2P START! Live!: Back From the Dead Edition


RaySign-waving people, Ray’s hilarious video-editing story, lack of death in animated movies, Warhammer’s overdraft fees, and much more – all in this week’s episode!


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  1. Dry Bones says:

    Hooray! A podcast with both of you guys on it! Listening now.

  2. SuperVegeta says:

    Could I finally rise from my grave in this edition considering I did so 3 weeks ago. Let’s listen and see!

  3. blaster says:

    I wonder when it will be up on iTunes?
    It was only yesterday did I learn how to sync Podcasts.
    Of course, I have already downloaded the MP3 version

  4. TheLupineOne says:

    1) Can’t tell what this week’s intro is. It sounds like the SEGA Saturn boot, but not.
    2) Surprised Pokémon Black & White and Rocket Knight weren’t on Tim with the News.
    3) I’m sure you mispronounced MorbidGreymon as MorbidGreymoon. Don’t you know your Digimon?

    • TheKickAwesome says:

      You may as well just give up on the pokemon news… Ray is too busy crying over Sonic 4 and Tim is too busy consoling Ray/Swimming in his pool of money. It is warming up outside, you know?

    • Keja says:

      Another thing, you were wrong Ray! We get to see way more than just the back of the pokémon’s head! [/satire]

      Look son, I know you like pokémon, I even like it more than most, but a lot of people don’t, especially people of Ray’s age (not that Ray is old) or older (not that Tim is much older) as they were slightly too old to play them the first time around, so you’ll just have to accept that you can’t get all good things in one place.

  5. koopabros64 says:

    It seems you have failed to mention my grave rise, and left me in the dirt. I hae been here since the brawl in the family podcast, and I have enjoyed most of your comics, and pod cast.
    Though I have to say I was really dissapointed by the lack of this weeks spider analogy.

  6. SuperVegeta says:

    Noooo!!!! I’m still in my grave! I was soo excited and nooo SuperVegeta. 🙁 I would also like to disagree with both Tim and Ray. I really liked last week’s comic and actually laughed out loud. Being a big God of War fan, it was a funny take on the idea.

  7. Retl says:

    What is it called? Incompetence? Nativity?

    Ehehehe the SeveredCatOnFire rising reading was awesome. Had a great laugh with the Tim QTE gag, too.

    Leaked Ending of Super Mario Galaxy 2: [spoiler]EVERYONE DIES. Mario. Yoshi (because Mario traitorous swine). Bowser. Peach. Toad. Daisy. Wart. Giant Dragons. EVERYONE. Even the adopted Koopa and Goomba pokemon who happened to be in the fifth unlockable galaxy. Gotta kill ’em off in animated cartoony worlds.

    I’d be horrified if that were true.[/spoiler]

    But yeah. NPG. Not the best, but better than the last one, definitely. I had fun.

    (Wow, all those Namco arcade game sounds in that song were mixed well enough that it gave me a “delicious” sensation. I enjoyed hearing that. And the post-podcast clip at the end gave me a chuckle and a grin of amused satisfaction.)

  8. lilman1101 says:

    woohoo, a podcast with everyone (except Yoshi)

  9. Apkinesis says:

    Good to hear the Podcast back on its feet again!

    Cool, got Comment of the Week. Though I have to mention, “Beanie is sporting Ray’s hairstyle?” Might “Beanie” your new/secret nickname, Tim? 😛

    And regarding the very end of the Podcast… Wow guys… 🙂 I got a few laughs out of that.

  10. Teengamer says:

    Yay! A podcast that didn’t ultimately fail! 😀 Thanks Tim, although I miss Yoshi’s voice. 😉

    You’re kinda right. I think there’s more Nintendo fans on this site, and a sex joke just wasn’t helping. Personally, I didn’t like it AT ALL. Sorry. 😛

    Oh well, maybe this week you guys will get the chance to redeem yourselves.

  11. Aaron90 says:

    Cool stuff guys, a bit disappointed with the black doom awards though.

