Calm Your Storm

RayThis is how I know I was never meant to be a hardcore gamer: I was excited by the thought of being abstinent with Aphrodite. Not sure what else to say about that.

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  1. blaster says:

    …….. Ummmmm………
    I actually don’t know what to comment on this…
    this doesn’t seem to be your comic at all!
    Is today April 1st?

  2. Wyrm says:

    First! Pretty funny comic. I like it, short to the point, with a good punchline.

    Also finally not hating on Sony xD. NCG.

  3. TheLupineOne says:

    Sorry guys. It’s a FAILURE from me.

    Anyway, aren’t we due a new Pixel Vision comic? It IS Q2…

    • blaster says:

      Yeah! I thought about that last night. “If they couldn’t find a joke, then it’s Lace time!”

    • Arveas Jarey Lucius Carvald III says:

      He’s taking the Nintendo approach to Pixel Vision release. It’s not ready until it’s had at least two or three delays.

  4. Agent4286 says:

    Ray, why aren’t you showing yours or Tims faces? you’re not embarrassed are you?

    haha NCG,

  5. Arveas Jarey Lucius Carvald III says:

    The punchline is good. This was starting to look like Hot Coffee Part Duex: Mythology Mix, but took a sharp turn that put a smile on my face.

    Although, anyone else think the second panel seems… wrong at first glance? Within the initial second, my thought was, “HIDE THE CHILDREN!” To be honest, the screenshot kinda skewed the lead-in to the punchline. :-/

  6. Snifit says:

    Thought it was a good joke and the second panel leads to the punchline well. Seeing a seductive woman makes it all the more difficult to abstain.
    Enjoyed the comic, especially Tim’s line. That really cracks me up for some reason.

  7. MorbidGreymon says:

    Decent comic, probably one of your worst, but what ever happened to you guys avoiding jokes like this. Heck if I wanted crappy sex jokes I’d go read dueling analogs.

    • MiMGodfather says:

      Well, the thing is that DA usually throws in sex jokes where they don’t belong, which is why they tend to fail miserably. This is making fun of something that already exists in the game and puts a spin on it, without it directly being a sex joke.

  8. Macrosoft Windoors says:

    This isn’t the 2P Start I know! Who are you? What did you do to 2P Start!?
    And I agree with MorbidGreymon.

  9. JohnW says:

    Not the normal 2P Start humour, but it’s stll hilarious!

    Also, it’s good to see some PS3 love coming from Ray!

  10. Supersonic24 says:

    It’s ok, I didn’t really get the joke at first because I didn’t expect it from you guys at all. It was funny nonetheless, so I wouldn’t call it a failure.

  11. Kvb says:

    This seems like a very old-school kind of 2P Start comic to me, but I can’t exactly explain why…
    Maybe it’s because we haven’t seen Tim and Ray as gamers (as opposed to comic creators) since nearly a year ago? I don’t know, maybe I’m just crazy…

    Anyway, I’m not really sure what to make of sex in games… If I want a game to titillate me, I’ll buy Dead or Alive Paradise. I don’t understand the purpose of a “sex scene”. Not that this is a problem exclusive to video games.

    • Imaster says:

      Hear, hear. I get sick of developers including racy content just because they can. Kind of like how everyone swears constantly in Assassin’s Creed II. It’s not necessary and it doesn’t get a point across.

      Anyway, this would probably be funnier for me if I had played GoW III. I know you have the choice to partake in the scene or not, but I don’t know what happens if you refuse. Imagine if you really did have to do that?

  12. randomperson says:

    Wait so ray stole tims ps3 and started playing god of war 3

  13. MorbidGreymon says:

    You know what I want, I want a 2PStart TimMii beanie, If you guys had them I’d order one.

  14. Jason says:

    Am I the only one that noticed the goof between the first panel and the second panel?
    First panel looking head-on, Ray is on the left.
    Second panel, looking over their shoulders, Ray is still on the left.

    The characters swapped position, apparently.

