m dead again? Do I like, have to remake my rise from my grave speech?
    Anyway, GREAT RANT.
    If I’m gonna get this game, I’m going to get it Illegally because it’s JUST A REMAKE.

    • freeplay says:

      dude, getting games illegally isn’t cool.

    • Β­ says:

      It would be very bad if we’re dead again. I mean I am posting a ton and wouldn’t make any sense if I had to rise again.

  34. Keja says:

    Couldn’t Tim just listen to ray’s half and rerecord his parts from memory and then upload it at a later date? Anyway, as it is, a great black doom award. Thanks for something more than a another don’t listen.

    And may I also suggest for the next musical misfit you play the original Goldenrod City theme from Pokemon Gold and Silver, seeing as it has been completely ruined in the games’ remakes?


    • Mkava says:

      Actually, I would have been happy if what you suggested happened instead of getting the small one. But understanding the huuuge annoyance from having something like that happen (Tim will never save and exit without testing the saved file ever again), at least they gave us something this time around. =]

    • Kvb says:

      That might have worked if Ray had been the one to lose his file. But Tim’s supposedly terrible at repeating things he’s already talked about.

      • CKcheeseboy says:

        How about if they release Ray’s half and the fans fill in the blanks?

        It’s like Mad Libs…but more awesome!

  35. Mkava says:

    Ah, good ol’ F-bomb comments. At least 2P Start hasn’t been hit by spambots in the comments. πŸ˜›

    Might it be a good idea to record everything for both of you? Extra hassle but you never know when it could come in handy. Like now. >.<

    Tim, don't feel bad for being replaced by Yoshi. It wasn't the same. No counterbalance for Ray's high-pitched voice. :/

    Sonic 4… bleh. I hope that Sonic 2 HD fan-game makes it….

    Either way, good show both of you especially with the circumstances. Figured something was off when nothing appeared until late late Monday. Always next time. =]

  36. BooCwis says:

    Should’ve done Tim’s Take Live!

  37. james says:

    UGH FRICK all hopes are lost for sonic…and 2p start live?

  38. C.Olimar788 says:

    Oh no, that’s really sad that you guys lost all that time. πŸ™ Oh well, I guess it can’t be helped.

    This podcast was still good, especially considering how it came about. Still funny, and Ray’s rant about Sonic 4 is a good one. πŸ™‚

  39. elah says:

    2P START!: Now in a comprehensive wiki: http://2pstart.wikia.com. If you know absolutely ANYTHING about 2P START! and all things related (i.e., Raybob Industries) come and help! (NOTE: this wiki is completely unfinished. Some pages haven’t even been edited since their creation. If you can help out, PLEASE do!).

    • freeplay says:

      I’ve been meaning to set up one of those, thanks for doing it though. I’ll definitely be putting a lot of work into it.

    • Highwater Trousers says:

      If I do get a chance to help out, should information on the forum be included? And should someone go back through the entire mini-blog for information?

    • Talduras says:

      Yay! Now someone can make transcripts of every podcast episode, just like hrwiki did with the Strong Bad E-mails (now there’s no excuse for getting the song wrong).

    • blaster says:

      For now, I’ll just stick to editting the Wikipedia page .
      I’ll help when I got more free time.
      I plan to make a page called “Knubby Award” You know what will be there.

      • blaster says:

        All Right. I finish doing the first Knubby. But unfortunately, my iPod is out of battery. I’m not putting up the page right away, I’ll do the next part later. I’ll put the page up when both episodes are done.

      • blaster says:

        FINALLY! It’s done.
        Could someone help me on the category thingy? I suck at those.

    • BooCwis says:

      I help out on 2 other wikis respectfully, so I has the skillz.

      I’ve actually edited a few things already (mainly Tim and Tim’s Take). I’ll add more/carve a path when I can (also, my username is Chocolate Kirby if you were wondering).

      Maybe discussing this topic calls for a forum topic?

  40. freeplay says:

    Speaking of unrealistic use of technology, remember Raybox. lol, i just got finnished watching the life of ray volume 3, it was amazing. Do you have volume 1 and 2, because 3 was awesome. 1 last point, if film is one of the things on our list of “projects you would do if you didn’t have a comic to do”, then you have my permission to stop the comic. I’d even pay money to see more stuff like the life of ray.