  12. Highwater Trousers says:

    There are plenty of sign holders around my neighborhood, but you know what the best part is? When you pull up to a four-way intersection and there are two sign holders from opposing companies right across from each other. Jumpin’ jive, do they jump around and dance! It’s like a entertainment show while you wait for your light to change. Although one time, the sign holders were for framing stores…

    There may not be enough death in animated movies. Hmmm… If only there was an animated movie that featured the death of an important character that helped to drive the plot. [spoiler]How about a relatively recent Pixar movie that is the topic of debate around here?[/spoiler]

    Thanks for picking my Musical Misfit! I really do appreciate it! Quick news bit that I wonder if you guys have heard about: The new Tomb Raider game that is going to be downloadable, co-op, and playable via an isometric view. Properly titled, Laura Croft and the Guardian of Light. Anyways, good podcast and for the record, the last bit was… beyond words.

  13. Person Number 3 says:

    Thid podcast was extremely lulzy. Best one in a while.
    1)Hey, honey, why don’t we buy a mattress now and strap it to the top of our car?
    2)Epic explantaion of Tim and Ray’s switched places.
    3)Calm your storm.
    4)But, you see, I can’t have it done later. I need my video now. You’re gonna have to tell me how to do it, even if it’s impossible!
    6) O-KEIGH MEE-STAR SUNSHIINE! NAAAAA NA-NA NA-NA NA-NA!! (Musical Misfit, for those who didn’t pay the lyrics any attention)
    7) You see, Ray, in California, they aren’t decals…
    8)What’s your name, little boy? amd where do you live?

  14. SuperVegeta says:

    I am glad to hear that there wasn’t any negative talk about wanting to quit or about knives or anything. I listen to have a good time, not to feel bad. So NPG! Thanks.

  15. Sir Bladington XIII says:

    – Well, I was GOING to advertise for my doomsday machine sales by having a guy standing outside my evil lair, but APPARENTLY, that’s a dumb idea. Thanks a lot guys.
    – Oh boy, Gears 3. Can you hear the enthusiasm in my typing? Yea, me neither.
    – I liked calm your storm. It was a sex joke, yes, but I liked that it was more of a parody of typical video game sex scenes.
    – Uh… what? Great comment guy, it managed to break my brain.
    – I like the first Tim/Ray couch switch theory better. It makes more sense.
    – A morning walk in a burning city? That doesn’t sound like a good night to me, so I automatically hate the song. Also, it’s not rap. D:<
    – Everything DOES have to be in video form, duh.
    – Look, up in the sky! It's a beanie! It's a can of Dr. Pepper! Its… MONOTONE MORON! That would be a great super hero name if it weren’t so insulting.
    – I agree with that guy. Shadow the Hedgehog was a great game. I mean, the story path thing had me worried for a while, until I learned that you had to win the same game 10 times, 20 if you wanted to unlock the other weapons. That’s just a genius mechanic, right? *Twitch* *Twitch*
    – Aw, I didn’t even get an honorable mention? I joined somewhat recently, at the BiTF cross over. Sad face. D;
    – Death? But kids are wimps, and therefore we need to sacrifice emotional plot lines or we’ll kill them… somehow… it could happen.
    – Everyone comes back out of nowhere? Sounds like Bayonetta…
    – Random kid with a hammer? Watch out Ray, you may be haunted soon. Make sure to stockpile random, near-identically packed ammo.

  16. ­ says:

    I think you got my name wrong: its: “” as in
    “my comment of the week goes to for saying I think you got my name wrong: Its: “” as in
    “my comment of the week goes to for saying I think you got my name wrong: Its: “” as in
    “my comment of the week goes to for saying I think you got my name wrong: Its: “” as in
    “my comment of the week goes to for saying I think you got my name wrong: Its: “” as in
    “my comment of the week goes to for saying I think you got my name wrong: Its: “” as in
    “my comment of the week goes to for saying I think you got my name wrong: Its: “” as in
    “my comment of the week goes to for saying I think you got my name wrong: Its: “” as in
    “my comment of the week goes to for saying I think you got my name wrong: Its: “” as in
    “my comment of the week goes to for saying I think you got my name wrong: Its: “” as in
    “my comment of the week goes to for saying I think you got my name wrong: Its: “” as in
    [loop to infinity]

    There should be no pause, just the regular length between the words.
    I am not sure what else to say, think you called me no name. I have seen a no name on other sites, and thats not me (I don’t post as “” on that sight mind you). Either that or you didn’t mention me.
    That was not one of your best podcasts, really I think it was on par with last week. Maybe its the whole lack of my really short grave rising being mentioned!