    I don’t know why everybody’s so down about the joke. It was good enough.

    You guys should get a Flattr account.

    • bcow1020 says:

      That wasn’t a mistake that they switched positions. It’s… uh… damn, I can’t come up with a good joke for a reason that they did that. Sorry.

      • Apkinesis says:

        In the comic, Ray is wearing Tim’s beanie, and Tim is sporting Ray’s hairstyle for an evening — both as part of a bet over a paintball gun fight they had prior to the events of the comic, which Ray won — and this is why we don’t see the upper halves of their heads in the first panel. In said paintball gun fight, Tim was using gray paint and Ray using red, and all they ever scored were shots to the back, which explains the shirt-color inconsistencies between panels 1 and 2. And lastly, the speech bubble in panel 2 was understandably confused, and mistakenly pointed at Tim when it should’ve pointed at Ray.

    • SuperVegeta says:

      Nice catch. I totally missed that the first time. It made me think that maybe panel one was a copy pasta especially since their faces aren’t seen…. but who knows.

      • Curaga says:

        My official theory: it was Ray and/or Tim’s unbirthday, and it was officially time for everyone to switch places between the first two panels /logic

    • Ray says:

      I switched Tim in Ray (1st panel) at the last minute because the text balloons wouldn’t play nice with the visual stacking order they needed to go in. Then I forgot to make the follow-up change to panel 2 even though I remember telling myself I can’t forget…

    • D Uhl says:

      Thanks Jason, I thought I was the only one, although it would be clever to write an undertone joke just for the people who noticed. Maybe something about tim needing to be on the right for this sort of conversation.

  15. Zegres says:

    Good comic guys! I had 10 minutes before i had to leave for school, and decided to check for the comic, and SURPRISE! there it was. Good job again, I look forward to next Monday’s 2PSTART live!, but i hope it is longer than 8 minutes this time, haha, but that was still a good show, i loved the parts where Tim’s sound became Yoshi’s voice. It was Awesome!

  16. SuperVegeta says:

    LoL. That was good. I was a bit surprised to see Ray playing a PS3 game. The joke however was pretty funny. What makes it even harder to “Abstain” is that you have to pleasure her to get a trophy. Abstinence leads to non 100% completion and we all know how much Ray hates that. Success!

    • Dry Bones says:

      Wow, the trophy you mention is really part of the game? That’s kind of sad. Although, you’re right about it making the comic funnier.

      • mkava says:

        A little look around, and yeah.. it’s one of the PS3 trophies you can get (sort of like Xbox 360’s Achievements) – Look for Ladies Man

        Thinking that Ray would do every single trophy except that one… entertains me. As a completionist gamer myself (I tend to go _everywhere_ I can before I go to the main story… like putting in nearly 60 hours into Oblivion before touching the main story quests…), it would halfway bother me that to have one missing. It would be neat to see somebody with every other trophy.. except that one. =)

        Nice comic guys. The little mix-up with the character placement (Ray is always on the LEFT! D:) aside, the joke was straight forward, simple, and amusing. Nice work. =)

        Finally a comic without some negativity in it! YAY!

  17. lilman1101 says:


  18. MiMGodfather says:

    Nice one this week guys. The humor/humour is definitely different from recent comics in my opinion, more along the lines of the older 2P START! (as KvB said above), and executed well in my opinion. I think it’s simultaneously an accurate and exaggerated depiction of the difficulty designers put into a game so you can be “good”. Kind of like in the game inFamous, where all you have to do as an “evil” character is destroy everything that gets in your way and be a selfish prick in your good/bad decisions. Whereas to be a “good” character, you have to jump through hurdles and restrain yourself to keep from losing your “positive” alignment. Like if you’re almost to the top “Hero” alignment during a big shootout with the bad guys, and suddenly a crowd of moronic innocent NPCs run between you as you’re chucking electro-grenades and lightning bolts. Any of those NPCs hit by YOU equals a huge chunk of your “good” points being taken away.

    But I digress. NCG!