  41. Dry Bones says:

    That sucks that you lost Tim’s audio file. I know you guys work hard on making the podcast great, so that had to be frustrating. I think you did a nice job of salvaging what you could. It was still funny. And although I laughed at the Yoshi sound effects, please don’t replace Tim.

  42. MrDeku says:

    NPG. However after the controversial nature of last weeks comic, Ray feeling burnt out, the apparent disappointment in Sonic 4 and now the loss of this week’s podcast I feel that I have to remind you guys no cutting.

  43. Snifit says:

    Good podcast?
    I loved Tim/Yoshi ha ha ha. Wouldn’t mind Ray’s half of the podcast with Yoshi sounds
    I’m really not surprised that Sonic 4 looks bad. I haven’t watched any of the videos but as far as new old bosses I could understand if it was using twists on old concepts similar to Zelda bosses, but if they’re literally just HD old bosses, yeah lame.

  44. NintendoNaut says:

    Still made me laugh out loud guys. XD And man Tim, talk about depressing.

  45. Imaster says:

    Aww, man, that sucks about your podcast. Yeah, I only listened to this now… but anyway, I know how frustrating it is for something you created to be lost; be it a podcast or video footage or even saved data in a game >.< You know it's just not going to be the same the second time around. But hey, it happens, and I can certainly forgive this one episode of unfortunate-ness when looking at all the other stuff you've made. So no worries.

    Ray, that was one of the better rants I've heard in quite a while. A subtle mix of swear word levels, touching at times the level of hysterics, I really got the impression of a fanboy that had been jilted for the last time. While I wish Sonic 4 all the best, I think I'll actually be relieved if the game is bad: maybe Sonic Team will finally lay their franchise to rest, and try their hands at something else. When a franchise gets cluttered with so many spinoffs and flop games, sometimes it's best to start anew.

    Anyway, since I put off listening to this for so long, I guess I get a new comic tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

  46. Sad times to file corruption.

    When it went to Ray’s Black Doom award and I first heard the Yoshi sound fx, I had to pause the podcast. Even though I knew it was coming, it had me laughing out loud.

    In other news, I have been listening to the podcast at work, since I can now, and I started with the first one and I am currently on on episode 59 (its taken me about a month so far, I listen to about two or three every work day). I have to say, listening to them so much, I tend to think about saying “Edit….” in my actual conversations when I either make a mistake or saying something totally wrong/silly when I’m talking with people.

    I blame this on you. πŸ™‚

  47. charmy says:

    request for tim to be replaced by yoshi every week. That made the podcast like 15% better. Sucks that you lost the recording, it sounded like it would be a good episode.

  48. Exploding Pancakes says:

    Despite being like 9 minutes, It was a good podcast. Even if you hate it, I like the Black Doom Award because it’s fun to listen to Ray’s rants.

    About this whole Sonic thing… I decided not to watch those Sonic videos because
    1) I’m not that big of a Sonic fan and I’m not really interested in it.
    2) If it turns out to be great I’ll have spoiled it for me and I’ll never be able to enjoy it.
    Honestly, I don’t really have a problem with them recycling their old stuff, but they’d better be straight up with it. With Megaman 9 and 10 Capcom basically said “Here’s some good old Megaman game that looks like we forgot it in the closet for 20 years and then dug it out, you guys are fine with that right” while Sega was like “holy spoon we made a brand new 2D Sonic game that will make you piss your pants get hyped everyone”. It’s all about expectations and marketing.

    Also, I’m not really sure where I’m supposed to suggest Musical misfits, so I guess I’ll do it here: I’d like to hear Predestined Fate from the game VVVVVV. Most chiptunes are all happy and stuff, but this one is pretty depressing… I guess Ray will like it, haha.

  49. lilman1101 says:

    hey, i dont remember seeing any leaked footage, does anyone have a link?

  50. Β­ says:

    This is random and late (shouldn’t the next episode be out by now, or am I just up early?) but I honestly think unedited wouldn’t necessarily be a good idea. I like the pod cast the way it is.

  51. Retl says:

    Okay, this is a really goofy question, but I’ve been wanting to ask it all week. If the suggestion box were flipped upside down, what would fall out?

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