  17. D3vin says:

    About “how 2 train ur dragon”
    [spoiler]The main character lost his leg! I know it isn’t totally a death, but it has been implied that things die, I mean the Main’s mother had already died and stuff…[/spoiler]
    What is so bad with motioncapture? It makes things more realistic. It was like Rotoscoped animation, tracing a real person’s movements isn’t cheating. Especially since there is things like dragons you have to animate from nothing since they don’t exist…

    I think Ray is getting more and more emo every day after that sonic 4 fiasco.

  18. bionichute says:

    mentioned i was!
    anyway, loved the podcast guy, keep up the good work
    i can’t tell if that burning cat guy was joking or is a troll.

    • ­ says:

      The fact that the name comes from the podcast and that he used this Comic Used to be Good makes him joking

  19. Oliby says:

    Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well last week Ray, hope you got better.

    Personally, I liked Calm Your Storm, and I don’t even play any games but Mario or turn based strategy games. While the comic does refer to a bedroom scene, the comic’s point is not “haha, they’re engaging in a bodily function,” but on the difficulty of avoiding it in certain games.

    Nice podcast, glad to hear Tim again, but I didn’t like the Off Topic as much as two weeks ago. It just wasn’t very funny to me.

  20. MiMGodfather says:

    Nice podcast this week guys. Not my favorite personally, but definitely a nice comeback from last week. I have to say, I’m actually a bit disappointed in Tim’s reaction to the grave riser from #1. After his near-violent reaction to the one (or two?) risers from #2, I expected Tim to just go off. Oh well, maybe it is lost in the podcast that will never rise 🙂

    Also, in regards to the “Failure” of this past week’s comic…I do agree with the verdict, but am disappointed in the people that made it so. I see your point, that the reception of the comic was just bad, and is a failure in that regard. But I find it absolutely ridiculous that so many people complained about it and hated it simply because it was DIFFERENT. Was it a little bit risqué? Sure, but EVERYTHING bad was covered up and it’s so much more than just a freaking sex joke! This is probably part of what is making Tim and Ray get tired of doing this at times…they try something different, or outside the box as far as the regular comic formula goes, and everybody whines and cries “THIS ISN’T FUNNY BECAUSE IT IS DIFFERENT!” “THIS ISN’T FUNNY BECAUSE IT ISN’T RATED G!” “THIS ISN’T FUNNY BECAUSE I’M 12 AND CAN’T FATHOM CLEAN ADULT HUMOR!” …ok, rant over.

    Ray’s mention of the end of Wall-E made me think about a theory I’ve had about the ending, because I’ve had several friends and family members think it’s either “the power of love” (lol) or just completely nonsensical to bring him back. My theory is that, when Eve(a) and Wall-E have that electric little “kiss” after the outer-space dance scene, it is in fact a “copy” or a “upload” of sorts carrying bits of data from Wall-E’s system. Then at the end when that little spark appears after everyone thinks he is gone for good, it acts as sort of an accidental download from Eve and restores aspects of Wall-E’s memory up to the point of the previous upload. Because fact is, we don’t really know if he even recalls what happened after that point. Just that he is amazed Eve is holding his…hand, or whatever. Then again, I tend to overthink things like this and bore people to death. 😀

  21. 1. “It’s a secret to everyone.” Ha ha. Classic!

    2. Failure? Didn’t expect you guys to come to that conclusion on the second comic. But oh well. Given I had annoyances on the second panel, I may agree vaguely.

    3. The world doesn’t know what abstinence is? I’m not surprised. I blame Hollywood… and bad parenting… and… psychedelic cheesecakes!!! But, in all seriousness, I’m getting the feeling that most of the people skip out on those High School sex ed classes, snooze like Rip Van Winkle during said classes, or cycle a bunch of “I don’t care, I know better than those old geezers” nonsense repeatedly in their head.