    • Depends on the game. I played Morrowind and they certainly make it rather difficult to be a bad guy, or at least “bad to the core.” Any killing sprees or theft sprees get the guards after you almost instantly. In that game, you have to go all stealthy to be bad, and that’s not nearly as cool as it sound (Metal Gear Solid and Batman Arkham Asylum it isn’t!).

      But yeah, I know exactly what you’re talking about. Some of the open world games seem to encourage the evil route more often these days. Shoot, GTA’s whole premise is based on the idea, except that there’s only a choice between evil and less evil!

  19. Β­ says:

    This comic is definitely done with 2P start class, there is nothing in there that would make this comic belong in the rude land that is every other gaming web comic. That being said I didn’t actually find it all that funny. Not that that will have any effect on me coming back here. This is a free comic on the Internet. The only thing that would make me stop coming here would be if you horribly offended me. Which Two P Start never would. I guess I need a this comic used to be good in here. I can’t say this is the death because it clearly isn’t.
    you Need to renovate your house.
    Nice Comic Strip Guys

  20. shyguy22 says:

    I was bord so open the spoiler and paste the link[spoiler]

  21. Teengamer says:

    The comics are slightly going downhill Ray…..You better think of something good quick! Maybe something not sex-related. πŸ˜›

    And is that really part of the game? Or just an excuse for a joke?

    • JohnW says:

      It’s part of the game.

      • mocliamtoh says:

        You seem really depressed about that.

      • JohnW says:

        I’m not actually. I just heard about it on CVG and added to the pile of things I remember, but aren’t important to me. Plus I was in a hurry and wanted to be to the point.

      • mocliamtoh says:

        Actually I was referring to the avatar/post combination. I always associate the avatar as that person. So, despite having heard you on the podcast, you are depressed comic Ray to me (right now).

      • JohnW says:

        I do that, too. But I’ve never been on the Podcast, except the Grave Rising and my name mentioned for the musical Misfit. Is that what you mean?

    • FluffyPanda says:

      There’s been a sex minigame in each of the God of War games.

      You can see the third instalment here

      The 2pstart joke is a lot more tasteful than the game they’re basing it on πŸ™‚

      • SuperVegeta says:

        Yeah, the first one Kratos has his way with 2 girls on his ship. The second one Kratos again has his way with 2 girls in a spa. This time apparently Aphrodite is all he can handle, he’s getting old. πŸ™‚

  22. Apkinesis says:

    Feels like a classic 2P START comic, yet the central joke involves “bedroom” humor. Paradox!!

    Anyhow, I’ve not played any God of War games (let alone this scene of this game), but I still got the joke; NCG.

  23. Dry Bones says:

    My parents taught me, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” So….uh….I liked the artwork.

  24. freeplay says:

    I’m sorry, I just don’t get it. That’s all I have to say.

    • CKcheeseboy says:

      We’ll explain it when you’re older.

    • Keja says:

      These guys are pretty hit and miss, huh?

      But seriously, a good joke that I’m struggling to imagine how you thought it up. I’m looking forward to next weeks comic talk.

  25. Highwater Trousers says:

    This is quite the mixed bag. On one hand, we’re dealing with some risque content. Yet on the other, it’s a pretty clever joke. Here’s a good way to judge the comic: Is this a comic I would send to friends? For me, probably not. This might be the comic that I’ll keep to myself and get a good chuckle out of when going through the archive in the future. Granted, this particular comic has probably the same racy content as a Simpson’s episode, so I’m okay with reading it. I just might not feel comfortable spreading it about.

    Also, I hate to ask this but… Ray, did you mean to say “This is how I know I was never meant to be a hardcore gamer?” Oh wait, look at the time. I better go. Good comic guys!

  26. Retl says:

    I smiled, and almost laughed at this one. Mainly because I did hear about the minigame they had slipped into GoW3, and had a vague idea what it was like. So I was a little surprised to see the minigame’s core idea inverted, but at the same time I didn’t expect 2PStart to actually show it the way I’ve seen it on gaming news sites. The art is good, and I did smile, though. On a day where I really needed a something cheerful to get through this day without making more of a mess of things than they already are, and I’m glad to have the comic.

    Another reason why the punchline made me smile is because when I saw it, it immediately brought to mind memories of the last phase of the first level of Parappa the Rapper with the rapping onion. JUMP KICK, TURN! DUCK DUCK, POSE! BLOCK TURN KICK IT! PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH! (I’m absolutely certain it wasn’t in that order though.)

    Thanks for the comic, guys!

    Now that I’ve seen the comic push its limits on the risquΓ© side of things, I’m motivated to do the same with my own work. I’m a bit younger than you guys, and I’m single though, so coming from someone like me, that’ll just seem typical. Borderline R34 challenges await! Sega Creature Creator Abomination, Chip, Ray the Squirrel (No not that one, the other one. The fan one. That one), Pichu, and Ditto.
    [spoiler]I’m only half kidding about this last part.[/spoiler]

  27. Curaga says:

    I thought it was funny, and not really racy at all, besides actually mentioning that that stuff exists, it just deals with a stupid trend in video games that everyone knows about, and is more about avoiding that than engaging in it. I thought it was pretty dang classy and funny. Nice Comic Guys.

    • TheNinjaMouse says:

      That pretty much echoes my thoughts. Most gaming webcomics would take a “Yeah, I’d hit on that!” kind of attitude toward that feature in the game. This one ridicules a dumb gaming feature by suggesting players do the exact opposite of what the designers intended. This isn’t a tasteless sex joke; it’s clever satire. NCG.

      • mkava says:

        Both of you said this very well. Echoed my feelings and thoughts on the comic pretttttty much exactly.
        Highfive! Nice!

  28. turtleboats01 says:

    ROFL, this is quite possibly my favorite joke that you all have ever done

  29. Jarkes says:

    That was… unusual. But funny, nonetheless. I was a bit worried when I saw the second panel though…

  30. JohnW says:

    I think this comic is considered to be “Old” 2P Start style because this is the first time in a while Tim and Ray have been seen playing a game.

  31. NintendoNaut says:

    Haha, pretty good I say. A little bit on the edgy side of things but ya’know. And you’re not oddball Tim. You just have a sense of morality unlike most other gamers. XD Disgusting that they’d put those scenes in there IMO.

  32. roadjcat says:

    I’m a bit indifferent about this one. It was one of those clever ones that kinda needed an explanation since I don’t follow God of War, so it also lost some of its effect.

  33. mrpineapplehead says:

    uh….ummmm…hmmmm…i’m speechless….

    uh…(think of something!)…….

    wow still wearing your sonic shoes ray?

    (this is what happens when i go back to rpg..pointless comments

  34. TriforceBun says:

    Come on fellows, this is pretty tame by comparison to…uh, every other God of War sex joke ever. This isn’t anywhere near the gratuitous nature of some other comics in that 1) it’s about sexuality that’s already present in the game itself, and 2) it’s almost a reversal in that Kratos is having a tough time fighting BACK his urges. Granted, I can see how one can get the idea that “it’s difficult to abstain,” but that’s fairly in-character for Kratos anyway.

    Nice comic Tim and Ray. But was I the only one that was reminded of Beavis and Butt-head in the second panel? “Huh huh. Hardest.”

  35. TomX says:

    Now to be fair, I haven’t read all 50 something comments before writing this, but what’s with all the people saying, “uh this isn’t your comic” or “I thought you guys avoided sex jokes?” This is totally a 2P Start! comic without any deviation whatsoever. Except maybe that Kratos is in it but so what, every now and then they broaden their horizions for a bit. Like the olde and occasional Bioshock comics. And then it’s straight back to Sonic of course, but I digress…. πŸ˜›

    I vote NCG guys and Success. It’s very much in your style of humor, I laughed because I could not tell where the setup was going, and for pity sake’s, read Ray’s blurb post thing under the comic. And just for the record, I’m not even sure I see this as a sex joke, I mean look at it: Tim says he’s married and Ray is striving to abstain! A lesser fan would call those who didn’t get it’s true 2P Start loyalty into question, but I will abstain from that. Pun intended.
    Huh, sorry for the mini rant πŸ™‚

  36. mkava says:

    Finally! A comic without anything negative in it! Hello classic 2P START! humor and comic style!