    It’s a sad circle of doom, really.

    4. “It’s only a 30-second stop motion video!” Demand much, Tim? =P

    Sad thing is that can be turned into something used against comics. “It’s only a 1-panel comic!” Oh brother…

    5. Epic grave-rise reading for SCoF, Tim! I give you 5 pies out of 5!

    (And the music editing mixed well with it, Ray. Great teamwork!).

    6. Woo! HTTYD! I must see it! (after these blasted finals are over). I get the feeling HTTYD was done by the specific group that did Kung Fu Panda. There seems to be more contrast between Dreamworks internal movies compared to Pixars internal movies.

    7. Has anyone ever noticed that Tim is really good at doing different voices? Have you ever considered voice acting, Tim? Or mayhaps doing the podcast entirely (or near entirely) in a specific voice? Sounds like it’d be fun!… except for the stress that could cause on the vocal chords, but I’m sure a bottle of water chugged occasionally will help that… right?

    • Retl says:

      I didn’t even have to skip my sex ed in high school years aback. They pulled everyone out of class to stuff them into awkward huge rooms, started up a video about everything one needs to know to properly reproduce and not ruin one’s life

      And then they fast forwarded to the end with the biological explaination of things with large words I neither knew nor cared to know. And then they let us go back to class in all of about 5 minutes, having gained pretty much nothing from the video except a handful of memories of a fast forwarded video.

  22. BooCwis says:

    I’d leave a comment describing a distinct point in this podcast, but I’ve been listening to older ones right after it (on 42 now (ranting about the large diamond sticker on boxes). In fact, I haven’t tried a 2P Start Live! speedrun in a while, so I guess it motivated me. But I THINK this one might’ve been a good one, so NPG.

  23. Laelaps says:

    I totally agree about the death thing; I was actually wishing someone would die when I went to see Dragon. Though, I think way worse than Walle was Shadow the Hedgehog. Or maybe even Sonic.

  24. Curaga says:

    Ahhhh -basks in the warmth of a new podcast where Tim and Ray are actually enjoying it- Great podcast guys.

  25. Andrew says:

    Funniest final 30 seconds ever. Now Tim has the perfect clip for the election of Ray asking a little boy, “Aren’t you going to give me something to nail?”

  26. JohnW says:

    For some reason this felt like a classic 2P START! episode. Wasn’t exactly very comfortable to laugh my head off with a sore throat, though. NPG! The final section was where I broke into a fit of laughter.

  27. Bobipine says:

    Great podcast as usual, maybe your new nemesis was being a bit sarcastic in it’s comment (the one on Joystick I believe) but only him/her knows for sure. Oh and, is there something you need to let out guys? Ray especially. I mean, after doing so much nice things and everything, is the black doom award really enough to vent all the “bad” things that are kept inside? First the, well it wasn’t that bad, badly received joke of Calm your storm, saying things should die in movies (thought that might be true.. as long the scenario isn’t too realistic or graphic in term of death cause) and finally… the little boy and the hammer at the end.. that Tim said to cut.
    (You could make some kind of fable about that, you know:

    On a regular morning, Ray was having it’s breakfast, minding is own business and all,
    little did he knew, that soon he will be disturbed, and it’s attention will be needed down the hall.
    For soon after, a knock and door bell has been heard.
    Ray stood up, and went to answer the unexpected call, which surely isn’t from a bird.
    As he opened the door, Ray saw a strange little boy on his door step.
    “May I help you?”, asked Ray, trying not to get him upset.
    Without sating anything, the little boy handed over a hammer,
    Ray, surprised, wondered what was the matter.
    He asked, “but,little boy, why are thy giving me this?”,
    “It’s for your neighbors” he replied, taking a bite of his licorice.
    “But why would they need a hammer?” asked Ray,
    to which the little boy said “They just needed it back one day”.
    “Oh I see” said Ray, satisfied by the answer,
    “What’s your name little boy?” wondered Ray, certain it would matter.
    “What do thy mean? why would that matter?” replied the little boy, for his mother always told him not to trust strangers.
    “I’m just asking thy that, so I can inform my neighbors whom brought them their hammer back” stated Ray, which was the obvious path for him.
    “They will not need such inquiries, for they know whom had the hammer” said the little boy, with a tone that was grim.
    “But all I’m asking thy is your name, surely that can’t be that hard to comprehend?” advanced Ray, confident in his argument.
    The boy stood still, unwavering, finding the question irreverent.
    “Thy gave me a hammer, do thou have something I could nail with it?” jested Ray, trying to relax the atmosphere.
    The boy looked perplex, and slowly went back to his peers.
    “I guess I’ll have to ask the neighbors if they know his name…” thought Ray.
    And thus ended the first half of the day.

    Morale of the story, in this society, being a stranger is usually the most taken course of people.)

  28. BadnikHunter says:

    That was a pretty good podcast guys! But about the lack of deaths in animated movies, in Up the wife died (who’s name escapes me right now). And I don’t really understand your church’s need for the video that Sunday. I’m sure a flyer and simply announcing it in some way would be sufficient enough.

  29. mrpineapplehead says:

    great podcast again……well at least Yoshi was not here to ruin it (ok that’s getting old is it not?)

  30. blaster says:

    I suggest that we put all Musical Misfit Suggestion in one … umm… chain.

    So! This is my Musical Misfit Suggestion
    This is the supersonic transform music from Sonic Advance 3 for GBA.
    And since there is no youtube video, I simply recorded it myself.

  31. NintendoNaut says:

    Not bad guys. By the way Ray, I have those statue of liberty dudes where I live too. Can’t help but lol when ya drive past ’em ya’know? Great musical misfit too BTW.

  32. Kvb says:

    Ray, I think you might want to check out this site. Seems right up your alley.

    Oh. And hats off to you, Highwater Trousers. That is one awesome Musical Misfit! Now I just need to find it in MP3 format, so I can listen to it on the go…

  33. Cqdy says:

    Hey hey, since I’m a Blockbuster employee I figure this is my cue to ricka-ricka-rise from my grave. I’ve been reading the comic since #71, the sonic/spore comic, and listening to the podcast since #67, the two years old edition.

    So here is me defending my employer, sort of: we also have similar program to the mailers in-store where you pay a flat fee and exchange movies as many times as you want. For that one as well, to add games to the program it is slightly more expensive. There are several reasons, but the biggest ones are A) We have much, much less stock of video games, thus an extra charge is a way to keep titles available for those who need them, B) regardless of what it costs the manufacturer to put the data onto a disc, video games cost the company far more per unit to make available, and C) items coming back from mail programs are very often scratched or even broken (customers usually claim that it was “like that when it came” ) and with the exception of PS3 discs that have scratch protection that is a much bigger issue with games than it is with movies.
    Regardless… I’m just excited because of the free employee mail rentals. Woo hoo!

  34. CKcheeseboy says:

    While we’re at it, here’s a similar site specifically relating to computers.

  35. koollizard says:

    Who didn’t get calm your storms joke that is pathetic. I personaly liked that comic but i have played all the god of wars except 3 I really want to play but I dont have a PS3. If you have played god of war chains of olympus or the first one because of a certan minigame…….. it makes the abstain pannel even more funny.

  36. koollizard says:

    and when i commented two podcasts ago the death scene you talked about was what i ment

  37. Sky says:

    I’m finally rising from my grave ((did I say that properly…? *self conscious*)) just to tell you guys that we have a guy who always dresses up as The Statue of Liberty. Weird thing is…The guy is always changing. I’ve never once seen the same guy do this job.

  38. Snifit says:

    Good podcast guys.
    Holy cow the Liberty Tax people drive me nuts. I usually walk past them and each time they try to strike up a conversation. I don’t want to sound mean but I don’t really feel like talking to a guy in a (very bad looking) statue of liberty costume.
    Gee Tim you sound so excited about Comic Talk ha ha.
    Really, I thought it was a good comic. Oh well. To each his own.
    Dang that is a lot of grave risers.
    I like the idea of a QTE for bad jokes.
    I loved Wall-E but that ending did bother me. On the one hand I wanted Wall_e to stay as Wall-E but how they did it, that was such a cop out.
    Hooray for the after music extra bits!