  37. boxless says:

    So to not score with Aphrodite you have to pull off one of Ivy from soulcaliburs throws.

  38. Supersonic24 says:

    After reading it again, I actually like this comic a lot. The sad truth is, the only thing holding me back from getting apparently great games like Bayonetta, God of War, and to some extent even MGS is this crap. I HATE when developers decide to put crap like this in for no reason other than to get good reviews from the perverts. They really seem to WANT to make it really hard for someone to have not only physical, but mental abstinence.

  39. Myuu says:

    Meh. There hasn’t been a funny one since “Heart Man”.

  40. D3vin says:

    If all else fails, use protection. (and I don’t mean armor πŸ˜€ )

  41. Tadawan says:

    I agree with Myuu. I haven’t read a comic I really like since Heart Man. Also, what happened to good clean fun? I know this comic is about abstaining, but what happened to when drugs/sex/pop culture used to be a joke to you guys?

  42. D3vin says:

    The game they are doing a comic about is rated for people 18 and up anyways, of course it is hard to get a “kid” friendly comic out of it. So we had to settle for a comic about the wonders of abstinence instead. that is at least a Teen-friendly subject.

  43. D3vin says:

    …And THIS is why Ray can’t get a girlfriend!

  44. BooCwis says:

    My opinion of this comic is neutral for now. I mean, come on, what kind of lady is this to be THAT hard to abstain from? *coughSarahcough*?

  45. Killzmo says:

    Ray, I’m stealing your dead end t-shirt design and putting a slinky on it with the caption “heaven”.

  46. maxsteele2 says:


  47. Oliby says:

    Well I can definitely see why you couldn’t call this comic family friendly; it’s just impossible to have any mention of sex and be acceptable for all ages. Also some readers just might not be old enough to even understand it.

    However, at least to me, this is a complete success. It was a tastefully done critique on how difficult it is not to get racy content in certain game genres, and the comic manages to be funny at the same time. I mean, compared to Kiss and Run where we actually witness an act of conception, this comic is nothing.

  48. Loooca says:

    Ahaha, that’s quirky! I don’t think the joke is that hard to miss (comprehend?), unless you’re really dense stupid just don’t want to like it, for the sake of not liking. But I must say, I was expecting something Nintendo-related, I don’t know why.

    All in all, /success/.

    (I really need to skip all the way down and avoid reading the flood of comments each week. Mind-boggling, the lot of them.)

  49. IsaacBrunnel says:

    That was fairly funny, though I admit that this seems to stray a little ways from your nomal line of humor. You still kept to clean though, so no harm done!

    I have to admit that this phrase went through my head after reading this: “I knew that the God of War games were known for their intense QTE’s, but this is ridiculous!”

    This sort of reminds me of the psuedo-controversy over Mass Effect’s bedroom scene(s)…which seems odd to me now since God of War has been doing that long beforehand. Oh well >_>

  50. Laelaps says:

  51. Ryman says:

    Gonna be honest guys, most of these comics just seem to be like ” I r panic comments.” The sex joke isn’t bold or real noticeable, you’re not goin’ have a child that gets this. And, there’s the fact that he covered up Aphrodite’s woman parts, which is 2pstartery.

    I just think you guys are overreacting, I see this as a joke 2pstart would do. It’s that joke that’s “mature” as opposed to “inappropriate.”

  52. Ryman says:

    comments* Sorry for double post, but typo bugs me. And I mean to replace the comics in the first line with comments.

  53. D3vin says:

    This reminds me of the removed panel from that Project Natal comic you guys did. Here we are having people saying it isn’t family friendly and a large chunk will probably get taken out.

    OMG Something vaguely hinting at a M rated games’ content!? That’s not family friendly!? πŸ˜‰

    • Eh, the second panel isn’t all that vague, really. It’s pretty blatant. If many people were shown that screenshot all by itself and asked to describe what it was or what it’s related to in subject-matter terms, I’m sure their guesses would nearly all link back to the word “sex” in some way, shape, or form.

      Don’t get me wrong. As one of the more staunch dodgers of most material both implicitly and explicitly sexual in nature (case in point: I traded in Okami, even though I loved the gameplay), I really loved the punchline, particularly because it pokes fun at what would have normally been expected of this game, as well as what some twisted people seem to want in such a game. Just personally thought the lead-in on panel 2 could’ve been handled more tastefully. Either a different screenshot or a Ray-made interpretation.

  54. Retl says:

    I think I just realized something. People seem confused about this comic not because of the joke itself (Arveas is the most notable counterexample), and more about confusion about the target audience. It reminds me of what happened with Lyrical Nanoha when guys were confused about liking a show where little girls blasted each other with giant magic deathrays of +20 befriending.

    It’s amusing to watch. But I think another factor of the commentary split is that the people who never played God of War 3 (Title aimed at mature crowd) either aren’t into that style of game and avoided it, or are young, and respect the recommended age rating. While the comic and podcast in general found home around something similar to an E rating.
    Played the game and knew about the minigame: Good punchline! NCG! (But still unusual.)
    Played the game but didn’t know about the mingame: Wait, is this really in the game!?
    Knew about the minigame but never played the game: Huh. Neat comic guys.
    Never played the game or knew about the minigame: I don’t get it. / This isn’t the 2PStart I know!
    Completely unfamiliar with GoW series but familiar with 2PSTart: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE COMIC GUYS?

    I’m still amused with this individual comic. To me, it seems almost like an experiment and an attempt to push the boundaries on what a 2PStart comic is and to be less Nintendo and Sega centric and more console neutral. At the same time, it does make 2PStart a bit more like a lot of other gaming-related comics I don’t read. But I’m still reading this one, so something must still be going right.

    In any case, I think it’s a little odd that the comments recently have become a bit more polarized and stayed more polarized than it used to be for almost a month now. I wonder if for some bizarre undeciferable reason, it has anything to do with my icon. I’m going to see about changing it today.

    • CKcheeseboy says:

      Sort of, but again, I think that even with no prior knowledge you can understand it. I mean, look at panel one: “Have you seen the bedroom scene in the new God of War?” Even if you didn’t even know the game existed before reading that, it tells you everything you need to know: there’s a game called God of War, and there’s a bedroom scene. I don’t see how you can fail to understand the joke at that point, barring being at a young enough age to not know what’s implied by “bedroom scene”. Not getting the game-related part of the joke is somewhat understandable, but the comic tells you everything you need to know from a gaming perspective.

      “a show where little girls blasted each other with giant magic deathrays of +20 befriending”

      Also also:
      I just noticed the console setup: notice how the WHITE Wii and WHITE 360 are on one side of the TV, and the BLACK PS3 is all the way on the other side? I think Tim and Ray are racist (although actually, since we know Tim is, maybe he’s the one that set up the consoles). So it DOES matter if you’re black or white.

      • CKcheeseboy says:

        That should say: “Not getting the NON-game-related part of the joke”

      • Retl says:

        Hrm. You’re right, they do pretty much spell it out at the start. Also, I’m really amused you pointed out the thing with the consoles. I never noticed that. It made me laugh!

        A great deal of Lyrical Nanoha involves attacking each other with giant beams of light. Fortunately, when it’s Nanoha herself doing the fighting, the magical knockouts usually aren’t lethal.