  39. JohnW says:

    Highly childish but every time I re-listen to 2P Start episodes (I’ve listened to each about 3 to 5 ore even 6 times) my iPod stutters half a second in too an episode. So it says “2P P Start…” PP?

    I’ll get my coat…

  40. DrOswald says:

    I fail to see how The “Calm Your Storm Comic” is at all inappropriate. This comic is, at the very worst, a mild T for Teen. I would actually give it a E 10+, myself. All the comic does is indirectly acknowledge that sex does in fact exist, and then talks about abstaining from sex. The absolute worst this could do is prompt a child to ask a few awkward questions that can easily be sidestepped if the kid isn’t ready yet.

    How immature are we? Either we are making penis jokes or pretending sex does not exist. In my book, people who are offended at the mere mention that sex exists are just as childish as the people making penis jokes.

    • JohnW says:

      As much as it was a small difference from the average 2P START! comic, I have to agree. Simply because I assume (and hope) no one on here is 10, so we should all know what sex is.

    • Mkava says:

      It’s amazing how many people do have an issue with sex. I remember the word being taboo when I was in 5th grade… but then realizing how stupid that whole concept was and just dealing with it. It’s not like it’s an unnatural topic by any means.

      So yeah, I agree with you on the maturity comment. That comic was by no means out of the normal 2P-START bounds of being E-rated. All the comic required was a little loose humor and the ability to look up the infamous (or so I thought…) GoW sex scenes. This is a gaming comic, right? 😛

      • Retl says:

        I find it endlessly ironic that here in the US people tend to freak out more over public things dealing with sex than public things dealing with extreme violence. But I came to the conclusion that it has to do with it being easier from a parenting perspective to say “VIOLENCE IS BAD. So it’s OK to have all the fake violence you want!” than to give anything as straightforward about the subject of sex. It’s touchy, complex, and can be a whole lot more damaging than the average youth violence could be if things go horribly wrong. due to misinformation.

        But within the scope of 2PStart itself. I don’t see why either of these topics are too much of a problem, since 2PStart dances around the problem parts of those topics with grace. Anything “wrong” left in the wake is usually something added in by the mind of the viewer offended by it.

      • JohnW says:

        Also, I’d like to know what people would be more shocked about, having horrendous blood and core (ripped off limbs etc.) or sex, whether just referenced or seen.

  41. DrOswald says:

    Also, about the how to train your dragon death thing,

    [spoiler]The two main characters, Hiccup and Toothless, end up as cripples! Toothless is unable to fly without a prosthetic tail that must be operated by a rider, and Hiccups leg is mangled beyond saving/burned to cinders/ripped clean off (we don’t know which.) Not to mention two thirds of a viking fleet are killed off screen while searching for the dragons nest. The consequences of actions are handled really well while keeping it a fun and happy movie. Is that not enough?[/spoiler]

    BTW, great podcast.

    • Curaga says:

      I agree with all of this comment wholeheartedly. I cant really off the top of my head name a cgi feature from pixar/dreamworks where one of the main protagonists dies… It’s always the bad guys, which is pretty formulaic and boring, but dragons gets around it by[spoiler] giving hiccup a handicap at the end.[/spoiler]

  42. Mkava says:

    NIce podcast this week. Awesome job, both of you. =)

    And yes, in response to Ray’s annoyance about the whole movie thing… I’ve been there. I feel your pain. It’s about as bad as somebody wanting you to create them a website, with content, and a bunch of custom bs added on. People seem to get annoyed when told to shove it and go make a WordPress blog. :/

  43. Imaster says:

    Great podcast, guys.

    Man, I’ve noticed that all your fans tend to leave really long comments. I feel inadequate posting just a couple lines. Anyway.

    Hey, you read my graverising comment! Awesome! You did misread the ‘I’ at the beginning of my name as an ‘L’, but that could happen to anyone XD. Man, it’s weird hearing the stuff I wrote read out loud, but neat, so thanks for that.

    I had been trapped in Europe by that ash cloud, so I’m trying to catch up with all the content I missed. Off to listen to next week’s podcast…

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