      • CK, we’ve already been down that road before. In fact, Tim & Ray specifically addressed that issue almost exactly 2 years ago (maybe the console placement was a subtle anniversary reference to that comic?). They’ve made it clear that Ray is racist. I mean, that Ikaruga is a racist game. Er… that the consoles represent the racism in mankind, especially when statistics popularity is included as well. Okay, for real, I’ve got the answer now. Consoles are capable of being racist too. You really think Tim & Ray placed the consoles like that? There’s more than we know to consoles, some of it really freaky when you think about it.

        (Okay, I’m officially confusing myself now. I need sleep…).

    • Cool, I’m an outlier. Yay! ^_^

      One thing I’m wondering, though. What is it that a lot of the people that didn’t like this comic’s content particularly upset with? Is it the dialogue, the screenshot in panel 2, or both? I’ve already made my stance clear. The screenshot kind of detracted from the comic, but the dialogue itself is great! Best part is it’s got good logical progression (Tim’s response in the first panel is classic), no awful groan inducing innuendos (despite what people try to read into it), and it pile drives itself right into the punchline with enough force that people that are paying attention to how this comic was structured (sans screenshot) would know and appreciate the complete and utter reversal and slam Tim & Ray did regarding this subject that’s lurked in the seedy underbelly—and in some cases the blind forefront—of the video game industry. It’s one part stab, one part hilarious and doubly ludicrous reversal, subdivided into deep and shallow parts consisting of a different-from-the-norm game objective (deep) and insanely difficult mini-game (shallow), mixing together to make the package better than the sum of its parts.

      So if the people are up-in-arms about the screenshot, I would agree on that point only and suggest that they be a bit more specific in stating that argument in the future. If people are upset with the joke itself (and not just because it didn’t make them laugh), it’d probably be good to take a few steps, reanalyze the joke, make yourselves think like Tim & Ray (as opposed to the rest of the web comic world), and think “what is it that this comic’s joke attempted to achieve?”

  55. Moischanvstamama says:

    :\ I don’t exactly know how to respond to this. Isn’t this comic series supposed to be for children?

    • I’ve never seen this comic being for children…..that’s kind of insulting.

      I see 2pstart as being a universally accessible comic that anyone at any age should enjoy.

  56. I love how this comic really hits how some game developers seem to be using sexual scenes and gameplay to entice people into buying games. God of War is only one example, of course. NCG

    Also, I found this video, and though I did not hear the music (no speakers at the moment) all I thought of was Pixel Vision as I watched it. Pixels by Patrick Jean

  57. Ryman says:

    I still think you guys are taking this comic way too seriously.

  58. Β­ says:

    Just to tell you I got a “Error establishing a database connection” on the fourth comic.

    • Retl says:

      I was having similar errors just a moment ago when trying to get to the main page, so I’m thinking it’s probably a site-wide backend error. Hopefully it’s just a temporary problem and not a persistent bug going on with the code or sever load.

  59. mrpineapplehead says:

    well since this comic is has to do with the ps3 tim….you do know that it can play games right? what is there some sort of thing you can do that does not let people know what your playing?

    if so i like to know! (hey that rhymes)

  60. Mafleeted says:

    quality wise, the comic wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible either.

    I just have one problem: you guys switch positions on the couch in the second panel. FOR SHAME.

  61. Mirby says:


  62. Poppa Rocks says:

    Pretty nice comic! It took me a second to get the joke, but when I did, I laughed a good long while. Good job!

  63. Zoltan says:

    HOLY COW! a 2pstart comic not based on a nintendo game! Who would’ve thought!!

    BTW, Ray must be playing the Australian version of God of War 3.

  64. Burnflare says:

    This was a pretty good comic IMO, but apparently the commenters over at Joystiq didn’t think so. I tried to defend you, Ray, but I’m afraid we were both downvoted into nothingness.

    • Wow. They’re all voting for the positively stupefying Tetris comic: a comic that somehow managed to produce in me both the ability to get the joke and still have the “uh…” reaction in my head at the same time.

      I now fear for this world…

      (For the record, I voted BitF this week. The back story to Bowser getting the weird clown machine was too funny to explain =D ).

  65. randomperson says:

    can some one explain why whats his face looks constipated

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